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What is it like living in germany?

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In general
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I plan to spend a week in Berlin, and maybe some others cities around, how much would it cost per day ? I can take cheap accommodation like hostel and eat cheap food I don't care. I plan to visit museums, maybe doing things like festivals or going to bars as well.
Is 300-400€ for a week, without counting plane tickets, realistic ?
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>he's not browsing 4chan from the Westin bar
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/trv/ music

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What music do you listen to on long flights or trips or just in your hotel/hostel room? Have you ever seen a band/musician while abroad, what was the experience like?

I constantly find myself listening to Ceiling Gazing when I'm jet lagged in a hotel room in the middle of night. The song specifically mentions that and it fits that feeling so well. Especially when I'm on a long trip and start thinking about old shit that happened. Looking at the nightscape of a foreign city or town while this song plays is like taking a drug for me.
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Latin America

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Where should I go for my first trip to Latin America? I wanna go two weeks in February but I'm not quite sure where to go.

Tempting between:
>Rio Carnival and other parts of Brazil
>Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
>Panama and Costa Rica
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What is there to do in Montenegro?
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What's the best city to retire to where you have everything you could desire at your command? The best food, the best drinks, the best of everything essentially. Let's say price isn't an issue.

New York or London come to mind
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Lads. How do I /trv/ correctly

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lads, im going to hawaii soon, and then dubai. How do I travel and vacation correctly? Everytime I go on vacation I feel like I just waste my time instead of accomplishing stuff. I plan on taking more pictures this time in HI and dubai, and I definitely want to explore more sights. Would you guys mind helping me figure out a checklist of stuff to hit up while at either of those places?

I am syrian arab btw. Not muslim. Anyone been to dubai know how they treat non muslims? Do they not give a shit since they know im a tourist? I know very little arabic
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Brown Favarger Cap

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You know that feel when you lost an object that has no value at all but for you this is the best thing ever.
Well, last week (maybe 9~11th October, 2017) I was in Akihabara in Japan and near the Akihabara Station somewhere, in the night (around 21h) I've lost my precious cap that I found in my house.
This cap has something special for a "who gives a shit" hat in my view : brown with "Favarger" (chocolate company) and 1926(or 56) write in front of it (it's a little bit dirty too) .
I am hoping (why am I doing this) that someone will find it and I could wear it again.
So if any Japanese has seen it or if you can share this on every social network of Japan it wild be cool cool...
I will give my dignity in exchange.
Thank in advance
Ps: if course the only photo I had with it is me very far away from the camera so I had to zoom in. Great Pixel, much guy.
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