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What can /trv/ tell me about Singapore? I'm thinking about visiting for a week in July/August.
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What is the most luxurious experience you’ve ever had traveling?

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I’ve been wageslaving for about 7 years and I really want to blow my dough on something irresponsibly expensive overseas.
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Things to do in South Korea

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I'm going to visit SK for the first time this summer at the begining of August with my gf and 2 friends. Anyone been there before, and what is there to do there? Any suggestions on what to do there is appreciated.
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Destinations and Activities in Europe

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Hey guys, me and my girlfriend are going to travel around Europe next year for a few weeks - what is a good source to find ideas for cool destinations which aren't too touristy and crowded, or do any of you have some suggestions?

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I found a cruise for a really cheap price but there is a catch, its on Pullmantur's Monarch and its a spanish cruise line, I know that they have english speakers there I was just wondering if anyone here cruised with themI keep on getting mixed reviews. Keep in mind that I speak very little spanish. The Itinerary is:
day 1: Curacao
day 2: Bonaire
day 3: Aruba
day 4: At Sea
day 5:Colon, Panama
day 6: Cartagena, Colombia
day 7: At Sea
day 8: Curacao
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Visit jordan

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Hey guys ,
I'm an israeli who wants to visit petra and amman .
Since the sensitive current situation with our cousins , my question is , it would be safe ?
What do i should expect there ?
(I know ill get tones of shit now)
And if someone can give some tips where to stay or where to visit or anything would be welcome !
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China - General

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I can't see one so i'll make this thread.

I'd like to go to China for my summer vacation, I've been before so i know what its like, and i have been studying mandarin so i want to put it to use.

But aside from the obvious major tourist sites, which ive already been to, what can i actually do there? How are the hostels, i can't afford hotels the entire time, and what can i really do day to day?

I have a few online chinese friends i could meet but i cant just permanently hang with them. (also how do i know if they want to fuck, i am a little autistic with women). I don't just want to go and then end up on my laptop in my room all day, but i can't figure how to spend 3 months there either.

In short, what to do in China?

Picture is a meme don't get your panties in a twist.
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Why can't we get paid while vacationing?

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I love traveling so much, but I can’t travel as much as I like to since I have to work for a living and pay for my bills. I always like to watch people travel videos they post on line and some of them are really entertaining to the level I would pay some money to watch. Why don’t vacationers broadcast live videos from their trip and get paid for it? How can we do that? Anybody knows a way or a tool to use for that?
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What's up /trv/ ?
I'll be going to Tokyo for the first time of my life from July 13th to 29th but I don't know anyone there and I'll be traveling alone
Any of you anons there ?
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How bad is the situation with Israelis in India? I'm going there for a few months starting from June and will most likely spend most of my time in the north of the country. I guess it's quite known, and so I heard from literally every traveller who's been in India, that they're swarming there and almost unavoidable.
I'm unfortunately an Israeli and been doing my best to avoid other Israelis, since I have enough Zionism, groups of army-chads that think they own the world and elephant-pants hippies back home. It was alright so far if I just stayed away from Chabad Houses and didn't try to interact with them deliberately, but it seems that India is another story.
What should I expect? How bad is the Jewish-Israeli influence there?
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