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Anyone been robbed on the road? Post stories.
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What is in your opinion the best city in the world to live in and why?
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Never been to Europe, need advice.

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As the subject says, I've never been to europe, and I'm currently deciding between going to Paris or Copenhagen.

I'll be traveling alone, in January. Which city do you think is overall better for my circumstance? Which gives you the ease to travel to more desirable places for a day trip? Which is better for someone who only speaks english?

For me, Denmark seems like a much more beautiful place than Paris. I like the idea of checking out beautiful villages. Plus, people I've asked have pretty unanimously recommended Copenhagen over Paris. Seems like I'd be able to travel to Sweden and maybe Germany pretty easily.

For Paris, obviously there are plenty of world famous landmarks, and the ability to easily travel to London, Germany, Switzerland (I think I'd like Switzerland a lot). Everyone I've asked seems to think Paris is overrated though.

Also, just in case it turns out to be wayyy better than paris or copenhagen, Oslo is being considered as well, I just don't know much at all about it.
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how can I become a digital nomad? I don't know how to code and only speak 1 language.....

I want to go to South East Asia.
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morocco trip

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I am planning a morocco trip to some major cites like cassablanca, fez and marrakesh. Has any anon experience with this cities or morroco in general?

Is it a good travel destination and is it safe for two young western dudes?
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you have been in Dubai? Do you like this city?
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Photos you Took

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The more the better! I've seen some cool ones on here. I'll dump a couple from the trips saved on my phone
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>be black
>want to travel
>~85% of the world will look at you with distrust
>no 3rd worlder will want to hang out with you because you aren't a white gringo
>Yurope East of Germany is a no go zone
>Asians don't like blacks
>Would get shot in America
h-hold me /trv/
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Visiting Italy's boot in February for 5 days.

Going to rent a car in Bari and drive through Alberobello, Matera, Castelmezzano, Amalfi coast to Vesuvio and Pompeii and then back to Bari.

Any suggestions for interesting places on this route?
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Life Changing Trip

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How has regular traveling changed you? Terence McKenna said that frequent world travel changes your perception similar to that of a mild psychedelic high. Do you think there's any validity to that?
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