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Planning an adventure

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Hey /trv/. I want to go to pic related in 678 days. I've got a little less than 2 years to plan.

I don't make tons of money, but I'm guesstimating it'll be about 5 to 7k USD, and I can probably come up with that by then. Not enough to hire a travel agency, but maybe enough to DIY it.

I figure I'll need to know
-some spanish
-Ocean navigation
-ocean meterorology
-how to drive a boat
-types of boats good for ocean journeys

What else am I overlooking? From around Chicago btw.
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Hi /trv/,
I'll visit Amsterdam for a weekend with a few friends at the end of August.
What are the nicest places to visit, which are overrated?
Preferably it should all stay relatively cheap.
Thanks in advance.
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Why so many eastern euro girls working at the beach over the summer?

In Ocean City, Delaware this week. Every surf shop has a hot, white euro (I assume eastern euro from the accent) chick at the counter. Why?
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Scandanavia in Winter

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Hey /trv/.

I'm planning on traveling alone to scandanavia. Tickets are dirt cheap on winter. However I'm worried about the weather.

Which month is the best to enjoy winter?

November, December or January?
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I need some advice on surviving Russian winter.

Next month I'm beginning a teaching contract in St. Petersburg. I grew up on the gulf coast and winter is little to nothing here, it'll snow maybe once a decade. I bought a down insulated coat and know I should get some gloves. Otherwise I need advice on the various particulars of living in the cold and any other suggestions you guys might have.
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What country/region has the best/least expensive seafood? I'm unironically addicted to salmon, lobster, caviar etc
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I found a job living and working on a ski resort in Germany. I am planning on saving up as much as I can for a time to build up a financial cushion, get a tax number, and then look for another job.

I'm an American with a BA and no real marketable skills. I think I am a fine writer, and I know Latin and Chinese, but these don't go far without other specifications it seems.

Am I doomed to teach English? If so, I am wondering about all of the fulltime kindergarten offerings I am seeing. They say they want a degree in education along with relevant work experience. My degree is in Classics, but all I have is some experience teaching English to adults in China when I studied there abroad. I am wondering if that kind of stuff is negotiable. I imagine native English teachers are more of a rarity in Germany because of what seems to be a higher barrier of entry compared to a place like China. In my mind this gives me hope that I might land such a position, but I don't know much about the red tape that might be lurking to trip me up.

I don't mean to dwell so much on that option however. I am looking for any ideas that would be feasible for a recent grad. I am willing to work anywhere, and I anticipate my German would be pretty good by the time I begin to look for jobs (I took two semesters at college). Am I dreaming too big? Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.
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Backpacking stories

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Can you guys share some backpacking stories. I'm quitting my job soon to back pack and want to feel the hype
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Backpacks general

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What's the best litre backpack for a 5 month backpacking trip ? Ans is anyone familiar with the Vango Trail 35?
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