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I could use some help buds, I'm staying in Hawaii for a week and would like to know where to go for the time I am here, I've been here for two days so far and seem to be enjoying it, but I want more to do, I was thinking of trying to learn how to surf but I know that won't work out well. Plus I'll also line to know where to get some good succ from a cutie asian gril. Also I would like to inform that I am 20, so bars isn't an option.
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How do I travel as cheap as I can? I need tips since I just started and I don't have alot of money.

I found out about couchsurfing, is it really free to stay at a host or just less expensive? Where do I find cheap airline tickets websites that won't scam me?

Let's say I want to travel from Romania to New York, what do I do?
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Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

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Hello /trv/, I have some questions about the Jacob´s Trail and pilgrimage in general.

I plan to hike the Trail after graduating (next summer) and I want to start from my hometown (in the Ruhr-Area, western Germany), going through the Netherlands, Belgium and the Île-de-France (Paris). I then plan to cross Aquitania and Euskerra and walk on the Camino de Santos after passing the Pyrenees (and flying back, ofc).
If I make 30km a day, I´ll make it in about 60-70 days. Is this realistic? I´m quite /fit/ but it seems quite much, especially with a heavy backpack.

Also, since I can´t afford staying in a hotel every day, how dangerous is sleeping in the forest? I know that hogs are a real and deadly danger in the night, but do they mess up tents and such, too? Is there a possibility of staying in certain monasteries (if there a still ones in godless Benelux and France)?

Also, can anyone give me some general info on how to behave and what some important must-sees/must-knows are? I really want to enjoy this trip, and don´t want to miss anything.

Thank you in advance!
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Map time! Post yours!
>Inb4 that's an ambitious next 5 years
I'm going to be studying four years in Europe and a year in east Asia and I'm spending 5 months a year for 5 years traveling.
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So lads, going to be staying in Singapore for a while. What's the best way for me to get my internet porn? Pic unrelated
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Hi /trv! Tomorrow I'll take a flight to Marrakech and I've never been there. We will stay for a whole week. Does someone know something interesting to do there? (excluding desert and visiting typical places)
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I have about ten days around New Year's with which to travel. Which do you recommend: Cambodia or Vietnam?
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Anyone on /trv/ ever just move away?

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I've been thinking of just dropping everything and moving away. I've lived in the same town in Connecticut my whole life and I'm sick of it, my job pays decent but it's unfulfilling and boring, I have friends and family here but haven't had a relationship in a few years because I have no motivation to go out and do anything, I can't stand the weather where I live cause I hate the snow in the winter and the punishing humidity in the summer, I just want to get the fuck out of here.

So has anyone here ever just dropped everything and moved away one day? I've got $20,000 saved up and I'm thinking of moving to Utah for the scenery.
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Hey /trv/

I'm planning on hitchhiking from Seattle to Los Angeles for the first time in July. Have any of you guys hitchhiked and have any tips for beginners.

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