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Alternative Wargames General - /awg/

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Not-Spartan Alternative Wargames edition.

>What is /awg/?
A thread to talk about minis and games which fall between the cracks. /hwg/ doesn't entertain fantasy (for good reason) and the other threads are locked to very specific games, so this thread isn't tied to a game, or a genre, lets talk about fun wargames.

Any scale, any genre, any company, any minis. Skirmishers welcome. Rules designers welcome.

>Examples of games that qualify
Grimdark Future, Age of Fantasy, Mighty Armies, Dragon Rampant, Of Gods and Mortals, Frostgrave, Hordes of the Things, Songs of Blades and Heroes, Freebooter's Fate, Dark Age, LotR and anything that doesn't necessarily have a dedicated thread (gorkamundheim).

>Places to get minis

>The Novice Trove

Last Thread >>52175522
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/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General

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We're currently working on Expansion 3

General Happenings Edition

Here's the current worklog:
| Expac 4 |
-Almost Everything

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.


Imgur Album -
Tower Girls infinity Chan Board - https:// infinity
Booru -
Brushes, Fonts, and Templates

Spreadsheet Princess -

Subtitle Pending -
Kingdom Conquest -

Tabletop Rulebooks: (Towers)!oBkXlaLa!HubjjHJRD_gdcXMqHIoh-6E1GTxZmR2djuX-d-vj4Og (Lewd Adventures)

Quests: (Gats) (Eversor)

if you'd like access to the discord or have anything you wish to talk about privately involving towergirls, editing, etc, please contact Brumus here:

B) "Tired Knight" on Steam

Last Thread: >>52129844
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/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General

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Nobledark 40k Part XXI: Return of the Roman Numerals

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>Holy Shit, How Long Have We Been Doing This For sub-edition

Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a relatively light fan rewrite of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, with a generous helping of competence and common sense.

PREVIOUS THREAD: ( >>52094866)


>The Little(r) People

>How far did we get with Heroes of the Imperium? Have we made any new ones of our own?
>How do the Chapters function with one another? Do they still have some kinship with others from the same Legion?
>Eldar - how do they function, both in society and militarily?
>Tau - same as above.
>Shitposters - how come they function to kick some creativity into these threads? Apparently, Xeno Week wasn't enough to please some people.

>Chaos - how do they recruit?
>Croneldar - forming the vast bulk of Chaos combat forces at least, the ones that matter, how do they work?
>Chaos Guard - do they have a bigger role, since Croneldar aren't really built for frontline combat?
>Or, uh, are they?

>What's been going on on the C'Tan vampire front?
>Secret Societies and the shit that they get up to?

As always:
>More bugs
>More weebs
>More Nobledark battles
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Grognard Thread

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Are there any WHFB/40K Grogs around these parts?

I want to compile all the old WHFB and 40K books (as well as offshoots like Necromunda) so I can spread the word and share them with people.

Here is my 40K 1st and 2nd edition pdfs. Plan on adding other stuff later.

Also, if anyone knows where to find that gargantuan russian torret please let me know. I wanna sift through the good and bad ones, and come up with a sorted list of must-have old Warhammer books and supplements.
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What Vampire clan would Kain be apart of on World of Darkness
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/osrg/ OSR General - Monster Party Edition

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Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread.

The entire Trove is being reuploaded. Probably be up soon. Might have luck looking in the Share Thread.

>Links - Includes a list of OSR games, a wiki, scenarios, free RPGs, a vast Trove of treasure!

>Discord Server - Live design help, game finder, etc.

>OSR Blog List - Help contribute by suggesting more.

>Webtools - Help contribute by suggesting more.

>Previous thread:

>Post your monster PCs!
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What would you add to this?
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What is /tg/s opinion on MTG standard?