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>Casually mention to group I like the idea of a horror game set in an airport
>They all get excited and demand I run one

Help me /tg/, I need ideas. Aside from lost baggage and inflated food prices, what the hell kind of horror could I feasibly have happen in an airport? Zombies? Reality disappearing outside? Spooky Stephen King mist?

I'm clutching at straws here. Toss your ideas at me.
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High School Helper Quest 14

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After making more plans with Mio, Hikaru and Keiko for saturday's get together/party, you all went back to class with high hopes for the weekend...oh yeah you have your date with Aimi too. You smile to yourself, you're not entirely sure how that'll even play out. She said she wants to meet at the cafe she works at but from there anything could happen.



Throughout the rest of class your focus wasn't on Ms.Kimura this time but the thoughts of what could happen on Sunday. Aimi might be a little forceful but her body is still amazing. You find yourself blushing while covering your face on and off throughout the period. By the time you're able to get up and leave for the drama club you feel like you need a cold shower or something.

As you arrive to the Drama club's room since you promised earlier this week. You feel a bit of dread since Kazuko's probably still mad at you. Maybe she'll be down to mild irritation by now. If she decides to give you the cold shoulder, you could deal with it.
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Crazy Idea:
Hear me out, adnd 2nd edition.
When a wizard hits the spell level 2,3,4,5 etc, he gets ALL the spells. No spell slots, he can cast all the 40 lvl 2 spells in a row.


Once cast, they are wiped from memory. One fireball is all you have.
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What, in your opinion, game has the best magic system?

Remember, opinions can't be right or wrong
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Evolution Builder

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Welcome to the Primordial Soup young life-form! In this builder you struggle to survive, evolve and dominate over other beings. But first we must decide just what kind of being you are.

Please fill in

>Name: Just what is your species called?
>Fluff: It doesn't really effect much at the start, but give me something good anyway.


Flesh : You eat other lifeforms, however competition is fierce and reproduction takes a serious investment of energy.

Vegetable\Fungal: Your food and energy comes from both sediment and the sun which are abundant, plus reproduction is incredibly easy. However you start off with no defenses and are entirely sessile. Should a herbivore decide to eat you must bear it until you evolve.

Mineral: Sediment, rock and dirt are your fare. The rarer the better. You start off as inedible to most flesh forms and food is abundant.You are made of rock. Literally. The biggest problem is reproduction takes two times as many points as animal based lifeforms.

>Food: Leave blank if vegetable, and a mineral can only be a mineral eater at the start. This can change through evolutions or bonuses.


Flesh Eater
Mineral Eater
Vegetable Eater

>Energy: 0
Energy may be used to reproduce, or converted into evolution points. 5 energy for every 1 evolution point. Vegetables begin with gaining 3 energy at turn.

Vegetable: 5 points will double your population
Flesh: 10 points will double your population
Mineraly: 20 points will double your population.
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Legend of the Five Rings General: Delicious Rice Balls Edition

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Old L5R general is about to fall off the board. New thread topics: Which Great Clan has the best food culture?

Continuing old thread topics: Helping an anon design a mystery in one of those monastaries where Tainted samurai retire to and drink jade tea where the actual villain isn't Taint based, possibly including a character actual based on Red Herring from A Pup Named Scooby Doo
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Hey everyone, how about we discuss some 5E builds, the essentials you need to buy before your adventure begins, what spells are worth grabbing, and various other aspects of character creation.
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Macross 2054 Quest 4

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The year is 2054. It had been fourteen years since the 24th Macross Class Emigration Fleet, the Macross Avalon, had departed from Earth. Aboard were over five million souls.

You were one such soul and everyone called you Pecker. After your morning recon flight, you had spent the remainder of your time making sure your VF-22 was in working order. The other half of the recon element, a Zentraedi by the name of Claudia, had banged up her Queadluun-Rhea just tangling with one drone. You had taken on two with only a scratch to your own machine. Whether that spoke of Claudia’s lack or your own surfeit, you didn’t know. The question that really didn’t leave you was the ship you encountered on patrol. It wasn’t recognisable to you. Not only that but it was armed with military grade drones, throwing them away basically, to ensure its own escape.

Too bad the in-flight recorder was already wiped clean. You would have loved to take a second look at your encounter with the unknown. Maybe Sergei could help you with that. It also reminded you that you actually hadn’t been properly brief in on the so-called “first contact” that you and Claudia were the only survivor of.

As the Nozaki dockeod, you followed the gaggle of mechanics that were wheeling your fighter off the carrier. Apparently they were used to moving them on and off. SMS had a policy of keeping pilots and their machines on the same ship at all times. It wasn’t like they had spare Variable Fighters lying around in case of an emergency. They parked your team’s Valkyries in the same hangar that you first toured in. In the back was the same covered up airframe. Soapbox, the new guy on the team, was beside it. He was probably curious. More than you were when you first saw it anyway. A white lab coat was storming in his direction though so it was probably for the best.

>See what kind of trouble Soapbox was in
>Find Sergei, you could use more answers
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Infinity General - Kawaii Twintails Edition

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Am I kawaii?

Infinity is a 28mm skirmish game by Corvus Belli in which every turn is your turn.

Official site:
Their youtube channel:
Quickstart Guide:

All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff.
Downloads, including the rules:
Rules wiki:
Official Armybuilder:
Most commonly used Armybuilder:
Reverse Unit search:


Terrain Review:

Also, the epic faction rundown.
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