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travel story

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>be me
>world ending
>decide to go to a city that wasnt affected by the apocalypse with my bf
>just vibin and havin a good time
>like 5 children approach us
>get captured by said children
>is apparently their servant now
>really just a shitty babysitter
>mfw i have kids now
>kids are bored and start hurting me
>start a riot with a bunch of remote controlled bears the disabled one made
>go into a hotel where we're holding some girl hostage
>girl escapes
>capture girl after she gets in a helicopter crash
>steal her gun and upgrade it
>maybe give her a sick bracelet while im at it
>girl gets 2 gfs in the same body
>oh no
>killer gf slashes my knees
>5 hours later
>gets called a fag by a robotic gangster bear

lets just say i had a lot of explaining to do to my therapist. 10/10 would do again.
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Is it ethical to travel right now?
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What happens here?
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taking a trip to Deray Beach Florida

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Whats tips do you have for 5 guys with a range rover?
We are considering a fishing charter/shark cage
nightlife boozing/college bars
those japanese gardens looked cool too

anything worth doing? All ears
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Is still Tokyo a nice place to explore?
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Do NPCs really watch this stuff?

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Any cruisechad here? ;)
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I'm scared of going to African and majority Black countries. My gf keeps talking about wanting to visit Ghana, Kenya, and Haiti. I really don't want to.
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Bored of Earth

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34 year old fi bro here, got lucky with a tech based venture capital start up 8 years ago and retired 3 years ago. I've travelled to about 40 countries and I'm officially bored of this planet.

1) The deliciousness of food reaches a limit, and overtime it all tastes the same. Between 3 star michelin rated restaurants to hole in the walls to places only locals know, it all gets boring. You reach a point where food only tastes good when you're hungry, and at that point anything is good.

2) women, like food, have the same qualities. Over time all pussy blends in together, as do all women. I'm basically gay at this point because between prostitutes (high end ones) and tinder girls and girlfriends, I've fucked over 200 women. It really gets old, especially when you have the option to pay $1000-2000 for a high end escort whenever you want. Also, normal girls can sense when a guy has been laid a lot which makes you even more attractive to normal girls, so it has sort of a snowballing effect.
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New York on a tight budget

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Hello there anons, I'm an european in his mid 20s and I'm thinking of visiting New York in the fall, say in early October.
First of all I'd like to get your opinion on whether that'd be a good time to visit (both season-wise and coof-wise) and if it's reasonable to even visit on a budget of say ~200$ a day (both for a room and living expenses) expecting to eat alright, move around, and see some sights without doing any crazy shopping or luxury dining/experiences and considering that I don't care much about the nightlife and alcol/drugs/bitches or if itsn't what amount would be instead.
Also, what areas would you recommend to look at booking a room in? In my case it'd be retarded to stay at some big pricey hotel in some tourist trap of an area when I'll realistically use my room just to keep my things/sleep but at the same time I'd like somewhere clean and safe and not too far removed from the classic points of interest such as Manhattan.
Also general tips about staying in New York I guess? (maybe where to eat well for cheap, what to do/see other than what you'd find on a shitty list, where to meet locals, how to not get robbed etc.)
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