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That Guy Thread

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I don't see a that guy thread, so might as well start one. This happened last night.

>Play fun dnd 3.5 planehopping adventures game with cool DM, two guys, and a "that guy"
>Last week, DM says to make new sheets for a mysterious reason
>Don't question it, character making is fun
>Make a chaotic evil warshaper lady who puts on the face of civility most of the time
>That guy ends up making some ghoul with multiple arms and paralyzes people like crazy
>Time skip a week to the next session
>We're exploring a temple and fight a golden orb artifact
>Artifact gives us a vision of a previous adventuring parting that tried to get the treasure here
>The adventuring party has our newly made characters and some npcs
>We get to control our new characters in this vision, cool stuff
>Party faces off against strange albino elves controlling the pyramids
>They have powerful ancient magic never seen before, including staffs that no save kill you
>Elves kill off most of the npcs, including the leader of the party
>My character laughs at the mayhem
>Elves killed
>My character mentions that we should give the dead party member's shares of the loot to their families
>That guy quickly grabs at the staff and kills my character
>Everyone laughs
>I ask why he did it
>He said it was because I laughed when the party leader, his "best friend", died
>Have to sit through the rest of the session awkwardly while it continues

What about you guys?