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I'm going to visit Riyadh, KSA soon. Is there any cool and historically relevent places for a guy whose clearly not muslim to see in or near Riyadh?
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How many hours should I spend on a museum

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So, I'll be traveling to Europe in two months, I'll spend 5 days on Netherlands and the other 15 I still don't know (probably Austria, Germany and Spain)

I want to ask specifically about museums: how many hours are necessary in a good one, such as Prado and Rijksmuseum? I've been studying the collections for some time, so I want to spend the whole day there if possible.
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>want to spend life sailing the world
>can't because reasons
>like to watch sailing vlogs at least
>can't because it just makes me depressed
>will never be able to experience the joy of sailing in life, vicariously or otherwise
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I want to go to Ethiopia next year. Should I book a tour, like a 15-16 days tour of the North with an Ethiopian company, and just do the travelling to and from the country by myself, or would it be fine to "backpack" the country and just book a couple of shorter tours to some of the more dangerous places, like the Danakil Depression?

I'm really excited about seeing the country, and I know that it's possible to travel solo, so don't tell me that it's too much of a risk - I'd rather just like to hear from someone who has experience or maybe knows someone who has done it.
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What are things that ruin your mood while traveling?

For me the number one thing is that when I talk with someone in their native language and they immediately respond in English. I want to strangle them
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Has anyone taken any Arctic/Antarctic/Greenland/Iceland/Svalbard cruises? Thinking about going on one next year, but it's difficult to choose.
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Sup /trv/ Going to Japan (Akita international university) for 4.5 months on exchange, and have some questions: Any suggestions for dope shit to do while in Japan? I don't know how high the workload is, but i'm hoping weekend trips around the country will be a thing.

Does anyone have an idea for cheapest warm country to fly to afterwards? (Cheap as in plane ticket and food/drink). I'm guessing its southeast asia.
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USA Travel Tips

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what is up my dudes, i'm going to the USA for 3 months this summer to teach kids how to skateboard at a summer camp in ny... afterwards I plan on travelling the country to catch my flight back from san francisco.... any tips, pointers or recommendations for my journey/time there? i'm planning to hit up philly, new orleans, the grand canyon and l.a on my way to s.f... any other cities i should hit up? i was debating atlanta, miami, and vegas but i ain't sure about those
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I am planning to travel to Bangkok this summer for two weeks with two friends. We are planning to stay in some cheap ass hostels, eat street food and try to go out each night. Someone from /trv/ that have gone there how much do you think we will spend including drugs whores, etc
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Im heading to Toronto in May.
I want to see the HMCS Haida, but afterwards, i have no idea what i want to do in Toronto proper

Any ideas?