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First Time to Seoul

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So I'm going to Seoul, South Korea for 1 week this year. I know very basic Korean, and can't read too well, but language aside, I'm moreover looking advice in the city.

What are the most reasonable ways to travel? Subway? Taxi? Bus? I've lived in Japan for some time, and we have cards for quick access to the trains rather than buying tickets... is there something similar in Seoul?

How difficult is it to book a ticket to see the DMZ? (especially lately)

Any suggestions on cheap places to stay? Preferably with a host present and private/locked rooms.

And last question for now.. Is "solo" dining common in S. Korea like it is in Japan? I'm here for tourism and food mostly, and don't see myself making friends in the span of a week most likely.
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Currently in Pune, India. Does anyone know where I might be able to find the Lotus Sutra scroll here? A friend is wanting me to bring it back.
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Is there anywhere in the world which has both lovely comfortable heat and that nice crispy slightly biting air at the same time?
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Miami or L.A.?
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Okay so i'm trying to learn japanesse, but every source i go to for it tell me just the words, meaning if i wanted to learn the language, i'd only be able to learn the words.

The issue is for other languages i'v learned that involve Character's(I had to learn a couple ancient languages in college) usually you can learn what the character means, then write sentences in that language after figuring that out.

So the issue i have, for example is.

The word Arigatou, means "Thank You" but no one will tell me how the Japanesse character's translate into "Thank You"

Or the word "Kaze" means "Wind" but how do you get Wind, from Kaze.

I need to know the "How" not just be told the words and what they mean in english, in order to learn the language i need to know how they they get from Japanesse to English.
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Hi /trv/

What kind of backpacks are you using for travelling? I am thinking of buying pic related as it has all the features I need
-25liter pack volume
-black / dark colored
-pockets for quick access
-can wear it for commuting with business clothes

My only concern is that it looks maybe a bit too feminine.

it is this bag actually:

So do you have any other suggestion for a backpack that would fit all the above expectations?
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Amazon Rainforest

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i'm looking to visit the amazon for the first time. my focus will be on wildlife, birds and the forest itself rather than river tours. have done some research and it seems like peru might be the best place to see it.

has anyone done the amazon? any advice? anyone gone to tambopata?

in 2014 and 2016 i went on safari to kenya and tanzania and it was incredible, got some great shots with my basic nikon and a cheap long lens. this time, unfortunately, i will be flying solo as my friends are in europe while I now work out of miami. makes more sense to go somewhere new than spend money flying back to see them.

cheers /trv/
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Puerto Rico solo trip

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Kinda of have the impulse to leave continental U.S and see whats going on over here.

>Mexican American
>can speak fluid spanish/english
>~about 3.5k in funds, but want to be as frugal as possible.
>can stay for a couple weeks or months

Any answers/suggestions for the following would be much appreciated.

>is it easy to get a temporary job?
>is it easy to get laid?
>How much cheaper is cost of living here?
>can i gym regularly and cheaply?
>how dangerous is it?
>cannabis culture?

Any other advice welcome.
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WHO HERE /MANHATTAN/??? I'll be staying in Gramercy Park South and need some good whiskey bars to go to, the more sluts the better. Preferably cheap booze. Also, any good recs for party places in general, first time in NYC.
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>thinking about going to Brussels
>everyone says it is boring
Is it advisable to check Brussels out or just forge on to Amsterdam?
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