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Gear thread

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What does /trv/ usually travel with
Backpacks, boots, jackets that sorta stuff

I brought a Caribee Cadet 65l backpack on my last trup but I'm probably gonna change it for one of the 35l sarma backpacks with there little roll top day bag
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Honeymoon Plans

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Hey guys I'm planning a honeymoon for early July and I want to do southwestern France and possibly northern Spain. We'll be there for about 10 days. I'm still not sure where we will fly into but probably we will be renting a car once we arrive.

Any of you guys know any great sites in this area or things not to miss? Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in seeing some of the old Cathar sites around Carcassonne.

Would love some tips/advice!
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I currently live in Italy and i’m Bringing my Italian friends to the United States since they graduated from university
Question: Where should I bring them?
Can’t pick L.A or New York
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should i go to Aruba, Hawaii, Florida, or Las Vegas?
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Traveling is becoming mainstream

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How you noticed how traveling is becoming such a mainstream hobby? Every slut on tinder has a picture in Paris or on a beach . There is nothing novel anymore about it.
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I've never been to China
I wanted to know a little bit about Shanghai
Has anyone traveled/lived in this city ?
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Moving back to London... is it a good idea?

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So, I'd been living in LDN for 5 years or so. I moved home for a bit because I wanted a break and I'm not too sure if I ought to move back... I've been interviewing there and I could be getting a nice job, but I have some issues with London:

- London rent is expensive and I struggle to find somewhere to stay
- London feels lonely and it's difficult to get together a friendship group. Since I moved back home, many of my friends seem to have forgotten I exist
- And finally, London is not a creative city - it seems to be devoid of any creativity. I want to rent art studio space so I can paint in my free time but it's so expensive. It just feels like it's a city run by bankers

I'm starting to wonder, should I try for a job elsewhere (Manchester... or even abroad like Melbourne, etc). Have any of you lived in London? Am I being dramatic and it's not that bad? Are other cities just as awful? Would anybody have anything they'd like to say about London? Should I go back?

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask but I've been struggling with this one and you guys seem pretty honest!
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is bali a good meme or a bad meme?
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