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What system would best fit something akin to the Persona series?
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Mistakes to avoid

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So me and a few pals are getting together for a 5e DND game, I was wondering if there are any mistakes I should avoid seeing as its my first time.
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D&D Bouncers

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Every Hobby shop needs a couple of bouncers or security guards. We just need to eject certain people from the game.
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Marcus Level

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Hello /tg/. I have to be honest: I don't usually come here. But I've decided to make my own board game. I've run my own Pathfinder campaign in the past and roleplayed a fair deal, but I think making a RPG/Board game mixture might be just the thing this time.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. I want to implement an Alignment system like D&D, along with races, classes, etc. I'll probably use d4/6/8/10/12/16 for stats, typical Pathfinder races & classes.

Also, I'm using MSE for creating the decks, since I have no experience making decks - so all my decks look like MTG. Any other program recommendations?

Thanks bros
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Gearing up to come up with a new game/campaign to play. Taking a break from medieval fantasy anything. I might try and put together an XCOM campaign.

>When players complain about the dice fucking them over despite all odds, it's an authenticity feature

Would prefer a relatively simpler system, at least chargen-wise. Should I try an existing system, or should we build a system right here right now in this thread?

also, hit me up with some xcom memes.
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Shield Combat

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My last shield thread died before I was ready. Perhaps we can discuss it a little more?

So from what I gathered previously, shield bashing is necessarily done with the lip- not the flat- of the shield. Are there still circumstances when you would slam an enemy with the flat of the shield? Ramming for instance?

Heater shields are strapped to the arm, unlike Targes and Bucklers. Does this mean they are useless for shield bashing?
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kAoSg/

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So I get grim dark, noble dark, noble bright, etc. Is there such thing as grim bright? Something like an apocalypse but hope for the future. No anime pls
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FLGS Stories

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I always like hearing about other people's stores and shops, especially with all the crazy fucks that come with them.

Let's tell some stories about our Friendly Local Game Stores, /tg/!
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