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Public Transportation in the US

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Hey, /trv/

My family wants to visit my uncle for his birthday in March of next year, and invited me to go with them despite the fact I'm not much of a family guy.

Don't take me wrong, I don't dislike my relatives above normal levels, but seeing as I care very little about wasting time with them walking around looking at clothes, or even being a tourist doing touristy things, I decided to use this as a chance to purchase tech equipment that cost 800% more in my country(Brazil), try and talk to people to practice my English and see what it's like pretending I lived there.

It's not /that/ hopeless a dream to apply for an exchange program or a green card(long story short, my father is a US citizen), so why not?

Here where I live I rely heavily on public transportation to get around. I take the bus and train/subway wherever I want to go, and get rides from time to time. So I have a question for folks living in the US:

How's public transportation? Does it work OK? What do I need to take the bus or train around town?

I'll probably stay in Florida for a week or two, so if you know how that'd work in Orlando, it'd be cool, but feel free to recommend me any other parts of the country I could visit.
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>make a bunch of meme noise in your home board
>realize neighboring board is peaceful and quiet
>visit them to apologize
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Has anyone trained at a Muay Thai camp? What were the pros/cons? What suggestions do you have for someone looking into them?
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The Scottish Highlands

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Hey /trv/, my gf and I are going to Edinburgh in September for a week. She wants to go to the Highlands, I kinda do too but I would be content to stay in Edinburgh for the week.

Are the Highlands worth going to or is it a meme? Are they easy to get around without a car?
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Is this too much?

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I have a plan for quite a large trip next year, starting from the Netherlands, my homecountry, to Berlin for 2 nights, followed by Zagreb for 3 nights, Ljubljana for 3 nights, with a day out to Triëst, Maribor for 3 nights, Budapest for 4 nights, Bratislava for 3 nights incl. a daytrip to Vienna, Brno for 2 nights, Olomouc for 2 nights and finally Prague for 4 nights before returning.
Does anyone have experience with this, I am wondering if it is enough per place and I hope it's not too much.
>Pic related, route planning
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Moving to Canada. Yay or nay ?

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Hi guys !
So recently shit has really hit the fan in my country and just about everybody my age is leaving the country ( over 20% of the population aged 18-30 has left the country just in 2016. 2017 is expected to be worse ).

So, as all my friends are packing their stuff, there's no point in staying here.
And I have the opportunity to work in alot of countries, given my current work experience, and someone suggested Canada. Moreover, the visas for Canada will be lifted by December 2017, which is a great thing.

I have friends in whole Europe and a few in Australia, but nobody in Canada.
Can any canadian please be so kind as to tell me something about Canada ? Lifestyle, how's life there, how are the people there, how are immigrants seen ?
I've worked so far with people from Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Quebec and Montreal and they seem like really good natured people with lots of patience.

Also, in order to give something back to /trv/, ask a multinational service desk analyst anything.
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Biking Denmark - Italy

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So I'm three days from leaving on my bike trip through europe and desperately trying to decide what to bring clotheswise.

Anyone with touring experience that can chip in?
My current plan is to bring:
biking t-shirt
long-sleeve shirt
"casual" linen dress shirt
hiking shorts (for biking)
a rain/wind-jacket
one pair of trail-running/hiking shoes for biking and walking around in
a cap

I'm mainly concerned about the temperature during the day, and at night in the tent. I have a great fleece jacket that I could bring, but it takes a lot of space. I feel like I could also just stay a few nights in hostels/warm showers/airbnb if the weather turns bad..

Also, general recommendations on things see
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What kind of career options can I approach to give myself the opportunity to traveled. I have been trapped up in Alaska most of my life and I desperately yearn to go around the world, I am confident that there is nothing else I would rather do, and unfortunately I can't get a career in flight because of my /minor/ eye condition. They won't even let me be considered for as a flight attendant because of it.

I know this is just a pipe dream, and I know this is definitely not even the appropriate place to post this. I am just really hoping someone here would have some insight and suggestion, because there are definitely more people with ideas here than /adv/
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Safest Place In Utah/Colorado To Sleep In

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Preferably a white suburb where I can roll out a sleeping bag behind an obstructed building and not get caught, raped or stabbed.
Also, if this place has a public library, gym that allows you to rent a locker to store your stuff in overnight, bus system, and post office where you can rent a po box and an entry level call center or data entry place (like pic related only less pay) all within close range, that would be ideal.
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If I go to Brazil, as a slightly above average american white man, what are my chances with the local women?
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