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Improvaizen Quest

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Improvaizen Quest 29: Kubo The Barbarian
Pastebin: Coming up- still tweaking something that caused an infinite loop that wasn't exploited to hell and back.
You currently have 88 nachos.

You are Sosuke Aizen. You are sitting across the table from what could be your greatest enemy yet. Or someone you can turn to your friend. You are not sure entirely yet and it worries you. More puzzling still is their attitude.

"Just a quick Question: Just who the hell do you think I am?" You ask
"Exactly!" She says. This is going to get crazy fast.
"So You assume that me and the shard are one?"
"Nobody has mastered a shard of yours powers. I assume you and it have merged." She says. "It hasn't worked like that yet." You say to her as she looks at you curiously.

Tread Lightly Sosuke- you don't want to anger the eldrich being

>> Why is it so important that you need Ywach to win? Can you explain it in depth?
>> Why did you choose this realm?
>> What exactly is your plan, or Azatoth's Plan
>> Who else do youknow has a shard?
>> What can you tell me about where you are from?
>> Who else works with you here?
>> Why have your servants been trying to kill me?
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Fantasy Harem Member Quest #1

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You awaken to the sound of the carriage stopping. You are finally here, in front of a large, ivory mansion, the entrance to the territory of the Ambrosius, a great family of mages and warriors, to meet your pretendent. You, from a minor family, had to be used as marriage material so your patrimony could grow, and seriously, you find it an outrage. Liking it or not, you’re going anyway, so you might as well enjoy it a little. A warning from your father, though, is that you aren’t the only one going for the hand of the young heir of the Ambrosius, as six other families of equal hierarchy as yours are trying the same freaking move. You aren’t intimidated, though. You are confident that it’s you that he’ll pick, because you are the beautiful and talented daughter of the:
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Disney Villains Victorious Thread LXXII: MCP Edition.

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Disney Villains Victorious is a /tg/ homebrew project based on the idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which all the villains from all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole.

It is an America in which Syndrome’s robot army rules the Rocky Mountains, defied only by the mysterious and brooding Yokai of San Fransokyo and the Californian Coast, the Horrors of the Gravity Falls Triangle in Oregon and Washington and the might of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz in his strongholds in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. It is an America where the grasslands and oilfields of Oklahoma and Texas are run by the scheming Shego through her Drakktech corporation, it’s harsh but individualistic meritocracy strongly at odds with the hive mind of DOR-15 Inc which runs the rest of the South. It is an America where the free spirits of Motorcity routinely delve into the Buy and Large Wastelands, and from afar David Xanatos watches from his Orwellian headquarters in New York City.

It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope. Throughout the ruins of America the PCs' characters and their allies plot and plan, fight and strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. This is Gridlocked.
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Campaign Civ

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Alright, civ time.

Pick from the following races:

Pick a Campaign/Location:
>Reclamation/Lost City
>Sealed and Unsealed/Obelisks
>Babel/Floating Islands

Or continue from last time:
>Cyclops Reclamation/Lost City
Most recent event: Slime-tentacle experiment is dead, half the population is down, but first sweet loot.
>Slime Reclamation/Lost City
Most recent event: The fog descends, and Hyenas are on the prowl, with a taste for slime cores.

Put "dice+6d6+-6" in your options tab, I'll work something out.
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How would you play a living painting with only subtle tells of their non-human-ness, like a profound fear of fire?
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Round 4- Undead Civ Quest

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When last we left.......

We'd just found our staff. Research will reveal it's secrets.

We'd also found a way to 'create' a vampire finally.

Logging and farming and building and patrolling and trading seems to be doing fine.

If someone would put the map back up, I'd be ever so grateful.

425 Cap so far......
>2 GIANT zombies
>6 Death knights
>1 treasure-seeker rat
>25 ghouls
>1 armored skeleton (fenneris)
>1 Halfling Necro-in-training
>10 Bear skeleton mounts
> 6 dwarven craftsmen
>4 halfling craftsmen
>assorted other undead including skeletons, animal, zombie, etc.

We now lack only a vampire heart, and a small fire elemental to begin building our first pillar.

A portal was discovered near the dwarven mountains to the North.

No current threats that we are aware of.


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/wodg/ World of General Darkness [WoD]

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>Changeling 2e Wizened

>Monday Meeting Notes

>Changeling 2e Elementals

>Onyx Path Schedule

Previously on /wodg/: >>40992036

Today's Topic: What's your favourite thing from a blue-book that isn't a minor template? Who's your favourite NPC/sample character?
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Alignment Thread

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Alignment Thread
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Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/

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2x Archaon, 4x Chaos Lord edition
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WIP Painting/Converting/Sculpting General

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No WIP thread in /tg/? That's HERESY!
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