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Booking a hotel in tokyo

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So the hotels in tokyo with a no meal option are like $200 cheaper. I was thinking about just booking the cheaper accommodation and walking into the breakfast room in the morning. Do the breakfast rooms have any sort of security in them? Would the hotel let me change my booking to add breakfast later if i changed my mind?
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European travelers always give me shit because I haven't been to NYC and I'm American.

Is the city THAT great? Am I really missing out on something?
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Is there any cities with the atmosphere like in Shanghai International Settlement in 1930s?
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I am from Northern Virginia and live only an hour outside of Washington D.C. but I don't really know much about it. The National Gallery of Art is my favorite place in the world and I've been to some of the other museums but I'd like to get in deeper. I want to really get to know D.C. all sides of it. I'd be willing to spend a few days there but it's easier for me to just go home after a long day in the city since I don't know anything about leaving my car there overnight.

I don't care about food and I can't dance so restaurants and clubs naturally bore me. I want something interesting, I want to meet interesting people, and I want to eventually feel like I am from the city. I hope this is not too vague for me to get some recommendations. Also I'm thinking about trying to busk in D.C. I've done it outside of the country before and I'm at least competent on my instrument but I wouldn't where to play so if anyone has a good place in mind, I might try it.
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Louisiana outside of NOLA

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Tell me about the parts of Louisiana no one talks about. What's cool about the state outside of New Orleans? Tell me about the swamps, the backwoods parts, etc.
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Finesse the system?

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If theres one piece of advice I constanly get about flying home its...

But im tight on money, so it'll have to do, and they nickel and dime the fuck out of anyone that doesn't follow regulations, so I have to maneuver carefully.

So to save money I've done the following already
>bare minimum bags
>not picking seat
>no flying insurance
>flying out on thurs and back on a Monday
So far Im going to pay around 120 roundtrip

But im going home for 10 days and i need more clothes than 1 bag.

So I came up with a retarded plan, and i wanted some opinions on how it would work
>stuff extra bag into backpack
>wear several layers of clothes
>1 jacket, 3 (thin) shirts, 2 pants, and 2 pairs of socks
>wait until boarded on plane
>go to bathroom with extra bag tucked in pants
>stuff all clothes in bag
>walk out like nothing ever happened and save 50$ on baggage fees

Would this work? Can i get through TSA like this? Where specifically would they check how many bags i have?

>im flying from chicago IL to oakland CA

>tldr: im making a plan to wear several clothes to avoid bagging fees on an airline.

Also if anyone has more money saving tips, feel free to shoot em this way.
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Hostel roommates

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Tell me your best/worst stories about the people you guys have met in hostels
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Flag Collecting

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How many different nationalities have you had sex with /trv/?
I have twelve flags in my collection:
- Dutch
- German
- Romanian
- Italian
- American
- Chinese
- Brazilian
- Swedish
- Guatemalan
- Thai
- Malaysian
- Iranian

Share experiences!
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A hypothetical scenario for /trv/:

>you operate an online business that makes $100 USD per day (after tax)
>you require reliable high-speed internet

Where in the world do you go?
Detail your budget breakdown. >accommodations