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After some very late night gaming my group ended up brainstorming a horrible planet after a discussion on Malal

Located in the shadow of several warp storms, Fedoria is a world forgotten by the Imperium at large. very few Imperial captains have the will to brave the ever-shifting warpstorms to make planetfall on Fedoria. The last known visit of an Imperial official on Fedoria was in 555.653 M41 when a Adeptus Administratum census official accompanied Rogue Trader Harald McKinnalan down to the planet.

some short facts on Fedoria, collected by Adeptus Administratum official Kent Jhohannesen, censor scribe IV-class
>the people of Fedoria calls themselves Fedorathists
>the planetary anthem of Fedoria, captured on pict by a Kent Jhohannesen's servoskull - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_yhPw-SS3g
>the Fedorathists view the Emperor not as a god but as a bringer of logic and scientific reason
>each and every one of the inhabitants of Fedoria owns at least one fedora of varying quality, for t'is a crime punishable by death to be without a fedora at any time
>the most precious and status-filled item on Fedoria is their exquisitely hand-made and mastercrafted fedoras, which often comes with a built-in refractor field
>the Governor is called the Tipper, and everyone must tip their fedoras to him when they meet him