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Dumb Things While Traveling

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Ever did something that made you feel stupid while abroad?

Maybe it's the customs, the jetlag, foreign practices or lingo that all just got mixed up on that one occasion where you made a fool of yourself.
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Ask anything to a guy who drove from Europe to Afghanistan for shits and giggles.

Moved here from /b/ on advice from nice people.
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For those of you that followed the previous thread concerning my yearly summer trip (Mauritania - Cameroon - Kenya) by motorcycle, here's the new thread.

Arrived on Saturday in Nouakchott, Mauritania, and spent the last couple of days hunting for a bike. Found it, finally, bought it, (picture), and waiting for some roadside mechanic to check everything and build me some carriers for the bags and jerrycans.

The bike was fairly cheap after long negotiations, but comes without papers or licence plate. I had to find a contact than can get me fake documents and plates to be able to cross borders. Those should be done within 48 hours.

After that I'll head up to Nuadhibou, before coming back down to Senegal, where I got invited by someone for the end of Ramadan.

More info to come as wifi and local SIM cards allow.

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What the fuck do you guys do in life to travel that much, and how do you take the time to do so?
I'd love to travel and do exciting things like you guys but >money, >time and >responsabilities
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San Fran Trip

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Dear /trv/,

I'm going to be riding my moto up to San Fran for the neutral milk hotel show this week. I'll be staying through the weekend with a friend on Haight street.

what are some things I should check out?
I'm already planning on seeing some things in Petaluma, the deYoung, a couple art galleries/supplies, a few bicycle shops, market st, the ferry building, and the rest of golden gate park.

I'm interested in stopping by a traditional tea house with the ceremony.

any suggestions?
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I was planning to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos during 13th june - 13th august but now realised that this is when the monsoon hits.

I wanted great weather on my travel, this would be my first time travelling so spending it in the rain would be horrible.

How can I change my trip? I was planning to go to Ho Chi minh city, then through the coasts of cambodia up to angkor wat, then to bangkok and the islands in south thailand, and then back up, perhaps skip northern thailand and go to Ha long bay, and down the coast of Vietnam to roughly where I started.

However, now that I realise this is monsoon season for most of these countries, I was thinking about starting in Da nang, doing the same as before, finish in the southern thailand islands and then get a plane to Indonesia for the last couple weeks.

Do you think this is a reasonable attempt at avoiding a lot of rain? Is monsoon season that bad? I do want days where it is just sunny all day and don't have to worry about carrying a coat with me.

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Hey /trv/

I started stressing a bit, leaving on saturday and i havnt really thought out what to do with my visa's.

I have the Thailand one sorted, but the on arrival ones are only 15 days for laos vietnam cambodia etc, whats the best way to get those fixed?


Here's my travelroute, i might be able to get the laos one in bangkok, but im not sure about the rest?

Also, how does the extension work, say i get 15 day visas, do i still pay full price for the extended one?
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why do the japs like to smoke indoors so much?
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Costa Rica for a week!!

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Hey guys, i´m going to Costa Rica for vacations, in April, it´s gonna be a whole week, me and a buddy.
Never been there.
You´ve been to Costa Rica? how is it?
What should i do there?
How expensive is it?
Thanks alot!
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Amtrak to NO

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Hey /trv/, I'm going to be in Atlanta for a few days and want to take some time at the end to visit New Orleans. I've been before but really enjoyed the city.

One thing I noticed - there's an Amtrak route straight from one city to the other that takes most of the day. Has anyone taken this route, and was it nice in terms of views and scenery? More to the point, what are Amtrak trains like? I know you can get little cabins, but that seems a bit antisocial - are trains in the USA full of crazy homeless people like the buses are?

Obviously a flight is both faster and cheaper, but I like some train rides - just wondering if this one is any good.
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