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/epg/ - Eclipse Phase General

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"Small Things In Life" Edition

>>Transhumanity's FATE (FATE Conversion)
>>X-Risks and After The Fall!KwcS0bJK!9KLjZegzebaq-mlPUin45Q
>>Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki

>>the10 things you should know about Eclipse Phase
>>Advice for new players and GMs
>>Eclipse Phase hacking cheet sheet
>>Online character creator
>>Eclipse Phase xls Character sheet
>>Downloadable Character Creator
>>Singularity: The Official Character Creator

>>the 3 new adventures for your use in convenient PDF form
>>Ander's Sandberg's Eclipse Phase fanmade content, including several modules
>>Farcast: An Eclipse Phase yearblog full of items, locations, NPCs, and plot hooks
>>The Ultimate's Guide to Combat
>>Seedware: Another Yearblog
>>H-Rep: A Homebrew Blog


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You are a lich, a party of 5 adventurers approach you and are willing to do your bidding in return for forbidden magical items.
Being an all powerful lich, what tasks would you have the party do that you can't simply do yourself?
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Heathen Year Zero

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I'm developing a new calendar for Heathen Europeans since some are disillusioned with the Black Pope sicking the muzzies on the atheistic natives of Europe.

9 months a year named for the 9 realms of Yggdrasil.
9 days a week Sólsday, Mánisday, Tyrsday, Huginday, Odinsday, Muninday, Thorsday, Friggsday, Jörmunganday
5 or 6 day holiday of fvck splitting the summer month.

25800 year precession of the solstice is one season of Yggdrasil
360 degree circle of the north pole completes 1 degree every 71 2/3 years.
And 40 degrees 2866 2/3 years for every 9 branch realm age.

I need help with a year zero.
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Post your nationality and where you're from but as character stats

For example-
before: I'm a Dutch Irish white male who was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada

after: Vegasian- +20 heat resistance
-5 luck
DutchIrish- +resistance to alcohol effects
+speed when wearing clogs
+effects of cheese and potato foods doubled
-weakness to Germans and Englishmen

Special move- the drunken windmill
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The bride markets of Nysas

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The ancient Hebrews had a system whereby people could offer themselves as slaves to the highest bidder for a set period of time and strict regulations regarding their treatment.
At the end of that time they were paid and set free.
Unless, that is, their master treated them well enough that they chose to remain for life.
With that in mind,
Welcome! To the bride market of Nysas! Here we boast a variety of wares, ranging from bored elvish spinsters curious and bored enough to barter decades or even centuries away, to desperate ex pirates hunting for a place to lie low (and maybe lift some silver).
Any brides can be yours /tg, as long as you can meet her price or negotiate a better one with her.
Choose wisely /tg...
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Looking for a old ios game

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IOS game between 2009 ~ 2012
1.Fantasy tower defense game. Ememies are all goblin and orcs , thing like that
2. have to sweep the enemies out of the screen to kill them , player have to keep sweeping the screen like crazy
3. can buy hydra and hold enemy and feed them to the hydra
4, can throw enemy high and when they fall to the ground , they die.

Sorry for ask here , but feels like /tg/ may know that
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18th/19th Century Characters

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Character art for 1700-1900 themed characters, Victorian, steampunk, fantasy, realistic, go for it.
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CYOA General Thread

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CYOA General Thread

Previous thread: >>52282637

Archives and other resources:
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Are witches magic users?

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/bbg/ Blood Bowl General - Apparently It Is My Turn to Make the Thread Edition

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/bbg/ Blood Bowl General - Apparently It Is My Turn to Make the Thread Edition

/tg/ FUMBBL League Season VII has made it to Round 2, while Monkey League I is in the finals. The other leagues are either dead or irrelevant at the moment.

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition has been announced with an expected release for next Australian summer.

The rules that are being replaced on FUMBBL, the CRP (aka LRB6):

The new GW released 2016 edition (which FUMBBL is adjusting to):!5oZ1wRQZ!C4ksVQ_bEKIeA07EBKN0Q2LWOAsrgpHEiG_BND0nO2s
And the Deathzone Season 1 Supplement:!ktBllQAa!mHZskvUvvDISY2YE11O9Sedths12M4d2wuGXV2R8YD4

Stunty Leeg handbook:

/tg/ FUMBBL League group:

/tg/ Stunty Leeg group:

/tg/ Secret League group:

/tg/ Monkey League group:

Discord Server:
FUMBBL IRC servers are dead. Go to the Discord instead.

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