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Kantai Collection Quest: Pacific Strike 37

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Other Quests:

You are the former United States Navy warship USS HOEL, now returned as a shipgirl and ready to kick Abyssal ass!

Currently, you were maneuvering wildly to avoid volleys of antiship missiles being fired from Argentinian planes. Of course, they thought you were an Abyssal, so you couldn't really blame them, especially since it was your job to distract them until STRIKE-1 could extract the shipgirls being held at the base.

Fortunately for you, it seemed that the Argie pilots weren't familiar with their new planes and weapons, or were too anxious to properly aim them, since the majority of their missiles have largely missed, failing to track you and dropping into the water harmlessly.

Though, to be fair, your extremely small size could have something to do with it.

You check your radar again, and you see the Argie planes pulling back, their weapons spent. Well, most of them, anyways. You see one plane stubbornly continuing on his course, making a beeline straight for your position.

Was...was he trying to make a gun run on you?!

>Pffft, that pea shooter shouldn't be able to hurt you.
>Fire a few warning shots to scare him off.
>Shoot him down. You can't take the risk.
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Slave race

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What fantasy race would make the best slaves? I'm guessing halflings.
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/osrg/ OSR General - What's That Sound Edition?

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>Trove --!3FcAQaTZ!BkCA0bzsQGmA2GNRUZlxzg!jJtCmTLA
>Useful Shit --

Last Thread >>47902263
Has it been a week since the last thread? Am I blind?

Have you or your players ever really got scared of something in your games?
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My MTG ban list preditions for this month:

Modern: Stoneforge Mystic is unbanned. Jace, the Mind Sculptor is unbanned. Batterskull is banned.

Legacy: Terminus is banned.
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Geanstealers 40k

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So I'm working on a nid army and a bro gave me some unpainted guard and I know I'm the lore geanstealers can some what hypnotize men so could I incorporated some guard into my nid army under the pretense that they are controlled by geanstealers?
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Needing Giantess Pics

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Also, general thread to discuss giants and how to implement them.
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Post Apoc Megacorp Maticico Remnant civ quest 22

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Our big war to take over a simple base from zombies backfired explosively (literally).

And so we decided the only solution to attracting zombies with an explosion. . .was an even bigger explosion.

And somehow in the madness of it all, it worked? The zombies are no longer headed for us, but there are a lot more of them and boy are they angry at everything, but not at us only thankfully.

New thread since last thread is about to 404
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Orc Queen

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I want the BBEG of my next campaign to be an orc queen of some sort.

Any suggestions?
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I want to run a super advanced sci-fi/fantasy adventure, post megastructures
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