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What do people in your setting do with their dead?
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How to you store your DM notes?
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So I'm running a D&D5e campaign. Got a solid BBEG built up as an ancient and horrible lich. Players have recently begun to recruit a massive army to fight back against the undead. I plan to have said lich murder the families of the army's generals once they're established.

Pic related, if someone could edit this so it says army instead of couch, I would owe them a great debt and it would give me a hilarious way to fuck with my players a bit.
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I have been playing 5e for three years and i got bored of needing multiple encounters to dry the players out of their resource so the combat is somewhat challenging, just so they can heal in 8 hours or 4 if they are elves

What game do you guys recommend i play? i thought in changing the game rules but players are so accustomed to how the game plays that i think its better to just change systems
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8th-ed Meta - 40k

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Predictions or observations on whats strong so far and general opinions. Currently sitting at 3-0 with my chaos.
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DnD time boys

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Anyone wanna play DnD around 6:00AM central time? I am itching to run a campaign when I get off work. It would be over roll 20.

Come on mates let's have a game. Ask for more details.
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Carcharodons origins

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I keep seeing people arguing Red Tithe says our Void lads are chimeric, in order to put forward the loyalist NL argument. Maybe I missed that part in the book, so can someone show it to me?
I for one think the Exiled Terran Raven Guard origins from FW makes a lot more sense, and it's not yet ANOTHER loyalist traitors descendant. Open for debate though, as soon as I can see the exact extract from the book.
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Batman Miniatures General /bmg/

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After some discussion on /awg/ I've decided to start up a dedicated thread. Tried to post some links but the system marked it as spam, so I'll follow up in a separate post

Question to start conversation: People who play, what do you play? People who don't, what would you play? I play Batman mainly, but I have the 2 player starter, most of Law and enough to play Green Arrow with a lot of options, and I have played Teen Titans a few times
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/dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General

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/dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General

Bullshit Fuckery edition

Last Thread:

>Hawk Wargames website, with links to models, rules, and forums

>DZC rules, units, errata, etc

>DZC Phase 2 Rules and Scenarios
>DZC Phase 2 Units
>DZC Phase 2 Fluff

>free DZC army builders

>DFC Rules and Scenarios
>DFC Units
>DFC Fluff

>free DFC fleet builder

Reminder to ignore bait, unless it is masterfully crafted.
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I'm looking for wands and wand accessories

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Are there any settings with interesting mechanics/fluff for wands and staves?

I'm thinking about making a setting where they're massed produced and available to the common folk, and I'm looking for some inspiration.