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Iran then USA on ESTA with a different passport is possible

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This question often comes up in Iran-related threads.

If you go to Iran you are officially ineligible for ESTA. But what if you use a different passport? Many fear that the CIA knows everything, and in particular will use the flight database to find out.

Well, they don't.

I've just did it: went to Iran on one passport, then to the US on another with ESTA. No problems, no questions.
Also, went to Israel both before and after Iran.

happy travels.
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Me and my millennial yuppie friends want to go "roughing it". But none of us cityfaggots knows the first thing about camping. What programs/guided tours/inclusive vacation packages are there for this type of thing?

I've heard of shooting/terror training touristy things that are run here in the US and Israel. Are there similar gigs for hiking or doing agricultural activities?
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Booked Ireland for Tuesday, nothing planned outside of my first night's stay.

Would I be a fool to only visit the cities?

I had made these reservations some months ago as I was interested in relocating to Cork for work. This outlook is no longer current, and I can't say I have much excitement for the time I've now allotted there.

My various trips over the past year have mostly involved trekking in non-English speaking countries. Ireland appeared as a slower pace, and something I'd be able to easily enjoy without as much hassle.

I'm looking to be more social than isolated, as past travels have all been hiking/driving solo for long stretches. In aiming for this and sticking to Dublin/Cork/Belfast am I missing out?
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uk trip

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Hello, can you help me define how many days/hours I should devote to the cities in this map? Bear in mind my trip will be 14 days and I will start in London. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I'm looking for honeymoon dedtinations in Europe. Somewhere a bit more original than Paris or Venice.
Any siggestions on some hidden gems or cheaper alternatives to the more well known destinations.
I'm thinking Italy but I'm open to suggestions
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Foreign Food discoveries

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Have you ever discoveried delicious food/your favorite dish while travelling?
Like, something you had no idea existed suddenly becoming one of the most exquisite things you have eaten?
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Tips for travelling in the American South west

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Hi there!

I'm flying to Las Vegas on December 23rd and will be flying from Las Vegas to Mexico (via Houston) on the 29th.

As I have been to Vegas before, I do not want to spend too much time there. Instead I want to rent a car and drive around and visit some interesting and/or beautiful places. For how many days exactly and where, I have not decided yet.

Since I'll be on my own and since it is difficult to rent a car with winter tires, I would like to avoid places with snowy roads. I have been to the Grand Canyon before and seen some of the national parks in Southern/mid Utah, so neither of these are a huge priority for me.

Other than that, I'm all up for your ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I don't mind something that is 6-8 hour drive away, as I do not necessarily need to stay in Vegas all the days.
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PERU general

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I'll be traveling to Peru pretty much all the rest of December. I'll be in Lima and Cusco, as well as some surrounding areas.

Are there any last minute things I must see or do, specifically in Lima or Cusco?
Could be anything. Food, drink, entertainment, etc.
Also any general Peruvian advice you could give me would be great :)

Thank you so much!
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Never even left my town

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What's up y'all.
Long story short im hella rich now cuz my nerdy ass cussen bought some of those bitcoin for me a few years ago before he passed in a shooting accident by his little bro that didn't clear first. Anyway to make a long story short where can I go with white people and no brown that will try to rape me an my girl? I've never even left my home town.