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What's the most interesting trip you've ever taken on a whim?

After I broke up with my last girlfriend, I took a solo trip to Savannah, GA. The place was actually pretty neat and the SCAD dames are super easy to talk to. It's like they know you're not one of those fruity """male""" SCAD students and it makes you more appealing (given that you're not ugly as sin or completely inept). Visiting during a non-tourist period is nice too, since there aren't a bunch of fucking drunks stumbling around and puking on all the nice things there.
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I want to do a trip to France in April of 2018.

The things I want to see are:
>Paris, obviously
>Nice and Monaco

I've been to Paris before but that's it for France. Outside of the capital, I'm lost. What's the best way for me to reach the southern region? Rental car? Train? Fly to Marseille and then rent a car?

Also, how many days can I expect to realistically spend in the southern region? I'll be traveling solo and tend to move at a pretty quick pace when I am by myself.
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First Time in Boston

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Hey /trv/

I'm flying into Kitchener on October 12th for a friend's birthday and Oktoberfest. Just discovered I have an extra 5 days off afterwards and I've decided to visit Boston. I'll be flying in from Toronto on the 15th. I'm planning on seeing if there's a game at Fenway and doing some drinking, but that's all so far. I understand that downtown is pretty great to walk around, but if anyone on here could give me some suggestions on stuff to do or see, I would be super appreciative. Up for just about anything.

Thanks friends
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Amerilard here.

I want to move somewhere affordable (but not disgusting like Cleveland or Detroit) and rather rustic so I can spend my days writing.

I plan to work an evening job as a security guard, bookkeeper, bartender, whatever.

Where is the place for me?
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Going to Munich for the new years. Any cool stuff to do there?
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Yo /trv/ !

I'll be for one week in the USA in December, specifically in LA, Vegas and at the Grand Canyon.

I know basically nothing about America (except your usual stereotypes) and I'm going with my family.

We will drive from LA to the Grand Canyon on the first day. Then we will stay there for 2 days and enjoy the nature. After that we'll drive to Las Vegas and stay there for 3 days. Then we will drive to Los Angeles and stay another 4 days.

We have the following highlights/activities up until now:
Walk of Fame, Hoover Dam, helicopter flight above the Grand Canyon, a night at the Belagio Hotel, Cirque de Soleil show, outlet shopping, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, eat at every american fastfood restaurant

It will probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for me so I want to experience America as intense as possible.

Can you recommend any activities or do you have warnings what not to do?
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What's Mannheim like?

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Hello. So I'm planning on studying abroad in Germany next year. I was really hoping for Heidelberg, but the German academic calendar is throwing a wrench in my plans. If I go in the winter semester I'll have come back to my home university two weeks after classes start, and if I go in the sommer I'll miss most of the summer, which will fuck up internships. Mannheim is the only one my school offers in Germany that has the Anglo-American calendar. What's it like? I know it's not nearly as nice looking as Heidelberg, but at least it's in a palace. Is it so much nicer in Heidelberg that I should try to make it work? Any input is appreciated, thank you.
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Why didn't you warm me that this is a complete shithole? No one speaks English, German, Dutch, French for that matter. I don't know any more languages but they only know Hungarian. How nice in a Tourist city. So far the food I've ordered has always been cold and just plain disgusting. The Zoo was nice. Besides that I haven't found any fun or interesting things to do here. Stay away, everyone! This isn't even bait but 1) a honest warning 2) hoping for an anon to help me out since I'll be here until Saturday.
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Cheap Room Prices!!!!

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With recent events, I've heard a rumor that Room Prices in Vegas are going to be at an all time low!!!!
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