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>no friends to travel with (no friends in general)
how do you eat at restaurants or do things alone?

>can't visit any tapas or places where you're expected to share food (dim sum, izakaya, etc.), so either don't get to taste as much of the food, or spend a lot of money and gain weight
>have to eat alone while everyone else is with their friends
>if you want pictures of yourself, need to ask strangers (i dont have social media, so i never ask)

anyone else know these feels?

>tfw coworker recommends a tapas restaurant to visit at my next travel destination
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Areas of natural beauty in France?

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Hello anons,

I am leaving on a road trip at the end of the month, on which I am driving from the Netherlands to Spain via France.

In France I'd like to detour for some hiking / wild camping, can anyone recommend any Parc Naturel along pic related route ?

I was thinking of stopping in Parc Naturel de Morvan, Livradois-Forez or du Pilat .

Any help would be appreciated. I've never driven on continental Europe so trying to plan as much as possible in advance.

Yes I speak French, and yes I know the legalities for road users (triangle, hi-viz, beam deflectors etc)
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Crete for 6 nights

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I'm going over to crete with a couple friends, we are all in our late 20s. We have already booked 2 nights in heraklion, 1 in malia and 3 in chania. We will have a hire car

Have any anons been there before or have any suggestions of what to do and where to go? We are definitely going to see the samaria gorge and knossos but other than that I am open to suggestions.
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Studying abroad in Florence for a month, arrived here yesterday afternoon. I'm excited to see everything that the city has to offer but the living conditions provided are terrible, the worst offense is lack of air conditioning in the Italian summer, I can't sleep in the heat either, doesn't help that we were told that the beds were twin sized and they actually ended up being smaller. I don't speak any Italian either and know nobody here except a professor from back home. I know that the trip is more about seeing what you came to see but the conditions I'm in make it seem like I'm gonna have a rough time.

Pic is our back porch
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Bringing a laptop with porn in it to China

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So, I'm going to China soon, and was wondering about my laptop having porn in it, and whether or not I have to get rid of it.

I've heard that porn is illegal there, and I don't wanna get into deep shit over some hentai.

Is it okay to bring in a computer with porn?
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How far up north have you been

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Hello /trv

I was wondering how far north you have reached and especially how (place share latitude). Maximum is obviously 90°N

So I will start with 69°N Town of Alta, Noway.
Took a flight to Oslo, train to Narvik and a 9h bus drive to Alta
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TSA Passport Kiosks

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Every time I visit the US with my Dutch passport I get directed to use these kiosks and they always fail on me. What gives?
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SEA general (south east asia)

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old one 404'd

Currently in Thailand, bored as fuck
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