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Filename Thread.

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A thread for Files with Names.
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/STG/ - Star Trek General

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Sabre Edition

Previous thread >>52333740

A thread for discussing the Star Trek franchise and its various tabletop iterations.

Possible topics include Star Trek Adventures - the new rpg being produced by Modiphius - and WizKids’ Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures game, as well as the previous rpgs produced by FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, the Starfleet Battles Universe, and Star Trek in general.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures, Modiphius’ 2d20 RPG
-Official Modiphius Page
Playtest Materials (via Biff Tannen)
Reverse Engineered Character Creation.

Older Licensed RPGs (FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher)

Other (Unlicensed) RPGS (Far Trek + Lasers and Feelings)

WizKids’ Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniatures Game
-Official WizKids Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki

Memory Beta - Noncanon wiki for licensed Star Trek works

Fan Sites - Analysis of episodes, information on ships, technobabble and more

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected

/stg/ Homebrew Content
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/exg/ - Exalted General

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>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here:

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial:
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

Resources for Third Edition
>Final 3E Core Release!ctgxyJaC!ygkrLnFsrnBJzIUZY-dJsMfyFrhFQgDsQuuo52fcW0I

>3E Backer Core (Old)!E1dRBBIa!ZbQG4IasYCJRli2bhgE2MOdWeFAeV3N1rqL9kAIGbNE

>Frequently updated Charsheet with Formulas and Autofill
>General Homebrew dumping folder:
>Eld 3e Materials, incl. comics & fiction anthologies
>Charm Trees:
>Solar Charms:
>Martial Arts:

2.5e Resources:
>Books w/ embedded errata + extras:
>Chargen software:
>Anathema homebrew files:
>MA form weapon guide:

1e Resources:

>Holden and Morke are out
>Vance and Minton are in

And with them we get a preview of Arms of the Chosen
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How do we save fantasy /tg/ ?
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Mortal heroes becoming gods

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Hi teegee, beseech thy wisdom

I need more ideas on how mortal heroes can eventually become gods that is other than
>kill enough enemies to level up
>cast a spell
>find a Mcguffin (like eat ambrosia)
>existing gods saying "mmm,kay come on up here!"

The problem is that while the setting in particular has gods in it but they are not like an established pantheon like say in Greek mythology, they are fewer and more isolated and plotting against each other so they will not just allow mortals to mess with their shit.

Pic tangentially related...
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/swg/ Uncomfortable random encounters at Tosche Station

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Previous thread: >>>52422480

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD)

Shipfag's Starship Combat Fixes for EotE/AoR/FaD

Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Destiny and the Star Wars LCG)

Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and Imperial Assault)

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.)

Reference Materials & Misc. Resources

All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/)

Just What IS Canon Anyways?

The Clone Wars Viewing Guide


Shipfag's hangar

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
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/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General - Leadership Edition

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On Leaders

/wbg/ discord:

On designing cultures:

Mapmaking tutorials:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ


Sci-fi related links:

Fantasy world tools:

Historical diaries:

A collection of worldbuilding resources:

List of books for historians:

Compilation of medieval bestiaries:

Middle ages worldbuilding tools:

Describe a leader in your setting, whether a king or just a particular interesting parent. What makes them uniquely capable to lead others in your setting (or uniquely awful at it)?

How have past leaders influenced the present? Do people remember these leaders?

How are leaders chosen? Divine favor, popular vote, technocratic cyborg leader-building?
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Skitarii/AdMech thread

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General stuff to do with Skitarii and the AdMech. Painting, tactics, improvements in 8e, drawfaggotry, writefaggotry, anything really. I myself just started collecting.
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Alignment changes

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Post your good alignment change stories.

Not the bad "PALADIN FELL BECAUSE MY GM IS SHIT" stories, the actual good ones.

I had a cool one. A player had this cutesy innocent neutral good Urchin Bard in 5e. Urchins get a pet mouse, and this shitty little creature was still around at level 16. She had spent a lot of time on this pet, going so far as taking Awaken to make it intelligent. Lots of effort out in here.

They have a run in with some stupid thugs in a little village. The party was way out of their league, but because the party was careless, they had stolen a lot of their stuff, including the bards bag, where the mouse slept.

So they track them down, splitting up to find them quicker- it literally didnt matter, because any one of them could wipe their ass with the entire gang at once if they wanted to.

So the Bard finds them. They figure out she has a soft apot for the mouse, and threatens to hurt it. She just sleeps the guy, which prompts the thug next to him to smash the mouse with his mace.

First she heats metal the guy with the mace, and just watches him for 2 full turns as he melts in his chain mail, and then, as the rest start to run, she force cages the rest, and proceeds to spend 4 hours torturing them all to death.

The party Paladin was somewhat worried when she returned and no longer pinged as good.
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/5eg/ Fifth Edition General

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D&D 5th Edition General Discussion

>New Unearthed Arcana: Trio of subclasses

>Don't forget to take the official survery on Theurgy and War Magic

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v4b!z8pBVD4Q!UIJWxhYEWy7Xp91j6tztoQ

>Pastebin with resources:


>Previously, on /5eg/

How do the gods/deities in your universe interact with the people? Do they make godly appearances or act from behind the scenes?
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