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Het /tg/, I'm here because I want to run a Crimson Skies inspired Roleplaying game, where the PCs play as a team of fighter-jock air pirates gallivanting across Europe, and want suggestions for what system to use.

My group just wrapped up a game of Star Wars EOTE, and while we generally liked the narrative dice system and think it would be easily adaptable to other genres, the flight rules weren't to my liking. I don't have a ton of roleplaying experience outside of Star Wars Saga Edition, EOTE, and DnD, so I don't even have a good idea where to start looking.

I've been a casual flight sim player for most of my life, and am sufficiently familiar with fighter tactics to be able to explain them to my PCs, but given my limited experience I'm hesitant to try and homebrew what will likely be the backbone of our combat encounters from scratch.