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What are some things to do in Vancouver?
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I want to go to tokyo to make out with a hot gal.

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Any suggestions?
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/india general/

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despite being the worlds superpower by 2030, people dont talk about india much on /trv/

what was your experience like in india? did you shit in the streets and eat indian street food? tell stories.
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I am getting the vaccine

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At this point i cant go fucking anywhere without having to take 20 pcr tests. I dont care if the vaccine makes my face droop or if it expands my balls i cant take waiting 2 weeks to be told if i can go somewhere or not because i may have a coughing fit
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thinking about becoming a digital nomad. is it a meme or no?
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Interesting travel stories

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Throw a notable one you wanna share

I went to yellowstone park. In one stretch of the road, on the right is black mountains with white snow on top. On the left are green rolling hills. Surreal to see. Also saw old faithful erupt, the water and steam was a good 30 meters high holy damn.

also went to madinah during pilgrimage and saw the 100 10 meter diameter umbrellas open up like a butterfly in the afternoon. helps with the sun.
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Won't be able to come back to USA

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Biden passed some law where you need to be vaccinated to return to the USA, so when I leave for Mexico because I don't have high hopes for where America's headed - I won't be able to return. On a metaphysical level I know my time here in America is done for now, but my family's here. It hasn't really settled in yet. Travel related because obviously it effects all Americans who travel and wish to live overseas.
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Why is he the most based travel vlogger?
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Is it ethical to travel right now?
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>mfw I got my vaccinations
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