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Portugal/Spain Trip

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I will be visiting Portugal/Spain in July with the route Lisbon > Madrid > Valencia > Barcelona > San Sebastian > Bilbao over 16 days. Anyone who has visited any of these places have any suggestions for quality things to do? Any hidden gems, perhaps?
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Just moved to Korea

Any tips or pointers from recent visitors?
I've checked out Hongdae, Itaewon and Suwon so far.
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I'm going backpacking in central America for a month (read: 25 days) over the summer. Given this length of time what backpack should I get? In terms of size, type. How much should I bring?

How many changes of clothes would you guys bring? Are there laundromats common down there?

Also: how much would a solid drunken bender cost?
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I got Deported from the UK. Here's my story..

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Sorry for another camino thread

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Hey guys,

Did any of you use a guidebook when walking El Camino? If so, would you recommend it?

General pro-tips are also recommended - I start walking on April 17th and I'm pretty pumped. Doing Camino Frances + probably finisterre & maybe to portugal if I have any gas left in me. Walking it in Vibrams and not listening to music, so it should be a bit of a challenge.

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Hong Kong for geek

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Hey guys, I arrived today in this beautiful city! Don't know what to do tomorrow! Could you share ideas please?
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Is Australia more lower class and uneducated than the rest of the first world?
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Realistically, how safe is South America?

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I'm thinking about spending a few months in Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and possible in Curitiba and Floripa in Brazil. Can anyone offer any non-bs opinions on the safety of these places? I understand bad things can happen anywhere (I've lived in NYC my whole life), but I kind of wouldn't want to get stabbed or shot on vacation.
While looking on the internet, I'd get varying opinions from things like "you'll get stabbed in broad daylight in Buenos Aires" to "you have nothing to fear, you can walk around at night without a problem". Does anyone have real advice/experiences? Is it okay to assume that, for the most part, I'd be able to stay away from violent crime/mugging if I try to blend in clothing wise, know which neighborhoods to stay away from, and learn a bit of the local language (Spanish dialect) I should be fine? Or is it better to skip S.A for now?
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How much do you pack when you want to travel long term?

For example, three or four months in India and Southeast Asia.

I want to pack light, but I also don't want to visit a laundromat three times a week. Or keep finding new laundromats, for that matter. How do you find that balance?
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>land in Belgium
>train to Paris
>fly to Asturias
Where do I go next? I'll have 4 days.
Lisbon? Southern France?

Help me out /trv/