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Mexico/LATAM vs SEA

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Listen up, Im a burger and need to leave here asap. The purpose of this thread is to get outside info on all you know through personal xp on traveling to these cheaper countries.
Im looking for some place cheap, plan on renting monthly for cost. I like martial arts, fitness, beaches, bitches, outdoors, dive/surf, etc.
When I look on lets say Airbnb I can get great deals in Thailand, always beating mexico in cost and quality. Is there something im missing? I also would use Thai websites on occasion for the cheapest hotels.
To cut things really short i am limited in my knowlede but i know a bit about living in Thailand, baja mexico, sri lanka, basically third world shitholes for low c.o.l and easy puss and none come close to thailand.

>Easy, consistent lays
>Cheapest rent/better quality for half of $
>Lots of beaches, top knotch islands
>Cool culture, i want to learn spanish
>great nature, beaches, hot latinas (no me gusta gorditas)
>imo better food, deliciosos
>2x price for rent, not as quality
Places ive liked in the past: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Thai Islands, Cabo, LA, Weligama, Todos Santos

What am I missing anons? I am genuinely curious if ive gone mad with yellow fever/SEA pilling? Tell me some things about where you've been, not limited to just Mexico and SEA.
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Is this true, /trv/
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Is He Dead?

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Visiting Dublin

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I'm going to Dublin next week. Staying in a hostel right in the center of the city. I'll be there for a few days.

Do any Irish anons or travelers have advice for me?
Any places I could visit? Any pubs? Should I go out to the rural areas and make a daytrip out of it?
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Real Traveller's map™

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Real Traveller's map™ thread.

Color your home country in red, and the subdivisions you've visited in your home country in dark red. Color the countries you've visited in light green, and the subdivisions you've visited in dark green. Or just use the map however you like.

This is an updated version of the map, version 4.0.3. I'll post the simplified update in the next post.

Changelog (1/2)

Major changes
>Added three new provinces of Kazakhstan
>Azerbaijan has reorganized their economic regions from 10 to 14
>Indonesia has split their old Papua province into four new ones
>Timor-Leste has split Atauro Island from Dili Municipality
>South Ossetia's capital, Tskhinvali, has been added as a separate district
>The Israeli-administered Golan Heights has been merged to their Northern District, while also adding the eastern part of Quneitra Province to Syria. This corrects an error from previous maps where the entire Golan Heights was shown as being a separate Israeli district.
I also removed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics that were added in the previous update, because with everything going on, they can hardly claim to be unrecognized countries anymore. I won't change Ukraine's borders anymore until that war is over.
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Sex Tourism in Japan

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How difficult is it to get high class escorts in Japan if you're a wealthy gaijin tourist who speaks relatively broken Japanese? I'm going to stay in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo for a 4 week vacation in a few months and I would love to fuck some JAV girls while I'm there. I hear they usually don't fuck gaijin though.
I'm fine with dropping a lot of money on a girl, my main goal would be to fuck a well known starlet so price isn't a concern for me. Besides, here It's not unusual for me to pay over $1000 USD for an escort here in the States or in Canada/Europe. In fact I'm willing to pay well over $1000 USD if I can score someone like AIKA or Kana Momonogi
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Basque Region of Spain

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Is this a good place to visit for a Britbong?
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Going to Copenhagen in December

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Hey /trv/
I'm planning a trip to Copenhagen and I wonder if you have any good recommendations about what to do/see/eat there
Also how's the city overall?
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Is there anything that makes less sense than queuing up to board a plane?

Do they think it will leave without them?
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interesting maps thread
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