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Headed to Charleston for a weekend. Any tips? Restaurant recommendations? Things to see? Cheers!
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GF and I are planning a winter vacation.

Where is the best place in the world to celebrate christmas/new years?

Pic related
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Is Calgary/Banff National Park a good place to go to in November?

>Never Been to Canada
>Big fan of Hockey and outdoors stuff
>Will be with my mom and dad, we are all over 21
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Going to Berlin for 10 days to visit my brother who is living there for 4 months. Any recommendations for stuff to do? I'm 25, male, and unfortunately don't speak any German (this trip was sprung on me as a surprise by my parents, so I haven't had time to really learn anything). My brother (20) speaks a bit.

Things I'm mostly interested in:
Parks/nature, interesting looking buildings/architecture, city history, food, restaurants, music (not club/dance music. I mean german traditional music)

Somewhat interested in: Art, drinking/bars, general shopping

Not at all interested in: clubs, parties, dancing, raves, discos, hookups, etc

Since it's a bit of a family thing I will probably be with my parents the whole time. We're New York City natives so we are used to dense urban areas, but none of us besides my brother have been to Germany and I've never even been to Europe. Any general travel tips (restaurant tipping? Will people care how we dress? etc)
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Traveling to Maine sometime this Autumn, any recommendations on where to go, what to do, what to get involved with? What's the culture like, the food, any events planned later this year? Any help is great, thanks.
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what's the most eerie/creepy place you've visited?

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state, country, truck stop shower, whatever
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Daily reminder that Europe is a warzone and you shouldn't go visit it or you might get blown up or run over, like these people did, by the left's mercenary invading army.
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Where will the average backpacker go after Southeast Asia -- especially Thailand -- becomes worn out?
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/SQT/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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Since there's no thread right now, let's get one going. For renting a sublet, what's a good payment method other than credit?
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Mallorca adv.

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Hi everyone,

my gf and me (27yo) are going to visit Mallorca for a week between march and april.

I've been told, that the island has gorgeous landsacape and is a real beauty, if you avoid the mainstream beach-tourism.

Can you recommend
>hiking trails for a day,
>beaches or bays, which are not crawling with >drunk rednecks
>cool spots in general worth visiting??

Our hotel is in the north of the island, but im gonna get a rental so mobility shouldnt be a prob.

Both of us enjoy Nature and culture/history and we are interested in fine dining and going out/ dancing.

Thanks in advance lads