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What staying in a hostel like?

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I am thinking of traveling soon and I was thinking of staying in a hostel for the social experience. I have never done it before anon so what's it like?
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Have you ever seen a "freakout" throughout the course of your travels, whether it was on an airplane or at an airport?

Me: never, but I've probably traveled a lot less than most people on this board, maybe 17 or 18 flights total. The most drama I've seen is maybe some people rolling their eyes or raising their voices when they hear their flight has been delayed/cancelled but it's never turned into full on shouting as far as I recall. And I've never seen anyone acting crazy on a plane. How about you, Anons?
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How easy is it to get a job in China or some other place in Asia doing TEFL? I'm about to graduate in a year with a BA in linguistics from a world top 40 university. I'll also get a CELTA before I start applying for jobs. I'm also a native English speaker. I have no "proper" work experience however. I'm asking because I'm a bit demoralised after trying to get a part time job in my own country but to no effect, even after sending out hundreds of applications. Will it be easier for me to get this kind of job?
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Bali is absolute shit

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no idea what the fuck everyone else is saying about bali being a paradise, place is full of tourist traps with shit culture while everyone is trying to drain every single cent out of you. temples are boring as shit and clubs are dead. how is it even fun?
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What languages would you consider worth learning for an international traveler?
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Just came back from a Balkans trip. serbia is by far is the biggest shithole I've ever visited
>garbage everywhere
>shit-tier food (essentially Turkish but much lower quality)
>women are ugly and hairy like dogs
>zero culture (just another Ottoman leftover state)
>extremely nationalistic (literally nothing to be proud of historically)
>Poor and cheap. Still somehow seems overpriced for what it offers
Just skip it and go to a real country like Kosovo.
>pic very related, typical male from serbia
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Pictures you took while traveling that made you laugh

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What’s the best countries in Asia for wife material?

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What are the best countries in Asia for wife material? (Don’t say China, the male gender gap and the recent youth unemployments numbers don’t bode well for what’s coming next there)
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Im going to Europe soon and I cannot be the only one with a silly obsession of stopping in every microstate for at least a day. What are your experiences with San Marino, Liechtenstein Luxembourg, et all?

Bonus points if you actually lived there for a while or were even born there. While for 90% of stuff you are really living in Switzerland/Italy/France, what are the small quirks living there? When does the concept of living on a microstate affects your day to day life?
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My greatest dreams is to travel to Japan and still be young, I'm 22 now but I do not have the money and I'm worried by the time I can afford to travel to Japan, I will be in my 30s by then which means I will be old, two days ago, I was scammed 500 pounds and I'm never gonna get it back, for this month I've got to live off no money whatsoever for a month as I have no money.

I honestly feel like killing myself, do you think I will ever go to Japan one day and be young?
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