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Philippines General

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Come to discuss your trip plans, transportation, and girls. Stay to complain about infrastructure problems. Just please don't turn this into another debate about sex tourism, thanks.
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Chasing the 'USA college party experience'

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I'm doing a year long solo (hcim btw) backpacking trip this year. Keen on going to the US in the second half of the year (July/September) for a month or two. Want to experience the whole 'USA college party' experience thing as I see it in almost every single film I've ever watched. Kinda just a bucket list thing I would like to tick off before I get too old and become that creepy old dude.

Looks fun, sounds great, very keen; but at the same time, no idea where to start.

The issue is, when comparing the US to Europe they don't seem to have any renown party towns/cities (Think like Ios, Ibiza, Sunny Beach, Amsterdam) which is a shame, each place seems to have their own scene but nowhere in particular is a draw for people all over the country (except maybe places like Florida during spring break).

The rest of my trip is basically following the tourist trail from SEA to Europe (with a stop in Central Asia maybe if I can afford it). I have limited time and money so don't really want to go too far off the beaten track, I've got years ahead of me to do all that stuff but wont be young & stupid forever.

Anyone got any tips for someone like me?

>I'm social, happy to talk to randoms to try and get invites to places, otherwise will likely use tinder as I often get a few matches on there.
>enjoy dance/electronic music (not rnb/rap shittt)
>From Australia
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/pol/ack /out/ist here

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Just escaped NEETdom, where should I travel to to expand my worldview and socialise more?
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USA Rail Travel

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I do a lot of flying for work, but I was considering doing a cross-country rail vacation this summer (i live in chicago). At $3200 for a two week trip is it worth it? It it just for rich older people? I'm 26, and while a nice few days on a train with a sleeper room sounds nice, for that much money I could fly to europe or something.

Anyone ever done a cross country trip?
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Venezuela for a month

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Hi, anyone been lately to Venezuela? Plan to visit for 3-4 weeks.

How much does a dollar go? If one avoids Caracas, is it so bad?
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>So how the fuck are we supposed to achieve the goals set by inspirational quotes?

Life isn’t like the movies I can’t just consistently travel my entire life because this shit society requires you to have money to do 95% of things
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Visiting Greece

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My girlfriend and I will be visiting Greece this March and we are looking for suggestions of the best spots.

I'm a fan of Greek mythology and we would like to avoid touristy spots as much as possible.

Flying into Athens and then we have 8 days to explore as much as possible.

Any ideas or experiences? Security concerns? Pickpockets etc?

Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated!
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Food poisoning

Is it inevitable? How do you deal with/prevent it when eating on the road?
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What to wear on a trip to NYC in March? What's the weather like? I'll be there for about ten days. Also general NYC thread.
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Travel Story Time

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>Be me
>8th grade D.C payed trip
>Bus ride literally took 3 days to get there (Ohio to D.C)
>Packed a huge amount of snacks for me and my friend that sat besides me
>After everything I saw in D.C we were on our way back to Ohio and I had a full 2 Liter of Pepsi in my carry bag
>Chug along with some snacks
>Hour later it hits me
>I asked to go to the bathroom
>"anon its for emergency only"
>Bitch this will be an emergency soon if you don't
>Hold for another hour
>My friend can tell i'm obviously in pain
>30 more minutes pass and I feel like the slightest release or pressure will unwrath a whirlpool of hot piss out of my dick and kill everyone on bus
>Take the empty pepsi bottle and piss in it
>was loud but I think only me and friend knew what I did
>Bottle was so warm from piss
>next stop bring my bag with me into bathroom and dump it all then throw it away while a bunch of older men see me throw away the bottle
>Pic Related