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Flames of War General: Spiritual Liege Edition

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Filename thread

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WHFB General - Warhammer Fantasy General Thread

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How to deal with players that like to derail and point out every little problem with your story?

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I was wondering how to fix this, i am new to gming and so are most of my group, that's not really so much the problem, everyone but one guy takes the game seriously except him. Where all good friends so taking him out of the campaign is not a option, plus if i try hit him game for doing something hes complains even more. And every time i call him out in irl usually everyone else takes his side. (which confuses the shit of me) I dont know what to do with him. TG BE MY SAVOR (by the way the rpg we play is Only War) If you need more info on what he does specific let me know.
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Toxic Priest Princess Maker Quest Session 3 - No Name Edition

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Continued from: >>35588005

Recap: You are a priest sent by the Queen of the Kingdom of Gretchen to tutor her daughter in the way of statecraft and administration.

She asked of you of your name.

You told her it is not important.

Rules: First to two votes, otherwise the dice will vote.

Chatroom: 'ToxicPriestQuest' on



You tell her that your name is not important whatsover.

"Ultimately, your highness, my name is not important at all. I've come here to serve you. I am merely a priest who has come to teach you the craft of your mother, Your Highness. My name should not matter, because I am your servant." You say this with a solidness you hope will silence her.

The princess stops walking as evidenced by the absence of footsteps behind you.

"Then I refuse, Mr Priest. I find it extremely degrading for you to not have a name. To teach a princess on how to run the state is an honour; all the more so when she doesn't know anything. I rarely invoke my royal privileges, because it feels so fake... But by the name of Meduka Gretchen, First Princess of the Kingdom of Gretchen, Daughter of the Queen of the Kingdom of Gretchen, I order you... Tell me your name!" She then relaxes, letting out a high, indicating how exhausted she is from the princess act.

You realise that there is no way to escape her demand.

"Yes, Your Highness. This priest's name is Kotomine Kirei."

"Thank you for telling me your name, Father Kotomine." She then looks at herself, as if lost in something...

"How was my princess impression?"

["It could do with a bit of improvement."]

["It was excellent."]
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GW hate?

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Okay /tg/, i have a question: what is it about GW that makes people hate it so much? I mean, its nowhere near perfect, or even good, but on average, i find its only faults to be overpricing of kits and little concern for balance, and bad marketing practice. Its nowhere near as bad as some other companies, such as activision who actively try to destroy competitors.

So what makes GW the "worst company ever to blight capitalism "?
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Larp thread: Deluxe hugs edition

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out of nowhere: Larp thread
We are back again from /cgl/
previous thread
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So I have a question regarding both player etiquitte and system things.

I'm using FATE to run a postapoc setting with magic. The thing is, part of the setting is that magic broke somehow - using it accumulates some sort of filth on the soul, which results in mutations (aligned along the magic used).

A player asked me if it was possible to reverse the mutations, stop the filth, or fix magic - we barely got started, these are endgame goals. It's cool to tell them that, right? Are spoilers really bad?

On the other side, these mutations happen often, and more often the more you use magic. How do I represent them, mechanically?

Currently I have the players have 110 "filth". When they cast, the subtract 1 and then roll 1d100. If they roll over their filth value, they mutate (a horribly painful process that CAN lead to insanity), and then it resets.

The problem is, I don't want to load them down with dozens of aspects. How do I avoid that?