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What's up with French anon?

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What's up with French anon? Has he made any new threads in the past few months?
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whats it like to live in the philippines?

what can you do as an expat there?

My gf is filipina and wants to move back... I am open to it but I'm not sure what it would be like. I have been to Thailand, Vietnam and Japan... I am assuming it would be a lot like Thailand/Vietnam (not culturally, but in terms of shit never working right, bad wifi etc.) but want to hear from someone working there. We would be living in Cebu
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Thai General.

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Thai General.

Old thread was hitting bump limit.
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How much does a 1L Coca-Cola bottle cost in your country?

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I'm interested to hear how much does it cost in other countries.

It could describe a lot about the quality of life over there. Or maybe signify where is the best place to live/vacation if you're a cheapskate.

I'll start off with mine:

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Extreme levels of comfy you have felt on Vacation

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>plane getting ready to land in Laos
>I'm blasting it aint me by CCR on my headphones

What instances of seemingly mundane things have caused you to be extremely comfy?
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>Favorite small European town?

I've already visited a lot of the larger towns, and my wife is wanting to go back this spring. What would be some good smaller towns for us to visit? Mostly interested in towns that have medieval structures. Also good food is always a plus.
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I'm planning a 3 week trip to Southeast Asia. My plan is to spend some time in south Vietnam around Ho Chi Ming, maybe 3-4 days in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), then finish up in Bangkok.

I am not interested in sex/hookers. I'd like to eat, drink, be a local, explore, get lost. I think it would be cool to spend some time in the country side and be outdoors, but I only speak English.

What can you tell me about these cities? Places to do, things to experience? My budget is around $4-5000. I am open to all suggestions.
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What exactly are the 'no-go' zones in England and France?
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>leave country for six weeks on business
>living out of a suitcase
>packing light and living flexibly
>meeting new people and enjoying new experiences
>come back home
>family weighs you down
>wife weighs you down
>commitments weigh you down
>the only respite is constant distraction
>if you don't put up with it you age alone and die miserable
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How can I go to the UK during February as a solo traveler and avoid becoming bored?

I will have up to ~ 10 days and I am really interested in castles, museums, history, etc. Maybe I'll also try to use Tinder wherever I go.

I can only currently think of London and Edinburgh as places I would definitely want to visit.

Other than that, I have this list of places that might be good:
>liverpool (anything here other than beatles nostalgia?)
>some city where I can find lots of Tinder slags (suggestions?)
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