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I'm fucked. I'm stuck in Copenhagen due to a passport loss (that is on its way).

Rebooking my flights back to Perth will be 4900 dkk ($1000 aud).

What the fuck do I do??? Could I find a cheaper flight through some black market trick I don't know? Should I buy a bike and start cycling home? I could cancel and get a few dollars back?
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My gf planned a surprise trip for early January without looking up the weather.

Am I fucked bros? Should I convince her to change it to somewhere else?
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travel ticket present

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hello 4chan people i am from the netherlands i am 16 years old and want to buy plane tickets for my mom and me so we can go to america as a present for her birthday but i dont have the money for it so i have decided to ask 4chan to help me if you are willing to donate to me heres my ark wallet (dont have any other bitcoin wallet) the expenses are around 200 euro i think i will update yall when i reach that amount which will probably not happen
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I went to Bulgaria for about a week with my friends last year. Only city we visited was Sofia, for the rest we mostly went hiking in the Rila and Stara Planina mountains. I'm thinking about going back for another week in February, this time on my own. Give me your recommendations for stuff that I should visit, experiences in the country, etc. I'm interested in the countryside/nature as well as cities and culture. You can also give suggestions for other countries (preferably in the same region) that are cool to visit for about a week.
Pic related, it's in the Stara Planina mts nearby a hut where we couchsurfed.
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Worked 8 months on a cruise ship going from Charleston to the Bahamas, now working for the last 4 years on europen river cruises.
I'll be around.
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Travel Therapist Advice/AMA

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Hey /trv/, I'm a recently licensed Occupational Therapist. I opted to sign up with a medical traveler agency right after college, been doing it about a year now.

Essentially my job is to temporarily fill in at hospitals, clinics, and rehab facilities around the country who are in need of an OT (or other positions if you are a travel nurse, PT...etc.). Assignments are typically 3 months but vary if a place asks to extend your contract or cuts it short if they find a permanent employee (much cheaper than hiring a traveler).

How it works: I tell someone called a recruiter at the medical traveler agency I signed with. I tell them what states/regions I want to work in, they find openings posted by various facilities in said areas and I interview with them and negotiate my contract.

So far I have done an assignments in

Corvallis, OR
Medford, OR
Panama City Beach, FL
and about to start one in Asheville, NC.

I can go anywhere in the 50 states and am looking on suggestions on regions, states, or cities to go.

Also AMA about my job and how to get involved with it. Its a pretty awesome gig.
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Richmond VA

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What do in Richmond? Planning a day trip with the gf
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>Be me
>16 year old beta fag
>Am in bathtub.
>Jack off in bath tub
>Get out of tub.
>The Next day mom gets in tub.
>Several days later Mom comes back with a pregnancy test.
>Dad knows that it isn't his.
>MFW Dad divorces Mom and Mom divorces my unborn kid.
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Going to venice tomorrow with my gf.
I don't know what to think, it just seems like a big thematic park.

Am I condemned or is there anything authentic there?

I'm talking about bars, restaurants, artisan shops, anything authentic culture-wise really.
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Hello /trv/! I am going on my first solo vacation in about two weeks.
Going to be hiking/camping for around 7 days. Feeling a bit nervous since this is the first time I'll be doing something like this.
Is that normal/expected? How can I get over it? Would gladly appreciate any advice. Cheers!
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