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Any spanish Anons here that could help me out?

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I have a FP Superior and from what I've heard those studies are recognized within the EU, but what about countries like Switzerland and Norway that don't belong to the EU, do they recognize them?
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traveling with precious metals

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Heading to Canada with my gf for a month. She wants to buy maybe 10-15 silver maple coins while we are there. What is the best way to go about this when going through an airport? She is only going to have a carry-on. I've flown with silver before and obviously I get flagged everytime it goes through an x-ray. I've never had a serious issue (traveled with max 20 oz (just say it's my personal collection)). I think as long as it's under a certain threshold it's not a problem. I'm just curious of the best response when speaking with customs. Maybe "it's a gift" is a better response?
>pic related, one of my kookaburras
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Ireland travel tips

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going to dublin for 4 days in 2 weeks. Does one have any recs for restaurants, bars, or other fun things to do?
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Filthy Food Travels

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What's the most disgusting thing you've eaten on your travels? For me, it was 童子蛋(also known as Virgin Boy Egg) in China. It's really popular to eat eggs that have been boiled in boy's urine (similar to tea egg) there. It's absolutely vile, but hey, 'When in Rome...' as they say.
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Eastern european anons

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I'm thinking of getting a ticket next week to go to prague or some place and fuck hoes

I wonder has anybody done this before and is it worth it? Apparently if you live in a hotel you can just call and they will come to you?
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I'm looking to do a little Geomaxxing in the near future. That being said, I'd like to take something like a virtual world tour in order to ascertain my dating market value. I've tried to do this using Tinder, but it required a phone number based in the particular country I was targeting. Should I try other apps?
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Sooo, what actually would happen if you traveled beyond the Southern pole of inaccessibility?
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How to avoid getting your shit stolen while at hostels?

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>travelling Japan for a few weeks (first time travelling)
>staying in hostels/capsule hotels for most of my trip
>really worried about someone snatching my phone/wallet off of my bed while I sleep

What's the best method to ensure that none of valuables get stolen while at a hostel?
>inb4 use lockers
Lockers which are opened with keys....keys that you would keep with you on your bed, right? So the problem still persists. Would there be any way to ensure that my valuables are 100% safe and not at any risk of being stolen?
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Is traveling the U.S. fun? I'm considering going to all 50 states (48 in one road trip, the other two sometime else), but I'm worried everything is going to blend together and I'll meet the exact same Amerigolem everywhere. Never left my state, so don't know how likely this is.
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going back for the summer, is there literally anything interesting to do in this shithole?
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