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Hey /trv/,

I'm headed to Colombia for three months starting in May - spending most of the time just living in Medellin at the recommendation of a poster here (thanks) but I have some time to see some other sites too. I have Bogota and Cartagena on my list as the obvious ones - what are some other easy-to-reach places in Colombia that are worthwhile and how long would you recommend staying in each place?
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Travel Maps, Post 'em

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Post your travel maps ladies and gentlemen.
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lived in Tokyo for 7 years. ama

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Does anyone have a link with lonely planet pdfs? Travelling through Europe and would like to have some but getting them for every region is too pricey.
In Andalucia right now.
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There's a good chance I'll land a job in Abu Dhabi next year and I'll have to live there for some years. How's life there? I know you live based on your richness status:

Expats working there
Indians and Chinese cleaning toilets

I'm in the middle row and I'll have a good salary, but I wanted to know about life there. Is it just luxury and beaches? Will I feel alone? How strict are the laws? Alcohol only allowed at home? I guess I won't be able to use the torrents there, right? How blocked and controlled is the internet?

Also if you're familiar with the place tell me some good things to visit in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other places in the emirates.
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What to do in Lyon?

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I'm a student in Lyon but I basically spend all my time inside the campus, dont really know the city itself, will have 1 week vacation next week and wanna know what to do nearby, or what to do in Lyon. Budget = 150euros
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Hello guys, /pol/ack here.

My family and I will have 18 days to visit Europe.

Our list of cities consists of Paris, Rome, Florence, Napoli, Venice, Athens, Santorini, Istanbul, Edirne, Izmmir, and Ephesus.

Our travel concept is to visit the most iconic architecture places, scenery and food.

I am not sure about the Turkish cities and days recommended, can you please help me out on them. I will be great to spend the short as possible so we can go to other european cities.
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I'm stupid as shit when it comes to international travel.

So, my Japanese cousin is visiting Canada. After his visit, he plans to visit me (New York). Does he require any additional documents, besides a passport, to travel from Canada to the US as a Japanese citizen? Are the requirements different vice versa?

Also would the requirements be different if you were to take coach instead of a plane?
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>Want to move somewhere with a friend of mine so we could make up for lost time and hit on and hook up with tons of chicks
>I am an Asian dude so I am already at an uphill battle with this dating shit
>Originally from NY
>One dude I used to work with mentioned San Diego
>Went this past weekend
>Had a BLAST, lots to do, lots of girls
>Supposedly Labor Day weekend is the more boring 4 day holiday of the year, like wut? It looked like the best nights in Columbus, GA or Atlanta, GA
>Spoke to a coworker about San Diego when I got back
>tells me to "google 'Man Diego'"
>tells me the reason it was not a sausage fest was because of labor day and the military dudes all went on leave
>google more facts about San Diego, ratio is supposedly 7:1 Male:female

Is any of this true? We liked the vibe of the place being so chill and the weather being so nice.

Any alternative Cities that are like San Diego in terms of chill factor and stuff to do and have a better ratio of single females to males??
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Does anyone else hate these two as much as I do?

>thinking your better than others because you live in Japan
>begging for money to travel
>contributing jack shit to society
>trying to stay children into your thirties

seriously can't fucking stand people like this
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