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You ever play or run a campaign about making a living instead of adventuring, anons? Making a living through adventuring doesn't count.
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LGS Questions

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Ask a LGS mook anything
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So what's your problem player like, anons?
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/osrg/ Old School Renaissance General

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Welcome to /old/, the thread where everything is player skill and the stats don't matter.


previous thread:>>62973340

How much do the players contribute to creating your setting?
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>skinny nerd children who are probably bullied at school and didn't ever got girlfriends
shows GW customer target
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I need your help, /tg/. I've been developing a sci-Fi pnp system and setting for a few years now, and reading through my notes I got into a dilemma. The setting has light "magic" (base healing, protection, summoning and damage "spells") available to all classes. But if I get rid of this magic part of the game, it would create a quite unique hard sci-fi setting (but also erase two-thirds of the possible enemy variations - elemental-based and magic using ones, and make the explanation for some bestial enemy types harder).
Hard sci-fi with low enemy variation or (still quite hard) sci-fi plus magic with high enemy variation?
Pic only a bit related.
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Is there any easy way to get into the Warhammer 40k universe without reading eons worth of lore? I wouldn't necessarily mind it's just I want to work smarter not harder
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Do you prefer your demons as joking, cutesy, disgaea-style demons or do you prefer the OG, no-punches-pulled, biblical kind?
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Ents, Treants, Dryads, Treefolk, and other assorted plant monsters...

Do they eat food?
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