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where would you travel on your 26th birthday if you could teleport wherever you wanted (on earth)? (today is my birthday)
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Study Abroad

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Hey /trv/, I know this isn't exactly travel related but I thought this would be the best place to post it.

I have the opportunity to do a year abroad in South America for university and I want to know if its worth it.

I have a whole year to save and will easily be able save enough to live very comfortably but I have a few hesitations.

>Great experience
>something i want to do
>become fluent in another language
>Complete change of environment, something completely different from where I live
>all the other intrinsic benefits you get when you travel etc.

>Will be 25 when I return with still 0 marketable skills and a bit of time left on my degree (i started university later on)
>Will most likely be broke
>Although its a great experience I don't feel like it will help me "progress in life (in a wagecuck related way).

I feel like its a dammed if i do, dammed if I don't like situation. Just want to hear peoples experiences and input and Please share stories of your own study abroad experiences
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has any of you been in Giresun or any other Turkish Black sea coast city?
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Hey guise.
Going to Thailand in a few days. Coming from a cold and dark country.
Is there a certain place in Bangkok where we could leave our winter clothes for two weeks with a low cost?
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Kill Yourselves Dancing Monkeys Edition

Now with that out of the way, let's talk English teaching. How're you all holding up?
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I want to move to Ireland

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Both sides of my family come most directly from Germany and Ireland. I want to move to Ireland (A four year plan at this point). And Advice on things I should prepare beforehand? Things I should know? I have a friend in Scotland who might help in exchange for sex but I don't know if I want to do that.

PS I know the map is inappropriate, but it is also funny.
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whats the best whorehouse in bangkok??

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Thinking of moving to japan to go to a culinary school. No idea how to go about it. Wat do
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going to Amsterdam next week, going to see some of the Museums, wondering what the best old architecture there is and if there are any places off the beaten path in the country i should visit.
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Has anyone ever visited a slum? Is it as dangerous as people say? I've always been curious about them but have never actually seen one.
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