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Random 40k minis

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Can any anon help me identify these?
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Android: Netrunner General

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Android: Netrunner General

Last thread at bump limit!

Talk about Netrunner here!

All That Remains has images spoiled, and snow-jax confirmed their legitimacy. See the spoilers here -

Seems like a really solid pack. What's your favourite card from it, /tg/?
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Anyone got any good Harry potter role play experiences/ tips to a GM? thinkin of runnin my first online rp soon.
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not-so-magical realm

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Has anyone got something either they or someone they play with regularly slip into the game. Sometimes overt, sometimes oblique. The sort of thing were, if it were sexual, some asshole would start a thread with "Am I magical realm right?" or some such.

but "the tavern you're staying at is the title of a Tom Waits song" or "Fuck it, all else fails, we're building a giant robot or as-close-as-the-setting-allows. Giant Skeletons with armored ribs or something." specifically because the GM likes that shit.
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Shadowrun General: I forgot to put the general in the general edition

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Connecting to JackPoint VPN...
...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Enter Passcode: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to < ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN >

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer


My moduley shit

Today's question: is stage magic still a thing in the sixth world? There's a few tricks stage magicians do that can't be replicated without illusion magic, but then again, illusion magic can do everything stage magic can and more.
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Surreal Horror Ideas: Highways and Byways Edition

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Surreal and unpredictable horror. We here on /Tg/ have applied it to space ships and space stations. We've applied it to hotels and gas stations. We've even applied it to an elevator, and in this thread I though we might try to apply it to our highways and byways.

What sorts of bizarre and otherworldly experiences might a hapless group of characters encounter on a cross-country road trip, an unexpected detour or simply on the way to work?

>On a long stretch of straight road, passing through a flat and relatively featureless countryside, the characters keep passing the same landmark over and over again: an off ramp, a billboard, an old gas station, etc. Nomatter how long they drive, no matter how straight the course, they keep returning.

>Every so often, characters will catch a glimpse of a clown sitting in their back seat in the rearview mirror. This is especially true of characters driving alone or that are already riding in the back seat.

>The character blinks and suddenly their car or all the other cars around them are now a different color.

>While driving through a forest at night, the characters are forced to stop while a small herd of deer cross the road. Some of them aren't quite deer, though, but aren't quite people either.

>The smooth, dulcet tones of the public radio personality the character only half-listens to while driving has started talking about them specifically.

>The characters drive across the border into a county, state or country they've never heard of, is not in their atlas and that GPS can't locate.

>Every other driver on the highway seems to be afflicted with a severe case of road-rage specifically focused on your characters and their car.

>The further the characters drive, the more wrecked and abandoned cars they begin seeing, as if they were traveling into a war or disaster zone.
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OOTS #966: About Town

What's Durkula up to now?
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Give your opinion

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I've been DMing for a pathfinder game for about 4 months now and have decided to try something I'm not exactly sure on. For awhile we had a complete That Guy is our group (stole/killed at a whim, cheated on his rolls, argued false/made up rules). The thing is while we had him most of the group was straight up murder hobo. So after I kicked him I kind of figured the murder hoboing would stop.

It hasn't, just about every problem that I throw in front of my players they solve by murder. Even if its something simple. Example being I set up several factions the party could interact and ally with, first response? Murder half of them so they could search and loot their places.

So I've been thinking of throwing a person in front of them that I've been hinting at for awhile. They've been searching for him for over a month IRL time. This person is impossible for them to deal with in combat without absurds amount of luck due to his massive CR.

Plot wise this character is a dwarven inquisitor (exarch archetype) specializing in two handed weapons. Total damage on a full round is 6d8+144(+2d10+29 on crit). The players need to find this man and convince him to aid them, which in return he will ascend them to mythic levels. However, killing him will also cause them to ascend since he is a mythic creature.

They can solve this by going diplomatically, it's got to be fair, the problem is the Exarch is going to ask them/force them to tell him who they are and what they have done. What I'm getting at is its highly likely he'll have a lot of reasons to imprison them even if they don't attack first.

Whether its imprisonment or TPK the campaign will end, which I'm fine with, but it makes me consider if this is the right course of action. At the moment I'm not going to have the Exarch TPK the players unless one of them attacks or gives him a solid reason.
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Lessons in Knighthood Quest Thread 6

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> Previous thread:
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> QM Twitter:

You are Nicole, a knight-apprentice of Alvar, and possibly some other past professions as well. At least one of these has been implicitly revealed to your superior, Knight Captain Clarissa, who has already strongly suspected for some time. To your surprise, she appears willing to let you continue as a knight-apprentice.

On a coincidentally related note, you have also demonstrated your ability to easily bypass a trained squad of Alvar's palace guards, albeit with the inadvertant assistance of a bit of supernaturally-induced hyperactivity. This has obvious implications for any employer willing to take advantage of your talents, even if they are not very knightly.

Clarissa may well be considering these factors, and others besides, such as your stated desire to be a proper knight.

But that's a matter for another time. It's late morning, and you are free for the rest of the day. There's something you've been meaning to do ever since your first day in Alvar.

"If I might ask, Captain," you say, deciding to cut right to the topic, "when will I get paid?"

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5e General: Mounted combat edition

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