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Living in thailand official

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I am going on an adventure in thailand and want to plan ahead in things to do and sights to see. I assume lots of you go for cooming, which I will do as well, but I also get bored easily of that and want to do exciting things like learn how to scuba, ride an elephant, have a lan party in an internet cafe, etc. I'll have 5-6 months here or until my money runs out.

Budget: ~$2200/month-- a ton in savings too so am flexible but I get sad if I see my cash account go down. Would rather just use my income. Is this enough? I would prefer a building with a gym and close to parks
Base: Bangkok-- I will rent a place here to have a base and keep all my shit there. I was also looking at changmai too maybe?
Interests: Cooming, parks, food, museums, adventures

Cooming is important but since my budget is small I dont think I can afford one whore/day. I've coomed all over the world and places like Brazil or Colombia or Philippines, but surprisingly never been to the famous sex capital. I never really paid much in those countries since I'm late 20s, hygienic, half decently attractive. I learned some spanish and portugese too so it was really easy in SA. Most I was paying was $5 taxi money and some of these girls would even be buying me dinner and want to sleep over. I heard it's a little more business transaction like in thailand, is this true? Do most girls speak english there or should I learn some Thai? Tinder, thaifriendly, seeking all legitimate options? I really would prefer a pure girlfriend experience rather than transactional relationship, otherwise I will get extremely bored

As for nice parks, leisure walking, good food, hipster areas-- is there any place in specific I should be staying in Bangkok? Looking at airbnb, I think I could squeeze around 1000/month for a nice apartment. Leaving me with ~1100 for everything else. Would prefer to order out food or go to restaurant 2x/day, cab fare for exploring city, extracurriculars like golf trainer or physical therapist, etc
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Is Ohio really that bad?

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Work offering me 12k in relocation and a raise to 90k for moving to our new office in Columbus OH. I would be WFH after the initial setup of the office and the first 3 months ensuring the office is working properly after opening. Job would be about 25-50% travel and WFH any time I am not traveling to a location around north america. My only other option would be TX but not sold on it even though it has a larger industry for work.

I plan on traveling back to Columbus since only been there 3 times and all in my late teens basically, has it gone down the shitter? Is there anything to do there? Homes seem cheap enough compared to VA, but not sure the catch other than now having to own a car vs. a bike like I do now. Seems that it gets far more snow than where I live now.
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Visiting Dublin

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I'm going to Dublin next week. Staying in a hostel right in the center of the city. I'll be there for a few days.

Do any Irish anons or travelers have advice for me?
Any places I could visit? Any pubs? Should I go out to the rural areas and make a daytrip out of it?
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Suggest a backpack

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What kind of backpack would be able to fit:
>clothes worth for 5 days(mostly tshirts, undies and shorts, warm country)
>drone(Mavic Air)
>camera + 2 lenses
>GoPro + gear like batteries, long stick
>underwater dome
>laptop + charger
>extra room is a plus
and is also comfortable and rugged?

I am not familiar with how much eg. 45l and 60l can fit.
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/rwg/ - Re-opened World General: Shills on suicide watch edition

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Here in /rwg/ we're going to discuss the re-opening of the world, post-plandemic. This is for countries marked as grey in IATA ( That means no gay coof tests, quarantine, vaxpass, and other grabassery required to enter.

Ignore the fags who post the Sherpa or Kayak map links. They do not take into account requirements like PLFs, insurance, app installs, etc. See picrel, which at the time of writing, includes:

* Afghanistan;
* Albania;
* Antigua and Barbuda;
* Argentina;
* Armenia;
* Australia;
* Austria;
* Bahrain;
* Belarus;
* Belgium;
* Belize;
* Benin;
* Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba;
* Bosnia and Herzegovina;
* Bulgaria;
* Cayman Islands;
* Congo;
* Costa Rica;
* Croatia;
* Curaçao;
* Cyprus;
* Czechia;
* Denmark;
* Dominica;
* Egypt;
* El Salvador;
* Estonia;
* Falkland Islands;
* Finland;
* France;
* French Guiana;
* Gabon;
* Georgia;
* Greece;
* Grenada;
* Guadeloupe;
* Guatemala;
* Hungary;
* Iceland;
* Ireland;
* Italy;
* Jamaica;
* Kazakhstan;
* Kosovo;
* Kuwait;
* Kyrgyzstan;
* Latvia;
* Lesotho;
* Liechtenstein;
* Lithuania;
* Madagascar;
* Malaysia;
* Malta;
* Mayotte;
* Mexico;
* Moldova;
* Monaco;
* Mongolia;
* Montenegro;
* Namibia;
** Netherlands;
* New Caledonia;
* North Macedonia;
* Norway;
* Oman;
** Panama;
* Poland;
* Portugal;
* Réunion;
* Romania;
* Saint Kitts and Nevis;
* San Marino;
* Serbia;
* Slovakia;
* Slovenia;
* Sudan;
* Sweden;
* Switzerland;
* Trinidad and Tobago;
* Turkey;
* UK;
* United States Virgin Islands;
* Uzbekistan;
* Vatican City;
* Vietnam;
* Virgin Isl. (British);
* Yemen.

** = new since last thread (>>2324611). Dominican Republic gets an honourable mention for requiring only a PLF to enter. Let's talk about when we're leaving plus what we're going to do in these places or others when there's news they will be free again.

>inb4 the typical trannyism associated with this thread
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Random OC pics

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Post pics of random ass places from your travels
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When will Airbnb update their prices to reflect the strength of the dollar?

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I want to book a trip to Japan in a few months, but it looks like the airbnb prices don't yet reflect how much the yen has fallen. How do price conversions work?

The rooms listed now are clearly over valued, since the yen has dropped almost 25% when compared to the dollar
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This is the Dead Sea, the most dangerous body of water on the planet and a famous travel location. No life can survive in it. If you drink the water, you will die. If you get the water in your eyes, you will go blind.
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Are hookers worth it?

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Okay, so this is an interesting situation for me. I'm really not the kind of guy to pay for sex (I get it organically pretty easily), but I'm in Vienna right now and I've been reconsidering prostitution because the high-class clubs like FKK seem kind of fun (and much better than doing the song and dance ushering local girls into my bedroom).

Is it worth it for someone like me? Can any other anons in similar position share stories? Are the hookers clean? Also, do they take cash or card? This >>2329770 is the post that got me thinking.
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I want to go snowboarding in Europe this February with my gf. Where should I go?

I want to keep the trip length to 7-9 days. I want a nice cabin or condo with a kitchen for less than $150/night. I'm looking for a good mix of trails.

My first thought was to do the French Alps and stay in Chamonix. I saw cheap flights into Geneva and it's only like an hour by bus. But there may be other options in other countries. Anyone have suggestions?
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