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The Bucket List

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What's on your bucket list?
Although it is not strictly travel, I imagine most things on the list get completed whilst travelling...

Mine are as follows (from memory without digging out the actual paper list):
-Ride in a hot air balloon
-Cage dive with a great white shark
-See a hammerhead shark
-Gamle $1,000 on roulette in vegas
-Ride a sleigh pulled by huskies
-Have a 3some with a 2 girls
-Go to Octoberfest in Germany
-Make my own cocaine and try it
-Visit all 7 continents
-See all "7 new wonders of the world"

I have not included the items that have already been completed
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/trv/ how do I volunteer abroad for free/really cheap?
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Travel in the Middle East

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I've always wanted to visit this region, but it seems so dangerous. My impression is basically:

Too dangerous

Relatively safe, but culturally quite westernized

Am I right or wrong? Any recommendations?
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It's a vital part of travel, but there is very little discussion about it

simple question, how does one get the cheapest flights?

airlines do their level best to ensure this is a fraut business, it's a mess of commissions, taxes, shadow advertising and fine print

One way trips often cost more or virtually the same as return flights
Airlines own websites have worse prices than comparison sites
Many comparison sites "forget" to compare certain carriers

Today for instance I found that KUL to london is 700US
...but when a leg from bangkok is added it's only 330US INCLUDING THE EXACT SAME KUL-London flight
and to make this even stranger, if I didn't catch the bangkok-KL leg my whole tiet would be canceled

I'm sure some of you have some real skill in this, so this could be a really productive thread
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Need tips for first trip to Thailand. Got a ticket for under $500.

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Going to Thailand this year. Got a ticket for less than $500. Any tips? Somebody told me Bangkok is separated into 4 districts, Black, Red, Blue, whatever. Didn't see anything about that online. What kinda shots do I need and shit? Should I drink the water? etc.
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Sup /trv/. I'm going on vacation and I want to carry an Ottway telescope with me. It's a small, hand-held telescope (like what pirates and naval officers used to use). I want to keep it in my carry-on, but I'm not sure if this would cause any problems with flight security?

It's very obviously a telescope, but I've heard horror stories about airlines holding up flights because something a traveller was carrying looked like it could be a bomb / hold a bomb / whatever.
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Moving to Canada. Yay or nay ?

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Hi guys !
So recently shit has really hit the fan in my country and just about everybody my age is leaving the country ( over 20% of the population aged 18-30 has left the country just in 2016. 2017 is expected to be worse ).

So, as all my friends are packing their stuff, there's no point in staying here.
And I have the opportunity to work in alot of countries, given my current work experience, and someone suggested Canada. Moreover, the visas for Canada will be lifted by December 2017, which is a great thing.

I have friends in whole Europe and a few in Australia, but nobody in Canada.
Can any canadian please be so kind as to tell me something about Canada ? Lifestyle, how's life there, how are the people there, how are immigrants seen ?
I've worked so far with people from Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Quebec and Montreal and they seem like really good natured people with lots of patience.

Also, in order to give something back to /trv/, ask a multinational service desk analyst anything.
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So I want to do some work & travel. I am especially interested in New Zealand, as pic implies but I am happy to hear any general experiences or knowledge about that stuff
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I've been in country for several weeks in the north and I'm wondering if it's worth seeing

van vieng
or the plain of jars
or anywhere else I might not have seen

muang sing was great, as was muang ngoi but I couldn't really recommend much else

like cambodia, there isn't much to do and the ecconomic issues make it more expensive than neighboring countries

seems like 70% of people just do a loop from north thialand pakbang, luang prabang, vang vieng, vientian
...and in fairness if you arn't a nature person that is probably a good route to take
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What is like to live in Los Angeles? I really like movies with LA as setting and it became my dream travel.
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