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Salt Shed

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trying to find out where this is, all I know is that it's a salt shed somewhere in Maine. I want to go here to photograph and locate this specific building.

The website where the image was taken from was taken down a while ago so there's no leads there.

if anyone is insane enough to try to locate this building from this horribly blurry picture, work your magic. I'm not expecting much.
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I bought a bus - US + Canada Road Trip

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Me and five friends bought a bus and are planning on spending the next few years fixing it and saving money to be able to spend about a year on the road, traveling through out the US and Canada. Any places in particular we should look out for? I'm a big fan of Southern cooking and roadside attractions if that helps narrow it down.
>Pic related is bus
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What's living in NYC like?
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Shenzhen/china universal thread

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Has anyone here traveled to Shenzhen lately? What is it like? im trying to find as much information as i can before i want to actually move there for 6 months as an industrial designer. Any tips? advice?
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What kind of people are Belgians and Netherlanders in terms of political beliefs, religion and general way of thought? Is it worth living there?
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What's the kinkiest city in the world? BDSM, brothels, gay clubs, whores, strip clubs, lay it all on me.
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Fear of Flying

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Anyone here ever get over their fear of flying? How'd you get over it?
I really love traveling, but flying scares the shit out of me. I always feel like my plane is about to crash whenever I'm forced to fly.
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Which country is the best for a countryside trip?
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