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Why are there so many Romania sex workers in Europe?
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>see great ticket price
>1 layover
>check time
>20 minute layover
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Can you ever enjoy traveling with a BITCH

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It seems like millenial women mostly enjoy the bragging and the narcissistic photos, but never the travel itself...
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Holiday Ideas

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So I have two weeks of leave in April and wanted to make the most of it by getting a trip abroad in. I did HK, Taiwan and NZ last summer and enjoyed it.


Somewhere friendly enough that I could make friends travailing in the short time I'm therefore

Somewhere that speaks at least conversational English as I'm a retard when it comes to other languages

Enough stuff to do in the area to last the duration of the two weeks.

Lastly (although not vital) relatively inexpensive
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How would one go about going to Antarctica? I'd just like to do a trek without having my hand held the entire way.
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Dealing with Scammers and Touts

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What do you find are the best methods for dealing with scammers and touts in shithole countries like India and Nepal?
Does anyone have any particularly memorable stories when it comes to touts?

I've seen a lot of 'just say no' or 'pretend they don't exist' replies here and around the net but when I was in Nepal I always ran into touts who took ignoring and no as an excuse to latch on and refuse to stop following and chasing me down for 15 minutes while being as obnoxious as possible.

Is there a better way to get them to take the hint and fuck off? Or is being followed around for most of the day having review notepads shoved at you just something that has to be tolerated in these countries?

If you do get caught out and the tout demands a huge sum of money for what they did without agreement beforehand, is there anything you can do? Or do you just pay up and learn your lesson?
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Leonardo da Vinci Trip

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Okay /trv/ my life goal is to see all or at least most displayed works of Leonardo da Vinci. There are a couple locations in the US (namely in the National Art Gallery and in New York) but most of his works are in the UK, France, Germany, and most in in Italy.
How much money do you think this would cost and how long should it take? I'm not looking to do much in Milan or Florence I just wanna see the paintings. Has anyone done this or something similar that you know of and do you know if they found it enjoyable at all?
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Business Travel

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Who here is a frequent travel for business?

>What do you do?
>Where do you go?
>How much time do you have to do non-work things while traveling?
>How do you make the best use of your company's travel budget?
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Green Card Address

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Hi, I am recently receiving my residence through mail but so far I don't have a permanent address and would be out of the US for a few months. What options do I have for it to be received in some specific US address and then re-sent to me abroad?