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Iceland Ring Road

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I plan to take the famous Road Ring trip across Iceland in June.
>Rent a car in Kevlavik airport
>Drive and stop every couple minutes to take in the scenery
>airbnb on the way (have to have absolute silence so hostels are unfortunately out of a question)

it'll be around $350 for the car rental, $300 for the gas (will rent a small car), and $150 for food and shit along the way (i plan to live on icelandic hot dogs)

is this too much for someone who never did this type of thing and is anxious as hell?

any icelandbros/people who did this can give me tips and let me know about the ring road?

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I have a cyst in my balls and I need to get it out. I live in stupid America but I couldn’t pay for it to be removed even if I wanted to. I was looking into medical tourism, does anyone have any experience with this? I’m not going to Asia because that’s bullshit and I’m sure I’d end up with a vagina, I was thinking about the UK or France.

Also came across this company, reviews seem decent but I’m skeptical
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Noob here only ever been to st kitts, Cuba and mexico. Where to go next for tropical. Cuba was my favorite the scenery across the country was so varried and Havana was great. Mexico i only saw tulum and playa del carmen and it was to modern for me. Matanzaz in cuba was perfect. Where to next?
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I am but a humble West Virginia hillbilly and I have never been to NYC before. My family is going this summer and we will be staying in the West Side of Manhattan. What are some neat things one ought to do in this area? I have no frame of reference for the layout of the city other than looking at internet maps.

We will be staying for 5 days. I don't really care to do any of the usual tourist stuff but I am actually interested in any museums that house actual art and not postmodernist tripe. /lit/ has told me of a few bookstores that I would enjoy but other than that I've got nothing.
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Hi guys,

I will be in Tallinn for about a week in July. Any idea of unusual places to visit?
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Alright lads, I'm going to Bangkok at the end of summer, I've got some time to save up and plan my journey, I might travel on to Cambodia after my visa is up, I've never been before, any tips? Cheers.
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Goying to tryna

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Hello! I'm going to China as a Tourist. Last time I was there, I couldn't open a bank account even though in the past it was possible, the banks I went to now refuses tourists unless they are students, or have a work visa.

Do you guys know of a way to get a BOC or similar account open as a tourist? I really enjoy the convenience of unionpay and the ability to load up my Wechat wallet while in China.

Thanks guys!
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In a few days I'll travel with a group of friends to Bucharest and we'll be around there for a week. Our plan is to rent a car and go to Transylvania, with the idea to stop on the road whenever we see an interesting sight, we plan on making a free-form documentary.

I honestly don't know what to expect! We're from Barcelona. Atleast one person from our group knows the place, so we're not going completely blind fondled. I personally expect to be suprised, heard a lot of things about the brutalist architecture around the city, wich is already something i'm looking forward to see.
Is there anything I should know beforehand? Other than what, i'm open to suprises so I'm really not going on a fact hunt to know as much, but I would atleast like to know the basics to be prepared. How's the people, how's the weather?

Also, since we'll probably spend a few nights around Bucharest, are there any interesting Techno venues that are a must for the Techno enthusiastic?

Thanks in advance, /trv/!
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Is it worth it to get a rental car in NYC?
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Late night coffee, decided to go on here for the first time: I was born in Belize, getting my PhD in the US.I want to know what /trv/ thinks of Belize.