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Where in North America should I go hiking if I love The Band?
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Any Aussie horror stories .
I'm not sure of any other place to
visit next October when I'm done with my work contract . want mellow beach beer and sun.
> I
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Best countries to see in Africa

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Anyone ever been to Africa? I'm looking for a country/place that is relatively safe and offers a lot of nature, natural wonders and animals.

I'm into alien like places like Namibia for example. I've only been to Egypt so far and I really liked it. I was thinking maybe Madagascar or something. If anyone has been to Africa which countries would you recommend?
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Any truckers here? I have been thinking about going OTR, and trying to see as much of the US as possible. Anyone here do/think about this?
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Canada general - travel guides

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Has anyone ever traveled into Canada before?
Thought I could make a thread about it since there's none posted up on the board.
By all means though please feel free to ask about any questions that's related to the topics of this thread:
>Moving into Canada
>Hostels Check-in
>Best Landscapes to check-out
>Studying in Canada
>Teaching in Canada
>Great tourist Destinations
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How is Saint Thomas for say a week in the winter? Anyone been there since after Maria?
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Going to the Moon next week. Anything I should see ?
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Best area to buy hash in Lisbon.

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Moving Across America

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I'm thinking of moving to Las Angeles later this year, can anyone tell me what it it like to live there long term. I've lived there for a week a year and a half ago and really liked it.
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So, I'm thinking about Ponta Delgada. I want go for a week in september. Rent a car for a few days and try visit all island. Probably I will go myself. Anyone have been there? Any tips, interesting places? I'm worry about weather. Is it good time to go? Probably high possibility of rain.