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Banning people from the table.

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What are you experiences with banning and being banned from games?
I just got banned from a table and wanted to know if this type of shit is normal
>Play Out of the Abyss on discord irl friend
>Session ends schedule the next session as normal
>Boot up discord 20 minutes before the session
>There is no server
>message one of my friends
>the closer one says the group decided to kick me from the server without even talking to me
>message other friends
>GM says he burned out and isnt GMing anymore and that he deleted the server
>tell him to talk to me and see what is the problem
>he tells me to talk to the other players
>the 1th one blocked me
>the 2th doesn't give any real response
>the 3th doesn't want to start shit with the other ones because they might kick him out too