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Yugioh CYOA Setting Thread #3

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New CYOA released. Please redo your character if you haven't already. And PLEASE tell me if I've missed your character in this list. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm so proud of you losers.

We are currently building a series' roster of characters using this yugioh cyoa. Here is the list of characters and roles. Unless anyone has any objections, I think it's time to close the openings for new characters.

Luca Stratos
>Main Girl
Isabella Bellamy
>Main Friend/Ally
John Dalliance
Edward Letrade
Ash Grayson
>Minor Villains
Chaser Chevall, Magnolia Macabre, Shively Devis, Ryu Helner, Anhuri
>Secondary Friends/Allies
Kazu Dorakyura, Niel Dunn, Cain, Luciano Leonora
>Contestants in the inevitable Tournament Arc
Yulian Viktorov, Eisen Cobb, Brock Brackmire, Caroline Leese, Benjamin Bonnet, Escaba Castiago, Veronica Skein

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