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/5eg/ Fifth Edition General

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> Latest News
> New Unearthed Arcana: Rangers and Rogues
> Don't forget to rate the Artificer in the official survey:

Next UA will be out on the 30th, not the 23rd. Source: https://twitter.com/Wizards_DnD/status/822537176529432577

> Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v4b

> Pastebin with resources and so on:

> /5eg/ Discord server

> 5etools

What is your favorite published setting for D&D?
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MTG Modern General

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>Whatcha Playin'?

>Whatcha hatin' the most?

>Got any secret sideboard tech?

>I'm running out of questions. Someone pitch me a few.
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CYOA Thread

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Previous Thread:51351502
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
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lets get edgy

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Ive been doing some background writing for an upcoming campaign for cyberpunk 2020,just wanted to see what /tg thought of it and feel free to write fag it up any and all cool ideas and writing are appreciated.
here's the link to the writings
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Your DM is now doing a absolutely wonderful campaign in your favorite setting, good characters, good plot, good story, ect. However there is one catch, one gigantic catch.
He's someone managed to include your magical realm into the story, still making it good but he does the magical realm bits just as good as everything else. Some REALLY lewd shit. What's the campaign?
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/CofD/ &/wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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First Time Player Stories

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Tell the story of your first time playing an RPG.

Can be your story of how you got into RPGs, or your first time playing in a new system.

I'll start.
So I joined my group about a year ago, and we've mostly been playing Dark Heresy since I've joined. Never played a pen and paper RPG outside of it, despite trying in other groups, just nothing ever came together.

Another group member, who has been playing RPGs longer than I've been alive, decides to start up his D&D campaign. This game will take place in the Points of Light setting, two years after he ended his last campaign, and the two members of our game group that are around will pick up their characters, but the rest of us will need to start from scratch.

In order to give us a crash course in the game and push us up to the party level (3-4), he decides to run us new people through a gauntlet. I hop on and make my character, a Human Fighter (Calian). The rest of the party consists of a Half Elf Battlemind (Mikael), an Eladrin Avenger (Adlai), a Half Elf Bard(Cress), and a Human Wizard (Ayzel).

Now, this gauntlet went for four sessions, and was quite possibly one of the hardest games I've played.

Session One
Our party is recruited piecemeal around the village and told to meet in a tavern (Pretty Vanilla Start). We found ourselves hired by a Human Wizard named Traxis and his second, a Dragonborn Fighter named Abraxis. They told us of a legendary Eladrin City that appears from the Feywild once every ten years. The City, or the Ruins, are abandoned, and should be rife with powerful artifacts and treasures. Should we be successful in our excavation (Read: Looting) of this ancient ruin, we will have enough gold to set ourselves up forever.

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>be me a couple years back
>stop posting on 4chan but still lurk teeg
>have really good campaign going with some recruits from gamefinder threads
>need to /tg/ constantly lessens
>campaign finishes, tabletop fix sated for months, /tg/ very infrequently now
>stable job, am i becoming normalfag
>start up new campaign
>top tier /tg/-recruited player suddenly dies
>he was a huge memeing faggot but we were bros for years
>no more will to ttop
>no games for ages
>try to slowly get back into it
>/tg/ still made me sad so I try and get into other avenues of RPG discussion: namely reddit and forums
>very hugboxy, very vanilla, very boring
>people are either super nice or straight up psychotic with very little inbetween
>try to recruit from there, no top tier bros, games never last
>soon find myself trying very slowly acclimatize to /tg/ again

Pic related. It's probably just nostalgia, or the desire to make a group like that old one that struck gold, but I honestly don't think there's a better place on the net to discuss these hobbies than here.
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Alright /tg/. Looking at discussions lately and flipping through my favorite games, I come to you with a question.

How would one make a campaign based on the same premise as pic related? Not with Nontendo Characters, obviously, but perhaps a dragon in place of bowser? Or a mishap with enlarge/reduce magic?

Also, how would you handle the switching mechanic, from larger to smaller characters (Like upper screen vs lower screen on DS)? Internal encounters?
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/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General Deus Vult Edition

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/wbg/ discord:

On designing cultures:

Mapmaking tutorials:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:


Sci-fi related links:

Fantasy world tools:

Historical diaries:

A collection of worldbuilding resources:

List of books for historians:

Compilation of medieval bestiaries:

Middle ages worldbuilding tools:

>Are religions important in your world?
>Can you describe one of them?
>What is its structure, how its priesthood is formed?
>How does religion see normal people and their station?
>Does the religion have orders which spread it?
>Does it have holy sites?
>Crusades? Best thing ever yes/no?

Dante must die!
>What is the view of homosexuality and marriage by the religion?
>Should all heathens be killed?
>Religion equivalent of Deus Vult?
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