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Las Vegas

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Any Vegas people here? Looking to head down there in December. I wanna go a little cheap on the hotel this time. Since I’m never in the hotel anyway. Always running around.

From what I see both Harrahs and Treasure Island have the best deals. Cheap but quality. Anyone stay at either? Any opinions? Other recommendations? I’m trying to stay in the strip, closer to middle but not required. Thanks!

Pic kinda related.
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New and updated Real Traveler's Map™

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Second thread about the new and updated Real Traveler's Map™. Continued from >>1435556

I took it upon myself to update the old Real Traveler's Map, which wasn't very user friendly and was riddled with mistakes. I continued to fix the map as people pointed out mistakes in the thread, and I hope this most recent edition is correct now. The changelog is pretty extensive, read the previous thread to see them all. Some of the major changes:

There's some confusion as to how to fill in the map. I made the color categories with the intention of filling your country of birth in light red, and countries visited in light green, and then fill in provinces visited in your home country in dark red, and provinces visited abroad in dark green. Due to popular demand, I also added a "lived" category, with blue for places you've lived before, and dark blue for where you live now. You can add or remove colors and categories as you wish to better reflect your travels though.

If you see something wrong with the map, please point it out and I'll fix it. Also, for the greater good, update your travel map to this new one, and encourage people to do the same if you see them using an older version. This most recent update fixed the borders of the city of Moscow, so if you see a map where Moscow Oblast completely surrounds the city of Moscow, you can inform them that their map is old and outdated and tell them to update it to pic related.

Happy travels!
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ITT: We attempt to advertise our homecity/towns

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Hard mode: No advertising more successful neighbors.

I'll start

Come to Juarez City please. We invented the burrito. You might just not get killed at 2 AM. We recently renovated our archaeology museum, you can also graffiti the border wall!
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Why do German men act like the bathrooms are a social activity? Recently, I've been staying in hostels in Oz, and every time I walk into a washroom there are krauts blasting god awful rap and socializing while shitting, showering, or shaving.

Wtf is this? Is this the norm in Germany.
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What places DID live up to the hype?
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Best cities in the world for nightlife and partying?
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I'm thinking of traveling to Amsterdam for the Tekken World Tour Finals, but other than Tekken, I can't think of any other reason to go to Amsterdam. There's no reason to travel to a place that specializes in booze, drugs, and hookers when you already have that at home.

What ELSE is there in Amsterdam to do? Are there any Michelin star restaurants? Are there some good museums to go to? Is the drinking and smoking there somehow different than what I do at home?
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Anyone been to hurghada? What's it like?

Any tips for a good snorkeling place?
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So I saw this video on YouTube about white guys in SEA. Now I am discouraged from going there to teach. Is it true that 99 percent of white guys in SEA are losers?
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What places have the most bang for the buck?
What is the best travel deal you ever had?
Cheap lodging cheap food cheap entertainment.
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