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Philippines General

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Previous thread >>1382267

>no sexpats
>no /r/philippines cucks
>no shitty forced memes
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>stinky tofu
>burning joss paper
>tired ESL teachers
>people smoking cigarettes like it's the end of the world

Discuss topics about the ROC here. Old thread is almost maxed out.
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RV over Apartment

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I'm looking into truck campers, travel trailers, and park trailers. I wanna save money compared to apartment living ($1500/month with rent and utilities)

What do you recommend?
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Good place in Europe for a short break alone?

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Hello frens. I quit my jewb and have a couple weeks off until I start the next one. Where is your favourite city/place in Europe or slightly further afield to hang out for a few days and have a nice time?
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Japan Meditation Retreat

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Is there a good meditation retreat in Japan? I want to go on one of those 10 day meditation retreats, but I don't trust dark skinned asians.

After living in Korea for 8 years, I don't trust Korens or Chinese either. Only Japanese are elitist enough to not rob/rape/gross me out.
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Westcoast Norway, Sykkylven

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Hd video: Hiking in Sykkylven Norway. About 5 months and 20 kg ago i decided to start hiking the mountains around my home in westcoast Norway to loose weight .And i guess its working. I started a instagram account to take pictures. And i started getting request to shoot video too. So i did enjoy :)
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In which country are the most beautiful forests to go hiking?
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I'm going to Ukraine in a month, i might have to stay a few weeks.

What can you tell me about the country, esp. Kiev? How was your experience, if you had any?

Any tips? How are prices, people, police, city?
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Spain thread

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General discussion of Spain. Planning on going sometime, but no idea where or when. So, where and when?
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Beach Trip

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Yo, my lady and I are planning a trip to a beach.

Here are the conditions:
clear water
less than 8 hours driving from Atlanta, GA
marriot discount so marriot hotel is plus

we were looking at Destin, Fl for awhile. turns out the trip would be about $500 w/ non-marriot hotel and car rental. so I thought about using that same money and finding somewhere else

Top is Clearwater, FL
cheapest hotel and only 7 hours

I like Fort Meyer, FL Siesta Key, FL and Virginia Beach, VA but they are a bit too much of a ride for my lady.
we are goin July 18-20

Thanks for any tips on nightlife, attitude of locals, activities, etc.
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