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Can I ask for a bit of advice here concerning DnD 5e? I think this might be the right place.

I am DMing with two new people and a semi-vet. They are running from a small army lead by what appears to be a beautiful blonde woman with a crazy looking staff who is accompanied by several high level golems as well as quite a few bandits (Goblin, human & drow alliance of 'em)

It is essentially the 'run the gauntlet' basic scenario I read about on google where they have limited time to get from point A to point B. They are in a cave with newly discovered plantlife (glowing vines, leaves as sharp as daggers, kelp like plants that float in the air as if under water when they aren't etc) It has all grown rapidly thanks to some sort of magical overflow due to an earthquake reforming the earth further down below. It's basically a forest within a giant cave thanks to the magic making things overgrow essentially overnight.

There are 4 party members (Thief, Ranger, Sorcerer, Fighter) and I am trying to build something between medium & hard difficulty for them to come across that is both suitable for a forest and cave encounter (they are not near human habitation at the moment so i'm thinking animals/beasts/etc. rather than humanoids) but coming up with nothing but maybe a few snakes or a single giant snake and a crocodile and some bats or something. Can someone help me make this a memorable encounter?
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I was getting a bit curious about the current /tg/'s definition of "magical realm", so I'll ask a question.
Imagine Chad Buick comes to your game because he's barred from entry at the university bar.
Chad does not have the slightest idea of the concept or expression of "magical realm". I.e. Chad is not meta-aware. Chad is also, unlike the stereotypical jock, socially conscious enough to know how you're not an asshole, and since he's not showing off in front of his friends, he's not going out of his way to be one.
Chad, though, upon hearing that the game is set in Forgotten Realms and has drow, gets very intense for a while and works his character sheet with the fury of a thousand blazing suns.
When the game starts, he's playing a female drow warrior in a set of armor that really toes the line of suspension of disbelief, armed with a whip, a scourge or you get it.
Her Charisma is north of 15, natch.
Chad will try to act the part of the character, but isn't autistic and understands it's a game.

What I want to ask is, do you think it's still "magical realm" with a negative impact on the game and group coherency if someone without much knowledge of the game or the community just wants to play an attractive character?
Are you supposed to tell them they can't, and what are you going to tell them?
When you juxtapose /tg/ with normal people, you see that this board is trying to be the most normal of all because nuance is scary.
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At the third session of my epic campaign, I presented the BBEG. He is a sinister lich who uses minions and mind controlled people to erode from within the kingdoms around him.

The problem is as I was presenting him one of my players x carded the whole thing, how can I continue my campaign if the BBEG can't exist anymore??
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Warhammer 40000 General - /40kg/

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>Powder Mage
>setting entirely focused on black powder weapons
>only 5 black powder weapons
>doesn't have bayonet rules
What the shit.
Does anyone know of good socket bayonet rules for SaWo? I'm very disappointed since they're definitely used in the books.
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Kamigakari Thread

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Legendary Arms RPG Kamigakari Thread

Previous Thread: >>58552879

Last time:
>Misfits in osaka continues Bigtime!
>Nicknames, aliases, feats and misdeeds tables all complete!
>A discord is born! Link below

Baseline things! And stuff:

Expansions and errata + Mononoke homebrew guide, FAQ, and a quick rules cheatsheet!

Expansion Weapons Pastebin (Incomplete) And Item Pastebin

A character sheet hosted on Google Sheets on Google Sheets (for online play!):

Kamigakari is a JTTRPG focused on episodic storytelling, with simple but tight mechanics. Its design goal is to start players spread out, getting involved with the episode's peculiarities, and eventually coming together to fight a big bad, A la tokusatsu shows, magical girl shows, and/or other such shows in that vein. It can handle just about any kind of character, though, not just those types.

TL;DR, Its a Monster of the Week Format game with an emphasis in the fluff on high power shenanigans of just about every type.
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I don't really understand why people would want to play a non-core race. I've been perfectly happy playing mostly humans and the odd dwarf or elf myself, but I know other people feel differently and would hate being restricted to core - but I'd hate being the only standard race in a party of races that I don't even know the name of, let alone understand what they are.

Is there a way the needs of all players can be satisfied without making the whole game unsatisfying for any member of the group?
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Age of Sigmar General /aosg/

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previous thread: >>58674783



New Books have been added

>A Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms

>Malign Portents: Behind the Scenes


> Core rules

>General's Handbook 2017!C5BSgTDK!Sx74f87D86frlU0NZ1XKyGP0WEgar52X1Hatj1OA5y0

>Legions of Nagash!L44kEbRJ!VooTlhCe_WTmf5SFEds_wni8Z0EQDfBBsB1KBY_8ZW4

>Malign Portents!7x5hgZZL!l3KcjIUfNjDbEhjFeH31M9mRFfPf03yUFuN-jMU1JBg

>Army and Skirmish Warband builder

>City Generator

>Warscroll battalion blank

>Malign Portents Stories

New books

>Callis and Toll The Old Ways!JNJiwSLZ!HM0fIa9VjF2hWWpJOS0fymB6kd944VYdHmrk7yKQ2N4

>The Tainted Axe!QRx1gIwS!X3bvo8LQgV6V1Q12C2Y5dnM3m4lF5IkvxTKMzdQuazs

>The Witch Takers!5URyAJTZ!edeqlJAaUNRXsDVBHyGuyL5g3JXlbLej0Ug_oY7qtao

>Thread Question
So what is excatly Nagash's plan?
Who's behind the recent fuckery?
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