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Discworld Campaign

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Anon here again, last week I made a post asking you guys for advice on DM'ing a Discworld campaign. Well, today I ran the first adventure of it, which went pretty well. But now I'm in need of some ideas for more adventures.

The story goes that the party works for a so called "Guild of Repossession" in the city of Ankh Morpork, whereby every week they are given a board listing the names, residence, and occupation of people who have "Recently committed suicide". They go through this board and pick out homes/dungeons to go through and repossess the contents of. The guild gives them a license to raid the places and take their stuff, in exchange for giving the guild 10% of the profits.

Today they raided a Multi-dimensional house made by "Bloody Stupid" Johnson, though they didn't make the knowledge check to figure out what shit they got into other than, "Johnson is pretty infamous in this city, you don't quite know why".

Then they went through a wizard tower, that was currently occupied by a gnomish lich. It had a conga line of skeletons coming out the door, from which letters frequently got passed down the line at near the speed of light(So fast that they shifted into red!" When they bothered the gnome, he threatened them with a Fish Bomb, which the rogue stole right out of his hands. After which they beat the shit out of him with baseball bats.