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Pokemon RPG

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So I hear Pokemon d20 is terrible.

I've played Pokemon tabletop (the other one). Combat was slower than any game I've ever played. Players started having 2hg MTG matches in between their turns..

How would one make a Pokemon tabletop game that didn't suck, and / or fix one of the ones that exists?
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Idea for character death mechanic

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I will be running an OSR game soon that starts at level 1. I know its relatively fatal, and I dont know how well my characters will take it. So I had an idea of something to surprise a player with when their character dies.

"Challenges" - Unique ways to start their new character. They get a special buff or quality but also a special penalty. For example. one player loses a character and I give him an option: he can make a new character normally. Or he would start with his dex at 18. BUT the only range weapon he can use is a sling.

Players dont have to take them, but it can lead to interesting play styles and situations, especially if I make a bunch of interesting 'options' and reveal them only when they die.

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What exactly did the Silmarils DO besides be shiny and look awesome?
Yes, I know they were extremely shiny, but worst case scenario, if they had all ended up in evil hands, what harm would that have done, other than some elves being sad that they don't own the great shiny things anymore?
I'm just saying it seems like an incredibly petty and arbitrary reason for a world war that destroyed whole continents.
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/cyoag/ - CYOA General

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Previous thread: >>52931329
Archives and other resources:
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What alignment is Jean-Luc Picard?

Amateurs doing guesswork need not apply, Next Gen fans only please.
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Itt post a pic of your miniatures/army and other anons will write a background or story about them.
>Pic related are some Mordians attached to my regiment.
Hopefully some Tau forces will even be painted.
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Name a better deck box than this. I'm waiting.
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Character Art Thread

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Warren's Folly

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Sup /tg/, PDFAnon back again to keep this party going.


The last three are also archived at under the tag "Warren's Folly".

Mega Link (contains current PDF, some supplemental material from a previous OP, and the source files):!70M0XB4R!7RvNgB4l1cWhfM6MbveIbmLBYNOEozPlmbq7k4hwDHs

Starting with the version after this one, I'm going to be timestamping versions of the source material archive and leaving them on Mega in perpetuity in case someone's trawling archives in two years and wants to pick something up out of this.

Last thread ended with discussion of weapons, healing, and other such combat business, so let's get back into it.
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Here's the raws for Quickstart! volume 2. Get them while they're hot.!lXpS1QgZ!DviNMeOO95CEBGuS_etGkLuRvQcQA-LgfmhFmsF5xr4