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How do you deal with the heat in hot countries?

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I can't fucking do it man. I can't enjoy myself, I can't think, I can't plan on doing anything, and even if I do manage that then I can't enjoy it because I am sweating my balls off, I'm too delirious to take in what's going on.

I've been to the most beautiful places in the world and the only thing I care about is finding shade and submerging myself into water so I can cool down. Hey cool temple, too bad I am literally cooking alive to give a single fuck.

No really, how do you deal with it? I travelled around mainland Europe a few summers ago and I was trying everything to stay cool. I soaked two buffs in cold water and put one round my neck and the other round my wrist to pat myself down.

I alway try to stay hydrated but it doesn't cool me down no matter how much water I sip during the day.

I'm starting to think that I'm not meant to go to warm places at all. I remember walking through Vienna and having to collapse down a side street in the shade. Through my hazy vision I saw other white couples happily walking along holding hands and smiling, enjoying themselves while I was literally dying.

How the fuck do you do it bros
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Biloxi Casinos

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I'm going to Biloxi, Mississippi in a couple weeks with some bros to gamble our savings away. What are some casinos in the area that skew younger demographically? I don't wanna be surrounded by fat old people on my mini vacation.

As an aside, are there any good historical sites to see after I've drained my bank account?
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Best Latin American Country For T Girls?

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S'up /trv/.

This is not trolling. I like chicks with dicks. I'm aware that South East Asia is a good spot for ladyboys, but I also like Latina T girls.

(I'm not interested in pay for play. I just want to have some holiday fun.)


Safest and best Latin American country to date T Girls?

Will I get harassed, assaulted or shot by locals if I bring a T girl to a restaurant, shopping, etc?
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Kenya + East Africa

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Hey /trv/,

Looking for some advice on travel in Kenya. I'm currently in Turkey and planning to fly to Pakistan in early February, where I'll stay for about 30 days. I've since bought a ticket from Karachi to Nairobi and am planning to stay 2-3 weeks in Kenya, then another 2-3 in Tanzania. There is also a chance--albeit small--that I may carry on to see parts of Zambia and Zimbabwe, too.

To the best of my knowledge, Kenya has a nationwide 10pm-4am curfew which is rather strictly enforced. Other than that, it seems, businesses--including bars, pubs, and tourism facilities--are running as usual.

I don't have a huge budget and probably will not go on any expensive safaris; one of my friends did his Peace Corps service in Tanzania, and said similar activities can be done in Zambia for far, far less money (e.g., $30-$40 for a safari in Zambia that'd cost $500+ in Kenya or Tanzania). I guess the natural background isn't quite as nice, but whatever.

I am tentatively planning to rent a piece of shit 150cc or 250cc motorcycle from Nairobi, which I'll take for the entire time I'll be in Kenya. Hell's Gate National Park seems like an interesting first destination--it's not far from Nairobi, you can explore the park without a guide and even camp there, and I won't have to worry about getting rekt by lions. Any ideas on where to go after that?

Honestly, I'd like to spend a few days just in Nairobi. I like big, filthy cities (for the most part), and would like to get drunk the locals.

FWIW, I've been to sub-Saharan Africa before, but I mostly just stayed with my Peace Corps friend in Tanzania.
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Showing bank statement to embassy

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Country I'm going to wants to see if I have 10grand in my bank account before giving me a study visa. I dont have ten grand and was thinking of just photoshopping it but what if they find out? Is there a way for them to check? Thanks anons.
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For (almost) any and all of your one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If your question is specific to a popular destination (such as Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, etc.), check to see if there's a relevant general before asking it here.

If your question is administrative in nature (eg. visas, passports, customs/immigration, airport/airline policies, etc.), try to be as specific as possible. Such information may include, but is not limited to: your nationality, where you're going, any layover points, etc. These details do get missed quite often, and they sometimes can make a difference.

If you are planning a trip and would like some help, try to have some idea of what you want to do. Nobody here can read your mind; you need to give us your hobbies & interests, at least.

All information in this thread and any external URLs are meant to be for reference only. Use at your own risk.

Previous thread: >>1868603
Sticky: >>609350
QTDDTOT Pastebin:
NEW - COVID-19 Travel Pastebin:
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Non-digital nomadism

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So there's a lot of info online about being a digital nomad. However, not everyone can make money writing blog articles and selling ads, designing websites, etc.

Are there good resources for information about becoming a non-digital nomad? Travelling around without making money online? Looking for physical, location-based work, that kind of thing.

Thanks in advance :)
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Feeling trapped

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Does anyone else here feel trapped inside? Every time I do research on going somewhere, either by plane, bus, bike, or just walking, something out of my control comes up like "camping is illegal", or things just end up being way too expensive.
Is travel today harder than it was before? That's how it feels to me.
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Camping tips

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Do you guys have any tips for a first time camper? I'm planning a short (2-3 day) solo camping trip some time next year. I remember hearing that beginners should go camping with someone who has done it before, but I figure I'll be fine if I spend the next few months researching and figuring out what kind of gear I need.
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America is broken and I don't know where to go

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My wife and I finally finished school and we're trying to avoid indentured servitude to the (((bankers))) by buying something below $200,000 and paying it off in less than five years but the more I look at real estate and reports on the areas we're looking at buying in, the more I realize America is fucking broken and rotten to the core.

Industry is dead, everyone's hooked on opiates because they can't afford the copay to see a new doctor and actually treat their underlying health conditions, soon graduating onto heroin, crack and meth leading to violent crime where they'll kill you over ten dollars in your pocket.

What the fuck, where can I live? I'm not even looking in cities or suburbs. Everywhere that is moderately affordable is somewhere you wouldn't want to live and the more expensive areas are even worse when it comes to crime.
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