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I'm going to Iceland in March for one week. Any /trv/ anons have any tips that I won't find on wikitravel?
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tell me about Vancouver, /trv/
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Brazil travel thread

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What are your thoughts on Brazil?
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Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism

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Pretty good doc., especially for any degenerate lurking around.
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Why is rail in the US so shit?
>venture to new york city for holiday
>want to see the city for a few days and then go to california
>Go to grand central station or whatever nonsense it is called
>One ticket to Los Angelos please
>sure what days to you plan to leave and arrive
>same day or next
>get told it's a week long trip

Seriously what is wrong with US rail? In Korea and Japan when I took my holiday last year I had no issues scaling the whole country on their train system. I can even do most of europe with relative ease. Why don't you people fix this like the rest of the world is doing. Seriously It's like going back in time.
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Best Bars

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What's the best bar you've ever been in (pubs count but clubs don't)?
For me it's 8mm in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. The clientele are generally sound as fuck, you can smoke inside, it's easy enough to sort stimulants, it's 2.50 Euros for a Krombacher, it's open until 6am, they ban photos and other than a projector playing wavy videos the only source of light is candlelight.

Obviously the whole area is extremely subjective, but what's your favourite bar?
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4 Days in a European city

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Got four days booked off this December. Where in Europe would be worth seeing? money isn't too big an issue but I would like to keep it cheap if possible.

I want to go somewhere new. I've been to Berlin, Budapest, Ljiubliana, Krakow, a few cities in Croatia and Prague. I was mainly thinking of Rome or Vienna but I'm open to alternatives.
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What country has the best women?
It’s sure as hell not America.
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Hey /trv/ I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow for a 3 day trip what kind of weed should I get
Ps I’m looking to relax non physically but mentally my body’s in good shape
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Hostel long-term living

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Does any one have experience living long-term at the same/a few hostels while doing non-travel stuff like school or work?

Doing an elective in Sri Lanka next autumn for three months, thinking about living in a hostel to save money.
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