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Burger Girls Quest

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You sniff the air. Ah, yes, yes. All of it hits your senses, the crisp scent of deep fryers cooking the fries, the hissing of patties upon a grill, and the spewing of fountain drinks into cups the size of size of footballs. Yes, this is the life. The life of a minimum wage worker in the best restaurant on this good green Earth! You are a worker at the McDougall’s Restaurant Franchise in Charming, North Takoma, one of thousands around the world in places like London, Tokyo, Cape Town, and Moscow! All of them with the express purpose of giving out the comfort of food and drink to millions at an affordable dollar menu price!

It all comes down to a simple statement, a request given from cashier to wanting customer.

“Welcome to McDougall’s, can I take your order?”

You strip off your school uniform and pull on your sailor minidress, decked in the McDougal colors of white, orange, and green with a pretty red bow, and put on a red brimmed cap along with your red vest. It even has your name on it!

You haven’t had anything with your name on it since Kindergarten!

“Alright, everyone, roll call.” The manager, Mister Clancy J. Brown calls all four of you up to the registers. Your fellow co-workers also happen to be your classmates back at the Academy for Cooking, Culinary Arts, and Food Stuffs.

They are…

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Shit that disproportionately annoys you

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>The average human only uses 10% of their brain. Unlocking the rest of it gives you super powers.

>70% of the heat in your body is lost through the head

>It's psychic powers, not magic.
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If You Stat It, They Will Kill It: 5e Tiamat Edition

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Your task: to kill or permanently confine this bitch.
Your tools: anything in published 5e works up to this point.
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Testing to see if an anon is just making and deleting QTG's. If this gets deleted then its definitely mods.
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Fate/Another Origin (Quest)

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The Holy Grail War. An relatively obscure event by Magi standards hosted in the far east, originating from almost two hundred years ago. Hosted by the Tohsaka and Einzbern families, the former a relatively new Magus family seeking to earn their name utilizing the Holy Grail. The latter a family with over a thousand years work behind their name, forced to work with the fledgling families of the Tohsaka and Makiri.

The Makiri's techniques once employed, were almost discarded by the other two families after the failed first attempts to utilize the Grail. Now a dying family with little to it's name, it desperately grasps for the cup that can grant it's wish, lest it's short history be extinguished.

However, although the Holy Grail was set in place for and by these three families, the ritual itself required seven participants. This is where you come in. You are a participant in the Fourth Holy Grail War, a soon-to-be Master fighting for the omnipotent wish granting device. The question is, who are you, and why are you here?

>You are a well established Magus from a long-line of Magi, joining in the Holy Grail War to only further emphasize your Families' power and superiority. Backed by your strong Magical Crest, you will likely be the strongest Magus in this Holy Grail War.

>You are a fledgling Magus, shamed constantly for your thin blood, you had taken a risk. Joining the Holy Grail War after obtaining a relic, which could be utilized as a catalyst for summoning a Servant.

>You are a Freelancer Magi, participating simply out of curiosity rather than dedication to family. You are in possession of several techniques and abnormal Magecraft techniques, but your real strength is your information gathering. Even as you're entering Japan now, you have information on all the suspected Masters in the war.

(Note, I retain the right to veto anything which comes of the following. Anything too absurd but possible, will result in several penalties on the character.)
>Write in
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Worldbuilding general #3

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Worldbuilding general, post stuff about your worlds for comments/criticism/questions.

Not last thread's op, but I though I'd do the favor.

>Last thread highlight: In need of new references for plate tectonic's interactions.

About pic related, it's my lame excuse of a setting.

How do I deal with such a fuckhuge amount of land to cover? Don't worry about gravity and other inconveniences of such a big planet, I decided to fix it with mana deposits fucking shit underground. How many biomes and inspirations? it's such a gargantuan task, and yet I'm a stubborn fuck and want it this way.
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/tg/ plays: Fourth Age Total War

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Long was the reign of King Elessar, and his children have now taken stewardship of the West. The Houses of Galador, Telcontar, and Húrin have flourished in this time of peace. The Haradrim to the south for a time were at peace with their neighbors, exchanging trade and knowledge freely. The tribesmen of Khand and the Easterlings formally aligned with their once enemies, sharing equal harmony with the Reunited Kingdom as their Southron cousins. For little over two centuries this state of peace ruled eternal over the land.

But always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again. Due most in part to military defeat, with rumor also playing a role, relations between the Reunited Kingdom and Rohan have soured severely. The younger brother of the King has decided to seize the throne, in the hopes of bringing back the ways of Númenor. Adûnabâr, he has named his lands, 'The Kingdom of the West'. The Haradrim have seized Umbar from the Corsairs, using it as the capital for a new alliance of the tribes. And always, the Rhûnnic peoples look hungrily at the distrust and strife fermenting. Rohan will not come to the south's aid, as the Dunlanders have chosen to come upon them once more.

The Elves have faded. The Dwarves have receded. This is the dominion of men, and men are easily bored of peace.
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Kingdom Death

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Well, not really.
I'm curious if /tg/ knows of any manufacturers who have miniatures similar to the Kingdom Death line. Not looking for pinups though. Just well done fantasy miniatures like pic related
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BattleTech General

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The old /btg/ is dead, long live the new /btg/!

Canon Inner Sphere ProtoMech Edition

Old Thread

>/btg/ does a TRO. (not spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing?

>Can I get an overview of the major factions?

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>Battletech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Rookie guides

> - Battletech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of Battletech. Play with AI or other players

>SSW Mech Designer

>Battletech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders
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