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I'm working on a cruise ship. AMA part 2

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thread died before i answered questions, will respond here.

Previous thread: >>2102437
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I have the opportunity to move immediately to either the Bay Area (SF) or northern Virginia (Reston) for a new job. I hate where I'm at right now and don't care if the cost if living is high in both places so I'm going to one or the other without question. Where would you go in my situation? I'm leaning toward SF because of the weather and things to do. What should I expect to pay for a 1 bedroom apartment in a decent area in either place?
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Latin America Thread

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Latin America Thread

I'll start, what's are some good places to go in LatAm during November/December?
Preferebly with good weather, maybe nice beaches and pretty women. Good food wouldn't hurt either.
Somwhere you can spend a few weeks to avoid the shitty weather in northern hemisphere
I've wanted to go to Rio but I've heard they have rain season during November and December.
How about Colombia? I'm just a bit worried about the political situation there and the crime.
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PaTTTaya General: Bing bong schling schlong bars girls tickle my ding dong edition. You bros ready for October 1st when the country opens up again and we get to party our asses off?
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Places that were so tight they shocked you
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Does anyone have any experience doing medical tourism (dental, specifically)?

I am a leaf whose teeth need a lot of work. I imagine that going to a shittier country and expecting quality care is retarded. But is it reasonable to travel somewhere like Poland, Russia or Hungary and obtain decent-ish dental work at a somewhat reputable clinic, and not get scammed? Am I kidding myself? Are there any guides on doing this?
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What are some interesting metropolis in Africa?
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When will international travel be allowed?
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Hello, /trv/ i am looking to go somewhere next January and i was hoping to get some advice on where. I want to go somewhere colder then where I live (central Texas) my budget will be around 1.7-2k. I like history and nature
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I am WFH and have the option to move virtually anywhere I please in the US. What are some good places to live that are safe, have shit to do for autismos (like book clubs, anime cons, things of that nature), and is affordable for someone making 64k/yr?