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What are the best things to do in Brazil? I'm going for 3 months middle of July to middle of October, going to book my plane at the end of this week. I'll probably fly into Fortaleza since it is the cheapest airport.

I've been to Rio, SP, Ilha Grande, Paraty and Iguazu already.
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travel in russia for free

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Hi guys! I have long wanted to improve my English, but without real communication it is very difficult. I had such an idea: I want to invite an English-speaking guy to visit me. I will pay for the apartment next door to me, I will organize leisure, maybe a little trip around Russia. In return I ask for several hours of live communication a day.

I am 27 years old, male, married, not gay. I live in St. Petersburg.

Is it interesting for you?
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So In about a month I will be going to Holland to visit family. I've never met them before accept for one cousin. I've never really considered my self to be part Dutch or European before.

What kind of stuff could I do over there? What is the night life like ? Are the women cute? I know you can some weed over there but other than that I got no clue what to expect.
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I saw a very cheap option to fly to Agadir, Morocco for 4 days.
Should i do it?
Would be my first time travelling alone.
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Map Thread

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Guys am I a travelet?
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All pricing being equal, is it worth it to fly take the train to my destination in Italy (from Scandinavia) rather than taking the plane?

Would stop in Hamburg and Munich along the way.
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I'd say I'm a fairly normal guy apart for being very introvert and shy. It's pretty obvious I can't score with girls or get a relationship. I never talk about this, but everybody knows this.
I would like to go to Thailand. I've picked the country for various reasons, but of course it's known for prostitutes. Everybody knows this.
I plan to patronise them, but whether I do or not doesn't even matter. Most people will see a permavirgin going to Thailand and will draw conclusions no matter what I do.
Should I lie to my friends and colleagues about where I go?
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hi /trv/ I am a 35 y/o guy from Germany and I have come to the conclusion that having a steady job, a nice house and safety makes me miserable. Likely a part of this miserable feeling is also because I am single and childless with no friends. However, I am truly happy when I travel. I feel free, meet people easily, and my brain starts working differently; I actually become motivated to write, to make photographs, to hear stories about people who I meet. I would therefore love to be able travel for a long time, meaning 2+ years so that I can see the world and be happy. I am curious to see the life in Eastern Europe, Russia and perhaps also Central-America.
I have some savings, but I need to make money on the way as well. I am not a programmer, but I am good at writing, taking photos, playing guitar, singing and drinking coffee. I speak German fluently, English, some Spanish and also some Russian. I don't need a lot of money; I can live frugally and be happy.
I am wondering if there is anyone here who is doing long term travelling and working, and what they did to be able to do it.

If someone can give me some tips on where to get started, or give some resources, I would be quite thankful.
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New job will require lots of travel,

Whats the best rewards Credit card to rack up points?
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United Kingdom

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What are some cultural highlights in the UK.
I am especially interested in England since my Auntie lives in Scotland and I've been there before.
I'm talking about experiencing the history of the last 3k years.
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