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/mlb/ general - SMOOOTH edition

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STL: Cardinals get Goldschmidt for Weaver, Kelly
KC: Royals sign Chris Owings for 1 yr, $3 million
SEA: SEA talking to teams about Carlos Santana
TEX: Chirinos to make $5.75 million from Houston
ARZ: Mets in contact with free agent A.J. Pollock
HOU: Phils looking into FA starter Dallas Keuchel
ARZ:D-backs ink Merrill Kelly to 2-yr, $5.5M pact
MIA:Mets again contacting Fish about Realmuto
SF:Phillies have talked Madison Bumgarner trade
NYM:Cano had surgery on right knee after season
BOS:Yankees shifting focus to Eovaldi and Happ
ARZ:Nats sign Patrick Corbin for 6 years, $140M