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Travelling to France

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I plan to travel to france next year. How is it? Should I go to Paris? I hear its getting a bit gross with rude locals. Would going to a smaller town be more worthwhile? (I was thinking Annecy) Is immigration a problem or is that just /pol/ being retards?

I do know french (Canadian).
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Has anyone here ever been to Easter Island?

Would you say it was particularly expensive to go there?
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Hey /trv/

I'm travelling to the US for the first time on Thursday (San Fran, San Diego , Vegas and NYC) and I can't help but feel extremely paranoid about getting mugged. Especially in NYC.

I've never been robbed before but I just have a feeling. Any tips on how to avoid ?

Would like to hear of any of /trv/s stories/ experiences.

>muggings general
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Do any have that pic which is a checklist of accomplishments /trv/ related? Like spending one month abroad, surviving with less than X ammount of money, getting into a fight...

Sorry for the stupid post but I wasn't able to find it in google. Thank you very much.

In order to say something /trv/ related, I have been in London for my first time this year. I had always mixed feelings towards capitals but this one have been really nice to me. I think his extensive urbanization, with mainly not-too-tall buildings, really appealed to me.
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>yfw you realise [spoiler:lit] Prometheus was realised five years ago.[/spoiler:lit]
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I'm looking to travel across America on foot, and I thought this would be a great place to get support, if I could get some help, I'll post pictures and comments all along the way as soon as I can get my journey started I'll be going from a small town in Southeast Georgia on the East Coast to San Diego California on the west feel free to ask for any more information about my journey, and please help me out I won't be able to do it without you guys
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/exp/ - expat general

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Worrying about visas edition

There was an expat thread a little while ago that I saw died. I enjoyed it and wanted to start a new one.

Let's discuss about being expats, wanting to be expats, questions for expats, or past experience being expat. Doesn't matter where your from or what country you live in.

>Be me
>small town in Japan
>boring but forces me to learn Japanese
I'm doing delayed satisfaction because I know actually living in Tokyo or Osaka will 10x sweeter if I know Japanese. I would never learn if I was in a big city with more english speakers and english menus. Plus it's comfy here.

I'm interested if there are any expats here in central asia like Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan or something like that?
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What exactly is wrong with wearing a small pack or money belt while traveling? I keep seeing people saying it's stupid to use them.

If I'm out and about, I'm not going to stuff my wallet, phone, camera, and power bank all in my pockets. And I don't want to have to bring a huge bag with me just so I can carry a few things.
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Visa to China, travel requirements

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Does anyone have experience getting a visa for China? I'm in the process of filling out the formular, but a few things are still confusing to me. I already asked agencies, but as I'm still awaiting answers, I might as well try here, too.
I'm not sure if there's a difference between requesting one in Germany (as I live here) than, say, the US. But it should be the same as long as you're not from Africa or so (where they suspect you to be a terrorist).

Regarding the formular, they ask me to fill in the date and entire address of the cities I will be staying at. Which seems fine, but I am getting an invitation visa cuz I'll live with a Chinese. Both are considered (L), so both are tourist visas, but the normal one requires flight and hotel bookings to be shown in advance. Something that's not necessary for the one I am using.
Having said that, as I'm requesting a visa for 30 days, but stay for 14 (yes, I already booked the flights), I was wondering if I need to inform them in the formular if I go to any other city that I haven't listed.
Some people say they wrote "visiting tourist sites" in order to not get into much trouble when they go to other cities, but I doubt that is necessary? I do know you "should" go to the police to inform them that you stay now somewhere else or so. Is that necessary?
I don't think they would even know either way. I also know China doesn't care as long as I get out of their country. But I'm still very precautious. I know they won't even investigate at all and only look up the information and data of the person that invited me to their home. But, if I do decide to live in a hotel later on with that person (in other cities), I can't exactly write that down. So am I supposed to leave that out? Does it matter?
Hotels seem to copy (I think, as long as requested?) your travel ID and send it to the police so that they know I'm there or something of that sort. I don't really know how it works.
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Lads. I'm going to Krakow next weekend with a mate. What are some quintessentially Polish things I should eat/see/do, and where's the best place to get drunk?

Also, I don't want to go to Auschwitz.
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