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Hello /trv/ friends

I'm making the trek through vietnam / thailand / australia soon. I will be traveling for at least a year or more.

I'm calling on the experience of all travel bros, please help and share your knowledge for the betterment of man everywhere.

I will be getting my vaccines in Thailand. Who here has experience? I have done the research of what I should be getting but in my home country (USA) I cannot be spending several thousands to get vaccines.

What vaccines have you gotten before? Did you get them abroad? What were some of the side effects? Did you get sick from the vaccines?

What do you wish you would have gotten or regret getting? I know the rabies vaccine is particularly expensive and grueling.

Any tips or experience would be appreciated. Thanks Bros
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funny airport logos whatever

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the exploits can be used on this thing
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>deeply unhappy with life
>go traveling for 1 year
>think it will land me gf and friends
>make friends and have sex while traveling
>become very happy and motivated with life
>come home
>same as before
>one year has passed since i traveled
>feel even more hopeless than before
>no gf no friends
>now two years older

I wish I never heard of the traveling meme
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Does having passport stamps from unrecognized breakaway countries bring up questions when you return to your country?
I'm planning on spending some time in europe this summer and one place im interested in is Transnistria. However i am afraid that getting a passport stamp from there will cause troubles when going back into the EU or USA. Any advice?
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What is like to live in Los Angeles? I really like movies with LA as setting and it became my dream travel.
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Hay I'm leaving Alaska for the first time i'm going to Seattle,Washington to see my mom for a week, any place i should check out? other than the Space needle my friends also said i should go see the fish market & the shopping district that sounds good what should i go see? I though about checking out the museums if there are any in the area.

pic/gif not related.
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Have you ever had to stay overnight at an airport?
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First Time to Seoul

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So I'm going to Seoul, South Korea for 1 week this year. I know very basic Korean, and can't read too well, but language aside, I'm moreover looking advice in the city.

What are the most reasonable ways to travel? Subway? Taxi? Bus? I've lived in Japan for some time, and we have cards for quick access to the trains rather than buying tickets... is there something similar in Seoul?

How difficult is it to book a ticket to see the DMZ? (especially lately)

Any suggestions on cheap places to stay? Preferably with a host present and private/locked rooms.

And last question for now.. Is "solo" dining common in S. Korea like it is in Japan? I'm here for tourism and food mostly, and don't see myself making friends in the span of a week most likely.
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/trv/ meetup

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Post where/when you will be traveling and find other people to have fun with.

>London -> June 23 - 28
>Amsterdam -> June 29 - July 2
Anyone want to do something?
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Currently in Pune, India. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the Lotus Sutra scroll here? A friend is wanting me to bring it back.