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Any advice on what to do in Seattle? I'm a 20 year old guy going alone by train next weekend (Friday through sunday). Interested in pretty much anything suggested to me. Money isn't a huge issue bit I am walking and ubering around. Any opportunity to meet people (girls) would be nice.
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Which one is your favorite?
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Road Trip

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Me and some friends are getting a ferry across to Dunkirk and doing this roadtrip. How do you guys rate? Any advice?
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Vienna coffee culture

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Hi trv. Just arrived in Vienna. Beautiful city. Can anyone recommend any good cafes in Vienna, that are not tourist traps?
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Do you guys collect anything on your travels?
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ITT: We post /trv/ bad ideas. I'll start:

* Spitting on the pavement in Singapore
* Insulting the king of Thailand
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What do I do in Reykjavik?
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American here. I tried to fly home on a one-way ticket but was refused entry by CBP because I didn't have enough cash on hand to ensure that I would not become a burden on the state. Has Drumpf really fucked the country up that much in just sixteen short months?
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Nice, France

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How much euros do i need in Nice per day for food and public transportation? 20€? 30€? For one person, of course.
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Have you ever been outside Europe?

Cos I have and let me tell you, I knew what it meant to be European then. I went to Asia.

I met lots of Americans. A Peruvian. They were all insufferable. Asians themselves model their countries on America for some reason. All ugly sterile grids with tall glass rectangles. Korea is just USA 2.0. I also met some Brits, a Belgian guy, French guy, German guy, Norwegian girl. We just clicked instantly. There's just a shared European culture we take for granted that you don't notice until you hang around non-Europeans.

American college students are like literal children. They dress in tank tops, baseball caps, cargo shorts, and flipflops. One lad went clubbing dressed like that. They eat shit food, they ate at a Korean McDonalds more times than I cared to mention. They act like teenagers when confronted with alcohol and start playing stupid games like beerpong.

One day I was out with the Belgian lad and the Peruvian lad. The Peruvian lad was a fatass. He was "hungry" in late afternoon early evening. We suggested stopping for food on the way back since it was almost dinner time, but no he wanted to grab potato chips from a shop on the way home. He flat out refused to eat proper food so we gave up and he went off to stuff his face with crisps while me and the Belgian lad ate rice and chicken + shit at a little hole in the wall place.

I laughed with the Belgian lad about it, and he told me how earlier the Peruvian lad was telling him how he was trying to lose weight but always snacked all day and sometimes substituted entire proper meals for snacks and junk. He also took junk food to bed with him because he got "hungry". When the Belge said "guy that's unhealthy, don't do that" he replied "but I can't not eat when I'm hungry" and made up some bullshit excuse.

A bunch of tiny stuff like that that all adds up together, though the approach to drinking and food is definitely the biggest.
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