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Good evening.

I am attempting to conduct a comprehensive survey of the scousers webm.I have counted 31 people in the clip, and I have divided them into the following categories:

>Paul Scholes
>Chink Man
>Rising Man
>Stroke Man

>Phone Man
>Turning Man
>Smiling Man
>Young Man #1
>Young Man #2
>Young Man #3
>Glasses Woman
>Laughing Dad
>Laughing Son
>Old Lady #1
>Old Lady #2
>Ginger Looking Down
>Alfred's Friend
>Blonde Woman
>Bald Man

>Old Lady #3
>Glasses Man
>Rising Woman

>Red Jacket (Left)
>Green Jacket (Right)
>Forehead #1
>Forehead #2
>Hand Man
>Crotch Man
>Dark Jacket
>Grey Jacket

Please let me know if there are more people I am missing or if these people have established names that I am not aware of.