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travel confession thread

>i went to japan and didn't eat sushi once
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I will be boarding my flight to Taipei, Taiwan in 24 hours. I've got some questions:

What's the best way to spend less than $10 on food a day?

I will be taking the HSR to Kaohsiung when I arrive. I'm from Florida, is Kaohsiung similar? (aside from weather)

I found a studio apartment in the center of the city (Kaohsiung) for $250/m covering all fees. Am I getting a good deal?

Average hourly rate for a internet cafe/PC Bang?

Do 7/11's really offer the best exchange rate? I keep getting mixed info on this, some saying go to a bank, some say exchange at airport, other's saying ATM's.

Do Taiwanese really love Americans? Will any business's deny me because I'm a foreigner?

Taiwanese women. Yay or nay?
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Im taking a road trip. Staying in Boston, NYC, and Washington DC. Woefully unprepared though. I have done the typical google searches and have some places to see.

What should I see in these cities that isn't obvious? Cheap broadway shows? Are there free observation decks or tall buildings I can sneak into in NYC? Is Boston basically just boring?

I am rather excited to go to VRworld in NYC
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Are short-term rentals (1-2 months) popular in Europe? Or do I have to stick with airbnb?
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Smuggling small amount of drugs

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I'm going to a festival soon (West-europe) and I'm taking a short flight there (1-2hrs).
I want to bring some MDMA just for personal use, no more that 0,5 gram.
I have never carried drugs via plane, what are my chances of getting busted? Should I just hide them in my sock and assume I'll be fine?

Any advice is appreciated

Thank you
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Did you ever experience homesickness, cultural shock or some kind of freak out while travelling?
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As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling/Living to Iceland
>Eating whale meat and sheep parts
>Learning the Icelandic language
>Drinking expensive hooch
>Getting your viking fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Iceland's sex industry is almost nonexistent, likely something only the most desperate would consider and chlamydia is rampant.
What few prostitutes are around are old and unattractive, there is very little available information online.

*Note about Iceland railways*
There are none. How about a helicopter to Greenland?

Redpill me on Iceland. I want to get redpilled hard.
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Strange wishes of 4chan

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Hey trv,

The thing i love most about this board are the obscure sights and locations that people suggest on here.

>what strange location are you planning to visit?
I hope annons can get some new ideas of this threads.

For me
>planning to visit mauritania, ivoiry coast and afghanistan next year
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Has anyone ever taken part in the WWOOF? Stories? Pros and Cons? Would you recommend it?
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Air Quality in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou

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Can anyone with personal experience tell me what the air was like in these three cities? I'm looking for someone that spent at least a few months in any of them to weight in and let me know. I lived in China in the past and I usually found websites and apps weren't too reliable from abroad, experiencing the air was actually more important.