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Best place to live in the west coast that is low cost-of-living and good job market?

My state is unlivable now and I want out
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What's the most unique place in the world to travel? Somewhere that feels otherworldly. Somewhere that doesn't feel similar to any other place. Preferably in a good way.
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Fleeing the country.

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Here's the scenario, you have 72 hours to leave extraditionland (in my case we are referring to the US justice system but feel free to contribute your situation) and you have a passport but not a visa ready to go. What do you do?

Where do you go? How do you live? Budgeting for bribes?
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Switzerland and south of France

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Gonna be there in September and October. I am perfectly fluent in French. Any tips for a 23 years old first time solo traveler? Must visit places? How's the hostel situation there with covid?
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Moving to Moscow or Kiev

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Seasonally like for 3-4 months in a year. Thoughts on this, made it in crypto and I like to travel. What are good neighborhoods? Also St Petersburg. Thinking Airbnb.
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Vaccine and Traveling

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So, I've bought some tickets to travel abroad in December, and for reasons beyond my control, I'm going to have to get the vaccine. I'm thinking about just getting one and then getting the PCR test done before I leave, because the country I'm traveling to requires it.

So, which one should I get? Which one, that is, is least likely to make my heart explode or grow a third eye or some other shit? I've been totally disconnected this entire pandemic and have done zero research on the topic, so any help is appreciated. Serious answers only, please.
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Germany guide

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I made a guide for tourists visiting Germany: which cities to see and which turds to avoid.
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I want to go to tokyo to make out with a hot gal.

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Any suggestions?
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I bought tickets to Romania about four months ago. I'm leaving in two weeks from USA. Fully vaxxed, do I still need to quarantine? I keep checking different sites and they all say otherwise.
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I'm going to Canada soon, what are the chances they'll want to see my HDD and how hard do they snoop? Should I start erasing all my pirated movies and my lewd Love Live pics?