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Best place to eat in Vegas? Alternatively, best buffet?
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Should I learn Latin if I want to get into Romance languages? I heard this could help but I was wondering if its worth it or not.
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Does this sound interesting to anons on /trv/? It sounds great to me since I am an /out/ist aswell

Does anyone have experiences with this or similar volunteering opportunities?
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Does anyone travel with an unwheeled suitcase?
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What's the best way to get over that depression/empty feeling you get when you come home from a trip?
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Muay Thai

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Hello everyone.
I want to travel to Thailand and I wondered if I should bother doing Muay Thai if I'm already there. Keep in mind I don't speak a word in Thai
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I'm in a hostel room in Paris right now by myself trying to pass the time. What should I do
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The Grand East Europe Trail
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White, Europe, Male. I'm preparing to go to Asia and some of South America next year, so am getting ready with all the vaccinations while I've got some time.

Are there any you'd recommend getting in general or you'd wish you'd have got? Already looking at Hep A, B and Yellow Fever.
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cần 1 phép màu

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tôi và gia đình nhỏ gồm 4 người đang là công dân việt nam muốn di cư đến mỹ sinh sống,ai có thể giúp tôi không??? thank ,có vẻ hơi khó nhưng mong có phép màu