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Have any of you ever visited a castle?
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I want to spend the winter (dec/jan/feb) somewhere cheap. I have a little project (game) i've been working on that i'd like to finish, so the idea is to rent an AirBNB for a month, work on my project during weekdays and check out the place + surroundings on the weekends. I reckon i'll move places once a month to keep it fresh.

What are places that aren't too cold, safe, cheapish and have 3 month visa's for tourists (im from a good european country)? I've got both of my 5G Bill Gates doses, so that won't be an issue.

I've looked at georgia, which ticks all my boxes, but its a bit too cold for me. Thailand would've been my first choice (not interested in degeneracy, but weather and prices line up with what im after) but i'm not too keen on jumping through too many hoops and the country honestly seems destroyed atm.

Currently my gaze is on central america. Mexico maybe? How are the other countries there? Effectively i suppose im looking for expat places i suppose.
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1 week trip to a coast city

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Looking at Charleston, SC and Portland, ME. Which has:
More stuff to do
Better nature
Better food
More affordable
Lower crime
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Are racist people right?

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>frequently go to Wendy’s fast food restaurant
>Service is pretty good most of the time
>Go to one I’ve never been to, because it’s conveniently close to where I’m driving to
>Staffed by all black people
>Service has been absolutely horrible each time I’ve been there, the order takes too long to get made, I have to wait before even making my order because it’s utter chaos in the kitchen, the food is hastily thrown together
>Remind me to only go to white staffed Wendy’s now
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How your favorite place survived COVID?

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>search your favorite place or hotel
>post how it survived COVID
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remote work

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any digital nomads or we the fuck they are called wanna chime in? how to score these cushy gigs? i have applied on weworkremotely and angelList and gotten one offer and a couple interviews.
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What lifestyle enables you to travel the most? Vacations aren't enough for me, I just want to bum around the globe until I die. I don't need much to be happy just the freedom to go anywhere. I don't care about a career or stability though if there was a career that was centered around traveling that could be nice for me
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How would you spend $50,000 in Thailand this November if it’s your last vacation?
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Apocalypse where?

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What are some places that I can go to that feels like I'm taking a journey into the heart of darkness? pic most certainly rel
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