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Thailand General

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White men get the best looking Asian women edition

Foreign visitors that are permitted to enter Thailand from approved countries are required to have the following:

- An approved Certificate of Entry (COE)
- Proof of a COVID-19 insurance plan that covers the entire duration of their trip with a minimum coverage of $100,000
- The Thailand Plus app in order to show a QR code upon entry
- Arrangements to stay at an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

Is anyone planning to go?
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Get Started doing TEFL

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How do I get started doing TEFL?

There looks like there's a ton of different certification programs. Which ones are good? How do I get started? I've done some googling and I've found a lot of general info, but nothing specific. Ideally I want to teach in Pakistan.
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What are some things to do in Vancouver?
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thinking about becoming a digital nomad. is it a meme or no?
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Those who have been in Tokyo even if it's once

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Is it expensive?
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Best way to learn a language fast

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I want to learn French and travel to Quebec. Any sites or tips you would recommend to become semi-fluent in French quickly? I already have a slight understanding of grammar and vocabulary, its not like i'm starting from scratch.
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/india general/

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despite being the worlds superpower by 2030, people dont talk about india much on /trv/

what was your experience like in india? did you shit in the streets and eat indian street food? tell stories.
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He was alright before he sold out
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/vietnam general/

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Ask questions about getting locked down and other things.

Anyone else got their jab, or registering to get their jab? Picture related, it happened today.
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