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>go to dubai for work
>it's ok
>wouldn't want to live there forever but it was interesting
>get back
>omg do you know how dangerous it is? they could have enslaved you and then cut your head off for having a beer, how can you support that? dubai has no culture I can't believe you'd go there anon, just because it was in sex in the city did you hear about the rape? I bet your employer stole your passport, did you eat camels? they eat camels there and everyone rides around in diamond-encrusted lamborghinis that they crash into prostitutes for fun and then throw them away and buy a new one

Why do people try to be experts in stuff they know nothing about? Pic related, that's what Dubai *actually* looks like.
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Hello /trv/, I'm thinking about going to dubai, what can I do there? If you've been there before could you tell me what it's like?
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New ESL General. The old thread is nearing the bump limit and can be found here: >>1080192

Please try to skim and/or f3 the old thread to avoid asking similar questions already posted.

Resources for finding a job (Please help this grow if you have more resources for other countries).


Japan: (Note: most jobs listed here require you to be residing in Japan)

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Travelling to Brazil soon (Sao Paulo). I know the usual safety tips to keep in mind and I'm fully aware the city is significantly more violent than most large western cities. I will be renting a car while I'm there so my question is how safe is it to use my phone as satnav on the car dashboard while driving? Keep in mind this isn't a tourist trip so I will be sticking to the city's commercial centre between Brooklyn and Aclimacao for the most part and one small trip to the countryside in Salto de Pirapora. Will having a smartphone on the windshield make me a magnet for robberies, or is it something criminals aren't interested in anymore? All driving will be done during the busier hours between 7am and 10pm.
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Hello guys, i received this job offer

""""""""We would like to invite you to consider our offer as a teacher in China

Please find details below and let me know if you are interested.
Working time : Monday- Friday (occasionally weekends during events like halloween, Christmas etc. couple hours on Saturday or Sunday)

7.30-12.00 and 14.30-17.30
Place : Xiangtan, Hunan, Yangjiang and Yangchun, Guangdong

starting from mid of February/beginning of March 2017 for period of 6 months

• Planning and delivering lessons to children aged 3-7 in groups from around 5 to 30 students.
• Using electronic media to teach English efficiently and effectively
• Evaluating student progress
• Assigning and evaluating out of class exercises
• Participating in social activities with students
• greeting parents and kids


Stipend: 3500RMB/month
visa assistance
Food provided Monday to Friday
24h assistance
Housing: shared apartment/single room( air condition, washing machine...)
Recommendations after completion for the best performance
free multimedia Chinese course

We will pick you up from the airport/train station

Bonus after completion of
6 months: 3000 rmb
12 months: 7000 Rmb

HR Department Culture Exchange Program
Sky V Global """"""""""""""

Thoughts? I cant decide if they're reliable or not, or if i would be able to live there with their pay. also, i would have to pay for the ticket to go there.
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Dumb Things While Traveling

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Ever did something that made you feel stupid while abroad?

Maybe it's the customs, the jetlag, foreign practices or lingo that all just got mixed up on that one occasion where you made a fool of yourself.
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For those of you that followed the previous thread concerning my yearly summer trip (Mauritania - Cameroon - Kenya) by motorcycle, here's the new thread.

Arrived on Saturday in Nouakchott, Mauritania, and spent the last couple of days hunting for a bike. Found it, finally, bought it, (picture), and waiting for some roadside mechanic to check everything and build me some carriers for the bags and jerrycans.

The bike was fairly cheap after long negotiations, but comes without papers or licence plate. I had to find a contact than can get me fake documents and plates to be able to cross borders. Those should be done within 48 hours.

After that I'll head up to Nuadhibou, before coming back down to Senegal, where I got invited by someone for the end of Ramadan.

More info to come as wifi and local SIM cards allow.

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What the fuck do you guys do in life to travel that much, and how do you take the time to do so?
I'd love to travel and do exciting things like you guys but >money, >time and >responsabilities
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San Fran Trip

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Dear /trv/,

I'm going to be riding my moto up to San Fran for the neutral milk hotel show this week. I'll be staying through the weekend with a friend on Haight street.

what are some things I should check out?
I'm already planning on seeing some things in Petaluma, the deYoung, a couple art galleries/supplies, a few bicycle shops, market st, the ferry building, and the rest of golden gate park.

I'm interested in stopping by a traditional tea house with the ceremony.

any suggestions?
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Hey /trv/

I started stressing a bit, leaving on saturday and i havnt really thought out what to do with my visa's.

I have the Thailand one sorted, but the on arrival ones are only 15 days for laos vietnam cambodia etc, whats the best way to get those fixed?

Here's my travelroute, i might be able to get the laos one in bangkok, but im not sure about the rest?

Also, how does the extension work, say i get 15 day visas, do i still pay full price for the extended one?