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Let's have a luggage thread. Post what luggage you use, its pros and its cons.

I bought pic related several years ago, I can't remember the price but it was at least over $200AUD off RRP due to an end of season sale and the green colour being unpopular.
My overall opinion of the bag is mixed; the first time I travelled with it (Australia to USA) I regretted purchasing a backpack instead of wheeled, hard suitcase; It's a pain in the arse to constantly swing a loaded backpack on and off your shoulders instead of just pushing a suitcase. However after travelling to less developed places like Sri Lanka and Cuba I realise the appeal of having something you can lug on your back, off of the ground, for longer periods. Eventually I'll get round to purchasing a hard suitcase so I can have a choice of either. If my backpack were to wear out I would replace it with something smaller, around 60L (70L is overkill and uncomfortable to carry when fully loaded) and without so many external straps as baggage handlers tend to grab them instead of the handles.
Two things I have found very useful: A carry-on backpack, it leaves both hands free while moving through airports and can be used for day-trips at your destination. Also luggage in an unusual colour is easier to spot at baggage carousels and much less likely to be stolen than more anonymous black, grey or brown shades.
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Does anyone here have experience with accessing western websites like Gmail and Youtube from China? Currently, I have the SoftEther VPN software installed on my computer before traveling there, however, I have been reading some reports that the VPN can be detected and blocked
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Traveling to Russia

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I thought it'd be nice to take a trip there someday. Anyone ever been? How was the trip? Anything worth seeing when I get there?
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Bangkok Street Food

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Can anyone give me a quick rundown of what it is like now?

I miss going there and plan on going there later this year... how bad is it? Night Markets will still be there right?
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How much money do you need each year to become a digital nomad who doesn't work anymore and live reasonably comfortably in a safe tropical area?
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Salem, MA during October

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Hi, /trv/,

I will be traveling to Salem, MA during the month of October for the Halloween season this year. I've heard that it is a great place to visit during the Halloween season in large part due to the fact that the Salem Witch Trials were held here. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had ever been to Salem (preferably around Halloween time) and has any suggestions on fun things to do/see? I will also be spending a day in Boston and a day in Providence, RI while there. Any and all suggestions of things to do for any of these cities would be greatly appreciated.
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Looking to move back to Columbus after being away for 14 years.
So, regarding areas to live, are the usual suspects still to be avoided? North East, Westland area, Whitehall, Eastland mall area, Lincoln village?

also, what about internet? ATT/Spectrum still supreme overlords? (current internet is 150/150)
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Started to save up for a sailboat. Want it to be a live aboard looking roughly a 35-60 foot one. This will be a home for two people and possibly three small pets. To anyone who has owned and possibly living on a ship what would you recommend? I have been looking at steel monohulls and some fiberglass catamarans.
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I'm going to be spending a few weeks in Berlin next month for business. Will be working almost every day but have some downtime and a 2 day break in the middle of it.

Any suggestions on what to do? I've been to Berlin and done the touristy stuff before, just need something that can fill my time for a few weeks when I don't have anything on.

pic unrelated
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Venezuela / Currency

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How financially effective would it be to move to Venezuela for 3 months? I have heard that the black market price for a dollar is crazy. Does this mean you can feel rich while having the Benjamin in the pocket?
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