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How much money do I need to save up to permanently relocate to Thailand and live comfortably?
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What is it like to live in Malaysia? Considering either Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru. Mb Kota Kinabalu.

Do people actually speak English like in Singapore or not really?

Also, what is cost of living (esp housing, food, and medical insurance) like? And do I need a car to live there?

I am expecting to spend like USD 1500-2000/mo.
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Laos, Vang Vieng Happy bars

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I'm travelling to Laos next year around April and wanted to try a happy shake (poppy flavoured wink)
Will someone who's been please recommend a place? I just want try it at a nice place
FYI this is not my reason for visiting, just a bonus
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Big Fish/ Diving Expeditions

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Anyone done any diving or big animal expeditions? I've been looking at an Orca expedition in Norway that's only 5k a person for my honeymoon, and just wanted to see what other people's experiences were like or if it was worth it. I'm a little wary of spending 10 Grand and then not even seeing anything.
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Anyone been to Norway? My girlfriend & I are going in the spring for 7-10 days, & would welcome any advice or tips you might have.

We like hiking, kayaking, camping, learning, & good fish.
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Help a dipshit out.

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Need a vacation ASAP.

Need a recommendation for a solo traveler.
Food has to be great.

Thinking between Barcelona and Phuket.
Any other spots or comments on the above?
Literally, anywhere where i can eat like a king and can just relax.

Pic unrelated.
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Traveling through the Nordic countries for my first ever abroad trip,
Is there anything I need to watch out for, safety-wise? Specifically spending my time in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki

T. Clueless Californian
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Can I live for a month in any finnish city with ~2K €?
I mean, in some cheap hotel or similar.
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i wanna be a erasmus in spain but I have problems chossen a season, january-july or august james-december? which season is better for know their culture?
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Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

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Hi /trv/,
I'm deciding my next international trip in 2018 and one of my options was to make Netherlands/Belgium/Germany, doing this route
Amsterdam - 3d (I know yet most of the city - Rijksmuseum/Van Gogh museum, RLD tourist trap and dude shrooms lmao and one day would be for jet lag recovering)
Delft - 4d (based in a previous thread, some anons suggest it is the most authentic city - plus, I'll use it as a base to know both Hague and Rotterdam)
Antwerpen - 2d
Ghent - 3d (I think someone said I should skip it entirely and going to Bruges instead, so maybe I'll pass 2 days there and make a daily trip to Bruges)
Brussels - 2d (many anons said I should also skip it)
Maastricht - 3d (using it as base to daily trips to Liège and Aachen)
Cologne - 4d (with a daily trip to Bonn)
Hannover - 2d
Bremen - 2d
Hamburg - 4d (with a daily trip to Lübeck)
Amsterdam - 1d for the returning flight.
Maybe I can arrive in Europe in one of the following cities besides Amsterdam: Brussels, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Depending on the price I could cut one day from Amsterdam and put in this city, due to jet lag.
Should I do any ajustments in my route?