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So me and my party got rid of a city of troublesome orcs. They resided in the middle of a fertile valley. Now that they are gone, the DMPC told us that we could invite one of the neighboring powers to take over it.

He said however that we should consider well which race we invite, listing thus possible gifts we could receive from doing so:

1) The nearby human king would probably award us with nobility (which would decrease costs and increase influence in all of his cities) and wealth;
2) The nearby elves would probably teach us spells or give us powerful magical artifacts;
3) The dwarves would probably award us with powerful armor or weapons, from mithril to even perhaps adamantine;

Which one of them would you guys vote for?

My group is discussing it a lot, since the wizard wants the elves and the martials want the dwarves. I'm sincerely thinking of voting for the humans since prestige seems to open a lot of possibilities.