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Hi Anons, my partner and I are going to Marrakech in October for four nights. What cultural sites do you suggest visiting? Budget is around £200 per day for the both of us. I enjoy museums, art galleries religious monuments etc. Further more are there any standout eateries you would recommend? Thanks in advance.
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BIGGEST Mosque in the WORLD

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The BIGGEST Mosque in the WORLD in Abu Dhabi. It was an amazing experience, truly mesmerizing!

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China - General Travel Thread

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So Ive decided to make another China General thread so that I could keep the topic on going.
Like always though feel free to discuss about things to do in China, such as like:
>Living in China
>Hotels Check-in
>Best Landscapes\Tours

And also please take the time to check out the old thread as well while it's still active on the board right here. >>1398366
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Living In Country Without Speaking Language

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Has anyone on /trv/ spent over a 3 month period somewhere where they didn't speak the native language? What was it like? Does it get lonely or do people speak English with you?
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hey boys
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Middle East/Islamic world tourism general.

What countries do you guys recommend for those interested in traditional architecture and old towns?
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Kiev Ukraine

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Me and 5 friends are going to Kiev Ukraine for 5 days this september, and i was wondering if anyone had some tips and tricks?

We are going to visit Chernobyl, but other than that we dont have any plans.

Is there some other sites or buildings etc you would recommend?

How is the nightlife? Is there a good variety of different kinds of nightclubs around the city centre?

Is it easy to obtain drugs(weed,coke,speed)? And how is the quality?


Appreciate all answers, thank you.
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Anyone of you ever used the services of these escort sites?
Do you know if they are legit?
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Wont bullshit you need some balls to the walls advice my dudes.

Travelling to Thailand in July; Phuket for a few days and then onto Koh Yao Yai, basically up to me where I go from Koh Yao Yai for the time I spend there.

What shit should I do, I understand Koh Yao Yai will have fuck all other than the beach but realistically what are my options. Literally open to do anything as long as its relatively cheap.
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Hello there, all the fear-mongering aside, is the eastern coast of mexico safe to bike through to get to south america? If not, are there any alternatives to skipping central america as a whole? Our intentions are to see more of south america, maybe there is a ship we can take from florida or something? No airplanes because we will be on loaded bicycles. Kind of pic related, but a bit more so because we are planning a months-long tour.
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