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Where is the cheapest place i can spend november through april.
I just need to not exist in my country for a while.
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Did you miss your flight?

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What games should I play to pass the time till I move to Japan? Just few months remaining.
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7 nights in Tokyo

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Hi all, the general has hit bump limit, so here goes:

Planning on spending a week in Tokyo with wife and her parents (they are cool, already took them to China, HK and South Africa before).
Looking at Airbnb options as well as hotels, is Shinjuku a nice place to stay? What would /trv/ recommend as a central location that we could use as a base for day trips?
Also if you had 8 days/7 nights to experience Tokyo, what would be on your list?
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Freight-hopping thread

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Has anyone ever actually went train hopping? Perhaps some general advice about it or some personal stories.
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Travelling to Bucharest

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Heading to Bucharest next month, any recommendations on where to visit? Anyone know which hostels to book as well?
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tokyo nightlife

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I'm gonna have a couple of days/nights in Tokyo. Where should I go to sample (and enjoy) the nightlife, as a single european adlut male who lives out of his carry-on backpack (so, no club clothes. I do have shoes though).

sorry for the "I haven't planned shit what should I do" post, but I've been travelling too much - just came back from Iran, and was too tired/fucked up to research shit properly
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Vietnam Q&A

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Hello /trv/, 4 years ago I made a thread asking for advice on travelling through Vietnam.

Now 4 years later I've been through every province, launched a successful tour company, launched a startup that secured seed funding and then failed, became conversational in Vietnamese and I now would like to pay back the debt I owe to this board.

Anyone with questions about anything related to Vietnam please feel welcome to drop a few lines here and I'll get back to you.
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Au Pair Thread

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Has anyone here been an Au Pair?

I'm looking for an international experience before I leave for the air force, so I'm looking at being an au pair.

I'm an 19 y/o male who speaks English natively and speaks German at an A2/B1 level.

I'm thinking Switzerland/Austria/Germany, but I also want to check out Finland/Sweden, Italy, France, and Spain. It seems like there's a shit load of families seeking au pairs in Italy.

I've got a profile set up on Au Pair World, how should I introduce myself to a family and show interest in the job?
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Sup lads. If you were going to travel somewhere during December-January, where would you go?
Thinking about going abroad, but not really a fan of rainy-snowy weather. Or should I just go somewhere anyways? Thanks