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How bad are the restrictions in Finland right now? I have a 20hr layover in Helsinki on my way to Poland and I'd love to be able to go out and explore the city while I wait. I'm not vaxxed but I'll have had a negative covid test within a day and would be willing to submit to another. Any idea if I'd be allowed out? I read you could only leave the airport if you had a specific reason to, like visiting family. Could I lie about visiting family during my layover? Would I be caught in that lie and then not let into Poland?
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I'm at the MGM grand. How do I order an escort?
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Mexico City

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Going to Mexico City for a few days around the Day of the Dead but it seems like the celebrations are postponed for another year. Any suggestions for things to do around the city or nearby towns? I spent a few days exploring Centro Historico and have seen Teotihuacan a few years ago. Thinking about checking out Lucha Libre and maybe doing a day trip to Cholula to see that pyramid or something? What are some fun things for a solo American traveler to do?

Also I'm married but going solo, so not looking to get laid or anything.
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What country worships white men the most?

I'm attractive where I'm from but I like the idea of maximizing how much I can pull. Is it a SEA country, south america?
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PERU is back on the menu

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Anyone have any suggestions for things to do around cusco and machu picchu? Thinking of hitting it up after i venture around colombia.
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Best city in Canada for fun nightlife?
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Places You Want To Go But Are Too Dangerous

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North Korea
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/rcg/ - Roller Coaster General

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Everything will open except Iron Gwazi Edition

Previous Thread: >>1973204

>What is this?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the rollercoaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things rollercoasters, as well as amusement parks in general.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:
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Tin resins why ye canae move tae Sco'land.

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Tin resins why ye canae move tae Sco'land.

Win - We dinnae want ye here

Tae - Yer nae hard enough

Threh - Ye wouldnae like the wither (and ye wouldne ken hoo tae describ it - dreich, drookit, haar, etc)

Fir - Yer a dafty who couldne git intae oor big skels and dinnae ken aboot the Sco'ish Enlightinment

Fiv - Yer a big girruls blouse and cannae keep up wi oor drinkin

Sex - Yed get snapped in hoff if ye played fitbaw wi us

sivvun - Ye coodnae handle the patter

It - Wae dinnae wint ye drivin up the price awe hooses

Nin - Yer pribly a jobbyjabber who likes it it in the backsie

Tin - Oor wimmun boke at the sight of ye

If somehoo ye dae mit the abuv requirmints then ye can enter but ye must promis to vote fi SNP, the ONLY party that trilly represents Sco'land.

Fuck off hame any English cunts.