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Cheapish Christmastime Travel?

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Hey, all!

West Coast USA reporting in; looking for somewhere to escape to for a week or so around Christmas, but frustrated by the near-inevitable tripling or even quadrupling of airfares that happens around the holidays. We were thinking Costa Rica, but a ticket that I can get for 300 bucks during the first week of December goes for nearly a thousand during the last week, which offends me.

Anyone (especially fellow Yanks) ever found a good deal on a flight around Xmas? When and where to? I tried looking for flights that leave on Christmas Day, thinking that most people would want to travel before the holiday itself, but no dice. My schedule is not that flexible-- my wife has a lot of time off between just before Christmas and just after New Year's, but earlier or later in either December or January aren't really feasible.

Any domestic destinations that are worth checking out for Christmas? Warm is preferred. My wife, a native Californian, has little time for snow.

>pic quasi-related; an absurdly large lunch I was served in Costa Rica a few years back
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Travelling with a friend of the opposite philosophy

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Have you ever found that personal politics/social upbringing, however subtly, start to reveal themselves when travelling as a pair?

I’ve been travelling with a schoolfriend who I now realise is a Conservative (UK) voter, and it sort of makes sense. He seems to turn his nose up at food markets and stuff in lieu of “muh proper food” or “muh restaurants” or “muh wine” and views visiting cheap countries like Vietnam as a means of spending to LARP as a rich person and placing a lot of value on luxury.
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Vacation tips wanted

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31 year old single guy here. I'll have 2-3 weeks off from work at the end of August, trying to find something interesting to do.
I live in europe, and I can stretch my budget up to ~$6000

-No sex-vacations
-I'm an introvert, travelling alone, but will not mind shared tours.
-I enjoy "dark tourism", learning about history and visiting places people would call "weird".

Anyone have some good suggestions?
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What’s /trv/s frequent flyer stance?

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Should points be spent on products or flights?

And how do you maximise your point earnings? Is buying gas at partner stations and stuff like that worth it?
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How do I find red light districts in places I travel?

I'm in Manizales Colombia right now and I want to see what a prostitute is like
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Places to hide valuables

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I was thinking of putting my passport and money in my shoe, but there's the possibility of it getting bent or something when I crouch or walk for a while. Any other good ideas? I know of someone who got drugged by just smelling something and the thief took everything.
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A hotel in Bolivia is made entirely of salt.

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Had a friend recently get deported from Canada because her ex is a psychopath, she's looking into getting a pay as you go plan / as well as a phone, but we wanted to look into international phone plans considering she has a lot of work and moving to do between the countries, and roaming would bite her in the ass as she hopped between countries.

I come here because I assume at least 10% of you faggots actually get off your computers.

Does anyone have any advice or first hand experience with such things? Thank you in advance.
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Austin, Texas

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First day is going amazingly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Especially secret spots or hidden gems.
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Hey folks,
Indian leaving for israel for some business work, What to expect?

Ignor the picture