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Wont bullshit you need some balls to the walls advice my dudes.

Travelling to Thailand in July; Phuket for a few days and then onto Koh Yao Yai, basically up to me where I go from Koh Yao Yai for the time I spend there.

What shit should I do, I understand Koh Yao Yai will have fuck all other than the beach but realistically what are my options. Literally open to do anything as long as its relatively cheap.
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Hello there, all the fear-mongering aside, is the eastern coast of mexico safe to bike through to get to south america? If not, are there any alternatives to skipping central america as a whole? Our intentions are to see more of south america, maybe there is a ship we can take from florida or something? No airplanes because we will be on loaded bicycles. Kind of pic related, but a bit more so because we are planning a months-long tour.
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I'm a fake-passport dealer, ask me your questions

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I'm a fake-passport dealer, ask me your questions
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Best FKK spots in Germany? I'm budgeting about 1000 or 2000 euros for a drunken all-I-can-fuck blowout party for myself. I want the place with the hottest girls
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Kosovo Question

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A friend of mine works for the UN and offered to let me stay with her for a week or so if I visited.

Any tips? I know a bit of Balkan history, but not much that would be pertinent to me going there.

I've only left Canada once to the US, so it would be nice to go somewhere before college in the fall.

Anyone have any tips for where to go? Monuments, museums, etc.
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Meeting People

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Met a girl named Angelina in Florence last June while I was studying abroad for a month and it was genuinely one of the most magical things to happen to me. Really a source of deep regret for me though because even though we hung out for hours, we never got to reconnect because she wanted to use Whatsapp - which I didn't have on my phone at the time - so I gave her my number but didn't download the app until I got home hours later because my service was ass, so I expect she tried to add me sooner than I had the app installed. She also told me she was going on vacation the next day in Miami so I wouldn't doubt that she probably just forgot about me.

I think about her a lot and its really one of my greatest wishes to speak to her again but I have so little information that it probably wont happen. I should probably give up on it, but part of me doesn't want to. Do you think there'd be any way I could track her down? The story above is kind of a tl;dr, pic related is the painting I was looking at when she approached me in the Uffizi Gallery.
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I'll be staying at Germany for one month in May. It's my first time in Europe (I'm form Mexico) and don't know what to expect. What places can you guys recommend?

interested in:

but also in tech and anything involving developer/programming events.
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Inna airport

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Who else in an airport right now?

>Where are you?
>Where you going?
>You hyped to go?
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Going to Maine

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Hey, /trv/. I'm soon leaving for a weeklong vacation in Maine. I will be stopping by Portland, Augusta, and Bangor. What should I check out along the way or in each city? Thanks, friends.
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What's your worst airline experience?
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