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Hello /Trv, goin to Vienna in May for a week, was wondering what street foods I should definately try?

Also any tips in general, places to go, things to do? Thanks chiefs

Pic unrelated, although Liverpool is worth a visit.
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I'm travelling to central Europe solo this summer using mainly hostels. I am only 18 and look very young, will I have a hard time finding people to drink with and do stuff in the day? I'm worried that everyone will be college grads or in college. Also general hostel and travel tips/info/stories for a solo 18 yo
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I would like to go to Lebanon in september.

I'm thinking of visiting the following places: Beirut, Baalbek, Byblos, Sidon, Tyre, Anjar, Zahle. Also Nabatiyeh for Ashura.

Any thoughts or tips? Safety precautions? How to get laid? How to meet Nasrallah?
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hitchhiking general

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Ask questions, tell stories, meet travelling buddies

I'm polish, 24, male. I like spontaneous short trips and longer journeys through Asia (non-SEA mostly). Always looking for some company on my ways, so message me if you're interested.
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Work and live in Europe

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Has anyone from /trv/ moved to Europe to work and live?

What is the best way to do it?

I'm born in Europe in Bosnia but live in Canada and would love to move back to Europe but Bosnia just seems a poor choice economically. Also not in the EU so that doesn't help my case for working in other EU countries!

I have a Canadian university degree in finance and speak English, Serbian, French and Spanish fluently.

What do you guys recommended I do?

I don't like the north American lifestyle and just want to live and work in Europe. Preferably Barcelona.

Also this can be a general for any others with similar questions

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ITT: Eurotrip greentext stories

Thread theme:
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Would you give up your apartment to live in a van and pursue your /out/ passions?
Many climbers live like this.
Anyone else?
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where do you buy weed in prague?
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Lithuania and Poland

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Sup /trv/,
so me and a group of friends (20yo) have 11 days to spend in Lithuania and Poland.
How would you allocate 11 days to these cities?


Throw me your favourite spots for food, sights, hiking/mountaineering trips/ideas, amusement parks, casinos.. anything worthwhile really.

>inb4 Auschwitz camp
That goes without saying

Any1 wanna meet up? we're cool
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