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I have the opportunity to visit Venice for a few days next year in February during the Carnival of Venice

I have never been to Venice and I don't know much about Carnival.
Is this an interesting event that makes Venice more worthy of a visit or just a touristy thing?
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Tell me about the UK & Ireland.
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Does anybody else force themself to solo-travel in the hope that they will develop as a person in a positive way, despite largely disliking the experience?
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Spain thread

What's the best things to do and see? Whens the best time to visit? Share your stories /trv/
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Cuba thread

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I'm heading to Cuba solo on december 10th for 11 days.
If anyone has been there please share your experience :)

Also I don't speak spanish, will I be able to make cuban friends ? How about other travellers, is it easy to meet them ? How dangerous is it for a solo female ?
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*Ruins your flight*
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Can we have another expat thread? I have always fantasized of being an explorer and living all around the world one day. I am 25.
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How much squalor will you put up with for a cheap place to stay?
In my search for a warm place to winter over ,I have been looking at the philippines.
This popped up on my youtube and its only 28 usd per month!
Not sure I could put up with the chicken howlings but I guess you get used to it.
The exchange rate is really putting the whole country on sale bigtime.
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What 5 cities should I visit in the USA?
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