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Map thread

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Where have you been /trv/?
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What was the single most breathtaking thing you have seen while travelling?

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It could be:

>A building.
>A view.
>Some city streets.
>A historical site.

Etc. What was it lads?
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leaving to mexico tomorrow morning. what do? I'm down for whatever
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Ok, has any of you poorfags gotten sponsored in some way to travel? I feel like i hear of and meet people getting sponsorships surprisingly often, for stuff that feels semi-normal.

I'm asking out of curiosity, and since I'm planning on biking through Europe during the summer. It's not spectacular in any way but I'm a good photographer and therefore might give the company something in return.

So: have you? How did you get it? What did you get? What did you do? Etc..
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so you're telling me i can't have a delicious steak anywhere in whole India?
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What's everyone's least favorite nationality to come across while traveling?

For me it's the Chinese and Americans. The Chinese constantly rampage through little villages in massive tour groups, climb over everything, touch every piece of artwork, and spit everywhere.

And Americans I don't like running into because I'm American and also we complain a lot.
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>have no problems making friends or getting laid while traveling
>have no friends at all at home and have not even gotten laid once in my own country

what did they mean by this?
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Second part of the 4 month old thread on my motorcycle travels through Africa.

First thread here: >>1132461

Quick summary:

>>Flew from France to Mauritania with a backpack
>>Bought a dirt cheap bike and built bike racks
>>Drove down to Senegal to meet with Belgian co-op
>>Hell for three months in West African rainy season
>>Arrive in Ivory Coast
>>Buy new, proper bike and equipment
>>Decide to postpone return for one year and do all of Africa
>>Belgium co-op must return home
>>Finishing up my bike preparation before final return

And here we are! Roll on.
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I dream about it, anons
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Has any airline given you a hard time about carry ons not being correct size or weight if you're backpacking? Obviously, I'm not trying to bring crazy stuff with me but one of my airlines says 15lbs as the limit and I'm at 22lbs and am wondering how screwed I am.
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