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I'm trying to find a job at a ski resort or at least in Colorado for the winter. I know it's getting late but it still seems like there could be opportunities.

Anybody done this/do this? Any tips? What is the best mountain or place to work at? I'm trying to find a job in Vail or Aspen but I would kinda go anywhere at this point. I'm a decent skier but don't snowboard at all so I want to go somewhere better for skiing.
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How's Katowice?

I'll probably be there for a week in March alone. I'll be at an event for most of each day but I should have a few hours per day to walk around. Any good restaurants? Also, how safe is it? I'm from a Slav country and am not sure how comfortable I'd feel as a foreigner not knowing the language visiting where I'm from.
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Forum for Finding People to Travel WIth

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Does anyone know about a place where I can find someone else to travel with?

My girlfriend and I found a sailboat charter that can hold 3 couples for the same price as just us. Where online can we find people to join us?
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So you moved out of California..

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Where did you move to?

I live in the Bay Area of California and plan to leave this place. Was thinking Montana because of its openness. The cost of living here is crazy.

What is the cost of living in your state or new location? What are the pros and cons of living in your new state/area? Are there many places to travel to within your state?
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what city youve been to is the most cyberpunk?
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I plan on traveling to England just to piss on and defame the various memorials of this man. I need some advice, though.

Say I get caught, what would happen to a US citizens caught publicly urinating and/or defaming memorials of war """heroes""" in England? Would I just get deported and blocked from entry? Would I face jail time back in the States? Or would I be put in an English prison?
I know that one English fella vandalized the graves of a bunch of New Zealand Jews in New Zealand and was simply deported. I have no reason to go to England other than to piss on this fucker's grave, so I'm none to bothered if I just get sent home and banned from revisiting.

Also is there ANYTHING to do in London other than defame the memorials or graves of the various genocidal scum buried there en masse?
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/rwg/ - Remote Working General

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Haven't seen one of these on /trv/ before, it's high time

Who here works remotely while travelling? Had the opportunity to do it for a while but haven't taken half enough advantage of it.

Hanging out in Bali for the week in a co-working space, fucking amazing so far.
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Is traveling in the united states worth it if you already live here?
Isn't the difference between San Francisco and New York just the weather and trees.
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US City Life: east coast

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Why are east coast cities filled with such depressed angry competitive people?

Everyone says "work hard play hard" but they just complain about the snow and work ungodly hours then get blacked out and watch sports ball and call that fun.

West coast cities have a way more "fun" culture and I actually see people enjoying life with peaceful smiles on their faces.

This goes for SF and LA and others.

>t. Depressed transplant
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Anyone here fell in love or found their significant other while on the road /travelling ?
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