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If somebody is unemployed and looking for work, how acceptable is it for them to run or join some kind of weekly game, knowing that if the opportunity for employment comes up but it makes them unable to continue whatever campaign they've started, they'll ditch the campaign for work?

I'm not asking IF they should ditch the game for work- that's a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. I'm just curious if you fa/tg/uys think it would be irresponsible or rude to have joined a game in the first place if you're looking for work.
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Where's the best place to play tabletop games online if you've always liked the idea don't know what you're doing?
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How would you depict and/or justify the existence of a race of aliens who are technologically advanced and very (if perhaps not entirely) pacifistic, but without being Organian "godlike" advanced (so they can't just Clarkemagic all their enemies away to explain their continued existence)?
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Alternate Reality Mind Prison

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How do you those, /tg/? I am planning to do such thing for my party, I want to give them some chance to notice that everything they see is not real, but then, not to make it too easy.

How the hell is it called by the way, I've completely forgotten?
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What does necromancer terrorism look like?
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ITT: We make our own cards

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and then wonder why we aren't all game designers.
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Is there any setting where Orcs aren't shit? The only universe where Orcs are competent I know about is Gothic where they won the war against humans. What's even the point of a villain race that isn't dangerous? Also why they are always technologically backwards? The original Orcs made by Tolkien actually could build machines and they were ''delighted by engines, wheels and explosions'' but in for example Warcraft they are almost cavemen. Fucking fail of a race just like dwarves.
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Sci-Fi Kung Fu

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Alright /tg/ what is the best system to run a Science Fiction Kung-Fu/Wuxia game
I'm looking for the right mix of cool combat and character customization in order to create cybered out martial artists

Also general sci-fi and martial arts discussion thread I guess
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Let's talk about the Nine Hells.

Have you ever had your players visit? How did it go? Who are the archdukes in your setting?

What's the status of the ancient baatorians? Are they totally gone, or do they still lurk on the most remote corners of Cania and Stygia? Has an archduke ever been slain by mortals (maybe your players?)

What is the relationship between the Nine Hells and the Upper Planes? Do they grudgingly support Asmodeus and his archdukes because of the Blood War, or do they consider all evil equally worthy of fighting?
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New Death guard minis

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