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I want to fix my teeth. What do?

>missing lower k9 tooth (pic related)
>Teeth are pretty yellow with weird marbling of white, yellow, and transparent blotches.
>I still need to get my wisdom teeth removed
>I'm 19
>I have 30k of disposable income
>I live in Canada

I went to an orthodontist and he said I could go with braces or invisalign (liners). He also told me I wouldn't have to replace my missing k9. also:
>braces cost $6000 and will take between 1.5 - 2 years to finish their job.
>he told me that if I did want to get a prosthetic tooth, it would cost me an extra $4000.

My questions are:
>should I get my wisdom teeth taken out before or after I get my braces
>should I get a new k9 implanted? Or just let it be?
>Should I go with braces or invisalign?
>Any way I can get braces for less than 6k?
>how do i get my teeth whitened?

Advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Moving to northern Detroit area

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I got a job in Warren, Michigan, in the northern suburbs of Detroit. Never been to Michigan (or the Midwest) before and have no idea what area I should live in. Warren itself doesn't seem too appealing. I've heard that Troy and Rochester Hills are nice. What areas would you recommend? Any places to avoid at all costs?
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QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

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Couldn't find one, so I'm making own edition

Anyone spend an amount of time around Roma Termini? My phone is dying and my train doesn't arrive for another hour or so
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Old thread here: >>1351195
Ask itt; anything to do with thailand such as traveling, scams to avoid, good places to drink at, etc etc

Starting thread with a dump of old Thailand pics from Chiang Mai, and Pattaya, from 1960 forward.
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Norcal vs Socal

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Thinking about spending 10 days in Colombia in May or June. What should I expect? Where should I go? Any tips and tricks are appreciated.
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Cheap Ukraine trip

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Im thinking of going to the Ukraine to see Chernobyl and the Odessa catacombs. What's the safest and most efficient way to get from Kiev to Odessa? Preferably cost friendly.
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Goal: Impregnation

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Over the last year I've saved up $40,000 USD with the sole intention of traveling the world and impregnating as many women as I possibly can. I want to spread my genes everywhere.
It looks like SEA, Japan and parts of south america would be ideal for this, but i'm a novice traveler so any tips would be appreciated.
I want to make sure a nuclear holocaust, war, famine or disease epidemic won't wipe out all my kin, so a diverse itinerary is needed.
I'm OK with spending all the money, but I would like to do it efficiently — and obviously I want to have fun doing it.
Any itinerary recommendations?
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Does anyone here have any experience with IAD and snow?

>flight leaving wednesday morning at 1125 to DEL
>snow supposed to start lightly falling around 1am
>total accumulation for the day is going to be 1-3 inches

What are the chances my shit gets canceled or significantly delayed? I have a connecting flight with another carrier and my layover is currently 5 hours. I am estimating I will need 2-3 hours to clear immigration and check through domestic security to catch my next flight.
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Los Angeles

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i'll be in LA for about a week. any suggestions of what to do or where to go while i'm there?
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