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So let's say you wake up in a shallow grave and discover you're a long-dead skeleton who's revived magically, and you still have your free will and memories intact.

What would you do? How would you react?
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What's a good name for cat people that's not total gibberish and doesn't mention cats?
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Let's talk about gastronomy. What people eat in your setting? Cereals? Meat? Fruits and vegetables? Seasonings? Beverage? Desserts? How available, expensive or prestigious are the food sources? How much the eating habits may vary depending of culture and race? Is there some kind of exotic or unusual source of food? By that I mean, perhaps cultivation of edible, luminescent fungi among subterranean races or unique types of fish and seaweed with strange properties known only by the merfolk. Maybe even food with dangerous supernatural effects, like those offered by the fey.
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Are MBTI types good for character creation?
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Board Game General /bgg/

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Last thread


Money Edition

How much do you spend on boardgames and other components? Are you a compulsive buyer or do you rely more on discounts and used games? Do you buy boardgames or just go to game nights?
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>if a deity's power is proportional to how many worshippers they have, why doesn't the Lady of Pain want anyone to worship her?
>if the Lady of Pain has no worshippers, how is she greater or equal in power to the gods?
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So we are doing a RPG based on Bully and the players just trashed the police department.They broke the cars, destroyed the electrical post and the subgenerator, and then set it on fire. They didn't deliberaly attack any police officer, but they did cause a lot in damages. So I made the police shot at them. They are fine, but I was wondering if this was realistic? They are aged 8-10.
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What's the music scene like in your campaign, /tg/?

The timid youngest son of a warmongering king got too excited and jizzed himself in the foyer of the brothel where he was going to be made a man, so a bard wrote a bawdy song about a prince that was so excited to see his bonny lass after a long journey that he "arrived" earlier than he intended to. The king had the bard drawn and quartered, but it's been a tavern staple in the region for three years straight.
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need suggestions for rpg system

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Hey tg

I want to run a campaign for my group were they grow up in a super controlled underground bunker (forced to wear white body suits all day everyday). They are always checked for mutations (to them its just their weekly doctor visit).

One day they will begin to develop psychic abilities and be able to communicate with eachother telepathically. This will evolve into one of them developing physical powers which they will use to escape and be introduced to a post apocalyptic world

thoughts? low on time so thats a very rough jist of it. Also what system would be best for this? I heard Darwins world is pretty good.
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Pathfinder General /pfg/

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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What's the best way to send off/kill off a PC whose player had to leave the game/had been kicked out?

Unified /pfg/ link repository:

Current Playtests:

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