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What are some of the best and Worst states in the USA?

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Especially to live in.
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Caucasus Countries

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Thinking of going to one or all three of the caucasus countries. I have two weeks. What's a realistic plan?
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I'm going to be moving from Sarasota to north of Atlanta(not sure of exact location just yet) later this year.

Gonna be driving up I-75 I guess, any stops I should make along the way? Cool sights I can see for cheap/free/in a short time?

Should I go through Atlanta or take the extra 1-2 hours to go around?
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Japan Ideas

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I'm planning a trip to Japan next year for 2 weeks. Outside of Tokyo I don't really know where to go.

Can /trv/ provide suggestions? I like large cities, national parks, and historical/cultural sites.

PS I have literally 0 interest in weebshit
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Tokyo vs Kyoto for 3 months

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I am going to do an internship in Japan for 3 months and need to choose between Tokyo or Kyoto.
I did my research, I know that one city is more traditional and quite, while the other is more active and bigger etc.
But most reports were from people who stayed there for some days.
So the question is: When you need to stay for some months in one of thesecities, which one would it be and why?
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worst korea

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are there little pre modern traditional towns, streets, villages, etc in Korea like this picture of japan?
I see scenes like this ALL over china and japan in travelogues, but never really korea.

asking because I'm going to be teaching english in korea later this year and am a big fan of traditional art, crafts, historical architecture, etc etc.
want some stuff to see on vacations.
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Trip with the familia

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My brother just graduated high school so my mom is planning a trip to Corsica to celebrate.

My questions are:
1) Is Corsica filled with sandbaggers/niggers like mainland France or with "southern Italians"?
2) if the above is true, what other european country should I convince her to plan the trip to?
3)If 1) is false, what parts/landmarks of the island should we visit?
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Somebody knows the signification of this please
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United Kingdom

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Planning on taking a trip to the U.K. at the end of August.

Looking for any general tips of things to do, places to go, etc.

Plan to spend 1 day in Manchester, a few days in London, and then would like to go to the countryside for a few days. Cornwall area seems like a good fit.
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we need a /trv/ discord