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Quick, post travelin' cuties before this thread gets deleted.
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Very specific minimalist gear thread recommendatinos

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Hey /trv/. /fa/ guy who's gotten borderline autistic about gear that looks good without sacrificing function. I was hoping we could get a thread going about that as well as very specific things that I'm looking for:

- a round hat that covers your neck without making you look too much like a fucking dumbass (I need it for hiking: something like pic related)

- travel adaptors are super bulky imo. There's gotta be something thinner?

- hiking pants that don't look fucking stupid (must have cargo pockets and can't be super baggy)

- For shorts, I have lululemon pace breakers (which are great 'cause there's a zip pocket that's sort of hidden for my cash). I think their long sleeves also look great and are technical without being too obvious

- I'm looking for a soap container that actually makes sense. I swear they're always massive and take up more space than they need to + your soap gets all soggy because it's just swimming in soap water

- I'm looking for the lightest flip flops. I literally hate flip flops/hike in vibrams but wear them only to shower

- favourite brand for travel size bottles for liquids?

It can also be a general gear you can't live without thread

- I love my merino wool buff. It's great as headband, good as a scarf, good for motorcycling so you don't eat bugs/it covers your neck

- also use eagle creek compression bags. They're awesome 'cause you can just throw everythign in there, then squeeze the air out. I can be ready to leave in minutes now.
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Thailand thread. Anyway I'm going to Pattaya this weekend and looking around on google streetview has me so pumped, haven't been there since my navy days. I have a question about motorbikes there, can you rent them, can you ride them on any road even though you don't have a thai drivers license?
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European Honeymoon

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Hey /trv/ fiance and I were thinking about taking our honeymoon to Europe. Here's what we have so far:

>panoramic train tour of Swiss Alps

According to my calculations this trip should cost us about 15 grand. Any tips on saving money on travel/food and where to go/what to do? Also how long should I spend in each place?
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What the fuck is the deal with transport workers such as Taxi drivers and Tuk Tuk cunts. Literally everywhere in the world a disproportionate amount of these people will try and fucking scam you. If you don't think this happens in your own country just ask any visibly foreign (e.g Chinese) female visitor.

I fucking love Uber.
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Is there anything worth seeing in New York?
I would like to visit for few days. I have never been to the states before.
Hard mode: I'm not into partying.
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Where is the best place to live?

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Okay. So my girlfriend and I have finally gotten the balls to decide to move to another part of the country. We want out of Pennsylvania, for a lot of reasons. Mainly the climate. We've been kicking this idea around for years but to be honest we need some help in figuring out where we want to go and eventually buy a house and settle down.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some insight into certain areas of the country from a first-hand experience, as opposed to a touristy big-city perspective. We both grew up in small towns, and we're basically looking for that same life but just somewhere warmer. The only problem is that we have some very specific requirements.

The climate has to be warm. NOT sizzling insane 110 degree summer warm, but just much warmer than Pennsylvania.

I like to hunt and fish and camp and do all kinds of outdoor things. I am a huge gardener and this is also my career path. I would like to be within an hour drive to some true wilderness. No city park shit. Somewhere that I can be alone and feel lost.

We both want to be within a few (like 1 or 2) hours to a beach if that's possible, but we would settle for like 3 or maybe 4 hours max.

Now what really matters are the kind of people. Not scummy hicks or ghetto ass thugs or other city dwellers, just normal people.

Basically, we're looking for a warmer Pennsylvania. Can anybody please help us out?

PS, Hard Mode, Not California.
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What's some interesting cities or towns that's at least 5 hours away from Toronto to visit for a road trip?

I have to stay in Canada for it, Ottawa is a boring piece of shit city.

Please help. I need to go on a long trip.
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Where it iS?

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Hi 4ch anybody know where it is? I need to travel to this pace
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