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/NYC/ /New York City/

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What's it like living in NYC? If you're only middle class is it even worth it?

I visualize living near Central Park and being able to jog there every day. Would I have to be a millionaire to get anywhere near this? Does it get boring?

It feels like a central piece of the world and I'd like to be there. Almost comparable to something like Tokyo except in burgerland
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Banff, CA

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Going to be spending around 10 days in the Banff and Calgary area. Anyone been there that can share their experience, tips, and recs? Recommend me some fun and cool things to do in the area. Also restaurant recs would be great.
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Visas (UK)

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My boyfriend wants me to move in with him in the uk but I am not sure what visa i should get since we've only been dating for a couple of months I was hoping someone here could help (pic not related)
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I am already dreading winter.
I live in a van but have about ten grand to spend on a six month winter vacation to somewhere warm.
Drive the van to mexico or fly to someplace else?
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Guys, thinking of going to Ciudad de México for my first international trip and even though I love mexican culture, I'm kind of afraid of the crime there (don't know if it's a meme or what).
Does anyone had experiences about that who can share? Is the subway safe?
>I kinda have a thing about subways
>I want to see some shit outside of the regular tourist routes, like sports
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What phone carriers do you use internationally,
I'm planning on a huge roadtrip through europe,asia and africa and wondering what to use
I use AT&T and its shit
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Going to FL, Orlando next week, where are some and fun places beside Disney would recommend for first timers.
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Traveling in Taiwan

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I am planning a trip to Taiwan for roughly 5 weeks towards the end of the year (September/October) and was wondering if I could get some advice or if people could tell me whether this destination is for me before I book flights etc... I am in the very preliminary stages of planning. I am really wanting this to be a proper adventure rather than a standard holiday and really want to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

I have been learning mandarin for a year or so in a night class and I feel like I know enough to get by in terms of getting from A to B and ordering food etc and my hope is from immersing myself in the culture I will have to either sink or swim and I will hopefully come out of it being able to speak a passable amount of mandarin. Is there enough English spoken in the country that I will likely get lazy and not do this?

Also, I would be very keen on hiring a scooter or motorbike for my time there. I am an experienced rider, however having seen roads in China/Vietnam I do believe it is pertinent to ask the question: is this a good idea and am I going to die?

I am also a bit of a loose unit and like to drink and get my groove on. I am typically a fan of the more 'dodgy' 3rd world kind of travel destinations where my kind of reckless behavior is not only not frowned upon, but encouraged. What is the drinking culture like in Taiwan? I am getting mixed results from the preliminary research I have done online. Honestly, it would be a bit of a deal breaker if I couldn't get a bit loose while I was there.

I am a first time poster in /trv/ so I apologize if I am breaking any of the boards etiquette.
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Have five days free on a tour to eu, was thinking about going to Prague, how dangerous it is for a black man ?
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