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WIP General: nip edition

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Painting, Converting, and Sculpting - General

Are your nippers made out of the finest nipponese steel?

>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36!0AIGDAxL!xOT6MK3oiGpBB1pQaNy5lg

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only!fkcliY4L!mhdmIs2lT3mFG3VwoLO8Qw!XEJSFDCL!9ZZKiLi6M_wguI1uTpyjPg!WUsUlSLb!556OumKLhusFd9Fw5dBMdA

>DIY Lightbox [Embed] [Embed]

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palette [Embed] [Embed]

>How to Moldlines [Embed] [Embed]

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work? [Embed] [Embed]

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

>Stripping Paint (yes, the ellipses are part of the URL!)

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>On the consequences of insufficient ventilation
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That Guy Thread

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>player has exceptionally bad memory
>forgets things told to him 2 minutes ago
>decides to play a High Int Lorekeeper kind of character
>doesn't take notes or read the ones handed to him
>all his advice is fundamentally wrong and halt the progression of the game
>the GM is at the point of hijacking his character whenever he passes knowledge to the rest of us
>refuses to play a different character
>from next game onward, he always arrives half asleep
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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kAoSg/

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What do you think about old guys as villains?
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Amazons, Shield Maidens, and other Warrior Women

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Post em. Realisim need not apply.

> inb4 -4str
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>microorganism druid

How would this work, apart from diseases and metallic archaea, son?

Did you know that D&D 3.5's Planar Handbook has elemental microorganisms, called elementites, which you can fight in swarms?
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Argo Brigade - First Edition Edition

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Previous thread archive: >>52865307
1d4chan Article:

Last thread, some fa/tg/uys wrote up an Imperial Guard regiment one word at a time and it ended up not being total shit: the Argo Brigade, a counterinsurgency regiment that loves to melt and burn the shit out of human insurgents and crucify the survivors upside down and sideways. An anon with actual counterinsurgency experience came in and told us how a real COIN unit gets shit done.

1d4chan page is created and last time we had some excellent discussion, writefaggotry, and drawfaggotry. One anon has ordered parts for a tabletop Argo Brigade killteam and we expect updates out of him.

Let's continue developing the galaxy's most horrifically effective insurgency suppressors.
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Legend of the Five Rings General: Not Canon Edition

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The new L5R owners FFG put out a bunch of info on the new LCG version on their site located here:

There's also a designer interview here which got me more interested in the LCG than their site did, to be honest: [Embed]

This thread is to talk the CCG, new LCG thoughts, RPG stories or mechanical questions and the perennial favorite topic of 'why your favorite clan is shit and mine is best'.

So with the Spider gone the way of the dodo and the Mantis likely to come back just as a plain old Minor Clan again, what are the hopes of people who played them or those other weird factions like the ratlings and Naga for the future of the LCG? I honestly enjoyed Mantis as a GC but am not too sad to see them go in the lore given this is a reset with some canon changes to the best era of things.
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MTG Lore :Elf Hippie Does Everything Wrong Edition

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New magic story is all about Nissa and why she's so blue now. I wonder if the trails will effect other Jaectice league color identity down the road?
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