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How easy is it to get a job in China or some other place in Asia doing TEFL? I'm about to graduate in a year with a BA in linguistics from a world top 40 university. I'll also get a CELTA before I start applying for jobs. I'm also a native English speaker. I have no "proper" work experience however. I'm asking because I'm a bit demoralised after trying to get a part time job in my own country but to no effect, even after sending out hundreds of applications. Will it be easier for me to get this kind of job?
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Sooo, what actually would happen if you traveled beyond the Southern pole of inaccessibility?
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How to avoid getting your shit stolen while at hostels?

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>travelling Japan for a few weeks (first time travelling)
>staying in hostels/capsule hotels for most of my trip
>really worried about someone snatching my phone/wallet off of my bed while I sleep

What's the best method to ensure that none of valuables get stolen while at a hostel?
>inb4 use lockers
Lockers which are opened with keys....keys that you would keep with you on your bed, right? So the problem still persists. Would there be any way to ensure that my valuables are 100% safe and not at any risk of being stolen?
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Is traveling the U.S. fun? I'm considering going to all 50 states (48 in one road trip, the other two sometime else), but I'm worried everything is going to blend together and I'll meet the exact same Amerigolem everywhere. Never left my state, so don't know how likely this is.
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Is it a good idea to go to the Netherlands to find a dutch trad wife?

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Europe Backpacking Trip

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I plan to spend around 7 weeks next summer (starting late May) traveling around 8 different countries by train. I'll get a one month Eurail pass (since I plan to take multiple day trips) and then buy train tickets after the month ends. Here's the basic itinerary I have so far:
>fly to London, stay for a few days before activating the train pass
>train to Amsterdam, stay in Utrecht for around 5 days
>spend around 6 days exploring different places in Switzerland
>5 days in Berlin
>4 days in Munich
>5 days in Prague
>5 days in Vienna
>4 days in Budapest
>fly from Budapest to Milan, spend 6 days exploring different places in northern Italy
>train to Rome, stay a few days before flying back
Should I consider giving more time to different stops? What are some good day trips from these places? Also what are some cheaper places nearby to stay overnight? I plan to stay mainly in hostels and hope to spend less than $90 per day.
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Ireland travel tips

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going to dublin for 4 days in 2 weeks. Does one have any recs for restaurants, bars, or other fun things to do?
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Ultimate travel destination

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Nothing beats Argentina
>best meat
>best wine
>best cooming
>safe(anything safer than England is safe)
>European architecture
>clean cities
>mostly white
>cheap as fuck
>best nightlife
>best people

Why haven't you taken the Malvinas-pill yet?
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India = nightmare experience

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I (M33) am from the US and quit my job in November to travel throughout India extensively. I've travelled around many developing countries like Colombia and Peru without a single problem, I'm normally very easy going and open minded. Also I'm an experienced traveller.

I tried so hard to like India, but feel like it's been a failure.

My budget was around $1500 per month which was very easy to stick to, eating out every meal and never sharing a room.

However, unfortunately I can't say I've enjoyed the experience. Countries with a lower GDP per capita seem heavenly in comparison.
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Philippines General

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