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Going to Tahiti this month for a few days, anyone ever been? Any recommendations?
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States comparison

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I spent my childhood in kansas and colorado so I'm biased as shit
As far as I've seen the US is in shambles. There are no nice places anymore.
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Dating Eastern euro chicks

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What's your experience with dating eastern euro chicks? How did you meet? What was she like?

I've been talking online to Ukrainian chicks who fled to Poland and Czech Republic and they seem intelligent and chill, they carry conversation well. I've seen a theme That they want to go back to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Should I travel to slav countries and find a QT to start a life with in Ukraine when the war is over? I could probably get a job at my country's embassy over there if I went for it, so I'd get paid a 6 figure wage in Aussie dollars, would I love well over there? Alternatively I could lecture at Ukraine universities but I imagine I'd have to learn the language well.

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Do I show up and JBB ...

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for mutt milkers?
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Do I show up and JBW ...

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for Khazar milkers?
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So what's the best place if I want to kiss and dance with girls from Amesterdam on a friday night? I'm 6'1 from Portugal, white skin, dark hair, pretty broke. I'm willing to accept 40 and 50 year old women, but obviously I prefer women in their 20's. What's the best disco or free bar to go to?
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argentina or eastern europe for sex tourism?

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I am a degenerate American looking to go fuck whores for a month. Argentina is the top of the list because it's dirt fucking cheap and the biz class flights to Buenos Aires are rock bottom right now. I like Latin whores but yah def a preference for euro sluts. Where to anon?
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Traveling to Sicily for a week with bf in July. Plan is to stay in Catania and checking out some easy to reach places like Taormina, Siracusa and Noto by train. Would appreciate any tips you can give me.
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>Rick Steve here with more of the best of Europe.
Who else here is a Rick Sticks Chad
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There are too many pathetic white men on /trv/
I'm legit getting white fatigue