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What is the Philippines like compared to the US? Specifically Manila. I want to know what my chances are of getting raped or legally murdered.
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How can I move to Latin America as a white male to find a (white passing) Latina to marry and make children with?

>master's degree, but not stem
>blond, blue eyes
>speak spanish and portuguese fluently
>have visited vast majority of latin countries over the years

I don't want to live there forever just a certain time (3-5 years). I would even go to the worst parts of shitholes like Venezuela or Honduras, I like it everywhere in Latin America. How would I even go about searching for a job that pays a living wage? Help me /trv/ I'm slowly dying here.
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What to do for fun when traveling alone?

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I’m traveling in SF for work, and I’d love any advice on what to spend time on.

By the time I’m out for the day most museums are closed, and going out to random bars to drink alone isn’t particularly fun anymore.

What do you spend time on when you’re visiting a place solo?
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Travel advantages of dual citizens

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So I'm currently about to acquire a second nationality by descent, though they are both EU citizenships of equally developed neighboring countries and they hardly differ when it comes to visa requirements in the world.

I would like some anons that have exploited multiple citizenships to comment on the potential benefits.

I know that they can be useful when it comes to visiting different territories that have certain disputes (of recognition) but I'm wondering whether it's also possible to use them to extent one's visa-free stay for example.

Let's say I'm travelling to Canada or whatever country with passport A then stay there for almost 3 months visa-free leave Canada and enter it again with passport B to stay another 3 months. Is this still possible in this day and age?

Has any Anon ever done something like this and this and does it depend on the level of development of the involved countries?
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US Trip Suggestion

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So I've been to the US a couple of times to visit my SO and I often visit a city too for a bit of sightseeing. However for my next trip Im bit at a loss.

I've already visited the following:
New York City
Washington DC
Los Angeles
San Francisco

Generally speaking I have an interest in nature and history. What other major US city is a must to see?
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Hey guys, Italianfag here. I traveled to Prague two times in the past two Yeats, i fell in love with the city. At the point I have dreams (at least 3 times per week) of returning there...any Czechfag bro here that can give me some advices in case i want to find a home/settle down in Prague in the future?
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Heading to Thailand for song kran next year.... what's /trv/ opinion on the governmental issue that's gunna arise soon?
Also Thai general thread.
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India General

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Been a while since I've made or seen one, so here we go: /IndiaGeneral/, for any and all sensible questions related to traveling the subcontinent.

I'm currently in India for the eighth time. Lived in Delhi for about two years in total and traveled a fair amount all across the north. I'm more than happy to answer any questions about the National Capital Region as well as the other places I've been around India.

What I can't answer, hopefully others can.

Will not respond to troll-tier "poo in the loo" posts.
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I came to Budapest with plans to stay for 3 months and make weekend trips to other places (I'm living the nomad meme life). However, I don't like this city as much as I thought I would, and so I want to settle in another place. Which European cities / countries can you recommend that have interesting things to see on a daily basis and aren't too expensive? (I'm renting out airbnbs on a weekly basis).

pic related: the nasty bathroom of a famous bar in the downtown
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