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Anyone have experience with traveling Eastern Europe?
I want to teach English there and I am looking at Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic.
Suggestions advice etc are welcome...
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I'm about to leave Taiwan, but I'm not satisfied. I want a light skin asian qt gf to bring back home to my parents or at the least a hookup.

Which country should I go to?

I'm thinking of Thailand and the philpeans, which one has the less dark Asian qts? Keep in mind, I'm a Chicano so I don't have white privilege.
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Heading to Japan soon and planned to do a bunch of clothes shopping. Everyone keeps telling me how expensive Japan is though. Are things like clothing really that much more expensive than they are here in Australia? I mean, I thought we paid through the nose for everything. I'm not looking for Gucci level clothing, just something like Cotton On (for anyone that knows the retail chain here in Oz).
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Advice for all inclusive resorts

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Whats up /Trv/,

I'd like your opinion on all inclusive resorts more specifically in Mexico.

I plan on going for a week long vacation from February 11 to 18 with my girlfriend. Our budget will be approximately 2500 to 3000 each. We are both 24 years old and we are looking for a more mature resort with a nice mix of partying and relaxation.

any suggestions on where to go, i'm open to resorts that aren't in Mexico if anybody had any amazing experiences.

P.s heres a photo of me and Lahey, taken while we were departing for mexico.
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Wanna go to Australia for a while, preferably Brisbane but any bigger city is fine. I currently live in a small town in Sweden and theres nothing to do here except drink on the weekends. What would be my best bet for finding work as a foreigner without any proper education? And what standard of living can I expect? Im not fastidious but having an apartment would be nice as Im not too big on hostels.
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Australia hostel work

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I have some questions about australian working hostels. Thinking it might be cool to work on one around June-August, are these months available for work anywhere over there? Do i need a work visa or is there anything under the table? also how much can you expect to make in about a month or two of work?
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Does anyone here use travel guides/websites to help assess the safety and/or environment of a potential destination; particularly /out/ destinations? Pic-related is an Australian example.
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How is it legal for airlines to overbook flights? The argument that I have heard is that this is because they account for x number of people who do not show up for their flight for whatever reason. Why are they allowed to do this when they get paid no matter if a passenger shows up or not? Why should they be allowed to sell something that in many cases, they don't have and are forced to move someone to a different flight?
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Does anyone know if the lines and safety situations in airports across the United States are being effected because of the Trump shut down? Is anyone else here having a problem or taking any precautions when traveling?
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Mexico city

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I'm a big history buff with a particular interest in Mesoamerican history and finally have the opportunity to visit CDMX in April. The anthropology museum and the subsequent historical sites I already have covered, but everything else I'm pretty clueless about. Where can I find the best nightlife in the city? Any recommended techno clubs would be great. What parts of the city should I stay away from as an American with low level Spanish? I have an airbnb in Roma. Finally, how is tinder and the likes down in Mexico? Popular or not?