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It’s dangerous and dirty!!!

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When did this board get so scared? Literally every thread is filled with people shouting “don’t go there, people were rude to me, it’s like a nightmare, the food is disgusting, etc., etc.” Why are you on this board if the idea of modern traveling is so terrible to you? I imagine many of you have never even been to the places you are complaining about. What is an acceptable destination, Punta Cana? It’s pure cancer.
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is it true that dubai is better than the united states in almost every way?
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Have 1400 €,

Want to go away somewhere in Europe for up to 3 weeks. Yes, right now at this time of the year. Where can I go where I will have a good general over all 21 year old experience, and have a decent time in a place that is not super shitty at this time of the year.

Any suggestion is appreciated

Thank you
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Sexpat thread

ITT: We name countries where we have sex touristed and had success, and discuss our future sexpatting goals.

Places I've been to and succeeded

Countries I want to try
-Dominican Republic
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Is my travel plan realistic

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Me and my two friends will be going to Europe in August. We just finished Highschool and have no money but 8 months to plan, so here it is...

>live in U.S
>take 7 hour bus ride to major airport
>fly to Ireland
>1 day spent traveling
>spend 3 nights in Ireland
>fly to Germany
>spend 4 days in/around one city
>take day long train trip from Berlin to Lithuania
>3 nights in Lithuania
>drive/bus to Latvia and spend two nights
>drive/bus to Estonia and spend two nights
>take ferry to Helsinki and spend day there
>fly home

We will be gone for 16 days, but there are some problems. We don’t have passports, never been out of country, no idea how much money we should have. We will pocket as much money as possible and have at least 10k saved for this trip.

What are some foreseeable problems, advice, and recommendations?
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Hey long term travelers. What do you guys do with your belongings and apartments etc when you go on an extended trip? I want to go away for at least 6 monthsas I have in the past but my mom says when I return this time I will not be able to stay at our house. So what do you guys do?
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When will airlines accommodate individuals with different body masses? Seems like all they expect to seat is manlets.
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I'll be applying for a PhD in Netherlands (in Amsterdam) and I was wondering about two things primarily:
>What are some must-see locations in Amsterdam and in Netherlands as a whole?
>What is the cost of living there? The PhD salary would be somewhere around 2000 euros, is that enough to live like an average student or will I need to take up another job as well?
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