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City of world's desire

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Beautiful history, beaches, food, easy women (JBW), dirt cheap.
I am planning a 2 week trip there, I have never really traveled before, as I am 19. Is it really still all that? The city seems to good to be true. Would love to hear experiences and reccs
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Wondering if I wanna move permanently to somewhere nice in Europe. Thinking Portugal. Anyone tried to buy a home here and get visas? I’m from the UK. Wife is Korean.
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"Filter" Countries Thread

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ITT We discuss decent travel/expat countries that have not been ruined by the tourist masses.
>English is an uncommon language or locals are reluctant to speak English
>Requires research beforehand to get the most out of trips
>Particularly unfriendly towards clueless tourists who are at risk of getting scammed, robbed, mugged, etc
>Women who act like whores put their physical safety at risk

I'll start with the /trv/ favorite as of late, Argentina (and by extension Uraguay/Southern Brazil)
>Mostly white
>Cheap col
>Best women
>No blacks + racist, filters out Fresh and Fit types
>world class meat and wine
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best destinations for low value males? Pic related
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Maritime provinces

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What are the must-see places and things to do in this region?
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Is it worth going to Fukuoka for a week and then branch out with rail to certain locations or is there a better location and one should just take rail there?

>Why Fukuoka
I heard it has the best natives, slightly more "Western" mindset but still confucian/Buddhist.
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Birthday vacation

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So my birthday is coming up in mid October and I want to spend it somewhere else. Theoretically I can have the whole month off but idk if I have the budget to travel for more than 2 weeks. Flights out of Germany are pretty expensive these days. What are you guys thinking? So far I thought about Thailand or maybe a trip through Japan? Hawaii also seems to be relatively cheap when it comes to flights and it’s always convenient to speak the language of the country you’re in. I’m open to your recommendations be it City or beach or cooming trips.
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What goes on here (no armenoids allowed)?

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Where in the world has weather like Southern California?

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>Hard mode: no mentions of anywhere in California or Mexico.
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Considering the fact Iraq uses leaded gasoline does that mean it’s unsafe to go to Iraq no matter what for however much time?
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