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What are some interesting metropolis in Africa?
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When will international travel be allowed?
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Hello, /trv/ i am looking to go somewhere next January and i was hoping to get some advice on where. I want to go somewhere colder then where I live (central Texas) my budget will be around 1.7-2k. I like history and nature
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Anyone been to Chechnya? How was it? Was it comparable to Japan?
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What are some cities where cycling is a realistic choice for commuting?
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What's the grossest thing you've eaten on your travels? For me, it was 童子蛋 (tongzidan), also known as Virgin Boy Egg. In China, they hard-boil eggs in boy's urine (preferably 10 years old or younger), similar to how they prepare century eggs or tea eggs. I was disgusted, but had to try it because 童子蛋 is considered a culinary treat to the Chinese, and it is part of the local culture. Pic related, would not recommend.
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Berber Rugs

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Any anons have any recs on where to find quality authentic Berber rugs in Morocco?

Is it easy to have them mailed back home?
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travelling to Sudan

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Planning on travelling to Sudan for a few days before the end of this year. I know about the protests, the mini coup, the transition and all of that. Any advice on what to see in Khartoum and other places?
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Acquiring a 'personal travel guide' in Asia

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In a couple of months, I will travel around east asia for work related reasons (if the COVID demon permits). To China, Japan and possibly I will visit S. Korea for the fun of it.

When I travelled to other foreign countries before, I would hit up a chick to show me around, translate for me, be on call if I had to deal with a taxi, give me tips on areas to avoid etc.

The problem is that now I have a long-term GF. Are there apps or something like dating apps that aren't dating apps where I can meet people who want to meet a foreigner?
I loved the advantage of having a local (who I knew wouldn't sell my organs) on my side in a foreign land. Single lads, I'd recommend this route for your future travels. But now it seems like my golden ticket method might have expired.

Has anyone else dealt with a similar problem?
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