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I have $5000 and I live in the US

whats the most fun thing I can do travel wise?
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So I've accepted a job in Taichung, Taiwan and I've been reading up on the location. Apparently Taiwan is like Florida (where I live now) in terms of weather, so I'm not too sure what to pack. Should I bring some cold weather clothes as well? I don't want to be underprepared and look like a loon walking around in shorts while it's frosty outside.
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Best of Colorado Springs?

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I'm planning to move to Colorado Springs from California for a lot of reasons, to name a few:

>A decent home is around 300k, not 800k+
>Cost of living isn't sky high
>Weather isn't scorching hot 8 months out of the year

But I need to know the best part of Colorado Springs to move to since I don't know anyone that lives out there. Currently, house hunting at the moment and found some good ones.
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FKK in Germany

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I just moved to Munich and I've been very interested in visiting a FKK club. Any tips or suggestions of clubs in here?
Also, are there any girls who take clients at home here or just in brothels/FKKs?
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Any particular spots in D.C worth checking out?

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So aside from trying to find resturants and bars and a chinese message parlor I don't know what to particularly check out as the typical tourist traps don't interest me (although I might try to go to the Smithsonian, havn't been there). Any suggestions?
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Transport in Malmo/Skane

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I'll be soon visiting Malmo and I'll be staying for 3 weeks. I need info travel cards or something for that time.
I'm gonna need to use public transport and skane buses, my visit list includes :
Söderåsen national park
Stenshuvud national park
Dalby Soderskog

If you have some more places to recommend feel free to, but I'm actually looking for info on travel cards/options.
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I just found trv. going to spend a ton of time here

im planning a trip to south beach next month. i always rent an airbnb but it cost $1k for the week. im never inside.

but i do bring an expensive camera as im friendly with the modeling agencies and usually get busy shooting models.

i also like to sunbathe by an open window.

possible in a hostile?

should i just scrap the camera? and can anyone recommend a hostel? this is all really new. sorry if I broke any rules.

be gentle....
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anyone ever been to mongolia? i have been thinking of doing a long distance trek by foot with a backpack and a tent or if that is not possible by motorbike or perhaps horse but since i am not very apt in horse riding this might not be the best idea, but i cant find much mapping or walkable trails there is also little info about resupply stops or info about the roads if it is suitable for a motorbike or if the distances between villages are to far to go by foot. I was thinking of taking food supply for 3 days and travel between villages especially in the altai area on the steps and perhaps venture into the mountains for a few days but that i ll best do with a guide. probably for 2 months.
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Copenhagen in one day

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I am visiting Copenhagen soon and I will be staying there for 10h. I'd like to see the city and the attractions as much as possible so I'm asking here what should I pick and what are the must see things ? Also what about travel in the city ? Which is the fastest way to travel ?