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What are some delicious/interesting food you've had while travelling?

Pic related, I just had durian for the first time in bangkok, and I plan on going to my first ever michelin starred restaurant tomorrow night.
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want to do a lads trip to montreal of ~people. what are the clubs to do? how can we stay and get around for cheap?

where to buy drugs?
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What's a good place to visit in South America for 16 days in July? I've been looking around but I need some recommendations.

Argentina and Chile seem to be not recommended because it's winter - I've been considering Suriname because I speak Dutch, but I don't know if there's anything interesting to do there.
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Small SE United States Road Trip

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Hey /trv/, my dad and I are taking a road trip from Florida up to Cincinnati soon, and I'm looking for suggestions about which way we should go, and what there is to see along the way. We're open to anything nature-related, historical, cultural, and just overall fun things to do and see while we're there.

We're considering either a Chattanooga-Nashville-Louisville-Cincinnati route, or a Chattanooga-Knoxville-Lexington-Cincinnati route, and any input as to which would offer more would be appreciated. We'll also have a few days to explore the area around Cincinnati, although we'd prefer to keep it somewhere around the radius of the circle; the only exception being a day or two to visit family in Pittsburgh. Thanks in advance, lads.
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August Iceland Travel help

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I will be going to iceland in mid-august with 4~5 ppl (including myself) for 7~8 days. we were going to rent 4x4, and to the road trip, and was also going to hike at the same time. turns out, if you are going to do whole circle and hike at the same time, it isn't that easy to plan.... any tips for roadtrip AND hiking?

apparently south is tourist trap, so hike in north and west fjord? should i just skip, or skim through golden circle also, except for first and last day, we were just gonna camp out in our bivy. how feasible is this?

my thoughts:
(mostly from this)
>day1. Reykjavik
>day2. breeze through golden circle. get to vik and camp out.
>day3. vik -> gun it to egilsstaoir? or stop at hofn and do some stuff?
>day4?: get to akureyi/siglufjordur, and try to do some hiking?
>day5,6: west fjord?
>day7: djupalonssandur beach?
>day8: rest. blue lagoon (inb4 tourist trap). head back home.

how does this sounds like?
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Looking to take a week or two to visit a friend stationed on the east coast.
Assuming I'd have to arrive in Cherry Point or Jacksonville, NC, and return there after seven or ten days, what are The Things To Do on the east coast? Would it be practical to drive/train up to New York in a week? Any good non-obvious ACW museums or battlefields? How awful is the weather in the summer? (I tend to like cold climates.)

I live on the west coast and have been east only once.
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How do young people these days afford to travel so often? It seems like everyone in their twenties is able to go on a trip across the world and and here I am being a wageslave back home. Its not fair.
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This is something that I ate in Japan. Can anybody tell me what the name of this dish is?
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Intentional Community

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Hello /trv/, not sure if this is the right board to ask,
but do any one of you have any experience living in a intentional community?
Especially in relation with sites like WWOOF, HelpX, workaway.
I want to live like a bohemian but I´m not sure how. Pic unrelated.
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