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Japan General: No バカs Allowed Edition

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Previous Thread: >>2117344
Copypasta FAQ:
>When will Japan open to tourists again?
We don't fucking know.
>Ok, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists? Give me an estimate.
Two more weeks:
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>How do I travel by public transportation?
Install the "Official Japan Travel App"
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Current status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gate*
>Absolutely fucked. Consequently, it's not worth visiting Miyajima.

*Info on prostitution*
Japanese girls are for Japanese men only. The only thing Japanese girls will find impressive about you is your すごい高い鼻: HONK HONK.

*JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.
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South Korea Thread

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Noticed the lack of an S. Korea thread, any stories or advice from those who've been before? Anything thing that someone should know before heading out?
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What's the best casino for someone who's never been to Vegas before? Preferably one of the ones with a specific theme ala Luxor or Caesar's Palace

And of course one that isn't too expensive, but what's considered the overall best casino in Vegas?
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How would you spend $50,000 in Thailand this November if it’s your last vacation?
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/taiwan/ general.

anyone here right now?
whats the current vibe?
I can go in winter but double guessing myself because of zero covid insanity.
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Boyfriend doesn't want to travel as much with me

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>I'm 31, he's 28.

My boyfriend and I have very different travel goals. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to see every country in the world, and I've spent the last 10 years abroad in developing countries (COVID brought me back). I'm perfectly fine staying in the states long term, but when travel restrictions go away I want to start travelling again. My boyfriend also wants to travel, but he wants to do the boring safe type of travel "once a year" to see sights and eat local food in "not dangerous" countries. He doesn't even want to step foot in china.

We both work, but I don't spend as much on material things as he does (he just spent 4k on getting his car fixed so it'll "hold value longer" and he is the type to drop hundreds of dollars on dress shoes because they're 'high quality and professional' - while I drive a beater and I don't wear expensive clothes.

We got in an argument over dinner, where I told him that people in the west live super sheltered lives and he needs to get out of his shell, and he just grumbled and said "why do I always get the fucking traveller girls. Don't you want to save and buy a house one day? I'm too old to backpack across the world and I have student loans to pay". I was about to call him out on the money he just spent on his car but I didn't bother.

Are we incompatible?
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NIGGERS in Japan?

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Hey look at this video… why are there so many NIGGERS in Japan? . I was gonna go visit there, but maybe not now.

What places in japan have the most NIGGERS, and do they get shut down for their MONKEY and APE behavior?
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>mommy book a holiday to Kiev so we could go and see chernobyl last year
>have to get the vaccine inorder to fly there now
Is it even worth it?
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Ask anything to a guy who drove from Europe to Afghanistan for shits and giggles.

Moved here from /b/ on advice from nice people.
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I'm going to Larochemillay tomorrow, for 5 days. Anybody knows the place ? Or the Morvand in general ?
(There is little chance, but I'm asking anyway)
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