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What's the worst "culture shock" you ever experienced? Have you ever gotten it when you returned home due to being abroad for too long?
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Is it viable to travel the world doing freelance web dev?

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Is it worth moving out to the west coast if you already live on the east coast? What does the West Coast have that the East Coast doesn't have?
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Hey guys, im going to be headed to Italy this June with my family. Were visiting Venice, Florence, and Rome and are gonna be there for 2.5 weeks total. I'm going to have a night by myself in each of those cities, so are there any things you guys would recommend me going to? Any kind of fun night life?
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Kulas BecomingFilipino

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>ywn be this guy
>ywn explore the stunning Philippines even to controversial places from the point of view of a foreigner

Why even live?
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How hard is it to get weed in Uruguay? For what I've seen, only residents in the country can plant it, and there are some restrictions if you want to buy it.

I want to go to uruguay, and I think my experienced would be poorer if I didn't get to try the good stuff there. So, is it hard to get weed there? Can you get some if you befriend some uruguayan?
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1st time in Asia.

14 hour layover in Shanghai.

All recommendations considers.
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I just got a new job in Los Angeles and want to move there.

What areas should I focus on in my search? My new job is near Pershing Square and I own a car. I've heard the traffic is nightmarish so being near a train station would be nice.
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Thinking about throwing my life away to chance, where should I go?
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St Pierre and Miquelon

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Heading here this summer for a few days. Anything worth seeing or knowing?

Will be there for Friday night, so lol, nightlife.
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