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EDH/Commander General /edhg/

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"Now With 100% More Title" Edition

Last Thread: >>54964643


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.

>/tg/ EDH General Discord


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question:
Favorite and least favorite artist?
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H-hello fellow wyverns. How d-do you do?
Huh? Of course I have sharp claws and fly around all the time!
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Song of Swords: Song of Poland Edition

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Last Time, on Song of Swords:
Scary Samojeds (the golem naturemonsters, not the dogs)
Jimmy asks everyone to calm down a little bit
Those S&S bastards have released, still calling 'em Builder tho.

Song of Swords is a a tabletop RPG centered around realistic medieval fightan' with a ludicrous variety of weapons and fighting styles, centered around a dice pool system. It's currently in beta, and can be used for both fantasy and historical games. The Kickstarter was nearly 300% funded, and we're on the fast track to kicking ass baby.

Call of the Void: Ballad of the Laser Whales is a pulpy sci-fi tabletop RPG about fighting space-nazis and hunting giant whales with harpoons made out of the moon. Its combat system is more modern, based in the early 20th century, but can probably handle combat up to the present day.

MEGA folder containing current version of the game and all supplementary materials.
Note that the latest version of the game is v1.3. The next update will probably be called v1.4.!S89jTT7J!ozFi9GvzaFGHfBa59Ik2-Q

Here's a wiki detailing SoS's fantasy setting, getting filled up bit by bit as Jimmy reveals more details:

There's also a roll20 room where new players are encouraged to try the rules, test new rules, and find game breaking issues:
If you're looking to learn, post here in the thread.

We also play Guy Windsor's card game Audatia in the room, but now we have a much better way to play Audatia: Tabletop Simulator! The (official!) mod for Audatia is now up and running!

Previous thread >>54497529
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/WIP/ - Work in Progress General

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Work In Progress - "Someone had to do it" Edition

>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36!0AIGDAxL!xOT6MK3oiGpBB1pQaNy5lg

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only!fkcliY4L!mhdmIs2lT3mFG3VwoLO8Qw!XEJSFDCL!9ZZKiLi6M_wguI1uTpyjPg!WUsUlSLb!556OumKLhusFd9Fw5dBMdA

>DIY Lightbox [Embed] [Embed]

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palette [Embed] [Embed]

>How to Moldlines [Embed] [Embed]

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work? [Embed] [Embed]

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

>Stripping Paint (yes, the ellipses are part of the URL!)

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>On the consequences of insufficient ventilation
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/btg/ BattleTech General

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Clans taking the piss once again, edition

The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

Old thread: >>54940672

BattleTech video-game Beta gameplay


>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>MegaMek Lab

>/btg/ does a TRO: spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (old)

2017-03-03 – (Against the Bot)
Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>Rookie guides

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders

/btg/'s own image board: - (2017-08-18 - Still getting worked on & now has 14788 pics! Any help with tagging appreciated!)

More goodies! (Rare manuals, hex packs, TROs, discord server, etc.) Last updated 2017-07-30!
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Matt Ward's slaughter of the Sisters of Battle during the Bloodtide incident was perfectly in line with both the Grey Knights' typical MO (remember that each and every one of their bullets is baptized in the blood of a pure hearted innocent) as well as the general grimness of the setting. If anything, you are the sexist ones for demanding the Sororitas get special, exclusionary treatment solely because they're girls.
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MTG Legacy General

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Paradise Edition

>Has the online meta been solved or is there still room for growth and innovation?
>What was the worst punt you've ever had?
>Are Twinblade lists just FOTM?

>"Active" Legacy Forums
>Current Legacy Metagame
>Find/Browse basic lands by their art, by sets, by artists, and more
> Budget lists for newer players

>This Week in Legacy (Imp Painter is back?!)
>Utilizing Cabal Therapy (Old but still good)
>Deck Database (Updated)
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So what's /tg/ reading?

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I'm currently reading pic related, while still making my way through the limited edition of the 8th edition rules.
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Horus Heresy General /hhg/

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Rolled 9 (1d26)

CHOOM everything edition
Convert your stuff subedition

Some Knights Errant watched themselves Mad Max, 8e rules were discussed for ages and Iron Hands are average as always. Anons decided to patch the game a bit, but couldn't agree on Terminator wounds or ranged AP. Primaris found a blue box leading to the Heresy and Scoria has so far escaped the BL idiot beams. Fear Icing is in short supply for Curze's birthday and we ran out of Volkite for the Tactical Marines.

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore!BxI1HSgI!0tKymKh9RZTzGpgIA5EyCg

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll


>Crimson King

>NEW Mega Folder!gaBiVTKI!HTOuNx5zzNxHqT-ny-AU3A
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We had a thread similar to this a while back , but it didn't really get anywhere thanks to certain autists, so lets try this again.

What would 40k be like if Chaos were more...chaotic? More diversified and not dominated by the big 4? What if it wasn't the acausal, monolithic superpower it is in modern lore but instead a reflection of mortal emotion and thought, and a battleground for countless gods and warp entities.
How would the Heresy play out, if it would at all? What about the fall of the Eldar? What cool gods can we come up with, and what are their servants like
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