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Magical realm

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What was the worst example of magical realm you ever encountered?
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How would the Horatios fare in 40k?
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So we have a planet where everything's a carnivore and all the plants are poisonous and/or carnivorous.

Damn, just wait a few weeks and the whole ecological shebang will collapse in on itself. Then seed some efficient non wasteful ferns and lilies to out-compete the highly wasteful plant life.
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What does winning consist of? Have your PC's ever won the game?
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>Red Road has released the new maps and command cards for Hell Frontier campaigns.
>Everything about the Anglo-german Union is gone.
>So are techno-Zulus and cyberlions.
>The martians are gone too, albeit with a lame-ass explanation instead of nothing.
Fuck realismfags, they should've all left in 2nd edition.
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/cyoag/ - CYOA General

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Archives and other resources:
Previous Thread: >>59969969
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Your party has just pissed off the motherfucking Shrike itself. How fucked are they?
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Survival Games

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Let's talk about braving the nature and staying alive at any cost.
How often do you focus on survival aspects in your games?
Do you prefer to abstract it or detail it?
Any good experience to share?
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This guy's opinion of knights is far closer to reality than any romantic "Knight in Shining Armor" type.
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How would they fare in Necromunda?