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Savannah, Georgia in a Day

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I'm going to visit my friends in Athens, Georgia and we are thinking of doing a daytrip to Savannah. I am definitely seeing the Historic District and Forsyth Park, but is there anything more specific that we can see or do? Any places where we can eat, see music etc? Obviously time is a factor so we can't do too much but I'm still interested in exploring the historic parts and grabbing a bite to eat.
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So this summer, I'm going to be in Munich, Germany for a couple of days, as part of an extended vacation from a cruise.

What are some things to do and see in Munich? I wanted to see Neuschwanstein castle, but I've heard that you'd have to spend a whole day to see it. Is it worth it?
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I have never flown anything other than economy, but maybe some anon with more experience could enlighten me:
Are any of the upgrades worth the cost?
Business class seems expensive but maybe economy plus? And what about memberships?
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What's your favourite American big city?
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Flying into SFO

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Flying down to San Francisco for my Pop's 60th. He said to choose either North Cali or Socal. Which would you suggest? Where would you go? Why?

I have a week
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Anyone else moving to new places all the time?

I grew up in a terrible rust belt city in New York and didn't permanently move out till I was 21. Since then (4 years) I've lived in 7 places (one being all around the South Island of NZ for 11 months), usually intending for the place to become my permanent residence but it never ends that way. Within one month of living in my current locale I am again thinking about leaving once I finish my education. I'd like to get my Italian citizenship and travel to Europe. I don't know if I should be concerned with my inability to remain stable or if I should continually pursue my wanderlust until I find a place to call home.

Moving all the time comes with the inability to make long term friends, and with me being pretty introverted it's not exactly easy to meet anybody while out. The only people I talk to are the few family members who care enough to ask about my life.

Who has been traveling this way for a while now that can give me some /adv/? I'm stuck between my desire to see and experience new places and have lasting relationships, as I haven't had the latter in so long and I know how important they are in terms of happiness.
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Living and Studying Abroad

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This is not exactly /trv/, but I think there's no other adequate place to ask.

I'm from "lower than average" Portugal, the land of booming tourism and shitty economy. I feel the need to expand horizons and so I've decided to get my second degree (most likely graphic design) abroad. I really need to get the fuck away from this country.

However, I have a couple of restrictions:

I should have only about 5k saved up by the end of the year, which is not nearly enough for most school's tuitions. I have been researching about scholarships, but the prospects are not good for someone my age (27). Erasmus is out of the picture.
I need to know if I can get a job easily while I study on the locations I consider.

This one is disputable, but for some reason, dark and rainy weather really puts me down like nothing else can. I need to see the sun, if I'm gonna spend 3 or 4 years living there. This is more of a guideline rather than a restriction.
What I really need to ask here is, given those restrictions and considering the local culture and social environment, how well would I fare on some of these locations?


>Mexico (ayy drug lords lmao)
>Brasil (yeah I know)
>[any other south or central american country that I can consider]

I don't think I'd thrive in the USA's current political and economical turmoil, but let me know what you think.

>Eastern Europe
I would avoid it, but I want to hear your opinion.


maybe, but the language barrier is a problem.
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I'm a 23 years old uni dropout that absolutely hates his life and future prospects.
I have no marketable skills, but I can speak native Spanish and English.
What can I do? Is going to South East Asia to be an English/Spanish teacher a good plan? I've heard you don't really need academic qualifications to be a teacher there.
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Bagan, Myanmar

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I'll be there next month. Any of you fags been there?
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