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Is Western Washington a meme? People seem to either say it's the best US city or that it's full of homeless/drugs and the weather sucks dick for 10/12 months and costs too much. Who the fuck is right?
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I'm Australian and really want to move to America. Money is no issue and I want to live in a city with lots of fun things to do everyday.
How would I go about moving to the USA and what would be the best city for me?
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What is the Philippines like compared to the US? Specifically Manila. I want to know what my chances are of getting raped or legally murdered.
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What happens in the parts of Ontario and Quebec along this route? Is Montreal a nice city?

I don't know much anything about these lands, I just need to get to Maine.
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Star Trek /Discovery/ General:

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Previous thread >>>/tv/89048606

We're All The Same edition
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What's the purpose of traveling? I have been to London, then Edinburgh. My first trip alone. I get up in the morning tending to my basic needs and then I walk aimlessly through the city exploring the streets. I have seen small cute streets nearly forgotten. Ghettos, the famous landmarks. Lots of cafes and Pub's. People are very friendly and chatty.
I climbed some huge mountain near Edinburgh and I would consider this the high point of my vacation to this country. Felt great, I loved it. But apart from that, it feels all pointless. I don't learn anything here. I can't brag about anything I've done here at home. Most of the time I walk around I think of how much I want to fuck overdone slags and cum on their fat British tits. But of course I am to lazy to even consider talking to anybody here. I just want to be alone. I thought I would experience something great for myself. Discover something. No, only pointlessness.
Am I doing traveling wrong? Is traveling a meme after all?
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Going to London in January.
Where can i buy cheap-ish clothes? Pokemon cards? Other nerdy stuff? Food? What is there to do?
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What are some gear/gadgets you guys always take on your travels? Anything unusual?

Pic related, portable speakers are great to make friends in hostels, especially ones where people hang out outdoors. They're also the scourge of all hikers...

Something I never travel without these days is a toiletries bag with a hook. They're great in bathrooms without much counter space.
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There are wayy too many threads started on trv that get 1-2 responses as they are way too specific.

1. hurr durr, where is the best cheesesteak in Philly?
2. Going to Nikel in August for 35 hours, any recommendations??

So - here you go.
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is thailand really that shitty?
some anon in another thread said everyone is out to scam you all the women have hiv and the whole place is a giant sewer.
I sorta got negative about my first solo trip i was planning and now not sure anymore.
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