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Quite possibly the shittest airline Ive ever used. Worst business class in 2018.
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How does /trv/ deal with jet lag? Any techniques to offset it?

Travelling from UK to Japan in a week and absolute dreading the time change if I'm honest lads.
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Is switzerland a good place to live for an extended time? Is there anything someone should know?
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I recently went off of the ketogenic diet after five months on it. I started off responsibly reintroducing carbs before eventually allowing myself some indulgences for a week or two. I started feeling bloated so I stepped on the scale today and was shocked to see that I had gained about twelve pounds. I'm guessing it's mostly water weight but it's still a little unsettling. Will this even out on it's own in time or do I need to take matters into my hands?
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What inspired you to travel?
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Boston - Travel Tips/Advises

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I'm planning on going on a trip down to Boston just for the first week of April, and I was just wondering if I could get some great advise from you guys about what are the best sightseeing or tourist attractions that are there to discover overthere right now? Also do you guys know if there's any great hostels, and restaurants, or even bars that are pleasant and enjoyable anywhere in the city?
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Is one supposed to pretend that Paris is a great place to visit (in 2018)?

After being recommended to stay in the Le Marais district, I’ll say that I was pretty unamused. The food was very bland and mostly unappetizing. French cuisine in general was a hit or miss and for the most part it was subpar.

The ‘touristy’ stuff was a couple of hours worth of enjoyment but I will admit it was pretty fascinating seeing some of the landmarks in person.

Overall, there’s something missing in this city that I can’t describe and honestly, 7 days was more than enough for me. It doesn’t feel as inviting as I would’ve imagine and seeing French soldiers and police scouring the areas at all times really makes me wonder if this is the new French reality.

It has made me looking forward to returning to Prague in a few months even more now.
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South Korean Girls

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Are they hard to get in bed? I've heard from tall handsome white guys that Korean girls are super easy while I've also heard from tall handsome white guys that Korean girls are bitches and the 7+s only fuck Korean guys. Also heard that korean guys cockblock foreigners to death because they are nationalistic assholes.

Can people who've been to SK confirm this??
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Guys, i need your help.
I'm going to mallorca, cala millor for a week with my gf.
And i want to know if there's a way buying speed and/or weed from locals.
Do you have tips? I heard that the coke there is shit
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Why do you almost never see people in their or 40s or older in hostels?

Is it because they didn't grow up with international cheap travel? Do you think you will still stay in hostels when you are older?
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