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Have any of you ever climbed the everest?
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I'm going to get the fuck outta here and move to the Philippines. I've been there many times. I can get laid whenever I want. Being a white guy, under 30 who isn't fat just makes you an instant chick magnet over there. I spent 3 months in the Philippines last time, and had about 20 hookups, and had 4 bitches I used to see regularly as my girlfriends. One of the girlfriends I had, had a bunch of hot cousins I used to fuck as well. There's no effort even required. The women there just throw themselves at you. I was like a fucking king over there. It was amazing. Come back to Australia, and there's nothing but ugly lumpy fat bitches with tattoos who make my dick recoil in disgust. Everything costs an arm and a leg. Taxes wipe your paycheck out. There are smelly Pajeets everywhere who can't even speak fucking English. My life sucks in Australia. I'm getting my finances in order and moving to the Philippines. I'm spending my days on the tropical beaches, and my nights deep inside some tight gook Pinay pussy.
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South Dakota or Thailand?

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What are the differences in terms of people, culture and modern conveniences? How are women? Is there a flood of rowdy sexpats at night? Out door activities? Strange laws to be aware of? Tipping customs? Historic sites?

Which is better for a 10 day vacation? I'm from the UK so both are pretty equal in terms of flight time and distance and jet lag.
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Is becoming an expat actually as hard as people make it out to be? I always assumed that if you are a college educated American with no history of crime that other countries would basically bend over backwards to let you in
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thinking of doing a 2 week Prague-Vienna trip

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thoughts? any central euro cities I'm better off going to?
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Travel Credit Cards

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Are these noob traps to bait you into expensive flights and hotels or do these actually save you money if you don't max them out like a retard?
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What are some cozy American cities/towns worth visiting?
Stuff like
>Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
>Gatlinburg, Tennessee
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Passport ASAP

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Haven't traveled in 10 plus years. US citizen here, what options do I have for getting a passport in the least amount of time I don't want to wait 8 plus weeks Help Anons!!
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Come to Canada

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We have Sarah Gadon