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Hey /trv/, Burger living in the UK here. Have about 4 days next week to travel somewhere, not sure where I should go. Outside of the UK I've only been to the Normandy region in France (WW2 history trip) and Amsterdam, so i'm still inexperienced and haven't really figured out what I should be doing on trips short of walking around everywhere and seeing things/eating tasty local food. I'm interested in seeing some of these European Christmas Markets for the first time but not sure if any of the best ones will be up yet.

No real list of places i'm particularly keen to visit, but some things that have come up:
1. Luxembourg - Seems easy to do in a few days but looks like there's nothing really to do there.
2. Switzerland - Seems like an expensive country and outside of train rides through the mountains I'm not sure what i'd do there.
3. The Nordic countries - Amsterdam was boring after a day or so, if they're anything like that, pass.
4. Belgium - Bruges seems cool. Could spend a day or two there, then go to another city, not sure what to do beyond seeing the pretty buildings though, maybe brewery tours.
5. Just stay in the UK - Been to Edinburgh, York, London, Dover/Canterbury, and live near Cambridge so I haven't seen a ton yet. Saving Ireland for a longer trip in the spring so I can see the whole country when it's green.
6. Spain - Farther away but seem like several fairly distinct places I could visit, as well as some of the tiny islands off the east coast.
7. Italy - Like Spain, farther away and seemingly distinct cities.

I'm honestly still pretty nervous due being an inexperienced solo traveler (male), and only being able to speak English. I'm not rich but I don't have to pinch pennies, and I have some health issues so I can't go do any hardcore outdoor activity stuff but walking around all day is fine so long as it's not a grueling hilly walk. Not really looking for any long flights either, maybe two hours or so tops. Appreciate any suggestions, thanks.
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What to expect with modern train travel in Hong Kong to China?

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I've only traveled long distances with plane - No train or long haul bus.

2019 will be the first year I'll be taking train to China - Specifically, I'll be going from Hong Kong to Hunan using MTR - HSR ('Basic/2nd Class')

I have plenty of experience with traveling in Hong Kong (aside from Minibuses), but I don't think these experiences necessarily convert well to train travel, especially to China.

Am I overthinking things?
Modern trains (with assigned seating) should be treated similar to airplane travel, right?

The MTR - HSR system is fairly new (less than two months old) and there isn't a lot of information in English.
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I have the opportunity to visit Venice for a few days next year in February during the Carnival of Venice

I have never been to Venice and I don't know much about Carnival.
Is this an interesting event that makes Venice more worthy of a visit or just a touristy thing?
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Tell me about the UK & Ireland.
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Does anybody else force themself to solo-travel in the hope that they will develop as a person in a positive way, despite largely disliking the experience?
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Cuba thread

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I'm heading to Cuba solo on december 10th for 11 days.
If anyone has been there please share your experience :)

Also I don't speak spanish, will I be able to make cuban friends ? How about other travellers, is it easy to meet them ? How dangerous is it for a solo female ?
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*Ruins your flight*
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Can we have another expat thread? I have always fantasized of being an explorer and living all around the world one day. I am 25.
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