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Hostel feels

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So it was my first time traveling alone and staying in a hostel. I really liked the experience of meeting new people and hanging with them for a few days but I always felt lonely or sad after parting ways in particular with this one scandanavian girl. So how does /trv/ deal with hostel frans?

It just seemed like a hassle they were fun but for me it always left me feeling lonely after is it even worth communicating with anyone at the hostel?
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I feel like jumping on a train tomorrow and spend the weekend somewhere, no matter the costs. Any suggestions, /trv/? I can reach more or less easily anything in France, Germany, Italy and surroundings (also considering northern spain, or something eastern even). I prefer big cities cause i like to wander around, but I'm open to suggestions.
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Where are you going /trv/?

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Anyone here setting off for an adventure soon? Where are you going? What will you be doing?

I'm going to be traveling abroad for the first time solo on a 5 month backpacking trip across Europe. I'm nervous as fuck and keep thinking something will go wrong, but I know once I get there everything will be awesome and I wont want to come back.
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Im traveling to new york and ill have a place to stay with breakfast and dinner, how much money do i need for 7 days?
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Hey /trv/ I'll be in Köln/Cologne for 2 days.

Multiple questions :

I don't speak German, is It easy to find what you need with English only ?

I heard there is some sort of huge salon in Germany where there's a shitload of hooker and you only pay to enter. Is that even true ? Where do I find one of those ?
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I'm not the other anon and I don't want to post in his thread because it looks already doomed, but I have to agree with him that Tokyo is pretty boring. Not ugly or "shitty", whatever this means, but boring. I've been here for two weeks and I'll fly back home at the beginning of September. I've already visited the main neighborhoods, the Imperial gardens, some parks and temples and I even took some trips outside the city. But how do I enjoy the life here? How do I meet people? What's the most thrilling experience I can have? I'm worried because I'm starting to get actually bored.
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What are some cool things to do in LA as a first time solo and international traveler? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Ok guys, so the university I attend has great exchange programs, and I was wondering which place is better to stay for a longer time (around 1 year I suppose? Maybe 2) Seoul or Tokyo? Have you been to any of the places? Please share you experiences! (By the way, I would study Korean/Japanese in this period)

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How to move to Antartica

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I am currently a US college student planning on going away to a state University soon in Illinois, but the Antarctic has always fascinated me

I plan on studying geology and environmental sciences, but I here in order to actually get to Antarctica you have to be hired to go there. Im wondering first how would one get a job as a field scientist or intern? I personally don't give a shit about snow or cold, I love it I'm from Chicago and was in the boy-scouts. It pains me whenever I see people complain about stuff especially the cold. I personally think it would actually be fun to dive those cold waters in a dry suit, or go out on long expeditions. I think penguins are also pretty cool, not really scared of sea lions or the ocean.

TLDR, How can I get a job in Antarctica without getting beat out by all the MIT students and scientest crew
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What happened to the French Anon who was doing Africa on a motorcycle? Last I heard he was in Bamako. Anyone know what happened to him?
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