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Holy shit.
Every foil in conspiracy has alternate art.
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Board Game General /bgg/

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Old thread, dead thread

It's boardgame time.


So guys, what are your thoughts about Gencon?

Things you were hyped to hear about?

Things you were sad to not hear anything about?

Things you wish hadn't happened/happened differently?

Also, most recent game played and how was it?
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Stat me /tg/
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/5eg/ Fifth Edition General - Best Plane Edition

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>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v3:!BUdBDABK!K8WbWPKh6Qi1vZSm4OI2PQ

>Community DMs Guild trove
>Submit to, cleaning available!!UA1BhCBS!Oul1nsYh15qJvCWOD2Wo9w

>Pastebin with resources and so on:

>/5eg/ Discord server

Previous Thread: >>48939965

Topic starter (and continuation of a discussion from last thread): what is your favorite setting/plane to run a campaign in?

Pic related is mine, too bad my group hates it.
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How would the Imperium treat a newly found colony that can produce Spartan IIs and IIIs. I know Space Marines are better but the Imperium could still use them.

I would guess they would be produce as part of the planetary Tithe and be sent to the Guard or Inquisition (For bodyguards or Stormtroopers).

This also assumes that this world can produce the power armor for them, so how does that effect this worlds standing?

For the hell of it lets call this world Reach.
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/STG/ Star Trek General

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Corbomite maneuver edition

Old thread >>48921206

A thread for discussing the Star Trek franchise and its various tabletop iterations.

Possible topics include the rpgs by FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, the Starfleet Battles Universe and WizKid's Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures and game.

Game Resources


Last Unicorn Game's RPG
-Official and Fanmade Resources

Decipher's RPG
-Fan Supplements

Far Trek

Lasers & Feelings

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki

Ex Astris Scientia - Fan analyses of ships, tech and continuity issues

Daystrom Institute Technical Library - Database of ships and technology

Star Trek LCARS Blueprints Database - Ship schematics, deck plans and recognition manuals

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected

Star Trek Cartography - Information and maps

Now accepting recommendations for more links
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/btg/ - Battletech General

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Improvised melee weapons edition

Old Thread: >>48815385


BattleTech video-game pre-alpha gameplay [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

(Haha!) TtS: Butte Hold


>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>MegaMek Lab

>/btg/ does a TRO: spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing?

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>Rookie guides

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders
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Let's have a thread on social scifi. Have you played any nice campaigns in this genre? What happened, was it fun and what system did you use?

Any recs on /tg/-approved media?

Has anyone played pic related, and was it any good?
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The Official MTG Snowstorm/Lore Thread

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Welcome to the MTG flake/lore thread!
Last Thread:>>48899194

Previously: Shit and shit accessories.

Writefagging last time: None that I saw.

If you want ANYTHING to go in the repo, just summon me. Otherwise I will only put writefagging and sheets in the repo.

Also, I added the blank template to the ALL FLAKESHEETS folder. And the old snowsheets are under "Snowstorm sheets" > "1- ALL FLAKE SHEETS."

To summon me simply say
Unless that's too gay.

>Current Repository

This will be the last flake thread I make for this storm. If you want to get anything else out into the storm, now is the time. After this, if anyone wants a flake thread, it will be up to you to make it. I have not updated the repo for the last 5 threads. But at the end of this thread, I'll give it one final update. Unless there is an overwhelming outcry for the storm to continue, in which case I'll get back on every now and then to update crap and whatnot, consider the repo closed after this thread.
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Cool Fantasy/Sci-Fi Scripts

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What nice and developed fantastic scripts there are that one could use? Doesn't really need a working conlang behind them, just a nice script, that look cohesive and neat. Just something that I can write English words in, so it looks fantastic enough and can even be deciphered, if that ever becomes a plot point.

I know there are Tengwar, Cirth, Klingon, Star Wars and Cyrrodilic scripts, but what others?

Also, fantasy languages thread, why not.
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