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Hostel stories/experiences

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Haven't had one of these in a while.
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Where should I travel to find a submissive, borderline slave wife?

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Of course not speaking human traficking, want nothing to do with that shit. But I am searching for a place where I can get a woman that 5/7 days is super, almost obsessive obidient.
While I would of course take her onto trips, restaurants, make her laugh, it is something I d like to have, atleast once for a period in my life. Im young, northern european and fit.Also working on my biz, so hope to be financially independet in a few years.

This is not a shitpost and am not looking for this kind of relationship dynamic, rather than just sex. if you have questions or issues please let me know politely frens
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With Singapore nightlife opening up again. Any expats open to share some gems?
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I've worked in China for about 10 years now and am looking to work in Taiwan. I'm 37 years old and have a misdemeanor marijuana arrest (no conviction from deal with lawyer, about 2 grams on me at the time) from when I was 18 years old. The record shows up on fbi criminal background checks. Does this exclude me from working the country completely? Other than that record from almost 20 years ago I'm squeeky clean. Thanks to Amy advice you can give.
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Vietnam is open. Negative test only. Purebloods welcomed. Clotshot btfo.
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you there!
r these authentic whoppers or r these the impossible whopper with the sjw pickles!
haha! north man doesnt want any of those
do you speak english? do you have this but for men *hold up skirt* *look at person behind him* do u have this but for men? haha
im not a transgender black face trudeau monkey... this one pls
do u have discont for me? white man discount haha! alright guys he is going to give me a discount for being a viking......... *walks out of store without paying*
oh what r they cooking in there......... *walk into home kitchen* *stand in the middle of the kitchen* what r u serving?
why wont they take my order have they nwvwr swwn a northwrnwr bwforw.................
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What should I know before going to France?

Going to Paris and Mont Blanc also what’s the covid situation there and what do I need to do as a tourist?
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Are there any countries you can still visit right now where it's:

- Safe
- Reasonably easy for English speakers to get around
- Cheap
- Cool shit to see and good shit to eat
- Hot prostitutes
- Everything isn't shut down because of COVID

I haven't traveled in two years and I really miss it and I'm sure others do too. Yeah it's probably asking a lot, but I'd love recommendations even if they don't fit the entire criteria
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what the fuck goes on here.
worth a visit?
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Hey /trv/

What happens here?
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