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How do you like to do dragons in your game settings?

Intelligent and malicious like LOTR? Just another type of animal like ASOIAF Shapeshifters like some in D&D? Something else?

I've been thinking about how I want to implement them in my own world so I'd be interested to hear what others think.
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>Playing a character who has amnesia
>DM reveals that I was the BBEG all along.
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Places for Races

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In your setting, how strongly does place correlate to race? Can you point to a place on the map and say "that's the elf place, over there is orcs, somewhere around here are the dwarves"?
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Waifucore Boats Edition: The Follow-Up

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Because I said I would, here's Deep Blue Girls, a WaifuCORE RPG.

About two-three weeks I made a thread asking what the desire for a Shipgirl RPG and the resounding result was instead "WaifuCore" a universal RPG merging everything together.
Well, I present to you Deep Blue Girls, WaifuCORE's first technical game.

WaifuCORE is a Roll&Keep system using a Success system to dictate how well you perform, the catch is that all your dicepools are created from Traits you personally choose reflecting your personalized Boat who is a Girl.

That's the simple part, through a bit of grit and chewing things down, I managed to also get in your personal Skinner Box nightmare to improve your base as well as a Gatcha Pull System of dice to get things and improve your odds.

Is it perfect? Fuck no.
• Ship (Soul) Traits have the odd place of being useful to acquire stuff, but not terribly useful outside of that outside incredibly specific situations.
• The acquisition of new Ship Girls is going to rely entirely on the GM which I feel should be mitigated, but that needs testing to get a better idea.
• My COOL idea to have Traits be good and bad, kind of amounted to nothing. It's a rule, but not a strict one.
• I was having a fucking stroke with Torpedoes' and Depth Charges, Ship Girls don't worry about this shit, but I had to.
• Weirdly enough Battleships with maxed out Engines and Brutal, then grabbing the biggest fuck off weapon to beat the shit out of their enemies is currently the best consistent damage available. I have no idea how to mitigate this outside of prayer and heavy ordinance.
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Warrior women wearing climate appropriate clothing are far more attractive than battle sluts in bikinis.
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post dragons
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So being interred in a Dreadnought is the greatest honor an Iron Hand can receive, but what about being hardwired into a Rhino or Stormtalon?
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Magical Crafting Ideas Thread.

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So, one system I love using in my games is alchemy, not like the "magical chemistry" kind, but like the Platonic Fuckery kind, like fusing and defusing items, converting items into "essences" with magical effects, and so on. Examples include Homestuck's alchemy, of course, as the biggest example, but also Dragon Quest, to a great extent.

What are some fun ways you can use this sort of Concept-Manipulation Alchemy, and what are some interesting results that could be crafted using it?

Also, general magical crafting thread.
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>Play a WRPG
>Christianity or Greek gods analogue
>Dwarves, elves, halflings, orcs, and frost giants
>Entire party is pointless to the plot except the main character and maybe one other
>Advertise that you can play it many ways, but dialogue gets you fewer rewards than just attacking everything
>Medieval Europe 90% of the time

>Play a JRPG
>Evil church
>Humans, catgirls/bunny girls, and cutesy silly race
>Entire party is pointless to the plot except the main character and maybe two others
>Completely linear
>Medieval Europe 90% of the time

It's all so tiring...
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/dwg/ - Dragon Worship General

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Since there's clearly a contingent of the board that thirsts for dragons and enjoys focusing on the dragony aspects of ttrpgs, why not just have a thread where we can contain it and not derail every thread with so much as a kobold in it?

Personally, my favorite depiction (and RPG function) of dragons is in Shadowrun, where they're basically indestructible, and are 90% of the johnsons in every game you play.
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