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Can I have some help brain storming treasure that’s suited to my party’s classes? They’re beginner players at the end of their first campaign and now they’re going to an awards ceremony and I wanna give them something nice but not too strong.

Heres the list of the party and an some ideas I came up with:
>Half elf female bard
Musical instrument of the player’s choice
>Lizard person fighter
A big sword because he has a very high strength
>Elf male ranger
A horn that calls out to nearby animals for aid
>Gnome male cleric (MVP)
A divine relic of some sort
>Halfling male thief
Boots of Elvenkind
>Human male wizard
A ring that allows him to cast one bonus 2nd level spell and a couple additional first level spells
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Billhooks are under powered in D&D 5e

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That's it. I'm sick of all this "Shitily converted from an agricultural implement Halberd" bullshit that's going on in the world right now. Billhooks deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.
I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine from my cousin (A starving blacksmith with a philosophy degree) for 64 Rubles (that's about $1.12) and have been practicing with it for almost 8 years now. I can even lop eight inch thick limbs off a tree with my billhook.

Starving doctors of philosophy spend days working on a single Billhook and fold it up to three times to produce the finest blades known to mankind.

Billhooks are thrice as sharp as Japanese polearms and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a naginata can prune, a Billhook can prune better. I'm pretty sure a billhook could easily bisect a dying fruit tree with a simple vertical slash.

Ever wonder why medieval japan never bothered conquering europe? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined Peasants and their Billhooks of destruction. Even in World War II, soldiers targeted the men with the billhooks first because their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Billhooks are simply the best weapon that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the D&D. Here is the stat block I propose for Billhooks:
Martial melee weapon/5gp/2d4 slashing/5lb/Reach, Two-handed, special : advantage to the pull/disarm, can pull/disarm as part of attack.
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/srg/ - Shadowrun General

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...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: *********
>>>Enter Passcode: *********
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to ArcologyNet...

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
>Last Viewed Files: >>58641341

Personal Alerts
* Your Current Rep Score: ????? (??% Positive)
* You have 1 new private message, titled 'Yo omae, my apartment, building block and vicinity have been bugged to hell. Can I crash at your place? You won't even notice that I'm already here'
* Your Chummer > Tools > Options books list has been unchecked
* Cloud File Storage:
* Running YOU_CAN'T_SEE_ME.BTL...

>Shoot straight
>Conserve ammo
>Do not buy CGL books
>And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon

Stealth Edition
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drow in a modern setting

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How would they differ from their fantasy setting equivalent?
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/nwg/ - Naval Wargames General

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Adjust Your Fire Edition

Talk about botes, bote based wargaming and RPGs, and maybe even a certain bote based vidya that tickles our autism in just the right way.

Games, Ospreys and References (Courtesy of /hwg/)

Models and Manufacturers

Rule the Waves!EccBTJIY!MqKZWSQqNv68hwOxBguat1gcC_i28O5hrJWxA-vXCtI

>Previous Thread
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/STG/ - Star Trek General

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Attack Wing on Tabletop Simulator Edition

Previous Thread: >>58626733

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Possible topics include Modiphius' new rpg 'Star Trek Adventures', WizKids miniatures game 'Star Trek: Attack Wing', and Gale Force Nine's board game 'Star Trek: Ascendancy', as well as the previous rpgs produced by FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, the Starfleet Battles Universe, and the Star Trek universe in general.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-PDF Collection

Older Licensed RPGs (FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher)

Other (Unlicensed) RPGS (Far Trek + Lasers and Feelings)

Star Trek: Attack Wing
-Official WizKids Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)

Star Trek: Ascendancy
-Official Gale Force Nine Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Star Trek: Fleet Captain
-Official WizKids Page (Rules and Player Resources)

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki

Memory Beta - Noncanon wiki for licensed Star Trek works

Fan Sites - Analysis of episodes, information on ships, technobabble and more

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected

/stg/ Homebrew Content

Modiphius takes down links for the ST:A core book and expansions. Look in the archives or ask someone to send it to you via discord. Or... you know... buy the rulebook(s).
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Deathwing: Enhanced edition

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Free for those that have the base game.

Surprisingly, no Xbox One release.

But still, about fucking time. I'm hyped, I'll play Apothecary again.
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Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/

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>Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)

>We're looking for these novels for the archive:

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers

>Warhammer Wikis

>Warhammer Video Games.

Previous thread: >>58659580

Please keep Age of Sigmar and End Times discussion to their respective generals.

Endhammer is welcome.
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>When an AI is more creative than /tg/
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>you can turn enemy forces over to your side
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