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>tfw immigrant
>tfw you have to wagecuck to pay your rent and your uni
>tfw not having any holidays
>tfw going back home for a week is the only travel you can do
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Meetup thread #5 - THERE'S ALWAYS ONE OF THEM edition

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This thread is to help you with meeting other /trv/ users while travelling overseas, lots of us travel solo and sometimes it's nice to hang out with either a local for a few hours, meet up with someone wanting to do a similar activity to you (Hiking, motorbike touring, roadtrip, partying ect) or just have a bunch of people you can go out with on a Saturday night. The choice is yours.

Alternatively, if your not travelling at the moment but still want to meet some new people you could always offer to be a guide around your own city or simply be down for having a beer at a local bar, its up to you.

To make sure your meeting up with the right people (IE: So a backpacker doesn't meet up with a sex tourist, or vice versa) best to include some details such as...

>What you plan on doing/what kind of traveller you are

Ya regular OP starting things off again
>Vegas (as we speak), Arizona (26th Oct to 29th), LA (30th Oct to 3rd Nov), & Vietnam (5th Nov onwards).
>23yo student backpacker
>Keen on walks/hikes during the day then casual beers or a party during the night. Wanna try get to Monument valley and grand canyon without paying extortionate tour fees too.
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Rank your favorite 10 cities/towns you have visited.

1. Naples, Italy.
2. Lisbon, Portugal.
3. Lima, Peru.
4. New York, USA.
5. Madrid, Spain.
6. Havana, Cuba.
7. Catania, Sicily.
8. Paris, France.
9. Rome, Italy.
10. Marrakesh, Morocco.

Although I love it every time I go I'm surprised Italt appears 3 times
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Central America thread

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Tickets to central America (and Colombia) are cheap as chips. I know nothing about the region. How would you guys characterize the countries you've visited? Mexico seems to have it all, why go anywhere else?
What country should I go to if I only care about good food and hiking? I was thinking Belize would be best because I don't speak Spanish
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Going to Sicily/Malta. Worth it to hope over to Tunis for a couple days (there’s an overnight ferry from Palermo)?
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Hey guys, I'm looking to plan a trip to Egypt in the next few months, hopefully. I want to see the Nile and all of the touristy stuff, preferably at times when there are less people. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Also, would a Kilimanjaro trip be reasonable to tack on since it's on the same continent? Or should I just save up for a separate trip?
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Show us your where you've been and your traveling plans
You can use this webpage:
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Best place to go tripping?

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What are the best places to go on a (drug accelerated) spiritual journey. Shrooms, DMT, LSD, MDMA.

I know that it's best to trip while warm and at a comfortable place however the drug laws and environment needs to be great as well. I've heard some people say Thailand and Portugal.

I personally went to Amsterdam and did shrooms in Amsterdam forest but it wasn't really comfortable since there were a lot of people walking there disturbing the atmosphere.

Hope there are some enlightened anons on /trv/ that know some good places.
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Traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam in December for a wedding and plan to stop by in Cambodia (my roots) then Jakarta to visit my wife's family.
I've never been to any of these places. Have previously been to Ho Chi Minh/Saigon City in Vietnam.
What are good places to see/ things to do around those areas? We enjoy exploring places and not really a fan of resorts/relaxing/shopping malls.
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Is it really as bad as everything makes it seem or is it not really a big deal?
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