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Oh hello there! My name is Nern. I'm considered the greatest historian of our time... I've gathered a wealth of knowledge about Olathe and what happened here. Many tales... Would you like to hear? Hmm... I wish you were more enthusiastic... Oh well, I'll tell you anyway. Let's see.... Oh right! It all started with what I like to call, THE FLASH. I was sitting with my wife, god rest her soul, sipping on sweet lemon tea. I believe it was homemade by my sweet wife, God rest her soul. Or wait... Maybe she bought it from the store in a bottle. You know, like a plastic bottle? Well hold on now, that would be ridiculous to buy a bottle of sweet lemon tea, then transfer the contents into a glass. Why not just drink it from the bottle? I guess maybe so she could put ice in the glass? But then again, making tea homemade would be just as time consuming, if not more! That sneaky bitch... Anyway, I'll save that story for later! So, I'm sitting on my porch drinking sweet lemon tea. From a glass of course, ho ho! When suddenly... A great strangeness fills my body... Something was wrong... I've lived many years, and I've never felt something like this before. Do you know what it was? Yup! It was my rocking chair! That wooden son of a gun stopped rocking! So I looked down and realized a little rock had gotten caught beneath my chair! A rock under my rocking chair! What a day! I decided it was time for bed, I had had a little bit too much excitement for one day
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Is India worthwile? Going alone

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>11 vaccines are mandatory to take if i visit India

>I hear all kind of horror stories regards food poisining

>bus travelling times take days

>my obsession about India (Goa) started with The Beatles and a couple hippie friends

Is my obsession justified? keep in mind in my country we have a couple beaches like those in Goa

Keep in mind that if i go I go alone (late twenties age)
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Going to Hungary with GF in 9 days. We're mostly going to stay in Budapest, but I rented a car to have the option to get out in the country.

What should I expect?

Any fun things special to November going on?

What should I pick up from a grocery store to try?

What should I do?
So far I only some fun looking places in Budapest like goulash ghetto and szimpla kert

I was hoping for some ideas on things out of Budapest, cool towns, hidden gems and an all around comfy trip.

Also no holocaust/jewish shit pls
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Any anon here that lives/ going 2 visit JAPAN? o

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I'm moving in japan soon, hoping there are any anons that lives there just wanted 2 make some friends atleast huhu
b4 this big move happens!
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Trip in California as a foreigner

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Hy guys, my friends and I are 3 surfer dudes from Germany and we want to rent an rv, how expensive are they for each day? Do you need a certain age to rent them? We are all 23.
Second thing is it easy to get a gym membership for2 weeks?

thank you for you help
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>Being a manlet in Asia

will I be able to blend in better in Asia as a manlet?
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British and Canadian backpackers die in Cambodian hostel

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>A British tourist and her Canadian friend have been found dead at a backpackers' hostel in Cambodia.
>Natalie Seymour, 22, from Bedfordshire, and 27-year-old Canadian Abbey Gail Amisola are understood to have been feeling unwell in the city of Kampot.
>Staff at the Monkey Republic Hostel say the pair had been to a pharmacy but were found dead on Monday.

Any theories? WTF could you get at a pharmacy that'd kill you?

Or did these slags just OD on recreational drugs?
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ITT: Post RealTraveler Cliches
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Manufactured spending

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"The programme is no longer in effect, but before it ended, staff at the Canadian Mint store in Ottawa had caught on to Mr Campbell's scheme.

"Near the end, they started saying no," he said. "I stopped when they told me."

Although merchants frown on manufactured spending, there is nothing illegal about it, Mr Campbell said.

Usually when merchants catch wind that people are taking advantage, they close the loophole.

For that reason, Mr Campbell and others like him can be quite guarded.

"It's a very hush, hush community, I'd like to decline to answer that," he said, when asked about his other strategies. "

So, what are the other strategies? How doable are they?
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Gonna be in Las Vegas for four days, and Sedona, Arizona for three after. Where can I find the absolute best Mexican food to console me after losing all my money at the blackjack tables?
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