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What does /trv/ think about Rick Steves?
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sex tourists /trv/ meta thread

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Sex tourism posts need to be banned, it ruins the board and the countries you visit. Honestly fuck any of you who do this shit, especially if you go to SEA.
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Semester Abroad

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Hey /trv/, I'm an 18 y/o college student in the US. I'm planning on going abroad next fall semester, but I can't decide where I'd like to go. I have never been to Europe, but the idea of studying abroad really interests me and I think somewhere in Europe would be great so I could travel to other countries while abroad. I'm looking for somewhere with a lot to do and see, especially a place with a vibrant nightlife/party culture. I would appreciate any recommendations as to which cities would be fun for a young adult abroad, thank you!
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Is Uruguay as comfy as they say? There country name almost spells OurGuy. How do they treat Americans? How bad is crime? Is there legal weed any good or is it schwag? im seriously about to pack my bags....
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im going to barcelona in June.
pls recommend me clubs, restaurants and musea.
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I want to move to Paris but I'm so scared of the terrorist attacks that have been targeted at France. There's been so many of them. I'm from a rather small city in Finland, thus I have never had to live in fear of becoming a victim of a terrorist attack. I know it is very unlikely that it will happen, let alone to ME in all of the some 10 million people currently living in Paris (if a terrorist attack will even happen there any more), but just imagining to die in such a brutal way like people did last week in Stockholm... I just cannot bear to imagine that happening to myself.

I know what some of you may think of me, but please take into consideration that I come from a VERY safe country where I've never had to be afraid of anything like that happening to me, therefore this all seems very weird for me.

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Paris Catacombs

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Do you have any cool pictures or know anything interesting about the Paris Catacombs?
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Kumano Kodo Advice

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I've been in Japan for a couple weeks now, and my time here is coming to an end. I'm currrently in Osaka and in a couple days I need to return to Tokyo. Long story short, I've suddenly felt I need to head down to the Kumano Kodo and preform a pilgrimage and I'm having some difficulties planning it!

The plan I'm trying to work with is starting on May 1st and trying to be back in Tokyo by May 6/7th and I'm looking to by the JR Kansai wide area pass to make getting home easier after the trail.

It looks like the biggest issue is timing.

Ideally I can head down to Tanebe on the 1st and instead of staying overnight hiking to a village and staying over. I'm hoping to continue past Hongo Taishi. One of the sights I'm really looking forward to seeing is the Kumano Nachi Taisha - endingin Kii-Katsuura. I don't know if it would be convinient for me to travel back to Tokyo from there (I don't know if JR stops there)

I don't have too much money to spend, I could muster probably ~¥60,000. A lot of people are saying staying at inns are worth it because they include meals - but as a vegetarian indont know if I would be able to be accommodated. Are there cheaper options? I'm always willing to lug a lot of convenience store food around

Im open to changes! And any tips!
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so I just got to SANTIAGO DE CHILE

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I'm staying here like a week. What's the best stuff to do around here? Restaurants, bars, etc.
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