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Meanwhile, on Jedi Council /tg/.
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Space Monkeys Quest 44

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{Previous threads
movelist with updated PLs: }

You've thrown your body into training for what you think is three whole days, only pausing the bare minimum required to eat and sleep... Had some weird dreams in here, but that's beside the point.

With nothing to do but spar, in an environment this harsh, gravity this high, you can already feel an improvement... but you still feel like you're hitting a barrier, a soft cap that's slowing down your improvement, no matter how hard you push yourself.

You throw a kick at Bra, which she easily flips over, before driving a fist into your back, sending you staggering forwards...

You do have to ponder how the hell is she moving this lightly? You can throw a punch and run, but this far out from the chambers central patio, you don't have the strength in you to jump.

A bead of sweat trails itself down your face, before your knees give. You've got a few bones that feel close to breaking point, as the girl drags you out of the high gravity, hauling you, exhausted up onto a bed, before collapsing on a chair nearby.

With a short rest, you prepare a meal, sitting down with your daughter, a bowl of rice larger than your head ready for eating, as Bra sets her shining silver sword aside.

>Eat quick, get back to training.
>Ask about her sword
>See if she's got any tips
>Ask her personal stuff (Write in)
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Game Finder Thread

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Game Finder Thread

>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
>Contact Info
>Additional Notes
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Continued from this thread >>43641527
Your GM tells you to make a character embodying your magical realm right now. What do you make?
The twist is that it's not ERP. Your GM wants you to make a viable character concept that can be used in a normal game without it being ERP or blatantly obvious.
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Quick, /tg/, the last song you listened to is now the basis for a deity in your setting
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Is Fallout cyberpunk, or is it some deviant form of steampunk?

Or is it it's own thing, and if so, what do we call it?
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Pathfinder DM in need of avice on how to be a better DM

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I'm going to admit it, /tg/: My feelings are hurt because of a player. And I need you to tell me that either I did nothing wrong and the other guy is an asshole, I did everything wrong and need to improve to avoid this happening again, or I need to man up and quit being a bitch.

So I'm proud to DM a Pathfinder campaign going steadily on for over two years now. We started out with five players, but now we only have three. We've been looking for more in our local area over the course of MONTHS.

Well we thought we finally found one, we invited him over to play, and he accepted. He showed up early with a character already rolled up, I looked over it, and after some adjusting we came to an agreement to a PC that would fit into the current party and campaign perfectly.

I let the player know that the players were in the middle of the forest when the last session ended, so it might take a while before he could join in the game. The player said he was fine with that. I estimated only about two hours before I could get his character to join the party in a way that made sense to the ongoing plot.

Well, one thing led to another and players being players, they went exactly where I didn't expect them to go and then got into an extended fight that took quite a long time to resolve. Everyone had fun but, long story short: Eight hours elapsed, it was time to end the session and go home, and I still didn't get to find a way to have the new player join the campaign.

I apologized to him, and invited him to our next session. This is where he metaphorically kicked me in the balls and nearly left me in tears:

He told me don't bother planning anything for him because he wasn't going to show up to the next session. When I asked him why he bluntly told me that if I couldn't figure out a way to get him actively involved in the game in 8 hours, then I failed him as a DM and he doubted another 8 hours gaming with me would be any better. He said that gaming session was a waste of his time.
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"Easy there, you're okay. I know this is a lot to take in but the Crises is only getting worse. Doomsday is rampaging through the streets, Metropolis is being bottled by Brainiac, and Apokolips' forces are in full assault. And if we don't stop them and their Blackhole generator, it doesn't just mean the end of our world, but the end of life in this galaxy or beyond.

I can't do this alone, if we are going to save this world we are both going to have to pull together, as friends, as allies.

Are you with me?"

Gain 5 Powers and tell superman if you are with him or not.
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ShadowRun General - /srg/ - Riggers Rigging Rigs Edition

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Connecting to Shadowlands BBS...
>Verifying Biometrics...
>Identity Verified...
>Opening /srg/...


Chummer 5:
Issue tracker:

Last Thread: >>43770218

Thread Question: Carrying on from last thread, which level of enhanced initiative would you consider standard on runners and their opposition?
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Behind every village raid, every disease, every lich uprising, ever dragon master plan, there is the Banking Conglomerate. They owe no allegiance to any government, deem all life expendable (if profit magins drop too much) and have even most of gods somehow indebted. They keep a firm grip on all relevant heroes and even employ highest INT creatures to to debate with LG characters up to a point that paladins of LG religions are forced to join the might of the banks.

All the while they reamain anonymous and entertain the masses with zombie infestations, orc invasions, goblin migrations and an occasional "corrupt noble".

How is that for a BBEG?
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