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>Everyone at my LGS has already shifted back to obsessively playing Magic and nothing but Magic
"If I want to play with a random deck I'll just play draft."
Can't believe I wasted time, money and energy trying to pull these trogs away from their pseudo-crack habit. I guess 30-40 minutes, once a Saturday, spent playing something other than the same card game they've been playing for years and years is just too much to ask.
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/yourdudes/ Angry Snakes Edition

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Thread for Your Dudes, your personalized wargaming teams, warbands, and armies and their surrounding lore, fluff, and art.

(Not GW exclusive)
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What do you have most about Pathfinder 2E?

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Thread for hating on Pathfinder 2E.

Post calming images so we do not fret too much about the idea that our beloved game is going to become deprecated and replaced with the thing called 2E.

I really, really hate what they did to casters. Especially wizards. I was hyped for 10th level spells until I learned they were just demoting every good spell one level upwards... and making the rest not worth casting.

I also hate the needlessly complicated feat system. Yes, 5e does not have enough options for us, but having a bunch of meaningless options is not better.
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Palladium Games thread

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Can we talk more about Palladium Games in general, not just RIFTS?

My personal favorite is Palladium Fantasy, have very fond memories of playing it through high school. Anyone play any campaigns in it and have some stories to tell?
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What are your 'must have' races for a DnD style fantasy setting? Orcs, elves, dwarfs? Or something more exotic?
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Warhammer Army Creation Thread 2

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Continued from >>64046652

It looks like we'll need a name for this sector soon enough. We know its in the Dark Imperium North of the Great Rift and near the Startide Nexus with the Tau.
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/meg/ Middle-Earth General /mesbg/

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Post your armies and battle reports edition. I am really curious what you anons play and how you play it!

>Latest news

>Rules and resources!V2xRFIiL!vv7xwUAFnPFxLrmtrxiSXg!dKolERIZ!e-uJOEhlCS0ZWQ39yaHSNg

>Army Builder & Community
Also we are on battlescribe as well
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Nurgle × Isha

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Why are they so perfect /tg/ ?
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Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/

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Way of the Chrysanthemum Edition



The FF Beta:

5E Mantis stuff:


Tabletop Simulator Mod -

Ringteki (Browser based game client) -

Card Database / Deck Builder -

TTS Deck Converter -

>/tg/ L5R Discord

>Clan Allegiances

Previous Thread:

Emerald Empire PDF is out.
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Why is old school fantasy art so much better than today's ?
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