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tell me about the races of your game SETTING
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>coworker starts talking about d&d
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How do you fix her plot?

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>Tormenta is a brazilian setting turned system, started as a kitchen sink of all the original content produced by a RPG magazine along the years. At first it was only a setting book for D&D/AD&D, GURPS 3rd and their own game system named 3D&T. Later they went 3.0, then made and OGL game like Pathfinder in the 4e era, and know they have a broken PF2e equivalent.
>One of the 20 greater gods is Glórienn, the creator of the elves, CG goddess of perfection and everything elvish.
>Since the beginning of the setting, they had a plot where the elves lost their homeland to the goblinoids Dark Alliance, their own goddess avatar being defeated in battle by the leader of the Dark Alliance.
>While at first they hinted at a chance of redemption, they changed their mind, and grew a hateboner for Glórienn and the elves.
>This started a two decades long humiliation conga for the elven goddess.
>The authors decided to shed the anime mood of the setting, going grimdark in the novels.
>They retconned the origin of the corrupting alien Storm that gives the name to the setting, as something that she found and summoned to use for vengeance against her enemies.
>She abandoned her people when the Storm tried to kill her, renunced her status as a greater goddess, became a slave for protection of another god, betrayed her master, tried to betray the world and lost all her followers and divinity, ending up becoming mortal.
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>10th Edition already
>theme is about the imperium getting analled by bugs
death guard bros...we're becoming irrelevant again
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Demon Thread

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What varieties of demons exist in your setting?
Might there be an infernal hierarchy observed among their ranks?
What are some good takes on demons in ttrpg or fantasy media?
I cordially extend an invitation for you to partake in the exchange of artistic representations pertaining to this subject matter.
As a gesture of initiation, I shall present my contribution to provide you with a holistic understanding of the artistic direction sought, and I eagerly await your participation in this collaborative endeavor.
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Glorantha thread

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Why's she such a bitch and how long is Orlanth going to have to put up with it?
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Well who would win
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/tg/ makes an underwater setting

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post your ideas an see what sticks
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