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Apocalypse Thread 8e

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Our 40K playgroup is just about to do our first Apocalypse game tomorrow, with 8e.

10500pts per side, 1500 per player

Imperium Team
Imperial Guard (Steel Legion)
Imperial Guard (Steel Legion)
Imperial Guard (Steel Legion)
Space Marines (Ultramarines)
Space Marines (Crimson Fists)
Adeptus Mechanicus (Stygies)

Team Xenos
Craftworld Eldar (Ulthwé)
Orks (Green Tide)
Tyranids (Leviathan)
Necrons (Mephrit)
Dark Eldar (Kabal)
Tau (Farsight Enclaves)
Tau or Eldar

I'm the only person who has played Apocalypse before, and I am sort of the organiser. We have all the basics covered, a location, time, turn timers, lots of terrain and space, familiarity with 8th edition, but I am wondering if there is anything else I might need or want to keep in mind when running an apocalypse game.

The match is very objective based rather than a shoot out. Whichever team controls more objectives at the end of each full turn gets to fire the weaponry of a half built titan from the nearby Manufactorium. Hopefully this will encourage several interesting fronts and give people things to aim for. I was also planning on creating a set of challenges, for each team or player to complete, for bonus victory points at the end. Example such as "Hold an objective for 3 consecutive turns." or "Destroy at least 2 enemy HQs".

I remember the old apocalypse stratagems were alot of fun, is it possible to use those in any way for 8th edition? And how does regular 8e CP work in a game of this size? Are the CP pooled per team or is it done by player?

There will also be plenty of snacks and food available...

Otherwise, Apocalypse thread! Tell me about baneblades and knights, parking lots of Leman Russes and deepstriking grey knight companies!
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Better at GMing systems I hate than systems I like

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Over the past twelve months or so, I have been GMing multiple times per week with the same overall group of players, and I have noticed a strange pattern of behavior: I am better at GMing the systems I hate (and that my players generally dislike as well) than the systems I actually enjoy (and that the players collectively like too).

I have tried GMing two D&D 4e campaigns and two Strike! campaigns, and I actually like those games. Both of those have been complete flops so far. I am heavily autistic (possibly not even high-functioning), I am a pathological perfectionist, and I have a whole other host of neuroses. I can never seem to relax when running those systems I like, and I always fret and stress over the smallest mistakes I make. I usually have mental breakdowns when running these and I make mistakes.

Meanwhile, I have GMed two Pathfinder campaigns and one D&D 5e campaign (the Pathfinder games to playtest third-party material, the 5e game as part of a deliberate experiment to run a game we all disliked). Both of those were, by far, my most successful group campaigns yet. I generally seem more able to relax and avoid stressing over the minor mistakes I make. Ironically, it is precisely because I dislike these systems that I can detach myself, not get too invested, and run a smooth game.

How can I rectify this? I do not particularly enjoy running systems I dislike, yet they somehow make for better games. Recently, I have been trying to run a D&D 4e campaign, and it has been one flopped session after another. I want to run a good game under a system the players and I like, but it seems impossible.

Is it even possible to address this?
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Pauper General - MtG

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Pauper MtG thread - make Caw Blade again edition

NOT for pauper EDH discussion


Help make my deck less crappy:
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Howdy y'all.
We all know you're making (a) setting(s). What do you really end up doing with it/them? Y'know, since no one on /tg/ actually plays games.
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ITT: We talk about a wargame that doesn't exist

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>9th edition
>eromacs still control all of ethilia
>rethalic empire still standing strong somehow(seriously how did they survive getting spitroasted by ilaics and river tribes for 3 whole centuries)
>but the ilaics can't find a new homeland because fuck you
Seriously the nomad rules fucking suck when will they finally settle? Its been 5 editions sense they got forced out of ethilia and im getting tired of having my army handicapped by the pariah modifiers
And don't give any of that bullshit about aliniean thoroughbred calvary being OP
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Want to make a Metal Slug themed campaign

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What system should I use? what kind of story? how could I start making a game like this? do you think it's possible to do this?
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Are the post William King books any good?

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I just start reading the series and love it so far.
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Re-do the Chaos Gods

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You get to make four Chaos gods to replace the originals, but they can't be 1 to 1 rip-offs. Example:

>god of death and ice
>god of pain and suffering
>god of fear and insanity
>god of greed and fire

Which would you do instead?

Inb4 depends on setting/I wouldn't change them/should only be one god/other shitposts
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