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/taiwan/ general.

anyone here right now?
whats the current vibe?
I can go in winter but double guessing myself because of zero covid insanity.
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Has anyone been to Montreal?

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Is it a nice place?
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What could I do to have fun?

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If I took 10k out of my bank account and stopped being a wagie for a month, I feel resentful about life
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veery hopeful RTW: retrospect

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gday, few years ago I wrote short stories of the trips I took through a number of countries on my way to 40030 km by bicycle. Decided to translate them into English and post here since it was my great joy to make a few threads here back in the day.

Few bits of background information from the original thread:

>Two months ago had a chance to choose redundancy at work. That gave me an unexpected freedom and some extra money- not a lot by any means. Decided for the better or worse that this might be my best chance to cycle around the world. So I set off from UK two weeks ago with the route pictured in mind and a goal of 40 030 kms from that by bicycle.
>Did a 23 day trip across Europe 2 years ago with around 100 euros (2400km by bike and 2400km by hitchhike) and shared it here afterwards. That plus some other cycling trips around the edges of Europe is the extent of my experience.
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NYC for a week

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Going to NYC for the week of Thanksgiving. Looking for areas to stay and things to do. Price is $200-300 a night or so for a room. Catch is I want it to be along the parade route so we can watch it. This will be my first time to NYC and always had a hate towards the city but now I'm interested in everything it offers.

We will probably go to several museums like The Met, Museum of Natural History, the Morgan Museum, Guggenhiem, and MoMA. I'm sure I'm missing other interesting ones.
We will also probably want to check out some of the cool building like WTC, Chrysler, Empire State, Rockefeller, Grand Central, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island.
We will want to see Central Park and I've heard Washington Square is cool also.

I'll be posting on /ck/ and /fa/ due to my interests in those things. On the /ck/ side we are hoping to do Per Se or Le Bernardin. Probably will check out Jacques Torres and Fabrique. Also would like authentic italian or chinese food. New York pizza and those types of things. For /fa/ I bought a pair of Enzo Bonafe oxfords in Stockholm, so looking for places around that type of style in NYC. I also will need some Hestra peccary gloves repaired because I don't have anyone worth their shit locally to get them fixed.
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Amsterdam tourism

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I am thinking of going to Amsterdam with the bros. The problem is that they seem to be too focused on the weed and the nightlife. What are some interesting places we can visit so that we don't waste the trip like that? Note that I am not interested in the brothels, and museums seem kind of a waste of time (in the sense that they rush you and you forget the stuff that you saw)
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what would be the real life equivalent of Roanapur from Black Lagoon? Just a tropical beach town that is essentially lawless and where tons of international gamblers, gangsters and outcasts gather. Maybe Sihanoukville? Or have the chinese conquered that completely?
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hi, /trv/
I am designing a travel backpack, and a study backpack, I would appreciate it if you would leave me your ideas
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Kiwi planning on moving to America… what do I need to know about New Hampshire?

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Is there any specific laws I should know about that aren’t obvious? Anything cultural as well… planning on moving to NH asap I.e when I got enough money
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