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Would you say this is an accurate breakdown of the cultural regions of America?
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Did I do good?
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what to do in NYC? No empire state building madam Tussaud bs. Im here for 2 days one night to visit a consulate and figure I might as well see some cool shit while im here
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Hiking in Europe as a native fatty

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Sup /trv/ Long story short, in a fatty from Northern Europe. I hiked once when I was a kid, and I want to do it again someday.

Short story long: Back when I was a kid, around 14, my parents took my 8 days hiking up in Northern Sweden, other side of the polar circle. It was an amazing experience, had reindeer burgers at a small Sami village. Now, at little over 30, and way, waaay fatter thanks to just kinda hating myself in my 20's I want to recapture that past I loved so much. Which means, I want to travel, and I want to hike. My "dream" route (which I won't start with, but want to work myself up to), is from Hamburg in Germany, and then to follow down along the coastline of Europe until I reach Mont Saint-Michel. It's about 1500km in total, right now my walking speed is way low, even assuming I was fit for walking it, at my current speed it would take (assuming one rest day a week) over a month with almost 8 hours of walking a day.

So, I have "a couple of" questions. How do I get ready for such a thing? Both physically (beyond just losing weight) and mentally. What should I prepare to bring along, what is some good/necessary equipment? When is the best time to take such a trip? Should I take a detour around Calais to avoid the "jungle" or is that whole thing not really an issue anymore? How much physical money should I bring since I can use my card for most purchases? What is the easiest way to get home? Should I get a partner to walk with? Stay and hospice, outdoors or try and couch surf? And do anyone here have anyone here have experience with the so-called "European Long Distance Walking Paths" network?

I was considering packing very little food as well since there are supermarkets and farmer markets all along the route, I should be able to buy meat and veggies for dinner most days.
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So I'm planning on quitting my depressing job and going travelling with my savings. My first idea was the US to avoid issues with language. My first plan of doing the whole country fell through after looking into it and seeing I only get 90 days so I've settled on doing the Eastern States and want to run some things by guys with more travelling experience than me and some native Yanks before laying any real groundwork into it.

My plan is to go to NYC for a week before doing a New England loop and then a second loop down to Florida and then up to Minnesota and then back to NYC getting in all the States along the way. I will either take the basic camping bits or buy them over there to sleep in, with at least one stay in a cheap motel a week, all travelling will be done via public transport and hitchhiking.

My questions are;

Is this doable in 90 days?
Is the camping idea workable or should I do mostly motels with a bit of camping?
Will I get eaten by bears or mountain lions at any point?
Is a 5K budget enough?
How will the weather be in August to October?
What are the public transport links like in the US?
Is this way too ambitious?
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Aurora Borealis

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Where's the best place to see the Northern Lights? Any places in Alaska worthwhile or am I better off to look somewhere in Europe?
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QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

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Couldn't find one, so I'm making own edition

Anyone spend an amount of time around Roma Termini? My phone is dying and my train doesn't arrive for another hour or so
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Move to Ukraine

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Hello, am looking for some information on how hard it would be to get a permanent citizenship in Ukraine. I have been wanting to move for a long time and could use some help. Also if there are any native Ukrainians that could tell me what it's like living there and what to expect.(from the U.S btw)

-thanks for your time
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Intersting places in Russia.

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Im making this board for people to share any location in Russia with unique history to them

This can vary from;
Abandoned places/towns
Stalinist architecture/Soviet Era buildings
Places in Siberia
Gulags and old Battlefields
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i have a trip of 3 day in dubai, what there is to do there ?