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Canada / Toronto Recommendations

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I will go to Canada for a year, starting on the first of September in Toronto.
I will do some sort of roadtrip to Vancouver where I will stay over the winter.
Any reccommendations what to do/see in Toronto?
Especially bars and places to meet locals, that are not overrun by tourists, are interesting for me.

Besides this, any tips on what general places in the country I should see on my roadtrip, are welcome too.
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Never been in such a boring city in my entire life. Even Kuala Shitpur was better.

What am I supposed to do in this zany, childish, capitalistic cesspit?
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Cities for remote workers

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Hello /trv/,

I work as a software dev and recently came across the opportunity to work remotely. I would like to move out of the UK and live somewhere in Europe. My budget is $2500 a month but I'l like to keep it to $2000.

What cities would you suggest? Here is what I would prefer:
>fast internet (required)
>hot weather
>relatively cheap (so not as expensive as cities as London)
>lots of stuff to do
>big bonus if near the beach

I've been looking at and got Tenerife and Las Palmas in the Canary Islands as suggestions. Jeju Island was another suggestion if I want to move out of Europe.

Spain sounds perfect as the language is simple and it has a lot to do. Barcelona seems cool too.

Any remote workers that can offer tips or suggestions?

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In Amsterdam right now, going to the other 2 after. I'll mostly be hitting up museums but would love some cool recommendations.

Restaurants, bars and place I can't miss would be much appreciated.

Also should I see a windmill?
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redpill me on travelling to portugal
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Backpacks general

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What's the best litre backpack for a 5 month backpacking trip ? Ans is anyone familiar with the Vango Trail 35?
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Anybody been to Roatan, Honduras? how did yoou like it? Planning on going soon. What are some things to do
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Would you rather travel from Vienna to Prague via train, or just fly?

Also Austria and Czech general thread.
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Turkey- Open to options

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>American born with slavic roots
>Can't afford rent and food in my own country(SF Bay Area specifically) working full time
>ffs just trying to build a company to change the world's housing situation over here
>Scour craigslist cause where tf else would I look
>Find listing in Turkey for a position working ~30 hours a week as an English teacher

Tell me what Turkey is like in general! Or Eskisehir if you know of it. Cultural tips. Laws to be aware of. Women. Food. Anything else my naive ass should be aware of? Any hidden treasures to be found?

I'm particularly interested in the history and ancient sites available to witness. Apart from the cave systems and some old walls left in the hills there are not many places older than 200 years in California.

Previously looked into Slovenia for substantially cheaper university. (Would be about $200 000 in debt if i went to my American university of choice)

What's particularly attractive to me is the fact that I could reasonably afford to live in an apartment on the salary potentially offered by the school. 3800 turkish lira/ month
Here's the listing:

This would be shit all money in my home, but in Turkey I could actually live on this. I just don't specifically see how I could advance my career and aspirations here short of making some diamond level connections.

Also looking into becoming an American Diplomat solely because it would provide food and accomodation. Goddamn it though I just want to be able to support myself and refine modern building technique/community design with natural and earthen building materials.

>Wants to save/enhance the world
>Open to options and suggestions.

Other than that, how are Americans viewed in Turkey outside the capital? People with Slavic heritage?
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