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Dominican Republic

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I will soon be visiting the Dominican Republic for travel.
I’m from Ireland and don’t speak a word of Spanish.
What am I to expect and does anyone have any tips for me?
(Do Dominican Republic females like 6”2 blonde hair blue eye pale gym bro)
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never been, I fell in love with an argentine girl in Madrid, I had the best night with her. now argentina peeked my interest. is it cheap?, and is it worth it?
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Getting a girlfriend in the Philippines as a non-white

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Hi Guys,

I'm a 30 year old Pajeet from Australia who's never had a girlfriend.

In Australia women DO NOT like Indians. White women generally don't even want to acknowledge you and even other Pajeeta's prefer to date white guys, so there's virtually no avenue for guys like me.

I was planning to travel through SEA and during my research I read that it's easier to get girls in the Philippines and that they're generally not as discriminating.

Now does this only work if you're white? Or do Pajeets have hope too?

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How do I meet girls in central Europe

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Specifically Vienna, Austria. I've been here a few days and have been getting matches on dating apps, but none are really converting into dates/fucks so far. Back in America I would have gotten several by now.

What am I doing wrong? What's the ideal way to meet women here? Thanks.
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Visiting Vienna next month, tips welcome

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So i'm going to Vienna, Austria next month for 7 days. Is there enough to do there for 7 days or is it better to visit other cities as well ?

I am planning to spend a day in Bratislava as well just to check it out.

Here are some questions:

1. Is the city/country safe for tourists or is there a lot of crime ?

2. If you travelled there, any recommendations for places to check out ? From monuments, museums to restaurants, i'm open to any avenue if it's interesting and worth the money.

3. Should i rent a car and visit other cities or simply go by train ?

4. Any hotels you recommend ? I don't necessarily have a budget but if i can get good value for money then it's all the better.

5. Are the women there easy ? Not planning to go there as a coomer but if i can meet some interesting women then why not.

Your help is appreciated anons
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Which country has the best tits?

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Let's be honest, /trv/ is sex tourism board. Which country has the best boobs? I'm going to from what I have seen, Russia. The biggest tits on the smallest girls.
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Fake a pcr test?

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Hi unvaxxed friends ! Have any of you ever been able to fake one ? If so what are your tricks
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sleeping bag washing

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I got pic related,
>tasman x1080 from coleman
bought it in thrift shop, so it smells quite bad.
>how to wash it properly?
the material is some (tm) thing, it's nice and soft to the touch. No clue what is it filled with

Also, sleeping bag washing general thread.
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History sites in Andalusia

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I'm travelling in Spain right now and my uncle is coming to visit in November. He's coming with a car and wants to do a tour of Andalusia. He's a huge history buff, so I'd like to show him all the historically significant places.
Right now my plan is Granada (Alhambra and Albayzín) to Cordoba (Alcazar and Mezquita) to Sevilla (Catedral, Barrio de Santa Cruz and Real Alcazar). Depending on how much he'll have left I'm considering Cadiz, Ronda, Malaga, Tarifa, Vejer de la Frontera and Jerez de la Frontera. Any suggestions for must see places or underrated and forgotten historical sites? Abandoned shit would be cool too.
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I’m close to booking a flight to JFK to see GWAR on Halloween. I heard Williamsburg is fun and safe.
I dig graffiti and strip clubs. Any suggestions