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I want to go snowboarding in Europe this February with my gf. Where should I go?

I want to keep the trip length to 7-9 days. I want a nice cabin or condo with a kitchen for less than $150/night. I'm looking for a good mix of trails.

My first thought was to do the French Alps and stay in Chamonix. I saw cheap flights into Geneva and it's only like an hour by bus. But there may be other options in other countries. Anyone have suggestions?
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I'm flying an overseas americam airlines flight soon, what should I do on the plane? I hate their shitty app that only allows you to watch woke movies on the plane.
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America by foot

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Is it still viable to travel USA by foot?
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Moving to Vancouver for work

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I'll be relocating to Vancouver next April, any anons here can tell me more about this city? I read threads in the past about how shit the weather is and how difficult it is to make friends. In terms of money, it's alright since my salary is high enough to pay for a decent condo.

I wont be a poorfag so i assume my experience won't be as bad as many have said here before. Im more interested in how to quickly make a social group, find friends, go out every week and hang out, and grow my social media accounts because I'm kinda embarrassed how little activity I do on it, just need to develop myself more socially.
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what profit margin do the tourism agencies operate on
i have heard its almost half
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why do austrialians and kiwis mog everywhere they go? every hostel I stayed in in Europe the Austrialians there were hot af, the life of the party, super social and funny, etc. Literally got zero attention anytime there was an austrialian or kiwi around. fucking annoying
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Glowing travel youtubers

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What travel youtubers do you think are most likely CIA/MI6/etc? In between missions surely some glowing humans must get bored and record themselves eating food in other countries and post it to youtube, I mean that's gotta be the easiest cover up "Hey yeah Mr. Policeman of this country I am just a youtuber!"
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What should I do here? Skip the obvious stuff and tell me what most people miss out on.
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Thronetime traveling

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Are there any countries in Europe that have decent toilets or food?

No matter which country I go to there's basic shit they can't get right.

New country (Switzerland) I was excited to try out their toilets so I splurged for a four star hotel when I felt the French food from the last country getting ready to explode from my anus. Since I'm told French food is so organic and healthy it must be that the Black French, Congolese or Moroccan food preparers didn't wash their paws. Don't they have food safety restaurantinspections in the EU?

Soooooo I sit down on the throne and the seat slides to the side. Wtf is wrong with Europeans.....where is your attention to details or even common shitting sense??? Where???

I almost started crying I miss American plumbing and food so much.
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I have had several dreams of traveling to Africa so I started watching Africa travel videos. How likely is to get murdered/robbed as a pale-skinned latino in Africa? I have been considering countries like Equatorial Guinea or Tanzania.

Also, is it easier to get a gf as a tourist in Africa?
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