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why do the japs like to smoke indoors so much?
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Costa Rica for a week!!

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Hey guys, i´m going to Costa Rica for vacations, in April, it´s gonna be a whole week, me and a buddy.
Never been there.
You´ve been to Costa Rica? how is it?
What should i do there?
How expensive is it?
Thanks alot!
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Amtrak to NO

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Hey /trv/, I'm going to be in Atlanta for a few days and want to take some time at the end to visit New Orleans. I've been before but really enjoyed the city.

One thing I noticed - there's an Amtrak route straight from one city to the other that takes most of the day. Has anyone taken this route, and was it nice in terms of views and scenery? More to the point, what are Amtrak trains like? I know you can get little cabins, but that seems a bit antisocial - are trains in the USA full of crazy homeless people like the buses are?

Obviously a flight is both faster and cheaper, but I like some train rides - just wondering if this one is any good.
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New York City

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I'll be going to New York City for the first time in my life soon. What should I make a point to do while I'm there for a week? I'm not too interested in tourist traps and care a lot more for getting the "essence" of a place and becoming a part of it. I also like books and Japanese culture and anime, what are some good stops for all of those? Thanks friends. English is my second language so sorry for any bad grammar.
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Niagara Falls

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I'm going to Niagra Falls this weekend with my gf for a day or 2. Just wondering if there were any places worth seeing that people don't know about. Going to hit up the casino and Clifton hill.
Are there any good restaurants around the area? Seems like the only good ones are on Niagra on the lake.

Any hotels you recommend from personal experience??
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Traveling with small children

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So, my wife is pregnant with our first child and she's due in February. YAY! But out of curiosity, what are trv's experiences traveling with small children/babies/toddlers etc? How realistic is it? What are the things you really can't do anymore? How do-able is it? I want our kid to see a lot of the world. Even if he/she won't remember anyway.
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Poland thread

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Going to poland for a few weeks. Is it enough of a danger zone to warrant Prepare to Die edition travel insurance?

Any tips, hints, comments on the people there?
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Travel Mistakes

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share your biggest travel mistakes or disasters.
whether it's a 1 day blunder or you dun fucked up years of your life.
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Hey guys,

Whats the best scandinavian country in terms of non-believers, weather, income and food?
Don't want to live in shitty germany anymore.

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How hard is nowdays to get a Green Card on the usa?

I'm mexican, male, 24 and got into a private lawschool some time back, finished in three years. Im in the process of recieveing my professional title and professional cedule wich is the official government recognition as a law practicioner..

Got a TOEFL Advanced Professional Skills degree for a test i had to do in the end of my lawschool studies, i learned english more naturally because of most relatives having lived in the states for a long time, so this the only english related degree i have to avail my communication skills.

Also, i plan to save around $5000 or $6000 for any fees involved and to survive some time. I will be moving alone so the cost is less of a pain...
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