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Going to Berlin for 10 days to visit my brother who is living there for 4 months. Any recommendations for stuff to do? I'm 25, male, and unfortunately don't speak any German (this trip was sprung on me as a surprise by my parents, so I haven't had time to really learn anything). My brother (20) speaks a bit.

Things I'm mostly interested in:
Parks/nature, interesting looking buildings/architecture, city history, food, restaurants, music (not club/dance music. I mean german traditional music)

Somewhat interested in: Art, drinking/bars, general shopping

Not at all interested in: clubs, parties, dancing, raves, discos, hookups, etc

Since it's a bit of a family thing I will probably be with my parents the whole time. We're New York City natives so we are used to dense urban areas, but none of us besides my brother have been to Germany and I've never even been to Europe. Any general travel tips (restaurant tipping? Will people care how we dress? etc)
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List some cool stuff in or near Cancun, please!

Ideally, some interesting stuff that could not be found on a top 10 things to do in Cancun list. The kind of word-of-mouth attractions you can only hear about from 4chan, and no, I don't mean child brothels.

Along the same lines, is there any online resource that gives obscure but cool attractions of cities?
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Places we have traveled and our opinion on them.

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Japan: Weird as fuck...literal definition of weird, off-putting, creepy and just all around degenerate.

England: Totally miserable weather, miserable people, chavs.

France: Pretentious dickheads, Paris is a literal shithole outside of the Eiffel tower

The entire section of central Europe.:Pretty much the twilight zone...otherwise pretty nice...Definitely underrated.

Australia: I liked it...Australia didn't like me though.

New Zealand: I liked it....Didn't stay long.
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Let's talk computing devices. What do you bring with you when you travel? Phone, tablet, laptop, or some combination? Why? What are some good features for a traveler?
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I'm heading to the UK this year and I've heard London women are stuck up, so I'm wondering which are the easiest cities to get laid.

I don't even care if they're fatties or non-white.
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What's some interesting cities or towns that's at least 5 hours away from Toronto to visit for a road trip?

I have to stay in Canada for it, Ottawa is a boring piece of shit city.

Please help. I need to go on a long trip.
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Have fun

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fucking prostitutes in thailand

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i ll travel to thailand in two months and considered fucking some prostitutes there. how much is it? is it safe in regards to criminality? are the prostitutes doing it by their own will or is it forced (then i wont do it)? where to go to fuck prostitutes?
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