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Never been in such a boring city in my entire life. Even Kuala Shitpur was better.

What am I supposed to do in this zany, childish, capitalistic cesspit?
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Anyone been to Ukraine visiting or moving there? Anyone met a Ukrainian woman?

inb4 you can't get laid in your own country, virginfag etc

I can get laid in my own country in the middle east but I'm of European origin and I'm more attracted to pure blooded white women with traditional family values, so either answer the question or gtfo
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UK to French Foreign Legion

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Without turning this into a personal blog, I want to know how to get to France from the UK.
I have less than £40 to my name so I can't get a passport and apparently since the UK isn't apart of the Schengen zone I can't just waltz into France.
Any advice?
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Where are you going /trv/?

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Anyone here setting off for an adventure soon? Where are you going? What will you be doing?

I'm going to be traveling abroad for the first time solo on a 5 month backpacking trip across Europe. I'm nervous as fuck and keep thinking something will go wrong, but I know once I get there everything will be awesome and I wont want to come back.
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Going to be in dubrovnik for a few days then getting on a boat for a couple weeks. Anything must see or do in town? I know nothing about it, friends in austria says its the most expensive place in europe right now lol. I've never seen game of thrones so I don't care about seeing sights regarding that (its all anyone in the states seems to know about croatia)
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Would you rather travel from Vienna to Prague via train, or just fly?

Also Austria and Czech general thread.
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Any tips on moving to Berlin or Ukraine?
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Backpacks general

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What's the best litre backpack for a 5 month backpacking trip ? Ans is anyone familiar with the Vango Trail 35?
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Namibia thread

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I can't find a thread about this country anywhere, how come? According to many well traveled people it is the most beautiful country on earth.

Anyhow, im going to Namibia in two months time and im sure that /trv/ can help me out and provide some information about this country.
I will be travelling through western South Africa before Namibia and i was wondering if overland travelling between the two countries is a thing? Are there legit buses or do i need a car? I dont want to fly.
Is there anything in Windhoek? Are there any other cities worth visiting for the city itself?
Is your own car essential to get around in Namibia?
Which sites are a must see? Like, there seems to be alot in Namibia but there must be some sites i absolutely CAN NOT miss?
What are the prices like?
Is Namibia better than South Africa for watching animals?

And any other information than the answer to these questions will also be useful.