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USA Roadtrip

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Hi /trv/ I'm about to set out on a huge USA road trip, covering 12-15 thousand miles over 3 months. To those of you who have done the "Great American Road Trip" could you please advise me on any interesting places/food/historical sites off the beaten path?

Of course I'll hit the bucket list spots like the Grand Canyon and the PCH, but give me your hidden gems. I'm especially interested in significant historical sites and great regional cuisine, like Chesapeake Bay crabs and various regional BBQ styles.
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I'm an American going to Europe (Tenerife, Dublin and Amsterdam to be exact) and I have a pretty specific question, will my American drivers' license (New York specifically serve as a proper proof of age or will I have to cart my passport everywhere and worry about losing it while hammered?
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Realistically, how safe is South America?

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I'm thinking about spending a few months in Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and possible in Curitiba and Floripa in Brazil. Can anyone offer any non-bs opinions on the safety of these places? I understand bad things can happen anywhere (I've lived in NYC my whole life), but I kind of wouldn't want to get stabbed or shot on vacation.
While looking on the internet, I'd get varying opinions from things like "you'll get stabbed in broad daylight in Buenos Aires" to "you have nothing to fear, you can walk around at night without a problem". Does anyone have real advice/experiences? Is it okay to assume that, for the most part, I'd be able to stay away from violent crime/mugging if I try to blend in clothing wise, know which neighborhoods to stay away from, and learn a bit of the local language (Spanish dialect) I should be fine? Or is it better to skip S.A for now?
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Paris Catacombs

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Do you have any cool pictures or know anything interesting about the Paris Catacombs?
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Monterey Bay

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What to do here? I know about the aquarium.
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Im going to be in AUS for a month and id like to fly into New Zealand for a week.

Whats the best all around city to spend a week in? Nightlife and hiking?

As of now I dont have any transportation planned in NZ, so im a bit limited on where i can bounce around to when i get there.
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When brits come to america , women are all over them because they love the accent.
To them even the chaviest accent sounds posh.
What countries love american accents?
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>want to spend life sailing the world
>can't because reasons
>like to watch sailing vlogs at least
>can't because it just makes me depressed
>will never be able to experience the joy of sailing in life, vicariously or otherwise
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I just got a new job in Los Angeles and want to move there.

What areas should I focus on in my search? My new job is near Pershing Square and I own a car. I've heard the traffic is nightmarish so being near a train station would be nice.
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