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The Great Debate

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Which one is the most superior elves:

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>My father is a gigantic, morbidly obese man
>Cares little about hygiene
>Rarely washes his hands
>Open sores on his legs due to fatness
>Several teeth fallen out
>Giant tumorlike growth on his thighs
>You get the picture, but he's really friendly and tries to be nice at all times, gifts me things and such
>Be me
>Forced to live with him because reasons
>Try my best to establish some hygiene and order in the house
>For the last couple of years, my health has been deteriorating
>Plagued by constant, 24 hour headaches
>Joints hurt, jaw hurts, neck and back hurt
>Get sick more often than i used to
>Am sick right now

I'm usually not superstitious, but something smells fishy, and it's not the ulcer currently forming in my mouth.
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Why do gods and higher beings tolerate the existence of the undead in fantasy settings already?
Isn't their mere existence an insult to the power of those supposed to reign supreme over mortals?
Why don't more enlightened mortals ever see the inaction of the gods toward the unliving as a confession of weakness and choose to become the ultimate fedoralords by transitioning to liches?
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/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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Gencon Edition.

I bring Gifts.
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I'm looking for some character inventory art. Specifically a particular one that had a female with a radio and a gun on it.
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/gdg/ - Game Design General

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A thread dedicated to discussion and feedback of games and homebrews made by /tg/ regarding anything from minor elements to entire systems, as well as inviting people to playtest your games online. While the thread's main focus is mechanics, you're always welcome to share tidbits about your setting.

Try to keep discussion as civilized as possible, avoid non-constructive criticism, and try not to drop your entire PDF unless you're asking for specifics, it's near completion or you're asked to.

Useful Links:
>/tg/ and /gdg/ specific

>Project List:

>Online Play:

>RPG Stuff:!xUsyVKJD!xkH3kJT7sT5zX7WGGgDF_7Ds2hw2hHe94jaFU8cHXr0

>Dice Rollers

>Tools and Resources:!ZUMAhQ4A!IETzo0d47KrCf-AdYMrld6H6AOh0KRijx2NHpvv0qNg

>Design and Layout
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I really don't know what to think about this system. On the one hand, it has what I think is by far one of the most lazily designed games I've ever seen, what with the lack of any modifiers or actual skills to differentiate characters and instead appealing to some airy-fairy sense of fiction.

On the other hand, when it *does* bother to flesh out anything resembling actual game mechanics, it looks kind of neat. The combat design looks pretty neat. The chase system looks entertaining enough.

Still, I find it very telling that whenever I see people posting about it, the only game mechanics anyone ever brings up is the combat system, because of how much nothing there is to everything else in the game.

Has anyone actually played Strike? How was it?
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Is it anti-climactic for players if the villain is remorseful and tries to make amends for his/her evil deeds in the end?
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Last session of the campaign I'm playing in, I got so in character that I actually started to feel the emotions my character was supposed to be feeling at the time.
Is this normal?
is this what being a good roleplayer feels like?
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