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DIY Moscow guide

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Hey /trv

I decided I would do my very own Moscow guide.

I'm just tired of all the crap I see in online guides and articles on Moscow and of all the dumbfuck stereotypes and misconceptions. I first noticed foreign guides on Russia and Moscow were extremely stupid and outdated some 15 years ago in a Berlin airport while browsing guides on Russia in a book stall. The situation hasn't changed much since then.

I'll post the first pages and you tell me if I should continue it here. If you like it I'll post a new page every 1-2 days and later collect it all into a pdf for free distribution (and possible publishing if someone is interested).You can also ask me questions which I'll try to cover in this guide.
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I'd like to go travel around West Africa for a few months but don't feel like paying $100+ per night for a shit hotel/airbnb in a shit region of the world. It doesn't seem like there are many hostels in the part of the world.

What do?

(some experience traveling East Africa but all accommodation paid for by work)
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What's everyone's least favorite nationality to come across while traveling?

For me it's the Chinese and Americans. The Chinese constantly rampage through little villages in massive tour groups, climb over everything, touch every piece of artwork, and spit everywhere.

And Americans I don't like running into because I'm American and also we complain a lot.
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Taking Drugs On A Plane

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If I Shove Some Weed Up My Ass [like far up] will the big scanner thingys they have be able to see it??? Pic Related
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Have fun

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What's the best country in the world for hiking?
I'm not asking what countries have the best scenery/wilderness. I'm taking other factors into account.
For example, New Zealand is great because it combines true wilderness with a comprehensive backcountry hut system which anyone can access (for a reasonable price)
Scotland is good because you can camp anywhere legally.
Italy is good because there are so many edible plants growing wild.

Basically, what are the X factors which make a country good for spending time outdoors?
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Places we have traveled and our opinion on them.

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Japan: Weird as fuck...literal definition of weird, off-putting, creepy and just all around degenerate.

England: Totally miserable weather, miserable people, chavs.

France: Pretentious dickheads, Paris is a literal shithole outside of the Eiffel tower

The entire section of central Europe.:Pretty much the twilight zone...otherwise pretty nice...Definitely underrated.

Australia: I liked it...Australia didn't like me though.

New Zealand: I liked it....Didn't stay long.
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Has anybody ever gotten a free seat upgrade on a plane journey? How'd you get it?
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where do you buy weed in prague?
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