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Hey /trv/, newcomer to traveling. Went to Europe for two weeks a few months back to clear my head and now I have the traveling bug. I only went to Rome, Paris and Prague last time because of lack of confidence and experience and now I want to plan something a bit more extravagant.

1 thing, two problems. I'm inna Air force, so I don't get paid a whole lot and I also have a clearance.

So I've been shopping for plane tickets for a trip around march time frame and I've noticed round trip are cheaper than one way once I reach the last leg of my journey. Can I just buy a round trip ticket and only use one half or will I get fucked by the airline?

also, since I am military, do you know if we are banned from any countries? I imagine Iran and North Korea for sure, but my first shirt hasn't been able to give me a concrete answer yet.

Oh and I live in North Dakota right now so how do I go about getting visas when there is no embassy near me?

3-4 week long trip to China, Russia, Japan, Vietnam (maybe) and wherever else I can think of by the time I leave.
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Thailand , what to do

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I'm going to Thailand next week
i've only booked my flight to bangkok
nothing else ..

what to do ?
cheap hostels ?
good food places ?
cheap things to do ?
where to go besides Bangkok ?

i'll be staying for a month
25/m from belgium
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Digital Nomad Thread

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Digital Nomad general.

Let's talk about things you can do to drop out of the rat race, live the simple life, and ideal locations for it.

Locations with fairly low CoL ideal for working at home:

>Bangkok, Thailand
>Chiang Mai, Thailand
>Saigon/HCMC, Vietnam

Ways to earn passive income, or be your own boss:

>freelance writing
>freelance programming/IT work
>freelance English teaching
>freelance copywriting
>selling on ebay/dropshipping

Feasible or not? Anyone have personal experience? Who is a 'digital nomad' right now?
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Last year I went to Cambodia and Thailand, and this year I would like to go to Vietnam if I can afford it. In Cambo and Thailand I stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels, however I never paid over $100 a night for any room (which isnt too bad since I split the cost with my girlfriend meaning I only paid around 50 a night). Will it be possible to find these quality hotels for the same price in vietnam (it will be during the summer during the "low months")? Alot of what I am seeing in Hanoi are 150 or more a night.

>pic related, my favorite hotel I stayed at in Bangkok, got a room for 80 a night.
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Going to the anime exp

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Hey! /trv/ im expecting to go to the anime expo in LA convention center. Im from tacoland (mexico), i would like to know how expensive is the taxi from the LA airport to the convention center, if i can take bus routes or another type of transport. I want to save some money to buy stuff and kinda scared to get lost in LA ;_; Im expecting to travel with a friend but i want to know if theres something else i can do there and what are the best hotels in the zone. Thanks for reading.
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/etg/ Euro trip general

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Can we have a general Europe trip thread.

Ask and post all things Europe here. With most people, if they have not already, booking their euro trip flights in the next few weeks, I think it's fitting.

What are some must see countries?

I want to go in the end of June to Barcelona, Rome, Sarajevo, and the Greek islands. Is it doable in 3 weeks?

Do you guys recommend booking a direct flight to Barcelona and then a flight from Athens to home? In between, booking flights to Rome, Sarajevo and Athens with Ryan air for example?

Also post which countries you've been to in Europe. Likes and dislikes.

Important things to know while travelling. How many places Accept Canadian credit cards?
Exchange cash here or there etc.

Also, what are the best Greek islands in terms of nice beaches and night life.
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trip to paris

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>be 19
>at a hotel in the suburbs of paris, because i'am poor
>at the check in manager presents himself, "pierre"
>35euros for 1 night
>manager shows me my room
> a bed a sink and some towels
> after 30 minutes i decide to beat it, realize there is no toilet paper,
>went to the public bathroom and saw this huge fucking spider
>take of my shoe and kill it
>went to tell pierre that he should take care of his spider problems
> pierre goes apeshit yelling " GET ZE FACK OUT OF MY HOTEL
>turned out it was his pet
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Trip to France - Looking for Advice

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Hello /trv/,

I'm a London-based guy and I have a week of holiday starting on monday. Since I'm a cook, I wanted to have a little sightseeing and culinary trip to France. My initial plan is to fly to Toulouse, spend a couple of days there, then make my way to Lyon, see the sights, eat and drink for another couple of days, then continue to Paris where I'd spend the rest of the week, taking the eurostar train back to London. I'd like to ask you seasoned travellers for any input concerning these cities, e.g. notable sights, things to eat, places to avoid et cetera.

Thank You kindly for any and all replies!
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>turning 28 shortly
>tfw had only visited 10 countries.

Hold me, /trv/.
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Hamburg for first time solo traveller?

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Hi /trv/, I'm 18 and have never travelled solo before. I'm from the UK and really keen to do some solo travel.

I'm considering going to Hamburg in a month or so for 3-4 days. Is Hamburg an accessible and good location for a young first time solo traveller?
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