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/wmhg/ - Warmahordes General: Waiting on the new CID Edition

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Why are D&D bards all music-playing sluts and not prestigious, hereditary poets of a historical lineage who uphold clan traditions, write poems praising the lord who employs him, and write vicious satire of his enemies?

Why are they even called 'bards'?
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>The setting has 4 separate gods of war.
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Warcraft Lore and RPG Discussion

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Discuss the lore and story of the Warcraft franchise and its application in and around traditional games.

>Document compendium: Contains official (ex-canon) DnD 3.x variants and a fan made DnD 5e version! Also contains the official Warcraft Chronicles volumes 1 and 2.

Previous thread: >>59935947
Discuss why Blood Elves are High Elves.
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Song of Swords

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Seems like a gigantic wasted opportunity to me. Based on an awesome system, professional kickstarter, lots of work put into... and then they managed to invent the worst setting and get the worst artists they could hire to destroy everything.

Has anyone read their beta book? I'm wondering if it's worth trying it out and adapting the system to a real sword and sorcery scenario.
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okay I got a theory

See that little creep right next to Billy Idol (the sensei)? I'm pretty fucking sure that's a Hrud. And not just because he's a short guy with a long rifle (see: hrud warp-plasma fusil) and a hooded coat and a gasmask like in the concept art for space skaven they were originally supposed to be and which ended up being the template for skitarii and eldar rangers.

As you know, the Hrud are a chronophagic species with a time-distortion field, which is a concept that was first hinted at in Xenology, and has since then been spelled out very plainly in mainline fluff: they go fast so you can't see them clearly, they age fast, they rot fast, and they eat time which makes you grow old if you go near them.

Which is precisely why a Hrud would hang out with a sensei. The sensei just don't grow old, they're Highlanders, they're the perfect host if you're a time louse from space, they're an unlimited food supply.

So my theory is that most of the Hrud fluff stems directly from this picture, and that it was written specifically to explain why this "unidentified xenos" is hanging out with the Emperor's immortal biological son, which just so happens to also make the Hrud into a credible threat in 40k despite being a bunch of hobos in rags like 99% of humanity, and also gives them a cool gimmick beyond "they're WW1-looking desert dudes like half of the miniatures Jes Goodwin designed".

So basically Simon Spurrier is a genius.
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Stat them /tg/
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Ravnica girls

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I for one like going back to Ravnica because it means the guild girls are relevant again. Maybe the artist will draw them some more.
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Post yer Plants
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Are stoic/ice queen type characters the hardest to play?

I've often been a bit leery when people rp these types of characters. I often find that they just come off as boring since they usually react to everything the same way and barely develop relationships or even interact with other characters (worst case scenario).

Like obviously you want to do character development and show something beneath the surface, but getting to that point seems tough.

Right now I'm trying to play one to challenge myself as a change of pace from the usual personalities I play, but I'm really worried about boring other players (and myself). Wondering if anyone else feels the same way.