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If you found out you are a PC, what would you say to the player who wrote the backstory of your actual life?

What would you say to the DM?
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5e Setting Wishes

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So, the rumor going around is that the UA planned for the 23rd will have something to do with WoTC apparently releasing settings for 5e other than the Forgotten Realms. Everybody's taking that rumor with a grain of salt, but still; if it were true, what kind of goodies would you want the UA to include? What crunchy stuff do you feel is absolutely essential to bring your setting(s) of choice back from the grave?
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Has GW jumped the shark?

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AoS models are so bad and overdesigned that I wonder if CAD is a curse to these companies.

It doesn't help that from a lotr and gameplay perspective, it's all terrible too.

How do we save GW from this terrible malaise?
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/btg/ BattleTech General

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God love the Capellans, edition

The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

Old thread: >>60929673
Battletech vidya 2018

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>MegaMek Lab

>/btg/ does a TRO: spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (old)

2017-03-03 – (Against the Bot)
Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package

>Rookie guides

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders

/btg/'s own image board: - (2018-07-03 - Active with tagging guidelines & 52430 pics! Any help with tagging appreciated!)

More goodies! (Rare manuals, hex packs, TROs, discord servers, etc.) Last updated 2018-06-17!
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>fucking your underlings
Straight up chaotic evil, right?
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Wht do you think of The Empire of the Isles as a roleplaying setting /tg/?
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Paizo Games General /pgg/

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Paizo Games General /pgg/

What do you think this thread's first 2e playtest game will be like, other than a pregen module?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder):
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder):

Old Thread: >>60912749
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In my newest campaign too start the players off i was thinking of having them go on a quest that would unlock a "Home base" for them. The quest is that one of the members gets a letter telling them that they have inherited a castle from (Insert relative here). The deed is in there however the key is missing. The letter says that the key too the fort was lost and that the only way to claim there new house was to find the key.

What should i add to make it a more interesting quest ? its a low level adventure for lvl 1-3 players it wont be there first quest but maybe there second or third quest.
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/VG/ - Vampire: the Masquerade & Requiem General

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Kill Team General /ktg/

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