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Late night coffee, decided to go on here for the first time: I was born in Belize, getting my PhD in the US.I want to know what /trv/ thinks of Belize.
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Going visit for about a week come early April; I'll be in Kathmandu.

For those of you who have been to Nepal, what should I know? and where should I go?
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Las Vegas

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i'm going to las vegas in a few weeks, i'm pretty excited.

anything i should know? something in particular that i should do or see? any tips or advice?
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Hey guys, I don't usually lurk /trv/ but /fa/ is dead and sucks, so I'm hoping you can help. I'm going to be travelling for work a bit and need a cane for a dodgy knee on longer walks. Anyone here with advice or experience travelling with a carbon fiber or metal cane? Not just boarding airplanes, but walking around with them. If pic related isn't a good option, I'm not opposed to looking into a wood derby cane.
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Philadelphia is like a smaller New York. Anyone agree?

Or, at least, it's like a cross between New York and Washington, DC
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Psychonauts Flying high

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Who here has ever been high or generally under the influence of something while flying/ traveling

Am going to fly this weekend and would like to ease up my nerves before boarding up and how risky is it to hide 1-2 g in the luggage for later use after arriving?
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Worst/Best Vacation Stories

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>Be me
>Brit fag
>Age 8
>Vacation with family and friends family in France
>Staying in rented housing or something like that
>Rows of the same house about 20 in a row
>Playing cricket or some dumb shit like that
>Get thirty whilst playing
>Say to mum i'm going to run back to house for drinks
>Run to house open sliding door
>mfw when I see man getting sucked off
>mfw woman gags on dick when she sees me
>mfw when man screams in french
>mfw when all i say i whoopees
>I ran back to cricket game family knows i went to wrong house
>Just laugh
>Don't tell them what I saw
>Never Told A Sole About What Happened
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I'm thinking about traveling to Kiev or Odessa this July. Is it safe? How many scammers did you encounter? Did you Airbnb or hotel it? How were the night clubs.
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Who Asked for This?

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I am going to Thailand for 3 weeks of whore mongering.

What is the safest way to do this? If I bang 30 girls at Soi Cowboy, will I get HIV or other STDs (if I wear protection always)? How common is it really?

>t. degenerate
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