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/nba/ - Stat Padding Choker Duo BTFO Edition

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CLE:Woj: CLE signing Andrew Harrison to 2-way
LAC:Tobias Harris (illness) will play vs. Blazers
GS:Jordan Bell will start for Draymond Green
CLE:Woj: George Hill (shoulder) out for 2 weeks
PHO:T.J. Warren is back in the starting lineup
HOU:Eric Gordon (right leg) ruled out Thursday
OKC:Russell Westbrook (ankle) ruled out Thursday
LAC:Tobias Harris (illness) questionable Thursday
BOS:Gordon Hayward expected to play in B2B
MIN:Derrick Rose blossoms w/ 31 points, seven 3s
SAC:Willie Cauley-Stein drops 24/8/4 line vs. TOR
TOR:Pascal Siakam scores 21 pts, Raptors now 11-1