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ITT: The absolute weirdest thing that happened in your /tg/ career. Bonus points if it's something you couldn't really share outside an anonymous image board.

>live in small rural town, only available group is a few guys from school and my sister
>one of them is That Guy
>never played dnd before, but thrived when opportunity arose to be more successful than other people
>always stole loot, spotlight, magic items, plot hooks and session time
>i've had worse players since then, but this particular one i'll never forget for reasons that will soon become clear
>one of the players starts dating my sister
>That Guy doesn't like this
>this combined with his antics and my depression eventually leads to group dissolving on bad terms
>don't really keep in touch with them afterwards but my sister tells me her bf and That Guy sometimes hang out
>cool, i thought
>i was fucking wrong
>it would later turn out That Guy was bullying him
>month or so later, a fucking school shooting
>the bullied kid killed That Guy and 1 more person on accident
>i was in school at the time but nowhere near the scene
>still think about it to this day over a decade later
>think there might have been something i couldve done