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Campaign Plots Thread

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What it says on the tin
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new videos from pax prime?
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What weeaboo fightan sword do you chose, /tg/? You may only take one.
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Pathfinder Archer Inquisitor shopping list

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Hey /tg/, I'm building an Archer Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor on my next pathfinder game. We're starting at level 5 and I have 10k gold to spend.

What item should I be keeping an eye for? Is it worth blowing my money on +1 Corrosive Bow or +1 Seeking Bow right now?

Is it a better idea to settle for +1 Bow and get Bracer of Falcon's Aim?

Also while I know it's not optimize, can I cast Darkness then make a stealth check and snipe stuff with sneak attack Seeker Bow?
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The /tg/ Heresy 15: "SPEHSS MAHREENS" Edition

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Previous Thread: >>34541111

Google Doc:

Welcome to the /tg/ Heresy, where everything's made up and the Stone Men don't matter!

We are currently fluffing up our Primarchs and the events of the Hektor Heresy, as well as fawning over a supremely talented drawfag! Enjoy!
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Is there any good solitaire tabletop games?
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How do you like your monsters?
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The last BBG got pushed off, so here's a new one.

Question to fellow players - is Memoir '44 worth getting, assuming that I'm looking for a light strategy game? The reviews are very favourable and it looks fun, but I wonder how exactly does it play.

Does it have great replay value? Are the expansions worth it?
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Avatar Quest: Earth: Should it continue?

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Hello, /tg/. As many of you are aware, Avatar Quest came to a rather abrupt, and, in the opinion of many, unsatisfactory end recently. I'll admit, I fucked up with the ending. Some anons have suggested that I just pick up where I ended it, and continue the story. I'm making this thread to see what you all think.

Vote there, and leave any questions, comments, or concerns you might have in this thread. I'll be here for the next couple of hours to address them.
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So apparently one of my friends thinks it's a good idea to play Shadowrun and make a character who basically is Rock.

How long is this crazy bastard going to live?
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