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War countries

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Has anyone here ever travelled to "edgy" Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, ...
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Going to renew my passport soon.
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Is there anyone who have been to prince edward island?
Is it worth traveling there?
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visiting miami

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hey /trv/ I'm visiting my family in florida soon (The Villages specifically). Thinking of visiiting Miami or the Keys while I'm there. Anybody have any recommendations of what to do while in florida as a young person with not that much money?
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i'm going to cuba in a couple weeks. would love to hear your experiences.

must dos. should not dos. mistakes. etc
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Is it safe to travel to Cairo and Alexandria , Egypt ? And which precautions should i take ? (White european male)
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sailing from florida

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any of you guys have experience sailing from florida to south america or the Caribbean? Not planning a trip anytime soon but would be curious to try hitching a ride on a sail boat to some popular destinations if theres a place people like to go from florida.
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I'm going on a class trip to Iceland in September. What kind of clothes should I pack, how much should I pack, and what sort of accessories might be useful?
I sweat a lot so I'm looking for some sort of super absorptive cloth, I also have a wool Buff to help. Any ideas?
Are boots worth bringing? I have a pair but they're more for walking through snow than on ice.
What are some must packs, essentially, if I'm planning to go carry-on only for about 2 weeks?
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Did any of you take a train on the Trans-Siberian railway before?

I'm planning on travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok however I'm not sure where I should go from there. I want to see:
>Korea (South for sure, undecided on North)

Anyone done something similar? What order should I go about visiting the countries?

I was considering taking a ferry from Vladivostok to Northern Japan and travelling downwards from there, then visiting Korea and China.

Any advice with regards to how long I should spend in each country to get a good feel for the culture? Is it worth heading to SEA since I'm so close? For reference, I reside in Ireland and have an Irish and Moldovan passport.

I have an indefinite amount of time to spend, however this would be my first "real" solo journey and my budget is limited to around 5000eur, maximum 8000.

>am I thinking too much and should I just go in blind
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