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On this thread you may post everything Giants.

You may also posts stories about giants.

My DM likes using them every-time he feels the need to change the scenery:
>like yeah...BBEG is across the sea
>If only there was a way to cross it
>We'll take a bo-
>But we were just th-
>Completely destroyed! Too bad! But you knooow Heard there was a water giant in that village next to the shore maybe you should check it out.....
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Can satyrs be a viable PC race?

If so what would their culture and lifestyle look like, as well as their racial attributes (assuming 5th ed DnD)?

Curious because I'm building an Ancient Greece inspired setting, and satyrs seem the most logical non-human race to add.
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/bbg/ - Blood Bowl General

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Chainsaw Edition

The rules that are being replaced on FUMBBL, the CRP (aka LRB6):

The new GW released 2016 edition books, including the Deathzones supplements:!uw4XiYxK!tboZyS7RM-rrPJ93nSAmSg

Stunty Leeg handbook:

/tg/ FUMBBL League group:

/tg/ Stunty Leeg group:

/tg/ Secret League group:

/tg/ Monkey League group:

Discord Server:
FUMBBL IRC servers are dead. Go to the Discord instead.
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FTL exists. Cheap matter transmutation exists. What would planets trade with each other other than FTL fuel?
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How do you accomplish the same feeling gained from the Soulsborne series in a tabletop game? How do you make people feel like heroes and like they're weak as fuck at the same time?
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do any solo rpg tools work? like
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So /tg/, your latest adventuring party has been brought to the horrific waste that is the Night Land, and must now try to survive. How long do they last?
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Game Finder Thread

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>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
>Contact Info
>Any Additional Notes
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Do any of you guys have disproportionate worry posting about your games/complaints on /tg/, in case other people in your group recognise your stories and what's being complained about?
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How would you run a warframe rpg? Would you ignore the operators or keep them? How would you deal with multiple frames being on the table for any one player? Any particular system besides the inevitable rumbling of gurps?
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