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What do you take with you when you're traveling?

I'm taking my first international trip in a few weeks and I'm unsure what to pack.

I just ordered a travel plug adapter and an external battery pack for my phone. What do you guys bring with you when you're traveling?
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Hey /trv/ what's the cheapest and easiest way to get another passport/dual citizenship for someone that lives in the US?
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Can I teach English in North Korea? I have both a Swiss and American passport so I could just say I'm Swiss right?
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Hello Americans, I need your help. I'm applying for a scholarship to come to 'murica, and I was asked to create an approximate spending plan. I'm targeting four completely different locations (Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts), but it's always big university cities. Are you able to estimate:

1. How much does one pay for food every month?
2. How much does it cost to pay for basic living-related stuff (phone, bus ticket, w/e) every month?
3. How much does it cost to buy a set of basic household items (bowls, cutlery, towels, and so on)?
4. If possible - what's the approximate rent for a single room in the biggest cities of Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts?

Please, help. I have literally no idea how much would that be.
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Is there anything to do in Iceland besides nature stuff?

I don't have a problem with that if not because I love the outdoors, I'm just curious about what the locals do--I can't imagine the locals go out to stare at glaciers every weekend, majestic as they may be.
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Going to Cape May in a few week for a three day vacation.

What is there to do over there besides the beach?
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Prague, 4 days

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I'm going to Prague for a four day trip with a friend, apart from tasting the Czech beer and going to the mandatory sightseeing, what should we check out?

Active programs are fine, we can't dance for shit so nightlife-wise we would prefer bars and the likes. We would like to avoid the baths and saunas.
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sup trv. going to vist family in Durango Colorado leaving from Bakersfield CA for 5 days in july.

If I wanted to cheap out is packing 5 days of clothes in a carry on backpack realistic?
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I want to travel worldwide through the wilderness with nothing but a sword and bow. I want to test the limits of my strength by using a powerful greatsword to slash through trees and other obstacles in the deep woods.
How can I do this in Europe? Particularly Germany and Austria, I want to travel through the mountains and banish evil spirits of the dead wood with my ultra greatsword and unlock the Berserker rage within by using my strength inherited by my ancestors and visiting
my ancestral homelands on a swordsman's journey