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Dispensaries On Cruise Ships, Is This A Good Or Bad Idea?

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Anyone with extensive cruise ship into the Carribean knows marijuana is easy to obtain on many of the islands and ports. I am quite sure several individuals throughout the age range have purchased and partaken if this substance on these islands. Obviously, some more nefarious often youthful individuals have brought marijuana onto the boats and smoke it upon their balconies or any other areas they perceive as safe.

If all that being said cruise ships could potentially earn large profits but there might also be a safety risk? Do you think it would be a good idea to have a cruise ship that was legally allowed to legally severe marijuana? The question is entirely hypothetical and obvious ignores current international maritime laws.
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Mauritius thread

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Who's been to Mauritius, and how's the nature there? Any recommendations?
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Why do Americans not appreciate European culture. I woke up around 930 and went to the bar across the street asked for football and they told me it was playing and I had to explain to the lad that I meant real football. He finally put on a game but on a TV hard to see and one out of the 10 here.... Fucking ahit man what is wrong with you sorry lot
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Do you like flying?

The longest single flight I've ever been on has been about 14 hours, but there have been situations where I'm flying and switching planes for over 24 hours. I fucking love it. I love the organized chaos of airports, I love relaxing on the plane. I just love it.
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Dear /trv/,

I'm leaving for Singapore in a couple of weeks, so I guess it's high time to start planning some activites to do while there. Of course I know about the main touristy places, I also have a travel book, so what I would like to ask you is showing me some more "underground" stuff. Nice places you found, great restaurants you've been to, hidden gems, whatever, I'm interested in anything. Please share your experiences with me!

your main nigga from Hungary

ps.: I also made the same thread about Bali.
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Which city in Poland worth to travel? I want to go somewhere that would be fun. Not only city square and pubs around it.
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Going to southern China for two weeks in October, am I missing anything here (assuming juizaighou is still closed or ruined)?

Tiger leaping gorge

About 15 days total including getting to Hong Kong and back from UK.

Thanks :)
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22yo scandinavian guy just landed to ho chi minh city looking for a somebody to show me around town or crab a lunch