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Just posting some Game of Thrones miniatures.

First out is Jaime Lannister.
Model by the Perry Bros, I think.
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Kill la Kill What-If Quest: Part 21

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I'd say you could've prevented this, but that would be a lie.
Past threads:
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Mature Gaming

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Arguments between fans of rules-heavy and rules-light games aren't anything new, but I've been to a pretty big local convention yesterday where I've happened upon a side of it I haven't before, and thought it might inspire some discussion here.

While arguing, BOTH sides used the expression/argument that (usually by implication) that their favorite kind of gaming is more "mature" than the other (or intended for more mature players - pretty much the same).

>[condescending sneer] "Please, I've outgrown [rules-heavy gaming] years ago."
>[condescending sneer] "Well, I hope one day you and your group will leave the sandbox and start playing [rules-heavy gaming]"

Which begs a question: are these guys just being assholes, or is there really a form of gaming on the rules-heavy/rules-light scale which is more inherently mature, and if so, which one is it?
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OOTS 949: Method Doctor
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Song of Swords: Keep it Kiso

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Last time on Song of Swords: Everything. Literally every subject even theoretically related to swords, songs, or a combination thereof, was touched upon.

Previous thread

Song of Swords is a tabletop RPG coming out Soon™ courtesy of Opaque Industries. The developers talk about it here on /tg/ all the time, which is pretty cool, and we've been holding semi-regular tournaments with the beta to last us until the actual game and its kickstarter comes out.

Here's the most recent version of the game's Beta.

The Legend will never die.
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how do we fix MEQ?
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Why do we hate elves, /tg/?

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What is wrong with elves?
Am I the only one that loves them?
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Things that annoy you the most in rpgs.

>be an infitrator, master of stealth
>majority of the group doesn't want to separate
>your rolls are invalidated by the heavy arms dude

>be "pacifist", I mean, more into trying to avoid confrontations or deal non lethal damage, leave unconscious, etc
>game doesn't support this at all, specially if your role is using weapons and be useless at magic
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Privateer Quest # 30

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You are Percius Aurex, Captain of a raider-class pirate vessel. Formerly the 14th son of a noble family, you fled that life in search of adventure. Returning home over 15 years later during an infiltration you found your family upon the brink of ruin and your father assassinated long ago. Having left home behind once more, you rejoined Lord Wilson's wolfpack in the frontier of Sector Corgus, faced the betrayal of your fellow Captain Morix, captured your first prize ship, and received a sizable portion of the world your wolfpack now calls home. Having assigned your sister Alica to Captain the captured prize ship and oversee your operations upon the Wolfpack's adopted 'home world', you embarked upon your first raid as a Captain of a proper wolfpack.

Well over two months have passed since your vessel returned to the Valkyria System, your vessel stalking the system's outer reaches and habitable zones on silent running while you linked up with first Captain Torl's raider and then Captain Hariso's vessel. Along the way you narrowly avoided a collision with another Partisan-class raider among the system's second asteroid cluster, the other vessel's Captain invoking parlay for a short conversation before both ship pairs involved went upon their merry way toward piracy. Your augurs have been tracking Captain Ber's 'Faith Squadron', allegedly part of the 'Vectes Third Fleet', as it chased down what you believe to be a smaller warp-capable transport. While there is come confusion about a fleet from a neighboring sector's dead world operating in Corgus, your XO is certain that you could learn more by returning to or locating a knowledgeable person from Sector Deus.
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