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>kills the Emperor
>no one left to maintain and fuel the Astronomican
>Imperium insta-crumbles
>nothing left to rule

Was Horus retarded?
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How would /tg/ do an XCOM game?
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Reminder that the monk will always be the best class, and that kung fu movies are almost always better than fantasy movies
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Palladium Games thread

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Can we talk more about Palladium Games in general, not just RIFTS?

My personal favorite is Palladium Fantasy, have very fond memories of playing it through high school. Anyone play any campaigns in it and have some stories to tell?
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Are there any systems out there with fast-paced combat systems that allow heroes to counter-attack and do stuff outside of their turn?

I know Marvel Heroic Roleplaying combat is a lot like this, but I was wondering if there are any other systems out there like this?
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Why do I feel dirty for joining my first Roll20 game? Genuine question.

Also, Roll20 story thread
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How do you handle Vikings and Sea Raiders in your settings, /tg/?

Are they amphibian masters of the sea, able to breathe in great depths and weaving clothes of seawreck sails, their skills making them renowned as mercenaries?

Chinese-inspired masters of the straits who raid and prey on those who they percieve have wronged them?

Maybe descendants of fantasy mongols who use bomb-archery and explosives as makeshift cannons, improving upon magic and old land tactics?

ITT: We talk about Sea Raiders!
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Is there any good RPG's or Wargames heavily centred around mechs? They can be any type of mechs, from evangelion, gundam styled mechs to battletech mechs.

Otherwise, feel free to talk about mechs.
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Now that the dust has (mostly) settled what's /tg/'s definitive opinion on vampire V5?

As for me I still think that Requiem is better.
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