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First Giant Robot Duel

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The future is... now?
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Has anyone here played a pokemon themed rpg? What was it like? Would you recommend it?
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Kings of War/Warpath

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So, i'm always on the lookout for the next miniature wargame to buy some minis for and try out, but let's face it: the vast majority of miniatures on the market look like dog shit.
But yesterday evening, i stumbled upon mantic games. And i gotta say, they make some cool minis. And holy shit, the prices aren't even that bad. Apparently, for 3 bucks more than a GW start collecting, i can get an entire army.

So enlighten me on these 2 system, /tg/. Are they fun to play? How complex are they? Are smaller, skirmish level games viable?
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Mutants and Masterminds General

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Last thread went pretty well, and I sure love the recent trend!

>What's the highest PL you've ever played at?
>What was the most ridiculous instant of a player winning a fight?
>What do you think is the most annoying power?
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/FoG/ - Fallout General

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'Programmed to Please' Edition

A thread for discussing the 'Fallout' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Possible topics include Modiphius' upcoming miniatures game 'Fallout: Wasteland Warfare', Fantasy Flight Games' upcoming 'Fallout: The Board Game', and the various unofficial tabletop rpgs, as well as the original video game series and the Fallout setting in general.

Game Resources

The PnP Vault - A wiki dedicated to pen and paper role-playing game in the Fallout setting

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare
-Official Modiphius Page (Pre-Orders, Development Blog and News)

Fallout: The Board Game
-Official Fantasy Flight Games Page (Pre-Orders and News)

Lore Resources


1d4chan Summary

Fallout Radio - Playing All Radio Stations (DJ's Included!)
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Xenophilia in a D&D Setting

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Xenophilia is one of humanity's oldest fetishes. And yet, weirdly, in D&D, it tends to be seen as the most taboo. Aside from half-elves & half-orcs, who're mostly viewed as grandfathered in from Tolkien, D&D tends to either just ignore the idea altogether, or portray it as something dangerous, perverse and evil.

Does it have to be, though? Can we discuss setting aspects or plot ideas that portray xenophilia in a more positive light, especially without needing to go into overt magical realmism?

Also, post sexy non-human ladies here, I guess, if you want to.
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Make Your Party

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Make Your Party Thread
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Nobledark 40k part 38: Master of Meatkind Edition

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Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.



>We finally get something on weebs
>Imperial Aquila
>Black Legion, Cegorach, and other bits and pieces and brainstorming
>A story of the Emperor and Isha that needs a title (I'm blanking on anything other than "My Dinner With the Emperor")

>Writing. We've got some ideas floating around but more writefaggotry would be greatly appreciated, new or old. The Notes page would really appreciate it.

and, of course...
>More bugs
>More weebs
>More Nobledark battles
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How the fuck do you make LARPing fun?
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This time I remember the title

Have you played Cache Refresh yet? What do you think of it?

>What is Android: Netrunner?
>Official FFG News & Spoilers site:

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>NAPD Most Wanted List

>Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Breaker Cost Comparisons, Old Netrunner

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace spaces with dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

Play Netrunner online (replace spaces with dots):
Jinteki net

>Sealed Format Generator

AutocardAnywhere is a Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari extension to get quick access to cards while browsing a site

Check out the very WIP 1d4chan

Worlds of Android Scan now in the OP!y0cC3ahR!bQlSrpCY4NamDKvq8FPXJEHAFS2WAvfzkZ0oyTbM_us

Old Bread >>55752721
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