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I'm going to Quebec City next week for 3 days/2nights

What are some things I should see while I'm there.
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Have any of you degenerates been to East Timor?
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Is traveling in the united states worth it if you already live here?
Isn't the difference between San Francisco and New York just the weather and trees.
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how do i find my gate in turkish airport? i would probably have stopover near/in ankara and people write these airports are shitty, people dont speak english and you have no info where to go... please help it is an urgent matter
maybe any of you can help me irl?
t. socially inept looser which has never traveled alone by plane
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I'm going to Portugal in December, I was told I need a International divers permit. How long does it take to get one?
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Moving Out - Need Road Atlas Recommendation

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Reposting from /out/...

Well anons, I've reached the point in life where it's time for me to move out. I'm getting a car this month and in January I'll be setting off somewhere. My question is, what kind of road atlas should I get if I'm going to be travelling around the US? What brand? What size? I've seen the Rand McNally large size road atlas is popular though some people said it's missing roads and that the images are a tad grainy. Pic generally unrelated.
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where would you travel on your 26th birthday if you could teleport wherever you wanted (on earth)? (today is my birthday)
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Philippines thread

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No unneeded politics please, keep it clean.
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Are there any thoughts about France mates?
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pictures you took in your travels
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