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Westeros is the size of South America yet it's less linguistically, religiously and ethnically diverse than medieval britbongistan. Great worldbuilding.
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5e general

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How are your games going now that the DMG has been out for a few weeks?

Any major changes in your games?
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Star Wars

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Why are Togruta girls the best /tg/?
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Board Games General

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>Old thread expired...
So /tg/, tell me of your greatest victories (or most agonizing defeats) upon the board game battlefield. What moments made you proudest, and what made you curse fate (or crappy dice rolls)?

Also looking for additional board game reviewer recommendations. So far I have:
Tom Vassal / Dice Tower
Sit Down & Shut Up
Ricky Royal from 'Box of Delights'
Rodney (Watch It Played)
Board with Life?
Drive-thru reviews
Board game brawl
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Bolo Quest: The Stand at Shanti

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Bolo Quest thread 8

Previous threads:

Combat guide:


The advance guard of what remains of the Enemy armor manages to reach Audria's guns before the last few missiles of my VLS batteries smash into them, the superheated plasma generated by each of the warheads punching through the vehicles' armor as if it wasn't there. They try to duck and weave, form an interlocked point-defense system, but their numbers are simply too small, and the sheer weight of my fire picks them apart. The infantry next to them fares little better, what scattered pockets of resistance that remain are quickly ripped to pieces by my infinite repeaters and the shrapnel of my mortars. Lasers, both bomb pumped and vehicle mounted, glance against my battlescreens, but the ruins that was once Oosterbeek shield my battered form as I move from firing position to firing position.
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Bug Girl Quest 3:

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Your name is Melissa Madison and you think you've just lost control of your life. You used to be an average highschool student with a love for bad B-movies and playing Extreme Tetris. Now you're sitting on your living room sofa wondering where it all went wrong.

Thanks to a slight mishap at your dad's bio-research lab a week ago you've got all the powers of a 5'9 beetleborg and the attention span to match. Speed, Strength, Durability, Heightened Reflexes, the works. You even have antenna, though they tend to stay tucked into your head unless you're doing something cool. You've got all the time in the world and nothing to do except get into trouble.

And man are you in trouble.

It's currently 12:00pm on a Friday afternoon and you've just swallowed the soul of an insect demi-god who may or may not have also been your mother.

>If I can't see it it's not there. [Go out for lunch]
> I'm sure there's normal solution for this problem. [To the Academy of Science!]
>"Does this mean I have new powers?" - [Be an idiot]
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Star Wars General: The Force Is Strong Edition

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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, Lego, card games, and anything else Star Wars Related

RPG books and resources(EotE, AOR, D6, Saga, RuneQuest)

Visual Guides

Deckplans and such

shipfags's mostly complete hanger of discount wonders:
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

Just what IS a Gundark? The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide is here to answer you!

Coruscant Translator - Like Google, but for the GFFA

FFG Dice and You


Daily Reminder that movie/book quote
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Pathfinder General - Where are my Familiars Edition

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If no one has paid attention, there are some new books either out or coming out. Here's spoilers from the Familiar Folio:

>Familiar Folio
Bard Archetype (Duettist) that allows familiars to do Bardic Music?
Fighter Archetype (Eldritch Guardian) with a familiar or eidolon?
New familiar archetypes
Bloodlines/Patrons etc. can now manifest abilities/powers in Familiars
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Disney Villains Victorious LVI: WILD WILD WEST

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Welcome to the LVI installment of "Disney Villains Victorious."

Disney Villains Victorious is a new /tg/ homebrew project based on the idea of a world, not entirely unlike our own, in which all the villains from all the Disney animated feature films were not defeated at the ends of their movies but were instead victorious, completing their goals in part or in whole.

It is a world in which Ursula rules the seas, defied only by the uncatchable Pirate Lords, the cutthroat merchants of the East India Trading Company and the might of Atlantis and its magitech-toting mercenaries. It is a world where the grasslands and jungles and forests are prowled not only by fearsome primal beasts like Shere Kahn and Scar but also by the ruthless, tireless hunters that stalk them. It is a world where Europe has been divvied up between evil sorcerous monarchs like Maleficent, the Horned King, Grimhilde and Jafar, mad, inquisitorial clergymen like Frollo, and Dark Gods like Hades and Chernobog.

It is not, however, a world completely devoid of courage, heroism or hope. Around the world, the PCs' characters and their allies plot and plan, fight and strive and win their own victories against the villains that would rule them. The time to fight and to be free is now.
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>good fantasy settings that aren't Fantasy Western Europe or Fantasy Japan
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