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horrifying races

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what are some of the most horrifying races or monsters in your setting tg?

what is their society like?

what do they eat? or more importantly who?

what really makes them horrifying?

and why hasn't everybody teamed up to eradicate them yet?
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Orcs and Goblins

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Orcs and Goblins
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I decided to run a game. It's been a week and I have nothing for my setting except for a few names. I only have the vaguest idea of a campaign that's just one sentence, not that it could be summed up in a sentence.

What do I do? It's like I have no imagination (anymore).
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>Emperor protects
>couldn't protect his own ass

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This is how I warlock.
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Arms 'n Armor

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Weapons edition. Dumping my collection of sword porn for starters.
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Redpill me on GURPS. Is it worth learning? Is it a standalone system or is it a tool to create systems?

What are the pros and cons of using it? Is it hard to learn? Is it fun to play? How complex is chargen?

Pic unrelated.
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Theological Matters

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I'm going to be playing an enginseer in a game of Only War and whilst I feel I have a good grasp of 40k terminology I realise I don't know as many pieces of mechanicus jargon as I thought. I know all the obvious stuff like machine spirits, praising the omnissiah, etc, but what other stuff is a cogboy likely to say that a regular person wouldn't?
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Princess Thread the IV

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Princess Thread

Princesses that Fight! Princesses that Rule! Princesses that must be Saved! And Princesses that Shitpost on /tg/!
Old Thread >>52216163
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Warhammer 40,000 General

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