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/tgesg/ Elder Scrolls:Lore, Tabletop, general discussion

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Happy Halloween, /tg/

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
[UESRPG + other TES RPGs]
Discussion in #UESRPG ( [port 6667])
[Scrollhammer - Tabletop Wargame]

>Lore Resources
[The Imperial Library]
[Pocket Guide to the Lore] goo gl / 8b78MW
[Elder Lore Podcast]
[How to Become a Lore Buff] goo gl / 7f43lQ

>General Rules
No waifus please.
Keep the MK related squabbling to a minimum.

Now, since it's spooky day, let's get the ball rolling:
What scary/demonic/monstrous things in the Elder Scrolls universe are your favourite, and why?

>scary thing
Either the sixth house creatures or Wraiths in TES 4
The 6th house creatures are people who've gone mad with what seems like unfocused metaphysical and divine knowledge to the point their physical form has degenerated, and then regenerates into something else. The wraiths from Oblivion are obvious, those fucking screams.
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All Hallows' Eve

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So what's the right way to go?

Full Cosmic Horror with a chance at best of uncovering the central mystery but no survivability, or

homely kids horror (can be just as bad) alongthe lines of Eerie, Indiana or Pete & Pete?

What to play on Halloween? And how to make it good? And short!

Any ideas? Seeds? Scenarios? Tips?
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Lessons in Knighthood Quest Thread 10

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6-6 tie between taking the orb and leaving it, so I'm using QM fiat to pick one. Sorry.

> Previous thread:
> suptg archive tag:
> QM Twitter:

You are Nicole, a knight-apprentice of Alvar, at least for now. Your exact status will depend quite a bit on whether your commanding officer, Knight Captain Clarissa, can recover from the latest reminder that someone might be trying to kill her, subvert her, or cause her much grief in many ways that do not bear thinking about.

This would not be such an ordeal to her state of mind if it weren't for the knowledge that the most likely candidates for this as yet unknown hostile spellcaster is someone who has close blood ties to her. Knowing that someone in your own family is willing to cause such pain would be trying to anyone's peace of mind.

The most recent chapter of the ongoing saga of Clarissa's supernatureally-induced nightmares comes in the form of a mysterious artefact, a cube with glowing green circle designs inscribed upon its sides. Fortunately you had prevented Clarissa from touching the cube before anything untoward had happened, but this had still plunged her into a black depression that had to be mitigated with a moderate amount of the Duke's wine.

Clarissa had been carried unconscious to your shared room. You had tasked Roderick the quartermaster with keeping watch over her, while you tried to figure out the next course of action.

Elise the court wizard has just finished disarming the cube, at least for now. The cube has been relocated to the training courtyard, which has the advantage of being in the open, and thus not likely to bring the entire palace down with it if the cube should choose to detonate.

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Tokyo Ghoul Quest 3

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Last time we avoided getting run out of our home and didn't get Umeko killed, or worse.QM also made a 4000 plus long update that they will try to not do again because damn that was long. Go here for run time and other crap related to the shitty QM's attempt at a quest

I'll give you all a spooky surprise during the thread too. I mean, if you'd like that.

Takuma sighs and slaps a hand over his eyes with a look of grievance.

"Alright, I get it." A bit of joy comes springing up with that, but the boss isn't finished. "But she still can't stay here. I won't kill her, but people are going to be looking for her. There will probably be a dove or two sent in because of the scene Nao-kun left too."

In the end Umeko is allowed to spent the night, but she's going to be sent to a friend of the Himura's. Both you and Momoko will be going with her to meet them too.

[] Skip to Ryou coming home.
[] Talk with Umeko
[] Talk with Himura-san about the people he's sending Umeko to.
[] write in

[]skip to interlude
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Things that annoy you.

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>"Stop taking Improved Initiative or playing a Human!"
>GM doesn't like people making silly/unoptimal characters, get assblasted when player optimizes/powergames all within rules.
>"Make a character with more conflict." *revises* "Holy shit this is too dark."
>That guy drinking 3-6 cans of soda per game session, and dares to leave soda stains on the floor for the DM to catch flak from father.
>That guy who mooches off the group for food, and doesn't even have his own ride.
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Are you ready for Halloween?
Any cool costumes?
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Post Apoc Mutant/Robot Civ Quest

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Rolled 83 (1d100)

We are the Tesla-Teks, a group of mutants and robots who decided to set aside their differences and come together in their attempt to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Thus we found ourselves in an immense power-plant/industrial complex, and decided to make our home in a (mostly/slightly) intact factory that we found.

Thus began the story of the Tesla-Teks. Not much time has passed since then, but in that small time we have repaired our base, gotten power up and running again, driven off a warband of bandit-bots, and successfully extracted a favor from those bots for sparing their lives. What we do from here remains to be seen.
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Lets talk about tanks /tg/. Real, fantasy, alternate history or sci-fi.

Ever played as a tank crew in a game?
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