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In an olympic level of Hide and Seek spanning the entire world, what general areas would be the ideal places to hide? Keep in mind non-competitors can both help you or your opponent.
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Traveling to Germany

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Any Germans here?

I'll be working in Hamburg in about a few days,

>And well, I'd like to know what are the best banks that you guys make use of for your daily life in Germany.

>I'm going to spend there atleast 2 years working.

I have middle level of speaking the language.

What should a Spanish guy, take into account before going to/at arrival in Germany?

Anything of interest I should pay attention to?

>Give me your ideas and tips that you have for a foreigner that wish to live in Germany (In my case, I got hired by DHL)

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Currently contemplating to spend a month or so next year in Colombia, preferably on the Pacific Coast. I'll be alone. I have heard various things about Colombia, lately, the country seem to have become safer. This said, i'm quite ignorant about Colombia.

What do you think about Colombia?
Is this a beautiful place?
What would you advise me to do over there? What are the best places/cities?
Do they speak English?
Is 2000€ enough to live decently over there for a month?
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Southern France Questions

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Do people there really don't speak any english? Do camping ground staff speak english? Will I be robbed? Are people open and friendly?
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>Come home after living with family in Europe for two months
>Instant hit of depression when I enter the front door to an empty apartment completely alone

Fucking hell, what do you do in this situation?
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Vienna Thread - off the beaten track

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I will be in Vienna for 8 days at the end of the August. I will be visiting most of the museums, from Old Masters to Narrenturm. So you can also tell me about what lesser museums are worth, be it a coffee museum or some water creature exhibit.

What I'm looking for are sideshows and ways to avoid tourist traps (if possible). I'm looking for places to eat that are not upscale yet offer tasty food, good desserts, best places to drink coffee since I'm a coffee fiend and already know about famous Vienna coffeehouses. I'm looking for good bookstores, antique shops, board game shops, and any sort of shop selling goods that are somewhat hard to find in other parts of the world. I'm also listening to recommendations about day trips outside city, interesting parks and suburbs, and thrift shops and used goods markets.

Based on this writeup please provide any information you deem relevant. Thank you.
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Has anyone travelled on the transiberian railway from moscow to beijing?

Any advice on where to buy tickets if you want to stop often?
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Anyone been to Ukraine visiting or moving there? Anyone met a Ukrainian woman?

inb4 you can't get laid in your own country, virginfag etc

I can get laid in my own country in the middle east but I'm of European origin and I'm more attracted to pure blooded white women with traditional family values, so either answer the question or gtfo
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Any tips on moving to Berlin or Ukraine?
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>Is Kathmandu worth visiting at the expense of not visiting Calcutta/Mumbai?

I am going to visit 3 indian cities, and two that I know for sure I want to visit are Varanasi and New Delhi, however I would like to visit some of the Himalayan areas and I am not sure if visiting Kathmandu would be worth sacrificing other Indian cities to visit.
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