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Familiar Thread

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Familiar of choice, art, lore, settings. Everything goes here.

Tell us about your familiar anon.
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/nwg/ - Naval Wargames General

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K.u.K. Edition

Talk about botes, bote based wargaming and RPGs, and maybe even a certain bote based vidya that tickles our autism in just the right way.

Games, Ospreys and References (Courtesy of /hwg/)

Models and Manufacturers

Rule the Waves!EccBTJIY!MqKZWSQqNv68hwOxBguat1gcC_i28O5hrJWxA-vXCtI

Previous: >>56776113
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Why nobody makes barbarians right?

Being a barbarian doesn't mean you need to act like a low IQ retard
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Who was in the wrong here?

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>Be a paladin
>Over the course of the adventure, become a king's champion
>The rest of the party are my retainers, because all of their previous characters died during the event that made us famous
>The king declares that we're gonna accompany him to a diplomatic mission in another land
>A few days into our journey, we see a burning town
>The king orders us to investigate, and then meet up with him later on the road, so we can continue
>Go and investigate
>Turns out, the town is being raided by some very fucking suspicious folks
>They pretend to be bandits, but they are way too well-armed and well-supported to be simple raiders
>Defeat them all, take them alive for interrogation

>They refuse to talk for a long time, despite my repeated reminders that they're only alive because we need to know who they work for
>They still don't talk.
>Tell them that they are bandits in the best case scenario, or foreign troops or traitors in the worst case, but the penalty for their crimes is death regardless, so I am gonna execute them on my authority as the king's champion.
>As a paladin, offer them to confess to their sins - God is merciful to the regretful.
>None of them want to.
>Fine, start executing them.

>Party is looking really uneasy about the whole thing
>"We can't really just kill them, can we?"
>"Yes we can. We are as close to lawful authority as it gets here, and they comitted capital crimes."
>"Yeah, but you're a paladin."
>"Should I have just let them go, despite them burning a whole town down and butchering all those people?"
>"Well, we could have taken them to the king!"
>"How exactly are four of us supposed to escort them? How do we prevent them from escaping? I don't have any manacles, not thirty of them. And besides, the king would just sentence them to death anyway."
>"Yeah, maybe, but it just doesn't feel right."

The DM lets it go, and I don't fall or anything, but I'm still bothered by this thing. Was I right, or was I wrong?
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Draw Your Party thread

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Rolled 3, 14, 7, 10, 12, 13, 12, 17 = 88 (8d20)

Post 'em, /tg/. Doesn't matter how crude or how rushed, I wanna see what's going on in your game.

Previous thread: >>56823112

Last thread was pretty amazing.
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How much degeneracy plagues your setting, /tg/?

My player's just re-rolled his second character and it's a female horsefolk brawler that just drop kicks everything with her thunder thighs. I'm fucking here for it but at the same time it made me realize just how much fur faggotry exists in my setting now just from my leniency towards player's creativity.
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I have an idea for a setting where absolutely every inhabited city has a curse on it. If you want then lets come up with different cities with different curses on them. I'll start:

The City of Howling Winds

The city is full of howling winds that flay away at the soul. Men who dwell too long within the city walls turn to comatose zombies and their souls become vicious freeroaming ghosts that rip and tear away at people. Inhabitants survive by engaging in constant song and music that drives away the wind and the ghosts.
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/kdm/ Kingdom Death: Monster (KD:M)

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Christmas of the Fittest Edition.

Death Wagered: >>56919518

>What is Kingdom Death: Monster?
Monster is a board game about surviving in the darkness. You play a bunch of cavemen stuck inside the world of the Kingdom Death, a setting full of freaky (and sometimes psycho-sexual) monsters.

Prologue Narration:

This game has 3 phases.
1. You hunt down monsters for resources
2. Fight them
3. Return to your settlement with the goods
Your goal is to arm your survivors and grow your settlement over 25-30 'lantern years', overcoming the odds that are against you.

A maximum of 25-30 sessions are expected for a successful campaign. Shorter campaigns will be available in 2019-2020.

It's basically Warhammer Quest meets Monster Hunter meets Berserk.

>Official Sites

>1.3 Rulebook!WpB0VJhB!KS3q6INY0vT8IPdtKc9aPQ

>Official FAQ and Living Glossary

Official build guides:
Upgrade 1.3 to 1.5 guide:
Unofficial lore and miniature build guides:
ART OF DEATH artbook:
1.5 Core Game and 1.3 expansion miniature info image:
Gambler's Chest (coming in 2nd half of 2018) miniature info image:

>Thread FAQ (Last updated 16th of December)
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/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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Can we get some very alien aliens?
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