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/sss/ - Super Stand Sunday

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For a quick Stand, use the following method-
Hit random for the name.
Same deal for the powers.
OR just use

Then, write it up

Everything you ever wanted to know about Stands, but were too afraid to ask.

An archive of stands posted in previous threads.

Thread Question: Who is the main villain of your campaign? Does their stand ability reflect any aspects of their personality?
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DM-ing a one-shot!

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Hey everyone,
I am soon starting to dm some one-hot-adventures as interlude between our other log-term adventures we have going on. I have a setting in the works where I want to let all my one-shots take place so that I can build up a more established and lived in universe. I have planned to do some kind of a session 0 for all my friends where we discuss what type of game they are interested in and start to make their characters. I have not dm'ed much so far, only a couple of sessions a while back, so i want to ask you all for some general advise for dm'ing a one-shot and also if someone has some ideas for scenarios I can make a one-shot around, like a heist or something like that.
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Which one is the worst?

And why is it none of them?
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GURPS general /gurpsgen/

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Happy Friday edition

Game day looks! What's your setting? What's happening this week? Any tips and tricks from the local regular hosts of games?
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Who here misses when Special Summoning was, you know, special?

These days it seems like most decks have the player Special Summoning five times as often as they Normal Summon/Set.
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This game is really fun. Does anyone want to talk about it?
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D&D planes and the Kardashev scale

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How would D&D-style planar societies (e.g. all of those baatezu/devils in the Nine Hells of Baator and their archdevils and gods, or the archons up in Mount Celestia and their Hebdomad and gods) rank on the Kardashev scale?

Is the Kardashev scale even remotely relevant in a D&D-style multiverse with infinitely large planes, whose mystical energies are regularly tapped into to power everything from spells and magic items to the soul-petitioner-outsider reincarnation process?

How much do Dyson spheres and similar creations matter when most magical creations are self-sustaining and cost no overall power in the long run? While there are objects like consumable scrolls, an enchanted sword always stays enchanted until disenchanted, and a Decanter of Endless Water will always pour out water because the Elemental Plane of Water has an infinite supply.

I have purely magic-powered Dyson spheres in the space fantasy take on Planescape/Spelljammer that I usually run, but I downplay these as relatively minor sources of power compared to the vastness of planar energies, and most magic items are their own self-sustaining energy sources anyway.
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Flames of War General /fowg/

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Flames of War SCANS database:
---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules!
Official Flames of War Free Briefings:

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast
Quick Guide on all present FOW Books:

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs:

WWII Osprey's, Other Wargames, and Reference Books
and, for Vietnam.

--Guybrarian Notes:

Panzerfunk, the /fowg/ podcast. the Azul Division: no longer linkable off the main page

Which army do you play the most?

what actual country are you from?

DISCORD an "i want to get a starter set" for late war.

Do you play TANKS? what is the local scene / meta like? (multi)
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/tg/ approved funny books

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I just realized there's no section for it in the wiki. While there are some in my mind that I do know of. I'd like to see the rest of you guys recommend shit. Manga and EuroComics welcome

Off the top of my head
>Dungeons and Dragons the John Rogers Run
One of the better, if not the best DnD Adaptions out there. The only downside is that by Issue 20 you'll soon realize Rogers no longer has any interest on returning to comics and this book is permanently in hiatus.
>Delicious in Dungeon
MC's sister gets eaten by a dragon, they retreat but he resolves to save her as soon as possible. They venture down again with a dwarf and learn to cook the monsters in the dungeon because they lack the funds for actual supplies.
>Golden Kamui
Semi-Historical Manga that takes place after the Russo-Japanese War. It's about a Soldier and his Ainu Sidekick looking for a map that'll lead to a shit ton of gold. Said map was etched in the backs of multiple convicts who have escaped from prison.
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PDF Share Thread # 83

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PDF share thread.
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