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Howdy there partner. This here thread's about one'a them whatchyamacallit deadlands Rpg. I'm yer marshall and I'll be dropping deadlands theme art as well as other shit. Anyways I like having the thread up, new weekend thread I guess?
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Done to death. How about some antagonists that come from rarely used backgrounds? Any kraken overlords? Corrupt treants? Rat kings with a bone to pick? A man-high stack of tiny elephants that argue over how to conquer the world?
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Matt Ward's slaughter of the Sisters of Battle during the Bloodtide incident was perfectly in line with both the Grey Knights' typical MO (remember that each and every one of their bullets is baptized in the blood of a pure hearted innocent) as well as the general grimness of the setting. If anything, you are the sexist ones for demanding the Sororitas get special, exclusionary treatment solely because they're girls.
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When did you realize it was just as bad as 3.PF?
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Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVI

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Wir haben es nicht gewußt Edition

Warmasters Triumvirate is an attempt at creating yet another 40k AU. The Primarchs have changed, and instead of appointing a single Warmaster upon returning to Terra, the Emperor is critically wounded on Ullanor. In order to make sure the Great Crusade continues, the Warmasters' Triumvirate is put in place. Tensions start running high and this eventually culminates in a civil war between Loyalists, Chaos Traitors and Separatists...


Chapter Constructor:

Previous thread:

Thread goals:
>Attempt to get through the Brotherwar
>Determine what happens at the Battle of New Hope
>Determine when the Ruinstorm is created, and exactly who does it
>Determinate how the Eastern Black Crusade goes down
>Figure out what happens during the rest of the Brotherwar
>Describe the Siege of Terra
>Explain the Scouring
>Finish up the Rise of the Ecclesiarchy
>Start the path towards the War of the Beast
>Make sure more busts get done
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>play your self insert
>make all the choices you would make in real life
>learn something new about yourself in the process
>use it as a tool for personal growth instead of childish entertainment
Find a flaw
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Risk Thread

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Let's pay Risk, /tg/!

>One move per team per round
>Each round begins with me posting the updated map. Only moves after that point will be counted
So if a move is posted for team 1, and then another one later before the updated map is posted, the second move won't be used and new post will have to be made
>Territory gains are divided by 2 when capturing from another team, rounded up if gains divide to 1/2
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Mechanic Flavor

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Which cards do you think have some good "mechanic" flavor to them, that it make sense in game and the rules

Not necessary a flavor text.
Not necessary Mtg
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>GM makes a chess puzzle
>No one in the group can play chess
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