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On fakebook
>haaaiii we are leaving for thailand for three weeks
>Cya inserthomecountryhere

Why do people do this?
Do they wish to be burgled?
Is this an invitation to take their stuff in a calm and organized manner while they're away?

Guys dont be idiots dont announce you are leaving your shit unnatended anywhere
Dont post images of your #omgrealtravelershit before you're home

>But im only friends with friend/3 ppl on fb/etc

No dont be an idiot, to me you are giving consent to have your shit removed. Dont!
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Obscure parts of Russia

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Anyone who's been to an obscure federal district of Russia and wants to share their experiences?
It's fascinating how many different Russian regions there are that are absolutely unknown in the West
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Regions/countries you never plan on visiting

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>Anywhere in Eastern Europe (Russia included)
>Arabian Peninsula (especially Dubai)
>Most muslim countries, to be honest
>All the -stans
>The Levant
>The Congo
>Horn of Africa

Blue for
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Wine tourism in Victoria

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sup ausfags. I'm thinking of visiting vineyards and tasting wine in Victoria - the Yarra Valley to start with, maybe other areas if there's time. Any tips? So far about all I know is that the best time to visit is March and November, and that I should avoid your school holidays - hence I was thinking of late April.
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I'm Irish and never have been to Ireland. Ever. Parent's moved to US before I was born due to reasons. I've only ever known how to live in the U.S and abide by U.S rules. My question is what would I have to do if I wanted to move to the EU? i want to get out of this shit hole. I want to see the sights that i'd never see here. But I don't know a damn about how to even live there. What should I do? Pic related on the whole beautiful sights thing.
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Road-Tripping U.S. while Female

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I planned a summer road trip for my best friend and I but she got a new job and probably won't be free for the summer, so I'm thinking of going alone (that might be a dick move). However
>5'0", 105 lbs. 20 year old womanlet
>can barely drive (got my license literally three weeks ago)
The road trip spends a considerable amount of time driving through the Rockies which are probably way above my skill level, being a plains-dwelling newbie, and about two-thirds of the overnight stays are at campgrounds and includes several stops for hiking. My parents pay for all my stuff and refuse to buy a gun for me. I don't have enough money of my own, not to mention all the hours I'd have to put in at the range to get decent.

Will I be safe going it alone?

I have a large breed 5-month old puppy who I could bring. Her dad does Schutzhund (protection sport), dad's dad is a police dog, and mom's mom guards livestock. She'll be about 9-months old during the road trip. I have no guarantee she'll protect me if necessary, but she looks and sounds intimidating and many of her recent do protection-based work so she's several cuts above the average dog. She obviously will affect the things I'm able to do and places I can stay, though, and it'd make me really sad to have to part with them.

Another alternative is to take my 28 year old male friend who I'd previously road-tripped with and we've been reminiscing about it ever since. (He's gay [not that you would know unless he told you]. I'm not stringing him along.) However, I'm not as close to him as I am to my BFF and I can see us getting irritated with each other, and he snores like a fucking freight train.

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First time going far abroad (not Western Europe), looking at going to the Caucasus/Turkey or Central Asia. Thinking of hitchhiking from Western Europe to keep initial costs down. Many, many questions.

First, it appears to me that the easiest way to take on big trips like this is to have at least one or two people to do it with. I don't know anyone. I have no friends in town, only friends in my hometown and other cities (moved away). Close ones, though none of them are interested in a trip like this. Are there places or communities for people who want to do these things together and coordinate?

Is it even smart to hitchhike instead of taking a flight? I'm in Montreal, and flights from here to places like Tbilisi or even Istanbul are expensive. Not within a reasonable budget if I'm going both ways, and paying for my apartment while I'm gone. I understand there are risks, however I also feel perhaps it would be a more social and interesting way of traveling. It would also allow me to meander into different side-areas. I've read on hitchwiki that it isn't really a thing in Central Asia, at least not for free. I figure I can at least use it to get to Turkey or a little farther.

And visa's for places like Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc., they're expensive, right? Would I bankrupt myself just signing up for visas?
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My mom and I wanted to do a quick vacation over my Spring Break so we decided on going to Quebec City. We're trying to go over some basics of French but we still want to make sure we stay in a place where we will be ok with broken french.

Also, do you guys have any recommendations for restaurants or anything cool?
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New York City

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I'm in New York City tomorrow, just for one day.

It's my 3rd time there so I've done most of the touristy stuff already.

I still wanna see some stuff, so what do you guys recommend?

Any nice shops, cafes or just some nice places that are not tourist attractions?