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Travel Code of Conduct

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What are your rules of travel?

Mines are
1. Don't travel with couples
2. Don't travel with lazy people
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morocco trip

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I am planning a morocco trip to some major cites like cassablanca, fez and marrakesh. Has any anon experience with this cities or morroco in general?

Is it a good travel destination and is it safe for two young western dudes?
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Japan General

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Japan General - Make a new thread already Edition

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese. What is available can generally be found in the following links
Note that most of these companies are owned by the same group so behave.

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1330042
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am i making a mistake going to mexico city as my first trip to mexico?

the plan is to go there for a week and rent airbnb, eat tacos, and get tan

should i reconsider going to another city in mexico?
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Is it worth going to Vietnam if I don't rent a motorbike there?
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First time eurotrip advice

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Hello, My gf and I would like to travel to europe.
We are from Russia.

My gf has never been abroad.
this trip is to take place in march.
We would like to visit the Czech republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy.

We are looking for a 3-4 weeks tops long trip.

We would like to spend atleast 8 days in italy and 3-4 days by the sea.

Are there good beaches close to rome?
This trip is to take place in april - march.
Is it warm enough?

we are planning to stay in mostly hostels.
Besides the time by the beach in Italy and Prague.

Can we get this done with 3000 usd?
Or how much would we need?

please advise.
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I'm thinking about moving to Canada after I graduate from polytechnic. Any safe and quiet cities on the southern border?
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Hoping to take a trip to England in a couple of months. Other than London, what are some areas worth visiting? Any recommendations on nightlife? I don't like party-like clubs, but I do like bars and music clubs.
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what's the best camera to take while travelling?
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