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Are MtG Cards Ugly?

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Do you think the card art has ever put people off from playing the game?
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>want to run a historical game
>players don't know shit and don't want to learn
>agree to play the game and then fuck around the whole time because they aren't invested

fucking shoot me
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What starship combat system do people like to use these days? I'm looking for something with durability and attrition, such that the PCs can helm a battleship that gets worn down with age and attrition, rather than vaporize instantly from a bad roll.
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Super high fantasy settings?

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I love art like pic related, but unfortunately, I don't see enough of this kind of awesome high-saturation, amazing world design very often.
Are there any settings that resemble this?
Do you have a collection of pics with similar world design? i want to see/know.

Otherwise, epic high fantasy landscape pic dump
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Hey /tg/. What are some good ways to use other PCs to further your own goals?

I'm currently playing unknown armies and I want to control the fascist PC to further G.N.O.M.O.N's goals. Here's the basic rundown:

>Shut down the entire internet for a month in return for being possessed for a year

>Our politician who was running for a fascist in Washington state decided to use the blackouts to incite riots and bring order

>Get attacked by our political rival at our RWDS compound just outside of Seattle

>Somehow survive but politician is seriously injured

>a black helicopter comes to our compound and a rich black man ends up giving us aid

>politician gets surgery at black man's estate

>ends up dying due to being crushed by a stack of boxes in the basement involving our schizophrenic party member

>later find out we can "revive" him with a ritual

Do I let the party go on with the ritual or do I sabotage it and become the defacto leader of the political party?

I can probably sway the schizophrenic to my side but the real problem is the demon lawyer in our party who thinks the politician is his responsibility.

I think if I follow through with the ritual we let another terrorist wreak havoc on the city and we already relayed the info to Alex Jones that our politician got killed by a globalist. Nobody aside from us and Alex Jones knows what's going on inside Washington state due to a complete breakdown of communication to and from the state. only satellite phones work.

If I follow through with the ritual I can use the politician to further my own goals. I am his protoge after all and I think the betrayal could be epic if I continue to follow through for awhile and kill him again later.

Just trying to figure out what would G.N.O.M.O.N would do.
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Is life more comfortable for a mortal in a world conquered by LE devils/baatezu or a world overrun with CE demons/tanar'ri?
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/gdg/ Game Design General

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filename thread
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Alright so I know this isn't /r/, but I didn't think this war /r/ appropriate, and I don't know where else to ask. I lived in Brazil as a kid for a few years, and there was this 2-player card game there which featured cars/bikes/warplanes, you were supposed to divide the deck and draw a card each, then choose one of your vehicle's "stats" (top speed, size, etc. there were several things listed on the card). Whoever had the better stat put both cards on the bottom of his deck, until someone ran out of cards.
That's all I can recall. It was pretty fun, and maybe I was playing it wrong. Any help appreciated.
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What system would best fit something akin to the Persona series?
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