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MTG: Modern

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Modern Thread: Nobody ever expects Mana Tithe Edition

>what are you playing
>what do you lose to
>what would you like to see banned/unbanned
>MMA2 please with a non-retardedly small print run
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Where in 40k would a Flood outbreak cause the most damage?
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EDH Thread again

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Huh. There isn't an EDH thread out.

Anyway, I think I love this deck and now that I've opened Urborg I want to build it in real life. Any tips on how to streamline it?

I've got 2 strategies so far
1. Get Urborg out and punish everyone HARD with Karma/Stern Judge and Filth in the graveyard
2. Lifegain + Yawgmoth's Bargain means I have gigantic hand and gigantic creatures thanks to Cradle of Vitality
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Hi guys! We're pleased to present to you Version 2 of our Log Horizon TRPG rules summary.

This version adds a lot of the game rules that were missing from our first release - magic item creation, non-combat actions, props and enemies up to Rank 3 (and instructions on how to use them in your campaigns), bonus skills and items published on the official LHTRPG blog, and more.

There are also a considerable number of corrections, both to our own mistakes and incorporated from the official errata and game FAQ. A more complete changelog is included in the ZIP file.!AJBnyQLT!1wlse1FtSvXs1VVr6M-pt9EnQyAIhs-3pCfzscTkFF4

This will not be our final release, but should be fully playable in its current form and it may be a number of months until the next version, so don't hesitate to start having adventures in the database!
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Custom Card Thread

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I'm looking to play a charlatan stage magician claiming to be a wizard in Pathfinder. Would it be better to play an actual wizard and just fluff the spells as parlor tricks and gadgets, or is there some other class that could play that role better?
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New copypasta for generals:
Infinity is a 28mm skirmish game by Corvus Belli in which every turn is your turn.

Official site:
Their youtube channel:
Quickstart Guide:

All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff.
Downloads, including the rules:
Rules wiki:
Official Armybuilder:
Most commonly used Armybuilder:
Reverse Unit search:

The only Infinity Podcast worth listening to:


Terrain Review:
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Papper Minis!

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Figure we should have a thread about making minis for the more light cheaper more eco friendly variety. Good old paper and pen mins.

First up which style of minis does /tg/ prefer the T shape or A frame?
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Enraged Feanor and Fingolfin are coming to kick your party's asses. Can you win?
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What would a romantic relationship with a female epic level fighter be like /tg/?
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