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Edgeworld RPG Thread

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How would you run a campaign in this setting? Which system would you use? As a player which sort of character would you play? In which age of flight would your game take place? Have you even read the books? In which area/s would your Game play out? Who'd be your BBEG?

Explore the Edge:




Desert Trolls
Wood Trolls
Flat Head Goblins
Painted Reij
Oak Elves

Sky Pirate
Prowlgrin Knight
Bounty Hunter
War Priest
Sky Scholar
Sky Captain
Storm Chaser

Other Ressources:
books @ lib gen
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Favorite Skill/Skill System

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What's that one skill that every one of your characters is good at? That one skill you never leave home without?

What system do you think handles skills the best?

Usually my character is skilled in whatever is most relevant to identifying enemies and their abilities. I always prefer to know what I'm up against if possible. Favorite system for skills is probably Hackmaster, if only for the specificity and ability to improve them through use. Really enjoy any system where dig hasty grave is a different skill from dig proper grave.
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ITT: Female Martials
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Extreme gender imbalance

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What do you consider to be good executions of the gimmick of "[natural biology of a species/horrifying cataclysm] causes [men/women] to vastly outnumber the opposite sex"? How would it best be implemented in a tabletop setting?

This can obviously come across as fetish-y regardless of whether men or women are far more populous, but it can also be a genuinely compelling exploration of a [species/world] whose society is quite unlike our own.

There is this one D&D/Pathfinder adventure series, Zeitgeist, wherein a great cataclysm killed almost all of the female elves of the world. For some reason, the author decided that this would result in institutionalized "very rare female elf slave, wat do," and other female elves being herded into brothels to repopulate. Ideally, a different setting should be more subtle than this.
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>struggle to get group to meet regularly, campaigns burn out quickly, nobody puts in any effort
>switch to ACKS
>55 sessions later, players are swapping spreadsheets and talking about their plans in the middle of the week. Some of them have even read the rules. this the promised land?
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are tieflings (going to be) a classical fantasy race like elves and dwarves? everyone knows what a tiefling is, and every dnd party has one at this point.
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>playing characters with flaws

Do you people hate winning or something?
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Tell me of the Insect-Men, and their Hive-Kingdom.
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Pick a class, anon
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