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/taiwan/ general.

anyone here right now?
whats the current vibe?
I can go in winter but double guessing myself because of zero covid insanity.
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Boyfriend doesn't want to travel as much with me

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>I'm 31, he's 28.

My boyfriend and I have very different travel goals. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to see every country in the world, and I've spent the last 10 years abroad in developing countries (COVID brought me back). I'm perfectly fine staying in the states long term, but when travel restrictions go away I want to start travelling again. My boyfriend also wants to travel, but he wants to do the boring safe type of travel "once a year" to see sights and eat local food in "not dangerous" countries. He doesn't even want to step foot in china.

We both work, but I don't spend as much on material things as he does (he just spent 4k on getting his car fixed so it'll "hold value longer" and he is the type to drop hundreds of dollars on dress shoes because they're 'high quality and professional' - while I drive a beater and I don't wear expensive clothes.

We got in an argument over dinner, where I told him that people in the west live super sheltered lives and he needs to get out of his shell, and he just grumbled and said "why do I always get the fucking traveller girls. Don't you want to save and buy a house one day? I'm too old to backpack across the world and I have student loans to pay". I was about to call him out on the money he just spent on his car but I didn't bother.

Are we incompatible?
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NIGGERS in Japan?

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Hey look at this video… why are there so many NIGGERS in Japan? . I was gonna go visit there, but maybe not now.

What places in japan have the most NIGGERS, and do they get shut down for their MONKEY and APE behavior?

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>mommy book a holiday to Kiev so we could go and see chernobyl last year
>have to get the vaccine inorder to fly there now
Is it even worth it?
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Ask anything to a guy who drove from Europe to Afghanistan for shits and giggles.

Moved here from /b/ on advice from nice people.
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I'm going to Larochemillay tomorrow, for 5 days. Anybody knows the place ? Or the Morvand in general ?
(There is little chance, but I'm asking anyway)
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How do you deal with the heat in hot countries?

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I can't fucking do it man. I can't enjoy myself, I can't think, I can't plan on doing anything, and even if I do manage that then I can't enjoy it because I am sweating my balls off, I'm too delirious to take in what's going on.

I've been to the most beautiful places in the world and the only thing I care about is finding shade and submerging myself into water so I can cool down. Hey cool temple, too bad I am literally cooking alive to give a single fuck.

No really, how do you deal with it? I travelled around mainland Europe a few summers ago and I was trying everything to stay cool. I soaked two buffs in cold water and put one round my neck and the other round my wrist to pat myself down.

I alway try to stay hydrated but it doesn't cool me down no matter how much water I sip during the day.

I'm starting to think that I'm not meant to go to warm places at all. I remember walking through Vienna and having to collapse down a side street in the shade. Through my hazy vision I saw other white couples happily walking along holding hands and smiling, enjoying themselves while I was literally dying.

How the fuck do you do it bros
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Biloxi Casinos

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I'm going to Biloxi, Mississippi in a couple weeks with some bros to gamble our savings away. What are some casinos in the area that skew younger demographically? I don't wanna be surrounded by fat old people on my mini vacation.

As an aside, are there any good historical sites to see after I've drained my bank account?
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Where to travel for those who have traveled everywhere?

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I've been to 40 countries.

>3-12 parents take me to Europe and parts of East Asia, as well as Caribbean vacation spots
>11-18 go on educational summer camps abroad in Europe every year, one summer in Japan
>18-22 study abroad in the UK for one semester, travel Europe again through the Summer
>22-30 Travel Africa, South America, East asia again, SE asia, Russia, Mongola, UAE, etc.

By the way I'm a semi-trust fund kid who also made a shit load in the stock market (from a small gift of 200k from parents when I graduated college)

What is there to do now? Honestly, I feel like the entire Earth is boring to me now, which on one hand is good because it allows me to focus on my work and find more depth in life... but on the other hand, I miss the adventures I had traveling, and the "newness" of it all.

It's impossible to "do it all" but I've done most of all of it. Eaten at the best restaurants in the world, banged expensive hookers in Germany and cheap ass SE hookers, lived in huts in Mongolia and backpacked with nothing through south America. Have experienced about as much as the gamut as I think one can.

Suggestions on what else there is to do? Supposedly there is an island somewhere in Polynesia where you can eat people.. not saying I would do that, but looking for suggestions of things that people haven't ehard of.
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Best Latin American Country For T Girls?

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S'up /trv/.

This is not trolling. I like chicks with dicks. I'm aware that South East Asia is a good spot for ladyboys, but I also like Latina T girls.

(I'm not interested in pay for play. I just want to have some holiday fun.)


Safest and best Latin American country to date T Girls?

Will I get harassed, assaulted or shot by locals if I bring a T girl to a restaurant, shopping, etc?
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