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Every damn time, every zombie game or movie, its always the same. People in street clothes with shotguns and AKs, going along just fine till they run out of bullets, get bitten, and die. Well fuck that. Alternative solution. Suppose some guys get themselves caught in a zombie apoc, and they are metal heads and renaissance era enthusiasts. So when the dead start rising, they don't reach for their guns they reach for their zweihänders, their battle-axes, their halberds, and their fucking tower shields. Then they run blazing into the undead filled night with every piece of their skin covered in metal and every hand armed with something big and sharp. How long do you think our troupe of rock-guided warriors of old would last? And how would they compare to the standard group of survivalists who use street clothes, bullet-proof vests, and guns.

For the purposes of this discussion, the zombies infect by bite or claw, the transformation happens 48 hours from infection, and they are slow zombies.