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/trv/ meetup

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Post where/when you will be traveling and find other people to have fun with.

>London -> June 23 - 28
>Amsterdam -> June 29 - July 2
Anyone want to do something?
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Could save 50% if I book a round trip with a layover in Istanbul. Is the city safe for an American and should I airbnb or stay at a hotel for the night?
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I finally managed to get a visa for a job abroad! Anyways, I'm Mexican and I'd like to take ingredients to cook in the UK. They involve sauces and powders, and so on. I'm planning on taking everything that doesn't involve liquids in my hand luggage.

Am I likely to get in trouble? I mean I'm pretty much travelling with about 3kg worth of white powders (creatine, and tortilla flour). I'm kind of scared they'd think of it as being drugs, as my nationality lends itself to stereotypes.

Should I be concerned?
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I'm in Lucca right now. AMA
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Best/worst hostel stories

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What is your most memorable experience in a hostel /trv/?
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>taking the airport shuttle in twelve hours
>beginning a six-month trip
>starting in Mexico, flying to Tanzania, traveling across Africa, and finishing in India

>tfw not even excited, just mildly annoyed at knowing I have a long connection and will be sleepy all day

Anyone else get this?

Took my first trip in 2013 and was insanely pumped in the weeks leading up to. Same thing the next year, and then it's just sort of waned off with every subsequent trip.

I probably won't feel jolly until I wake up in Mexico, TBQH.
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Central and South America By Motorcycle

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Hey all,

Semi-experienced /trv/fag here. Been to about 35 countries since 2013 and lived overseas for a couple years.

I'm 23 and about to finish both of my BSc programs. I'm considering taking a motorbike trip from my home state of Michigan to either Panama or Argentina after I complete my undergraduate education or, alternatively, a masters.

A few questions I have for anybody with experience:

>Would it be more economical to purchase a bike in Paraguay or Chile and then ride northward to the United States? I'd rather keep whatever bike I use than re-sell it at the end of the trip, and I don't want to double the trip length by riding back.
>How much of an issue is two-wheeled transportation in Central America? The thought of transiting through El Salvador or Guatemala on back of a motorbike and with all my valuables strapped in seems somewhat unsettling.
>Do road use fees and whatnot constitute a large part of a motorbike trip budget, or are they fairly inconsequential?

I'd like to buy a used or almost-new Suzuki V-Strom 650, although I'm also considering the BMW F650GS and KLR 650.

If I go from the United States to South America with a bike, rather than from there to here, I'd probably buy a bike next summer and take the trip after I get a masters (2-3 years in the future; I want to do the Peace Corps in conjunction with an MS, then apply for PhD programs after a brief break).

Otherwise I'd do immediately after graduating. I have a work-from-anywhere income of a couple thousand dollars per month and am hoping to grow that to $3,000-ish per month by the time I leave.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Oh - and for what it's worth, I'm already an experienced rider. I have my own bike in the States and have done some touring in Central America (on a rental) and India.
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Hi all, I am Australian born with Scottish parents and I plan on moving to Amsterdam.

I am sick of the monotonous lifestyle i'm living, I work on the mines / gas plants and I am completely over slaving away for the cash.

I plan on moving over to the EU before the end of the year.

If you are from Holland or have experience living there, could you please let me know of good areas to live in / close to the town.

I will have roughly 20 - 30,000 Euros to play with. thanks!
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Denver For A Long Weekend

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Getting into Denver on Friday night, will be there until late Wednesday.

Already have 4th of July booked at Red Rock.

That means i have Sat-Tues to do whatever you guys can recommend me.

>I'll be staying in the North Capitol Hill/5 Points area. Any info on what the area is like?
>I will have a rental car to go on day trips
>Will be with girlfriend
>We are both in shape and active, outdoorsy stuff interests us.
>I like going to museums, is there anything cool in the area that wont take a whole day? (shes not as into them)

Thanks a lot!
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I will travel to Aveyron/France next Thursday to start an internship. I will have 5 days of work and then 2 free days every week, and I'd be happy if some locals or people who have been there could give me recommendations on what to do with my free time.

Is going to Côte d'Azur worth it or is it just super expensive?