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Dear /trv/,

I'm leaving for Bali in 3 days, so I guess it's high time to start planning some activites to do while there. Of course I know about the main touristy places, I also have a travel book, so what I would like to ask you is showing me some more "underground" stuff. Nice places you found, great restaurants you've been to, hidden gems, whatever, I'm interested in anything. Please share your experiences with me!

your main nigga from Hungary

ps.: I also made the same thread about Singapore.
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Anons who've been to Georgia before, what do you think of this itinerary?

Sighnaghi 2 days
Tbilisi 3 days
Stepantsminda 2 days
Borjomi 2 days
Kutaisi 2 days
Jvari 1 day
Sukhumi 2 days
Batumi 2 days
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I'm in Prague next weekend, I really want to ride a paternoster lift. The only one I can find is closed on the weekends. Can any Czech bros let me know if I can find one open on Saturday or Sunday? Thanks.
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Places with this aesthetic

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(preferably in Europe) I just think it's comfy
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Buy plane tickets, drive to wrong airport and miss flight

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700 dollars down the drain fellas
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Mexico route

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Greetings /trv/,

I did this thread some weeks ago about my backpacking through Mexico next month. I accept some suggestions and now I have a new route, pic related:

- CDMX (7 Nights)
- Morelia (2 N)
- Guadalajara (4 N)
- (Puerto Vallarta (2 N))
- (Aguascalientes (2 N))
- Guanajuato (2 N)
- San Luís Potosi (3 N)
- Querétaro/ San Miguel Allende (3 N)
- Puebla (2 N)
- (Cuernavaca (2 N))

The new cities are between parenthesis.
>My main question is:
I must cut one day from aforementioned ciites in order to stay the last day in CDMX to take my plane back home (except form CDMX, which I already booked). Which one should I cut, maybe entirely?

>Other questions:
- I planned to go to Puerto Vallarta for the sole purpose of watching the sunset from a beach, something I never did in my life (I'm from Brazil). Is the city any more worth than that or should I skip it completly?
- Some of you said that staying in CDMX for 7 days is too much. Is it worth to make a day trip to Puebla or Cuernavaca from there?
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Is someone in japan actually going to go through my toiletries bag and exam pills or is it just a no-no to send to yourself in the mail?
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What is the best country to go to for prostitutes?

And I don't care if you judge me, I am an ugly person and will never be loved conventionally
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what is the easiest country for a virgin to get legit laid (i,e. without paying). I heard slags in London will fuck whatever and women in France are kind towards virgins but is this just a meme or real?

>inb4 ur own country/if u cant get laid in ur own country than you cant get laid anywhere durrrr

im sure some parts of the world are easier to get laid in than others. i'm 6'2 and white from canada if that makes a difference
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