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Fluffy Angels Discussion

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Last thread hit the bump limit, so let's keep the fluffy coming.

Discussion Topic: How would you keep Angels, Valkyries, etc interesting characters in a setting while still maintaining their identity as Angels?

Post pics of Angels in all their fluffy/floofy glory
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Planning to run a particularly strange short campaign in 5e and I need help with the setting details around the adventure. Here’s the premise.
>Players start off at level 0. That right, 0.
>No class levels, no proficiencies, no racial abilities, nothing.
>10 in every stat. 6 max HP.
>They have one ability.
>If they spend one minute eating from the corpse of a creature that has died within the last hour they can steal an ability score, Movement type, movement speed, any proficiency, special avility, resistance/immunity, language, special sense, natural attack, or one innately cast spell.
>That May instead choose to take on the appearance of the creature as long as it was a humanoid. This confers no racial benefits.
>They May choose to get a burst of info from the deceased creatures mind.
>If the creature had class levels they may take a class level from that creature. Multiclassing is a yes as long as you have the stats.
>The class levels only go up by 1 and only if you eat a stronger foe. For example if you are a level 1 fighter you must eat part of a fighter of at least 2nd level or high to be bumped up a level. Same for when you’re a 3rd level sorcerer or whatever.
>Proficiency bonus is based on total class levels.
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>You can die during character creation

How do you do this well?
asking for a friend who is making a system.
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How old are you?
How old were you when you first started roleplaying?
Have you ever heard of anyone starting to roleplay after the age of 40?
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The March of Blood, Part 1

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Writefaggotry, ignore pic, I'm just avatarfagging for the sake of maintaining canon.

“Brother Captain Cintillius, report to the Bridge,” the voice on the voxcast was booming. Cintillius, the captain of the Fourth Company of the Fists of Terra, had been sparring with his Lieutenant, Licius. Cintillius stood up from his forward prowling position and hung up his power sword on an armory rack.

“We’ll continue this later,” Licius said, attempting to wipe the blood trailing from his mouth, but merely smearing it across his chin.

“Indeed,” Cintillius replied, stepping into the damp darkness of the hallway in their ancient vessal.

The Fists of Terra had been attacking remnants of Hive Fleet Leviathan since the opening of the Great Rift, and had lost hundreds. As a fleet based Chapter, they hadn’t been able to get new recruits in years; they had been promised Primaris reinforcements over half a century ago, but they never came.
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ITT: Let's make a grimdark space fantasy setting similar to 40K but different enough to be it's own thing.
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DM's First Campaign - Advice?

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In about 2 weeks I'll be DMing my first D&D campaign for a group of friends.

It's set in fantasy new world America basically & I've a got a good number of interesting ideas, monsters & plot hooks to use but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask /tg/ for any cool shit I can throw into the game.

And yes, there will be dino racing.
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Every play this? Seems expensive. How much do I need to buy for 2 people to be able to play? Are the expansions worth buying?
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Dieselpunk thread

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Lemme start off with a disclaimer: To avoid anyone getting their panties in a bunch asking "Where's the -punk?" I'm using Dieselpunk as a shorthand descriptor.

What I mean by that is: This thread is dedicated to science fiction and fantasy with an aesthetic/focus around the era of 1900-1950. Not necessarily on our world, but can take place there.

We can certainly have punk in this thread, lowlifes carving out their own way in the world and fighting the powers that be if we so desire.

But for simple ease, that's what I went with.

End of disclaimer.

There's a whole lotta routes we could take this thread in. Lovecraftian horror, alternate world wars, alternate history where maybe they didn't happen, Decodence, age of exploration, pulpy goodness, etc.

So let's explore. Breath in them diesel fumes and try not to die doing so because I think it's time we had some fun.
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Overcast Vampires

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Elegan/tg/entlemen I have a question. In a location of odd weather such as Seattle or Northern England where it is Gloomy overcast all day for large swaths of time, do you think that vampires could go outside during light?

The question being is it magic based (specific Curse) and DIRECT sunlight that harms them, or is it science (UV LIGHT) that harms them.
In the former case they would still have to be very careful. Im thinking of running a game where there is a vampire NPC antagonist in a gloomy overcast town but don't want an obvious marker to the players such as they only see him outside during night time.
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