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Hollow Deeds Revival

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Alright /tg/, so some many, many, many months back, a series of worldbuilding threads was made, all revolving around a "Gothic horror setting where the main goddess is imprisoned, physics are fucked, forces of darkness are winning, and humanity is barely holding the line".

The whole thing went on for quite a bit until unfortunately most interest died out, and it silently faded away. This thread is more or less being created to see if anyone here has any interest in a revival of said concept/setting-premise, or any interest in making an RPG, ala the numerous threads we had based around "Night Shift" and other fallen projects.
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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My character just died.

Another player told me his idea for his next character: a 20-year-old aarakorca who's sole aim is immortality by any means necessary. He chose that race because they live no more than 30 years.

I've grown really enamoured by the idea, but aren't comfortable with just palming it off. I like the aarakorca aesthetic (plus we can be bird bros; we were monk bros before I died), so would like to keep that. How do I otherwise come up with a similar yet unique character concept?

Willing to do any (multi)class, though I'd rather stay away from divine casters out of taste.
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We all know that "magical realm" originally explicitly means "fetish material crammed into the game by a DM whose dick consumes more calories than his brain".
That got me thinking.
Is there such a thing as fetish content that is not magical realm?
Does this have to be between people who've basically matched F-list profiles and are playing an explicit ERP, or do you think that the GM can insert material related to his fetishes in a way that does not violate anyone's trust or reduce the quality of the game?
Could a GM possibly include this kind of content out of pure interest and have it better the game? I'm not talking about a GM who needs to see something anatomically implausible happen between a shota catboy and a 10-foot futa dragonborn to get off, but for example a GM who has an arm/armpit fetish and just makes it a part of the local traditions to wear certain clothes.
I remember a recent thread where someone said that even if the players never noticed and the GM then rubbed one out after the game (notice how it's always assumed that "fetish" means "instant runk", just like "attraction" must skip the middle steps and go to "instant rape"), it's still bad because the GM used the PC without their consent.
This begs the question, would this be seen as equally bad if it was just a bad headcanon without the fetish elements? What's so inherently immoral about sexual enjoyment that it must corrupt even a victimless situation?
I'm asking because believing there's anything wrong with this requires a belief in an objective, observing morality that witnesses all and has the authority to bring down a moral judgment based only on what a person feels or likes even when no one else is affected.
And that sounds like badwrongfun.
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Would a campaign about breaking higher and higher into "true realities" work, if the ultimate goal was to keep pushing until the PCs reached the "truest reality"?

They first learn that their reality is really just a dream world, so they wake up.
But then they learn that the new reality is truly just a computer simulation, so as A.I.s, they hijack the bodies of people in the real world.
But then they learn that the new reality is just the dream of some godlike entity, so they break away from that too.
And then they learn that the new world is just some elaborate reality television show where the contestants are brainwashed, so they undo the brainwashing.
And then they learn that the real reality is just a novel being written by someone, so they break free from being fictional characters.

It gets progressively weirder and weirder until the party realizes that they are just characters in a tabletop RPG.

Could it ever work?
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>party leader who organized the team together and was basically its heart, soul, and brains is the one to betray the party and join the bad guys
How would you feel?
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What decade had the best aesthetic for adventure?
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I could use some help with a magic food system.

Where you have a primary benifit, secondary benefit, and a drawback.

For example
> regenerative roast
>prime: regenerate health while keeping still for at least one minute.
secondary: increase max health by 10%
Drawback: decrease speed by half.
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Apocalyptic art thread

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Preferably something akin to a winter apocalypse. Stuff like Metro and Stalker come to mind but I don't know any other similar settings.

Searching in boorus just mostly gives me anime girls with guns.
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So now that Unstable has been out for a while, I got to ask, does anyone happen to have a foil copy of Masterful Ninja? Is there anything special about the foil version? Hidden jokes? I am half expecting them to continue to troll us all by having the foil variant have some sort of troll face or similar on it.