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Philippines general: Proud to be Pinoy edition

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Only normie stuff allowed

(I swear to God, if anybody talks about cooming I'm not just deleting the thread, I'm deleting 4chan from the internet)
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Visiting South Africa

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What are the must-sees down there, also which towns would you say are the nicest to spend time in? Fairly generous budget and schedule.

Any tips or tricks generally?
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I want to work and live in Japan, and I already know I cannot go via JET Programme... because i am mexican and I only speak spanish and english

I have a perfect TOEFL (english certification) score, and a PhD in Sociology... Where can I check the lists of available jobs for people with my profile?
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>Be in London
>Go to pic related
>The clientele are all broke, struggling mid 30s - 50s men
>saw two actual travellers but they were both young women and the men's and women's rooms are separate so maybe things are different for them although I did see two homeless old women while trying to find my room
>All men's rooms are full of homeless people and random poor men from around the world trying to make it in London out of all places
>Average age of people staying there is 38+
>The homeless people literally walk in off the street and beg for a room
>The poverty-stricken euros staying there look like goblins and wake up at the crack of dawn for their delivery Uber eat jobs or under-the-table work that they do without a visa
>They talk openly about looking for work without visas in the lounge
>The lounge is frequented by loud poverty people who talk on the phone loudly to their friends/relatives or play music through their phone speakers with the volume on full blast
>While the music is blasting other people are just talking on the phone like the noise is normal
>All the rooms reek to the high heavens of bio
>Its clear people haven't washed in days even though the shower room is down the corridor
>Sometimes people from the street sneak into the hostel and sleep in people's beds who actually paid
>When I arrived some random euro was forcibly removed from the building because it turned out he was sneaking in and sleeping in an unoccupied bed for days without paying
>The owners seem to not give a fuck if actual travellers or hobos live there
>empty Starbucks cups left around the building in random places
>find empty cups on radiators, in the bathroom near toilets, in the lounge just left on the table for someone else to clean up
>Sometimes i found half-eaten food just laying around

Is this normal? What are hostels like in your country?
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I'm traveling to moldova what are the like women there
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Outside of the tourist areas this city is basically like being inside of an old Linkin Park music video
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Is anything worth seeing/experiencing in Arizona?
Will be staying here for the next couple of weeks. Will drive to any corner of the state on a weekend if worth it
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Aye mate

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Theres tons of genocide and civil wars in africa still, so whats stopping someone from going on a niggerhunting safari?
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Emirates? Emirates

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Got myself a nice 200 euros r/t to Abu Dhabi (yay Europoor) next winter and wondering what's the average /trv anon input about it.

Don't recall ever seeing UAE threads so there you go.