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Goa hate thread

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I went to Goa in India for a week. It's the worst beach vacation imaginable, bar none.

What was your experience of Goa, and why are Indians the worst "people" on earth?
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Do you like flying?

The longest single flight I've ever been on has been about 14 hours, but there have been situations where I'm flying and switching planes for over 24 hours. I fucking love it. I love the organized chaos of airports, I love relaxing on the plane. I just love it.
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Thai General

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Idk how many of these I've started, but just don't break the blue board rules and it won't get pruned.
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/trv/ related books
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What's your greatest "Okay, this is epic" moment while traveling?
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China Trip Planning

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Hi guy's, I'm currently planning on a business trip over to China. Was wondering a place to book. Traveling there for about a month. So where's the best destinations to go in terms of the cities, landscapes, or even nightlife. Also I really want to go check out more of the old world China parts rather than the modern landscapes from these day's.
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How is Tunisia? Is it cheap? Any recommendations food or tourism wise? It seems pretty stable aside from that hotel attack a bit back.
How are the women? Are they up for hookups?
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Working abroad

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Hello everybody,

I am considering about working in an English speaking country. There is one thing I have some struggle with. My English is quite bad and could be better, respectively. I took an IELTS test with 6.5 two years ago. In my opinion thats not enough for the most companies abroad. Is there anybody who have some experiance with my issue?

Thanks to advance

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Australia hostel work

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I have some questions about australian working hostels. Thinking it might be cool to work on one around June-August, are these months available for work anywhere over there? Do i need a work visa or is there anything under the table? also how much can you expect to make in about a month or two of work?
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