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From my last few trips in more and less popular locations (I can thank you guys for the less popular ones) I think I may even have enjoyed the less tourist filled cities more then the big names. Thats why I'm thinking that my next trip will be sollely less popular areas (for me at least). I mostly care about the nightlife anyway and it goes well with this strange nuisance I get when I waste tons of money.
Coinidentally I've got this app on my phone that sends me cheap flight deals and much like any winter the flights are cheap and are cheapest to most East Eauropean destinations. Among them are Sofia and Varna so I was thinking of a A to B trip with stops to Burgas and Plovdiv, about three days in each place. I read here and in other places that the nightlife is lit and the prices are pretty cheap so I think it may be the one.

Anyone been? Live there? Are the cities fun? Anything interesting to do? More/less time in one of the cities or perhaps a completely different city to visit? Maybe even a completely different country suggestion?
I havent decided on a date yet but its something in the next few months, no later then march. How brutal is the winter? Heard good things about the ski options.
Also I never really planned it but it was always a dream to get inside the Buzludzha abandoned building. Anyone been there? How restricted is it? Is it even possible to get in?
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Come on, guys, how is it?
>Do-s and don't-s for foreigner in Vienna with a car.
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What's the best place to be at for a 21 year old doing a 3 month summer internship?

Portland, OR
San Diego

I wanna go somewhere away from my hometown in VA. I am okay with the city but also like nature. If anyone has of better ideas please let me know
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So I have an odd question. Anyone ever delt with business travel / first class travel before? I may have a rare opportunity in the future to try it out. Is it worth the expensive premium to go first class? Or is it just a meme and I'm better off dealing with eco like I've been doing?
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Visiting UK

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Hello /trv/,
i plan to visit the UK for 14 days in october and visit the major places there. I know, does not sound very exciting but it is very cheap right now and im traveling alone for the first time and UK seems safe and easy enough as a german.
Im interested in cultural sites, beautiful places in nature and cities.
I plan to visit London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.
I guess lots of people here can tell me some nice places in those cities i definitely should check out.
Also, should i know something beforehand about the local people there? Things i should avoid to say or do?
Non natives are invited to share their experiences of their UK visit here too.
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Pray for us /trv/

After this passes come visit us in December, it's beautiful here
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Places to avoid in Portugal / Lisbon

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I'll travel for a week in Portugal, spending 4 days in Lisbon.
I just went to Germany and I was astonished by how dirty and unsafe some neighborhoods were.
Does Lisbon also have a lot of troublesome Arabs and Gypsies? Where are they located? Any neighborhoods to avoid?
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Post your favorite destinations
>trips you're looking forward to
>stories about your past trips
>advice for visitors to your country...

my advice for visitors to Spain is to avoid the east coast tourist traps and dont go to "tapas bar" (an invention made for tourists, a real spanish bar serves you a snack "tapa" for free with your drink out of good will)
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3 Star Hotels in Tiruchengode - Hotel Radha Prasad

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Holidays at Hotel Radha Prasad
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