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/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General

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Last Ride Of Colonel Shy Edition

Previous thread: >>63469357

Get in here, post games, miniatures, questions, whatever you like.

List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises:
ZunTsu Gameboxes:
/hwg/ Steam Group:
Naval wargaming stuff:

Games, Ospreys & References folders:!ZAoVjbQB!iGfDqfBDpgr0GC-NHg7KFQ!SyREURzI!lI3Rychibpx17XW4OEhCIg
>H&C Megatrove!XXR3wbbS!dQZxUdYkl3MRNpPO5gcpYA and/or snip<dot>li /HexChit
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What's the worst backstory you've ever encountered?
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/NUG/ Necromunda Underhive General

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Finally a proper ruleset Edition


Now that we finally got real rules with no need to buy 120 DLCs we can have a chat.
Do you play it? How do you like Nucromunda? Do you still find something missing?
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Demons, summoners and warlocks.

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Robert Chew's art has been posted here a few times before and I'm comin' in with it again.

His art of the Seven Deadly Sins as operators is pretty great but I wanna talk how it may fit into a game and setting, from the small to the large. One group or a nation's military, a mercenary company, etc.

Seven Deadly Sins as operators and what their powers may be, appearance, attitude, etc. Let's get autistic.
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RNG in cardgames

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I am researching card games in an attempt to make one of my own and one of the biggest complaints that I have seen in popular TCGs is random elements. While I am looking to design a digital game, I felt that the MTG player base here will be more helpful than those on /v/.

I personally love random elements in card games and feel that it keeps each match fresh as you never know what will come your way. However I know that some players really hate getting beaten in games that they should have won by a lucky draw on one life. So what is your opinion on the matter? Would you rather win 100% of the games that you should have or 20% of the ones you shouldn't? Is there a random card that you really like, or dislike? I feel if I just design for myself I'll get a pointless game where decisions don't matter.
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PDF Share Thread

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It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Read the FAQ ( <-- PDF attached) if it's your first time here.

Request, Share, Stay Awesome!

Previous thread:

More threads:
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Modern Magic General /mmg/

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A Day at the LGS edition

Previous Thread: >>63540296

>Picking back up/abandoning

>Resources: (current meta) (introduction to the format) (news, opinions and more)

>Find/Browse basic lands by their art, by sets, by artists, and more

>TQ: What's your LGS like? any interesting regulars?
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Think of the last thing you researched on sadpanda, anon. Got it?

The artist will be replacing your GM for the next session and running a one shot for your group

Who is it, and can your party survive
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Filename thread

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>show up early
>GM's laptop is out on the table
>curiosity gets the better of me
>look through his "DND" folder
>find truckload of mindflayer porn
>mfw we our party entered the underdark last session

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