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So I saw this video on YouTube about white guys in SEA. Now I am discouraged from going there to teach. Is it true that 99 percent of white guys in SEA are losers?
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What does /trv/ think of him?
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What places have the most bang for the buck?
What is the best travel deal you ever had?
Cheap lodging cheap food cheap entertainment.
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Why is everyone a fucking asshole in France?
>speak french to someone they act like a dick because I screwed up one phrase
>literally just up and refuse to speak english even though they know it
>smoke everywhere regardless for others health
>constantly shit talks everyone else

Holy shit I thought it was a meme about frenchmen being stuck up jerks, turns out it was right.
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Hong Kong General

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Hello /trv/, I'm mostly a browser here, but decided to make this post as I do not see any Hong Kong generals.

I bought my tickets and airbnb to stay in Hong Kong right after new years with my wife.

We have never been there, so we watch a lot of videos and articles about it. I am curious of any of your personal stories or recommendation of things in Hong kong.

Please share photos too.
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What places DID live up to the hype?
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Japan thread
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Best city in Europe to travel to for Christmas?
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Could anyone suggest places to visit within Australia?
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ITT: Post your nationality and the top 5 nationalities you try to avoid when travelling.

I am Irish.

>5- English
>4- Australians
>3- Germans
>2- Israelis
>1- Murrikans
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