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Central and South America By Motorcycle

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Hey all,

Semi-experienced /trv/fag here. Been to about 35 countries since 2013 and lived overseas for a couple years.

I'm 23 and about to finish both of my BSc programs. I'm considering taking a motorbike trip from my home state of Michigan to either Panama or Argentina after I complete my undergraduate education or, alternatively, a masters.

A few questions I have for anybody with experience:

>Would it be more economical to purchase a bike in Paraguay or Chile and then ride northward to the United States? I'd rather keep whatever bike I use than re-sell it at the end of the trip, and I don't want to double the trip length by riding back.
>How much of an issue is two-wheeled transportation in Central America? The thought of transiting through El Salvador or Guatemala on back of a motorbike and with all my valuables strapped in seems somewhat unsettling.
>Do road use fees and whatnot constitute a large part of a motorbike trip budget, or are they fairly inconsequential?

I'd like to buy a used or almost-new Suzuki V-Strom 650, although I'm also considering the BMW F650GS and KLR 650.

If I go from the United States to South America with a bike, rather than from there to here, I'd probably buy a bike next summer and take the trip after I get a masters (2-3 years in the future; I want to do the Peace Corps in conjunction with an MS, then apply for PhD programs after a brief break).

Otherwise I'd do immediately after graduating. I have a work-from-anywhere income of a couple thousand dollars per month and am hoping to grow that to $3,000-ish per month by the time I leave.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Oh - and for what it's worth, I'm already an experienced rider. I have my own bike in the States and have done some touring in Central America (on a rental) and India.
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this girl is more of a traveler now then you ever have or ever will be how does it make you feel?
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Philippines is easing travel restrictions. Its only a matter of time before tourists are allowed. Once Trump wins and rona restrictions are dropped, philippines will open.
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Hey there people where can you live ( countries and areas) a nice lifestyle on $1,000 a month all in, food , lodging etc,. I don't need any drugs alcohol or hookers just looking for basic stuff

Pic related a basic onionburger
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Psytrance Festivals

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Let's discuss psytrance festivals! And/or other electronic genres.

I've never been to one, was recommended Ozora this July/August as it would have the best facilities, a softer landing into this type of activity; I traveled but I'm not a rugged backpacker who sleeps on a bench in a foreign city with some newspapers for cover, and I wonder how I'll manage to enjoy myself sleeping in a tent and shitting in a chemical toilet with no showers while eating re-heated pizza for a week.

Some questions for anyone experienced with these festivals to kick things off, I'd love to hear more from veterans:

1. Other than Ozora (which is the only big name I know), what other festival in Europe would you recommend?
2. Do they sell "packages" for these (flight+entry ticket+lodging)?
3. Do you bring your own sleeping arrangements there (tent, sleeping bag etc.)? Can you buy it on the spot, should I land then buy something locally or carry it on the flight over? Is it possible to go back to a nearby city and just sleep there instead of staying over?
4. How long do these festivals normally last? Do most people go the whole length or do most they leave after a couple days?
5. What do you do there other than dance around?
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What is NZ like to live as single guy?

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Ausfag here thinking about moving across the ditch when they finally let us again. Good places to live? What are kiwi women like?
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I want to settle down in North America

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I have this thing that I always wanted to live in north america (Canada or the US).

I have a bachelors degree in computer science and I have been working 4 years now as a Business analyst (so not a developer) in 3 different countries (Spain, France and Hungary).

I really like the US because I feel like if you want to go big in IT you need to move to the US. At the same time, I enjoy big cities (300k inhabitants or more) and I feel like the people in general in the US (at least the ones I've met) are generally open. (This might not be true for the REAL population of the US).

Now, I'm thinking about moving again from France to somewhere else and the country where I move has to speak English. I just speak English and Spanish and I dont want to go to South America or Spain. I was thinking Canada, but after seeing some of the comments here I'm doubting a little bit.

If you could choose a city to settle down, which one would you aim for? I want to ask this with a real salary, not 250k a year but also not less than 100k a year.

I would like to live in an international city, with people from different countries and if possible, good weather.

I think the US is a bit harder because I would have to get a visa, and I feel like it's extremely difficult to get a visa even for someone with a college degree and years of experience in IT.
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Attacked or Robbed while Traveling

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Has anyone experienced a scam, assaulted, robbed, or attacked while traveling? I know for a fact the ladder scam isn't real, but what should I be looking out for when I do travel? I just don't want to put myself in an unpleasant situation. So if this did happen to you, what happened and how could've you avoided it?

I already know never to sign a petition from someone because they always try to pick pocket you in some way while you're distracted.
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Monk Mode

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Looking for somewhere to detach from the toxic mindless sludge of western society for awhile. Maybe as long as a year. Anyone have any experience
>volunteering in a monastary
>doing a meditation retreat
>doing a martial arts all inclusive
or something similar? Money isnt an issue I just want to go somewhere and see what its like being in a community with no internet or phone or Trump or CNN for a prolonged time. I'm thinking maybe China or rural Thailand?
>inb4 you're just another npc looking to play the status game
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"You can see the whole city in 3 days". Is this the most stupid thing somebody can say about traveling?
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