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where to party for NYE in Europe?

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alright so i got some extra cash to spend on traveling in europe this winter. I live in Norway, but the party/drug scene is rather monotonous.

Where should I go in Europe to celebrate NYE?
I can only travel for max 2 weeks.
Preferably I'd like to hit up 2 different cities.

So far Amsterdam (for 4 days) with a train to Berlin (for 4 days) seems ideal.

im not huge into edm but i do like minimal house, dnb and garage so Berlin seems like an obvious choice no?

Besides drugs and other debauchery im pretty into museums, art, and fashion as well.
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Bald and Bankrupt

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What do you all think of his latest video?
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Anyone of you ever used the services of these escort sites?
Do you know if they are legit?
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What is there do in Nigeria as a tourist?
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Any suggestions for how to have fun with my passport photo? I'd love to play jokes on the border guards of the countries I visit to ease the tension and give them a laugh so start out on a good note.

Therefore, I want to take a funny passport photo that guards will remember forever.

Some stuff I'm thinking about:
Googley eyes
Afro wig (definitely)
False teeth
Color contacts

What does /trv/think?

BTW: I'm Pakistani-British if that matters
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Travel Cameras

Can anyone recomend me a good compact DSLR that maybe i can get second hand?

i'd love the option to change a lens for something more long range, aswell as having something for a bit closer
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Iam travelling to vietnam in 14 days.
Do you have any tips and places i should visit in north.

Anawesome competitor to Agoda and Booking. Finally!

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Hello People !

I have been traveling around Thailand, Laos , Indonesia in the recent months and i have been using a new website to book my hotels.

It is called Travala and got already 550.000+ Hotels on their website.

What i love about the website:

Low fees which will support especially small businesses and budget travelers, as prices are usually up to 10% lower, than the competition.

They have an awesome reward system.
You will recieve 2%-5% in *cashback* in form of their native crypto token AVA, you can use this token to either spend on other hotels, transform it into hard cash, tip someone, buy something from websites or just keep it and it becomes some kind of (share), so if the value of the company goes up , your rewards will also end up being higher.

Their Feedback System based on smart contracts on the blockchain will make it impossible to fake them, which is a huge problem at Agoda and Booking.

With this link you will recieve a little bonus of 20$, after booking and staying at the first Hotel (has to total 50$+)

I hope you like it and safe travels.
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Is Accra any good?
What is there to do?
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how do motovloggers afford their trips? gas, food, hostels/airbnb, motorcycle, motorcycle gear, maintenance, I missing something? It seems like a reasonable budget for a motorcycle trip is around 5k usd/month after 1-time costs like motorcycle + helmet and so on? Anyone know what a reasonable budget is like? Obviously depends on the country but if I assume somewhere moderate (not dirt poor or super rich) like Estonia or Russia then we must be talking 100-200 USD/day no?
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