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Going to London, a lot of the advice I get is too broad or overwhelming. What are the best streets for spending a few hours on?
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/trv/ meetup

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Post where/when you will be traveling and find other people to have fun with.

>London -> June 23 - 28
>Amsterdam -> June 29 - July 2
Anyone want to do something?
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Got a possibility to get to Nicaragua and Honduras cheap in November. Living in Europe I've never been to the Americas, northern or middlern or southern.
Probably won't book it, but still: what's there to do in Nicaragua and Honduras? Beaches? Hiking? Culture? Volcanoes I see? Cheap shelter and food?
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/bkkg/ Bangkok general

>What are your plans for this weekend?
>Any recommended places (clubs&bars) to go at night?
>Where do you usually get your thai girls?
>Have you ever fucked any farang girl? Where do you get them?

Experiences are welcome
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International Money borrowing

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So been living in the UK and now returning back to the states. Ive been here 6 years and got a good credit rating. SHould i just borrow massive amounts by mass applying for several personal loans, as credit ratings are not international and would never have to pay it back (will never return to UK)? If so how can I get the most possible
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Why is it called a mountain bike instead of an offroad bike?
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Do American colleges/universities care if you don't show up for attendance? I want to enroll in a cheap college just to holiday in the US for 3 years
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I'm going to Guyana in a week for a wedding. My wife and I are going to hit up some tourist destinations: Keiteur Falls and Bartica as well. We'll be staying at family members' houses for a few days. Has anyone been there? What am I to expect? My wife was born there but hasn't been back in 12 years. She also grew up in a shitty part of Georgetown so her view of the place is a crime ridden hell hole. What am I to expect as a white boi in a place that doesn't receive too many tourists.
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travelling to copenhagen, berlin, prague, vienna, budapest and split.

Anyone recommend anything off the beaten track to do?


pic related.. I'm interrailling
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What's the most interesting cultural experience you've had in your travels? Anything from culture shock to insight or neat observations is welcome.
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