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Board newfriend here, how do you guys afford to travel this much?
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Just how dangerous would this adventure be?
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Is Naples as bad as people say?

I would like to see Pompeii, Herculaneum, and take the bus up Vesuvius and hike to the top. Additionally, there is the archaeology museum in Naples...I'm not sure if there's anything else worthwhile?

At any rate, I'm wondering if it would be better for me (solo traveler) to stay in Naples to do all that stuff, or in Sorrento?
Is Naples bad enough to warrant staying elsewhere?
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Divers found a camera in Wallowa Lake - seeking owners

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An area diving group located a camera in the water in Wallowa Lake in Oregon. They have posted some images from the memory card in an attempt to locate the owner. Thought maybe this would be a good place to get tips on search methods or maybe someone could even track down the owner.
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Việt Nam Gễnẻrậl- Taxi driver showdown edition

What are the things you are enjoying about Vietnam? Post the things that piss you off about it. Share advice or questions if you are thinking about coming to Vietnam. Share cool hidden places or things that happened that you found in this country.
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What is the best country you have ever visited?
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so I'm visiting japan. I already know foreigners are treated differently. problem is I'm a 6'4 Samoan who looks like Maui, seriously. I work at Disney world as him. How bad is it gonna be? pic related
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Where can I escape my own degeneracy?

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I'm addicted to the internet. To alcohol. To masturbating. To junk food. Unfortunately, I've become a degenerate. The only thing I do right is to go the gym.

Where can I escape myself for a month and find some balance? I'll have 4 weeks with no work, no responsibilities. The thrill of being somewhere new removes the feelings of emptiness and apathy ... and when they're gone, hopefully I'll be able to focus on re-wiring my brain. I want to train, I want to read, and I want to be sober.

Any suggestions? I was thinking Iran. But very open to any and every answer.
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I'm going to Portugal in December, I was told I need a International divers permit. How long does it take to get one?
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Why is Sydney more expensive to live in than London and New York?