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I wanna to travel a biot more than i did, since i finally have mean to do so.
Any anon went to a life changing travel ?
Already went to pic related, going in Sicilia next month.

Thanks for insight.
(And thanks for the map idea, Anon)
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Japanese Help

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Hi I'm going to Japan soon and I am working on what to say when I get my hair dyed, can anyone make sure I'm not speaking 100% broken Japanese | あなたが私に話している場合、私はあなたが何を言っているか理解できないだろうので、私は応答しません。私は私の髪を漂白し、染めたいです、私はこの髪の色をしたいです。
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I'm moving to Denver in a month for work and planning on living in Capitol Hill since it's nearby my office. What's good and bad about it? What are your favorite spots to eat/socialize? Any other recommended areas to live? Any info that an outsider wouldn't just pick up from a month of living there? How's the dating life?
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Where are the best places to travel as a 5'8 7/10 chinkboy to get as many maids as possible? I already do awful for myself in the states so I'm an incel or whatever.
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So I'm taking my gf for a trip to NYC in August. We're staying at a hotel in Time Square for 6 nights (it's the most time we could take off work).
I'm a west coast babby and I want to get as much of the genuine New York experience as possible. I've come up with a few spots to hit up while we're down there;
>Liberty Island/Statue of liberty
>Ground zero
>Empire state building
>Trump tower
>Central Park
>5th avenue
>Coney Island
>Little Italy
Welcome to any and all suggestions. Want to make the most out of this trip because I doubt I'll be going back there anytime soon.
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Vacation in Hokkaido w/ Old Folks

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I'm bringing my parents to a week-long vacation in Hokkaido in a week. Thing is, they're around above 60 and they don't really trekking a lot. Even a 25 minute walk will exhaust them.

Where do I bring them in Hokkaido?
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ITT: we discuss the latest edition of the TEA/AECOM Theme Index and Museum Index, which ranks theme parks and museums worldwide by attendance each year. Pic related is the Worldwide Top 20 for museums.
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Planning a trip to Australia, it's going to be hot as balls and I'm a certified diver I a fool for not planning to dive while I'm down under?

I hear it's one of the best places to go and enjoy the reef while it's glorius, but it's now the primary reason for my trip and it would be very much out of the way. I think it would add a lot more cost to my vacation, should I just come back another time or try to squeeze it in?
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Going to Boston with family soon, I did not plan this trip myself, what am I in for?
Locals recommend anything worth seeing.
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