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Warsaw vs Krakow?

If you had 4 days to spending either city which would you choose? We are looking to party, sight see, relax.
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I'm in Vancouver for a few days, I'm going to the aquarium tomorrow, what else is there to do?
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Has anyone ever managed to drop off the radar and stay in a country illegally for an amount of time? How did you manage it? How long did it last for? Did you get caught?
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Planning on travelling through southeast Asia this June, but not sure what route to take. Can anyone draw me up a good route?

>starting point: Hong Kong (will take flight in major city in SE asia)
>would like to stop off In Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur
>not interested in Burma or Indonesia
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>tfw post travel blues
>tfw can't travel until december at the earliest

I hate being stuck in this hicktown.
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work and travel

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me and my two friends will be coming to united states via work and travel, we have two options
1) Virginia, williamsburg as house keeper for 10 dollars per hour
2)Dallas, garland as lifeguard for 7,25 dollars per hour
which one do you reccomend us to choose
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Going to New orleans for 4 nights.

Any tips on where to go/what to see and eat as well as where to NOT go and what to avoid.

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What's the worst experience you've had on an airplane?
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So I'm planning a one week trip to Cuba. I'm a single male, living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Any recommendations for places to stay? Things to do? Travel tips for Cuba?

Usually when I travel alone I'll stay in a youth hostel, and try to do 1 or 2 little adventures, but nothing too crazy.

thanks guys.
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How can I get a job in France this summer ?

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I'm thinking of applying to go woofing or whatever it is called in France this summer. I wanna do something like pick fruit or work at a holiday camp, something where I can work with other people my age, make friends (get laid if really lucky), and improve my French. However I am kind of stuck there is too many websites and too many options.

Have I left it too late for this year ?. Preferably I would like something between early June and September.
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