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Jews are ruining your life

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Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas

Jews are ruining your life.


Free speech is anti-Semitic. Jews hate free speech. Las Vegas Jews have no Shane and rather push their TelAviv-weimar debauchery lifestyle on every passer by. Arrogance as one in the casino/ brothel industry.
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What merino wool brand T-shirt’s you own? I have 4 wool and prince wool and nylon blend T-shirt that I can’t wait to use for traveling. So far they held up good, no stretching, no fast odor retention and feel very good on the skin.
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Hey there!
I need your help!
If you know anything about those two(picture), please let me know.
the only thing i know is that theyr running a new guest house in Osaka....
thats it ^-^
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Im planning a trip to tokyo. Has anyone booked directly through their bank/CU?

Im looking at NFCU, and it appears as though i would get enough points to essentially make the trip there free. (i can redeem those points over the next couple of months to pay off the card making the trip nearly free)

has anyone else done something similar?
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Going abroad without parents knowing.

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So tommorow i'm going to Bali for a month, i havent said anything to my fathers side as they wouldn't like it. I'm saying i'm going to visit a friend in another city. However i'm afraid that they will know if they call me and get a strange calling sound. What should i do to solve this?
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Best snowboarding destinations in North America?
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Riddle me this. Why does every girl that I ever met want to visit fucking Spain? I don't get it. Even local girls who are living in a Mediterranean country that is basically the same as Spain want to visit it. Even the ones living at the sea. I don't get it at all. It just doesn't seem to be worth visiting. Can you enlighten me?

I am starting to get triggered when I speak about traveling with someone and they tell me they want to go to Spain.
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