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Warhammer 40k General

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Sisters Edition
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>Why didn't Gandalf have the eagles fly them the entire way?
>How does Gollum speak the same language as Frodo and Sam? He's lived in a cave for 600 years, linguistic changes should have taken effect during that time
>Why didn't Sauron just put a locked door or a single orc to guard Mt. Doom, which was literally his only weakness in all of existence?
>Why are none of Faramir's men tempted by the Ring?
>How did Boromir reach Rivendell by himself if it's dangerous enough that an entire party of nine adventurers is necessary to travel?
>How did Gimli not know Moria had fallen if there had been no news for years or decades? I get that dwarves don't talk often but come on
>Why was everyone (except Gimli) so reluctant to go to Moria when they didn't know anything was wrong?
>Why did the Balrog never attempt to leave Moria and cause havoc elsewhere? What was in a giant empty underground city that interested it so much?
>Why did Gandalf barely remember Aragorn and the others when he returned?
>Why was Gandalf's vaguely defined boss unwilling to get involved directly? I know he wanted mortals to stand on their own but Sauron was kind of his fault anyway
>Why did Saruman cut down all of the trees in a forest he knew the ents lived in, then sent his numberless orc armies away, thus leaving himself defenseless against angry ents who live not even ten miles away from him?
>How did the Millenium Falcon reach another star system in only a few hours/days if its hyperdrive was blown out? If it was already in Bespin, why did the Empire have such difficulty predicting it would go to the only habitable planet in STL range?
>How did anyone even know Aragorn was the rightful heir of Isildur? It's been a thousand years or something and it's no one's job to keep track of the pregnancies of people who live in the wilderness professionally
>Why did Saruman's orcs not sack the defenseless Rohan before going to Helm's Deep?
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Ghost Ships and High Seas Horror

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We've had a number of great threads over the years about how to pull off haunted starships and scary space stories, but what I'd like to start here is a thread about the more traditional sort of ghost ship and horror set on the high seas:

How would you terrorize your players while at sea? What is your favorite type of ghost ship: Spanish galleon? World War II battleship? Art Deco ocean liner? State of the art submarine? Do you prefer classical maritime legends and monsters or skew more modern and surreal?

How does one craft an oceanic ghost story, /tg/?
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Ork General

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Post lists, conversions and paint jobs.

Also Meks have Nob stats now?
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Character Expys

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Ever make a character you thought was pretty fuckin' original, until you see them someplace else?

Just happened to me. I have a female human rogue who's pretty much insane and loves killing stuff. Been running her for almost three months and then I decide to play some old vidya games. Soul Calibur. Tira, the goddamn crazy bitch who's basically given birth to my character. Or is wearing her skin, IDFK.

Tell me of character expys you've seen, intentionally made or otherwise.
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MTG Standard Deckbuilding

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>Monog is the only deck that will survive the rotation
>Stop building Izzet robutts
>No way to play around thoughtsieze
>Fetch lands getting reprinted in Khans, you heard it here first!
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XWF MANAGER'S QUEST Season 3, ep 6

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Sorry guys, I got distracted reading something, let me know when you are here
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Kill la Kill What-If Quest: Part 100

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Didn't think it'd get this far.
Past threads:
Related Steam group worth checking out:
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Does anyone know where to play this game?
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Your BBEG replaced with this party.
How fucked, etc.
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