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Taking Drugs On A Plane

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If I Shove Some Weed Up My Ass [like far up] will the big scanner thingys they have be able to see it??? Pic Related
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>popular tourist places you have 0% interest in ever visiting, even for free.

Pic related.
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Greyhound thread!

Post your funny or memorable greyhound experiences here. I'll start:

Bus driver left me at the Canada/US border because my questioning took too long.
He didn't even say a word, as I went out, he was already gone.
A driver from another company took me the rest of the way to Seattle for free.

Had to use this shit company 3 more times before I left the continent.
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Moscow and Golden Ring

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Hello /trv/, I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Moscow and the Golden Ring, as of now, my idea is to stay in Moscow for a week and to backpack through the towns of the Ring. I also plan on going to Korolev, in order to visit the Vostok 1 capsule, however, the only Tripadvisor review says it is open to Russians only so I'm still not sure if I should waste my time with something I probably won't see. I was also thinking of going to Dubna in order to see what wikipedia calls "the second largest statue of Lenin", can't find information on which one is actually the largest. Can you recommend me some interesting destinations, things to try, any tips in general, if possible, I would love to see some less touristy places. Any help will be appreciated.
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Flight Cancellation Fees

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Halp /trv/,

I'm doing a road trip across the US with my father in late April to visit his brother in Tennessee (I live in California). The original plan was to drive out there, spend a week, I would catch a flight home, and he would drive back. I booked a flight last December with American Airlines while the rates were still decent. Because of some recent health concerns, my father can't make the return trip back solo so I'll be helping him drive back now. I figured everything would be okay with just cancelling the flight, until the person I spoke with said that there was a $200 cancellation fee. Da fuq? I mean, I'm essentially being charged to no longer fly with them, which seems absolutely ridiculous. To me, it's like purchasing a movie theater ticket and then not going, so the theater charges you for not watching the movie. Anyway, am I just screwed on this? They say they will give me credit on the cost of a new ticket for the original purchase price, but I have no upcoming flights. I just want to be out $179 I paid for flight and be done with it, not $179 + $200 fee.

Pic related, it's what I feel like I'm doing.
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Philippines question

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I'm in the Phils, and want to purchase some dick pills aka viagra.

How much are they, are they cheaper here than other countries? And are they OTC at all the pharmacies?
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My First Cruise around the caribbean

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On Friday I am taking my first Cruise,
>Cayman Islands

Could you please give me some tips about the life aboard?
I have a planned tour around Havana, but I don't have any idea of Jamaica and Cayman Islands. What could I do?

And any other Information you consider important
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Shanghai & Hong Kong

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Hi guys, I'm looking for some tips and recommendations for my upcoming trip.
So in a week I leave for Shanghai and will be there for 7 days, then I go onto Hong Kong for 5 days. I'll be on my own in Shanghai but will be meeting a friend in HK and they'll take me around to see stuff.
What should I do and see in Shanghai? I'm staying at a hostel that is centrally located. I'm not seeking advice about 'how to travel' or 'traveling on my own' cause I've down plenty of that - recently went to Malta and Stockholm on my own, great times..
If there is anything I should know in particular in regards to China - cultural norms, etiquette etc. then please say so.
I'm a 6 ft white male aged 24 from Canada but currently living in Europe if that helps!

Hope to get a decent discussion going. Also, if people want it to be a 'China' or 'Dude travelling alone' or 'Where should I go?' thread then no problem..
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I want to take VIA across Canada. Im having trouble finding detailed information on their website about different classes of tickets. Economy looks cheap and it looks like you get decently comfortable seats. The trip is about 3 or 4 days from Van to Que. Im planning on stoping a few days (according to schedules it looks like the mod west section of thr train runs through about every 2 days) in Jasper and Toronto then off and on throgh mont. ottawa and quebec flying home after.

Has anyone experience with the VIA, will it be hell going that long in economy? Hows the food over that whole time? Suggestions?