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HELP. Which airlines are the cheapest for traveling within the USA? I'm trying to fly from DC to Denver in early June.
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I'm going to Australia on the 20th of June ($1600 for the round-trip flight and a 1-bedroom apartment for 12 days). I'm going to spend time with friends and go clubbing.
What should I know about the place? Is the alcohol expensive?
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Caucasus heads North to Russia

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Greetings, /trv/,

Next year I want to go to Russia for the World Cup, watch a match from my country and then fly to Caucasus to pass 10 days in Armenia and 10 days in Georgia. After that, I want to return to Moscow to see the final match.

I know that in the returning part of the travel I will do at least Vladikavkaz (1 day), Rostov (2 days) and Voronezh (1 day) - it will depend on which group my country will be -, but I have no clue of which places could I know in the other countries apart from capitals and Batumi - for both I don't know for how long should I stay. Do you have any suggestions?
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Is kayaking the Volga river a good idea, or am i going to end up on a dashcam video being run over by a coal barge?
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Travelling alone in HK/SK/Tokyo

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Going abroad for the first time alone, will be in Hong Kong, maybe Seoul, and maybe Tokyo. Any good sights to see in Seoul? And tips for nightlife in all of the above?
I've heard that Lan Kwai Fong is pretty good, but I'm trying to go outside my comfort zone and interact with strangers.
I've been to Japan a few times before, language skills are conversational at best, but all of my extended family is there, and pretty comfortable with the culture.
btw American if that helps
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I'm an American going to Europe (Tenerife, Dublin and Amsterdam to be exact) and I have a pretty specific question, will my American drivers' license (New York specifically serve as a proper proof of age or will I have to cart my passport everywhere and worry about losing it while hammered?
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Its my city. I wish you come here one day

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/pol/ red pill me on Portugal.

That's a joke, /trv/. But I am looking a a quick rundown of Lisbon and Porto. I was told Lisbon is more for sights and attractions while Porto is more "personal"..what ever that means. Any insight would help. I'm into nightlife, outdoors attractions, and interacting with people.
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Hey /trv/!

This is not my home board, but I have a question for you guys.

Is Israel a good place to take a vacation? I've heard that the beaches are fun and the night life is great. I've been trying to convince my friends to go there on a party filled vacation with me. Is it a good choice?
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