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Europe february 2023

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We want to plan a trip to Europe, we would be arriving via a flight to Barcelona.

Let me just ask the following: do we need to be vaxxed if we want to move unimpeded? I'm out of the loop regarding the situation, I thought all countries were supossed to be back to normal.
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Fruits abroad

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What countries are the best to eat fresh, sweet fruits & fruit juice? I am a fruit enjoyer.

this vid looks so good:
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Need city advice, France bros

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I'll be living in France for a little while to teach English, but I haven't picked the city yet. Pretty typical stuff, but I'm looking for a city with: 1.) Low cost of living 2.) Not inundated with Muslims and Africans, and hopefully not with lefties either 3.) Walkable with a vibrant culture. Not a sprawling modern mess of condos 4.) Nice aesthetics, natural beauty. Any advice? I think I'm open to both a bigger city or a smaller place like a medieval walled city. I used to live in Granada in Spain and that was chill. Nothing fancy, but cheap with a great lifestyle.
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North India thread

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Give me your stories on North India. The food, the city life, the girls you've coomed in, the people, the transport, etc. Pakistan is also ok but not Sri Lanka or South India. Thanks.
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has anyone been here? thinking of going to a few places in the west bank from jordan in a few days. any reccomendations/tips?
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I’m stranded in NYC w no place to sleep for the night. It’s 1:47am. At a bar right now. I don’t have a place until 8am. Anyone from the place have some recs?
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/trv/ teachings

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Tell me concisely in no more than a few words what wisdom travelling has bequeathed unto you.

I am listening.
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Holy crap, it's really worth going to Japan right now!
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Hi /trv/ what country is the most lax/easy to obtain/cheap/consistent with drugs?
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Expat in India

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My company is sending me to India. How can I go about meeting women there? my goal is to impregnate brahmin women. I'm black so I'm not sure what to expect. I already changed my Tinder location and got quite a few matches. Do Indian girls like the BBC and BEC (big expat cock?). Thanks /trv/m