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Pushmi-Pullyu/Doubletaur thread 3

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>What is a pushmi-pullyu?
Pushmi-pullyu (also known as a doubletaur) are a magical race of centauroids that consist of two centaurs (or centaur-like creatures in some cases) attached end-to-end.
>What is this thread for?
Statting them, worldbuilding for them, making art wnd writing of them, and general discussion and idea-throwing
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Character Art Thread

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Character Art Thread

Previous thread: >>63078927

Please help grow the Wizardbooru:
Don't forget to tag according to the tagging guide

If you make a request, please play it forward by filling others' requests

Will kick off by helping some people from the last thread
>requesting chars who might work in a demonic colonial wall street.
>need rabid warrior art
>Looking for dark elves with midnight blue skin.
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>Tasked with clearing hobgoblins from caves for fat 1000 gold pay out
>encounter males and females and slaughter them in brutal detail
>We find babies and yonge
>Im a barbarian and pretty smart with a 12 int for the usual barb so i relise they well just grow up fast and retake the caves and rule with even more malice.
>mfw the party is giving me libtard eyes for grabbing a club and mercy killing the babies who would probably starve anyways since no one can help them
>mfw the DM didnt expect me to kill a bunch of babies in a burn and clear mission
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ITT Unpopular opinions

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>Not every system must have dedicated combat rules
>3 is THE ideal number of players for the party
>Warhammer 40k was better when it didn't take itself seriously
>Tactical combat encounters are extremely artificial most of the time
>Sane living creatures should not fight to the death in most cases
>You don't need to have a clear antagonist/BBEG in order to have an interesting conflict
>Overarching philosophical themes and conflicts are extremely underused in worldbuilding
>Generic fantasy should die as a hobby standard
>D&D should not be used for anything outside of heroic fantasy
>Gygax was misunderstood
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Starhammer General - /shg/

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How the hell do I beat Protoss as Imperial Guard? I can barely peel their shields with my lazguns and then they just shred me in melee.
I'm thinking about taking a contingent of allied Jedi Knights, but the new models look like shit, and old ones cost a fortune.
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>"You can tell a lot about a person by their preferred system. DnD, GRUPS, White Wolf, they have have their own red flags."

No, you're just a dick, /tg/.
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/MESBG/ Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game General

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>Previous thread

>Latest Rules:!D2BBiSrI!rAl5yX-1ai0D32lJZ6ZnEQ

>Other resources (Check contents so we can finally merge both megas into one drive with all the stuff)!V2xRFIiL!vv7xwUAFnPFxLrmtrxiSXg!dKolERIZ!e-uJOEhlCS0ZWQ39yaHSNg

>Need the following PDFs
There and Back Again
Battle Companies - the current version is missing a few pages

>Army Builder & Community
Also we are on battlescribe now

>Thread Question
What went wrong and what went right with the new edition?
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Game Finder Thread/Gamefinder Thread

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>System Preferred
>Times Available (with timezone!)
>Method of Play (Skype, IRC, roll20, etc)
>Contact Info
>Additional Notes
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Medieval Power Armor

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I want to play a medieval mecha game where people suit up in magical plate power armor and punch dragons in the face.

Also, I really want an elegant way of tracking armor durability because for whatever reason I like the idea of armor breaking over the course of an intense fight. But I can't find anything that isn't as crunchy as a bowl of glass shards (DR and armor HP for individual locations) or is so streamlined it's meaningless (just armor saves and some checkboxes or some shit).

Add to that the reddit tards are too elitist to actually help and want to push their fucking card drawing, snowflake system on me and tell me why I'm an idiot for not liking their narrative system that involves hand holding and discussing what you think the result should be.

Thanks btw.
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Game 9 Carlsen Caruana Chess World Championship

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UTC 15:00
Game 9
World Chess Championship, London 2018
Magnus Carlsen (NOR) - Fabiano Caruana (USA)
Match: even

All Start Times UTC 15:00
2018.11.21 - Game 09
2018.11.22 - Game 10
2018.11.23 - rest
2018.11.24 - Game 11
2018.11.25 - rest
2018.11.26 - Game 12
2018.11.27 - rest
2018.11.28 - Tie Break games / Awards / Closing

chess24 with Sopiko(?) & Friends, Game 9:

Norway tv coverage:

live analysis sesse supercomputer:

live analysis TCEC (Leela and stockfish):

chessbrah on twitch:

GM Ben Fingold:

other streamers on twitch:
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