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Hey /trv/ I'm planning on a trip through a few towns in Turkey in July next year.
I'm going to go to Bodrum with a ferry from Greece and then to Datça for a few days to visit a friend there.

I'm trying to decide if I should go straight from Datça to Istanbul(via plane) or to go to İzmir first for a few days then Istanbul(many friends I want to visit) and back to Netherlands.

Any other places I should defnitely visit on the west coast of Turkey? Or places to avoid.
I know there's a lot of scammers but generally what else should I avoid?
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Heading to Thailand for song kran next year.... what's /trv/ opinion on the governmental issue that's gunna arise soon?
Also Thai general thread.
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Hi /trv, I'm gonna spend like 10-14 days at Bali in early spring, maybe February.
Can you please suggest places definitely should be visited, where should I live, etc? Thanks.
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What is the Philippines like compared to the US? Specifically Manila. I want to know what my chances are of getting raped or legally murdered.
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Language learning for traveling

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How many languages do you speak? Does it help for your travels? Do you learn some of the local language before traveling somewhere?

Let's talk languages.
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What to do for fun when traveling alone?

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I’m traveling in SF for work, and I’d love any advice on what to spend time on.

By the time I’m out for the day most museums are closed, and going out to random bars to drink alone isn’t particularly fun anymore.

What do you spend time on when you’re visiting a place solo?
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Traveling without a camera

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When I first started traveling I used to lug around a Canon 60D with a nice lens, I got great photos and lots of love on Facebook. Over time I started noticing how every other tourist was doing the same thing, crowds of us all holding up cameras and phones for some reason. To document the existence of the subject? To prove we were there? To create art? To try to hang on to a moment? Narcissism? I don't know, but I realized professional photographers have been let in without the crowds to take perfect photos, so I don't need to take any for the subject's sake.

So now I travel without a camera and just walk through the crowds snapping thousands of photos, and just experience the moment and try to appreciate its impermanence. Anyone else do that or have any thoughts on the subject?
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What is the best pack for 3-4 weeks in Europe in January/February?

Leaning towards Farpoint 70.
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I came to Budapest with plans to stay for 3 months and make weekend trips to other places (I'm living the nomad meme life). However, I don't like this city as much as I thought I would, and so I want to settle in another place. Which European cities / countries can you recommend that have interesting things to see on a daily basis and aren't too expensive? (I'm renting out airbnbs on a weekly basis).

pic related: the nasty bathroom of a famous bar in the downtown
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