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I request help.
I’m travelling to Florida next month but only for a week.
I’m not from the US. What do I need to bring with me to make sure I get into the country smoothly?
pls and thanks god bless
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Just got back from a 13 months motorcycle trip.

Ask me anything.
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Did any of you ever meet up with some Anon while traveling? Post stories
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Fake Qualifications

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What is the viability of using fake credentials to teach Enlgish? I'm talking about a fake degree and possibly even a fake TEFL. I've looked around online and the only people I can see talking about this are from ten years ago, is this still a done thing? Do employers in places like China and Japan do thorough investigations into personal history? How likely is it to get caught?
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Burlintgon vt

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What to see or do up in Burlington? Going to be up there two weeks at the end of Jan
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NYE in Paris

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Will be in Paris with three friends for NYE and were trying to find somewhere that has a good party. Not looking to break the bank, but looking for something that relatively classy, with no plebs (ones that you get dressed up for). The fewer American tourists the better.

We are in our 20s, so we are looking for a younger crowd.

Not looking to go to the Champs Elysses and stand in the street all night then get run over by Arabs.
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What is wrong with portuguese people ?

Why are they so reserved ? They are nice to you but they never let you become close.

Portuguese girls don't put out and are frigid as fuck, and it seems no one does anything other than spend the evenings and weekends at home doing nothing or going out with the friends they made when they were teenagers.
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Calling all Mexicans. I need some guidance from you.

I am planning on travelling to Mexico City in the May next year on a 6 months visa and building a house I have designed. The house will be built without planning permission in a discrete location somewhere around the district of San Luis Ayucan (if deemed to be suitable, location subject to change). I will be travelling with two other people, one plans on returning to the UK after the 6 months visa has run out but the other lad will be staying out with me to finish the build.

Several questions for you guys.

1) Is it common for people to build without planning permission in areas like San Luis Ayucan and in Mexico City in general (check it out on Google maps). From what I can make out it in some places looks like they don't.

2) Once my visa is expired, am I at a serious risk of being deported? I'm white European and I plan on keeping a very low profile.

3) How strictly are planning permission , building regulation and visa laws enforced. Is this something that can be bribed around?

Just planning the trip at the moment. Don't need any negativity, you get a lot of jealous, bitter cunts on /trv/ who love to rip into someone, if you're one of them - fuck off and kill yourself until you die.

Any genuine advice would be much appreciated.
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I need some advice on what to do in this country.

Everything seems tailored towards the spastic backpacker with daddy's credit card. I'm not the type who goes on touristy expeditions and such, so when I reached Aussieland I got myself a job and a room. Now I'm just shitposting.

So what would I be able to do that would be interesting and hopefully earn me some cash? Any good places to go for work?
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Royal Caribbean

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What's best way to get a Thc oil cartridge on the ship?.. it's an ecig typw.. but oil is way thicker and darker than ecig liquid???
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