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Stable Diffusion AI Art Thread

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Running the thing, proompting some art. Will take requests if they sound fun. Pic related.
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I'm running a norse themed game sometime in the next few months with a custom system, what are some necessary classes you might expect to see in something like that?
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Realistic injury system for ttrpgs

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>Why do fractions instantly disappear in most rpgs?
>Why do most wounds leave no scars and do not lead to infection?
>Why do injuries so rarely have to be sewn up, splinted, cauterized or otherwise treated to prevent blood loss etc?
>Why are there so few crippled characters in veteran adventure groups?

What I'm getting at is that it seems to me that hardly any PRG depicts wounds and the downsides that regular hand-to-hand combat against monsters and bandits brings.
Is there any system that is an exception to this?
I have a feeling murderhobos would think twice about solving every problem with violence if their behavior had actual, mechanical, and long-term consequences.
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Fantasy Vegetation

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What plants, trees and mushrooms exist in your setting?
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I want to play a druid who takes control of animals rather than shapeshifting into one. Think Bran Stark from GoT.
What games let me do this?
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80s toys

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Somebody pls halp,

I remembered some toy series / set, it was something transforming, but not transformers, more like MASK,
But I searched for mask and it does not fit, I think it was maybe smaller? Anyway;
What I am certain of; it was stuff like Sword, Rifle (M4 / M16 looking one)

And I think that large sword (kid sized) would transform into Aircraft Carrier (or something like that)

I fucking cant remember what exact toy transformed into what, but I remember one of larger ones was rifle / sword
and transformed version of one was aircraft carrier

MASK does not fit, GIJOE does not fit, and it was not transformers, somebody has to know what I am talking about, pls!
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How do you manage horror in a game? Like what’s the secret to scaring people with a TTRPG?
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Is there a recommended system or era for doing a game in the Dune universe?

Pre-Jihad seems like the best era.
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Putting together a dungeon crawl that's an abandoned hospital
What are some neat ideas, /tg/?
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Girdle of Gender Reversal

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Does the Cursed Girdle of Masculinity & Femininity still have a place as an object of levity in games, or is it too tainted by modern radical social politics?