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GW is reboxing Island of Blood for AOS.

What do you think?
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/wip/ - Painting/Sculpting/Converting General

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/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General

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M/tg/ Flavor, Lore, and general bullshitting thread

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>You are a planeswalker
>Only you and a few other chucklefucks know about the multiverse
Welcome to MTG flavor, where we shitpost about the current story and try to get some discussion in
>Magical Attack Helicopter Yahenni starts draining people and justifies it to themselves because the people are all jerks. He finds the superfriends hiding in a statue and luckily Nissa doesn't judge him.
>Gideon tries talking to his enemy colors to get them to do things more his way
>Chandra makes Gideon's Kokoro go Doki Doki
>Gideon wrecks a car then gets punched by a giant robot
>Then Jace, Lili, and Saheeli go to take down Tezz while the rest of the superfriends create a distraction

Thoughts on the released Aether Revolt stories so far?
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The Uniform

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This is your uniform. It is an efficient single piece garment with a zipper in the back. Rank displayed by pips on the the collar. It comes with boots and a belt for carrying a sidearm and scanning device.
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Why are Tau considered "anime"? I love the design but the fact that I would be associated with weeaboos and animu absolutely disgusts me and halts my investment into the race.
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NewTo40k Start Collecting ORKS Help

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Good evening,

New to 40k & I just purchased the Start Collecting ORKS box along with the Ork Codex. I opened the box and it's a bit overwhelming in regards to all the different weapons in here. Is there any wargear items that I should really avoid? I've done some research but I'm not certain how accurate it is. So, Shoota or Choppa Boyz? & a decent/fun Nobz load out would be really appreciated. I have an itchy gluing finger.

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what would the Sisters of Battle be like as daemons of the Emperor?

there was a thread where the topic came up recently, and a number found the concept fascinating, so how would you take the idea?
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Your character learns that there's an elf druid who has stalked you since he or she was in diapers. What's your character reaction?
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How much does /tg/ bully their Orcs?
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