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What 5 cities should I visit in the USA?
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Berlin , Ibiza, NYC or Vegas

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What’s the absolute best city to party in? Techno/House music is mandatory.
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How easy is it to hitchhike in Europe and Asia? I'd like to start in Tbilisi and make my way to Ankara, Istanbul, and then west to Switzerland and eventually to UK.

Is this doable? Considered comparatively safe?

Any ABSOLUTE stops I should try and make? I've only been to Europe once before and got to see Paris, Munich, and Kyiv.
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South Africa or Central Southern Africa

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I'm flying out to meet some friends in Cape Town for a couple of weeks, before they fly home. I subsequently have 3 weeks before I have to be in Malawi for some field work. I'm currently unsure whether to just spend the 3 weeks in South Africa travelling before flying to Malawi, or whether to spend a couple of days in Johannesburg/Pretoria then fly to Lusaka. If I flew to Lusaka I'd probably spend a night or two there, then go Livingstone/Victoria Falls, Bulawayo and Harare before getting a coach to Blantyre.

Any recommendations? I've never been to Africa before (or outside the developed world) so either would be fairly novel for me.
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I need your help, /trv/ ...

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I have a month off to work on a project of mine. All I need is an internet connection. I just want to work, train (gym) and experience a different kind of lifestyle/pace to the one I'm used to (Aus). I also want somewhere cheap. Where should I go? Hard mode- No Asian countries.
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Considering a honeymoon in the Pacific in 2020

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So my fiancee and I are set to get married in August 2020. We were considering having our honeymoon on a Pacific island because it's not that far away and the climate would be comfortable, but it's still be something different (we're both Australians).

I'm interested in architectural history, both pre- and post-colonial. My fiancee is very much into nature, both aquatic and terrestrial. We both like relaxing on quiet beaches and not dealing with too many people where possible.

Given all this, what might be a good choice of island to go with?
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i stay 11 days in bangkok, any suggestion? things to do?
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What to do in Mexico thread'

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Anyone ever been into Mexico? I'm planning on traveling there on the 23 of November, but I'm not quite sure about what there are to do. Please feel free to give me informations on about:
>Best tourist destinations
>Law enforcement services
>Education & more
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yo, I'm off to NYC in the next couple hours and I don't have a set plan. what does /trv/ have to say? any ideas?
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pictures you took in your travels
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