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Anki for language learning.

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Any of you use Anki for foreign language learning? If so, what are your favorite add-ons and card layouts?

I really like Advanced Browser for adding tags and being able to sort by them.

Tried to get Pinyin Toolkit to 学习汉字, but can't seem to get it installed. Instructions are for an older version of Anki, no idea it can still work or not. Any Chinese students in here?
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Afghanistan thread

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Sup /trv/
I'm starting a Central Asia - Middle East trip in a week and I'm gonna pass thru Afghanistan on the way to Iran (Mazari Sharif (or Kunduz) - Kabul - Herat).
So I made a lot of research on the country, including talking to locals and I'm pretty sure it's doable. Yes, despite Taliban/Daesh/whatever. Risky but doable, considering also that I'm a russian.
Roughest part is Kabul-Herat, but it might be done on a plane, as many locals do. Though I might fancy a bike/horse instead.
So, any info/advice?
I've read some related travel-reports, but the most recent dated 2012, so it would be great to read more of it. Speaking of which, anybody has a link on the thread about Afghanistan by a French anon, who's travelling Africa on a bike now, AFAIK? I read it before but lost the link.

>inb4 OP is kill
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Is it still possible to do Age of Discovery style business ventures?

I mean going into a remote area, tapping a local resource, and selling it to the Western world.
It could be something like a rare spice, an aromatic wood, or local semi-precious stones.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but going into a truly remote area (like Papua New Guinea, or almost anywhere in non-coastal Africa) is a risk to your health and life. Most businessmen avoid taking personal risks. Apart from that, it's not an option most would even consider, which means certain fields could be undersaturated. In short, there could be a free lunch because there's a sword dangling over it, and nobody wants to risk it.

I'm not looking for an adventure. It's more that I'm not cut out for usual careers, and I'd prefer to take risks by traveling in dangerous places than by doing something illegal. (Yes, I considered darknet drug dealing, but I want a venture that is at least semi-ethical, and that I can be open about.)

What do you think, /trv/?
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I'm trying to book luxurious hotels in UK for cheap. Is my best bet hoteltonight? Any other alternatives? It's ok if it's same-day or in a couple of days/weeks, as long as it's cheap and luxurious and anywhere in UK.

Any advice?
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Which cities in Latin America would you recommend for someone wanting to learn Spanish?

I speak very poor Spanish and want to get it to a good level.

My priorities are climate, food, safety, cost of living, friendliness of locals.
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im planning a trip and im still undecided
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Diseases and Parasites

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I know you've got them, post em.

>Stay in India one year
>Catch giardia and h pylori
>Take 100 pills to nuke everything
>Still bloated and eat half of what I normally eat one year later
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Is it normal for hosts to jew their volunteers? I offered to volunteer in Indonesia for a month and the guy responded it will cost me 150,000 IDR per day for food and accommodation. Then revised it to 100,000 IDR. Accommodation in the area is often 40,000 or 50,000 and food should be maybe 10,000 a meal and that's without preparing lesson plans and teaching little brown children English two hours a day. Feels like paying for an alternative form of tourist attraction.
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Is South Korea really just a shittier version of Japan?

I went there for work for two weeks a few years ago, and that was the only way I could describe it. Am I missing something? Should I give it another shot?
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