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Considering a honeymoon in the Pacific in 2020

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So my fiancee and I are set to get married in August 2020. We were considering having our honeymoon on a Pacific island because it's not that far away and the climate would be comfortable, but it's still be something different (we're both Australians).

I'm interested in architectural history, both pre- and post-colonial. My fiancee is very much into nature, both aquatic and terrestrial. We both like relaxing on quiet beaches and not dealing with too many people where possible.

Given all this, what might be a good choice of island to go with?
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i stay 11 days in bangkok, any suggestion? things to do?
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What to do in Mexico thread'

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Anyone ever been into Mexico? I'm planning on traveling there on the 23 of November, but I'm not quite sure about what there are to do. Please feel free to give me informations on about:
>Best tourist destinations
>Law enforcement services
>Education & more
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yo, I'm off to NYC in the next couple hours and I don't have a set plan. what does /trv/ have to say? any ideas?
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pictures you took in your travels
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Post-vacation blues

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So I just came back home from a 2 week trip to California, and I have the blues, very intense, bad ones. Like feeling my chest heavy and having watery eyes all day bad.
I'm from South America so these trips are very sparse and special, often years apart, I guess it makes it sadder. I've been on other countries before, but i've never felt this bad before after a trip. It was just too good, and the thought of coming back, it hurts so so bad.

Is this normal? Am I fucking retarded for feeling like this? Any tips?
Like i really want to kill myself rn.
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Paris - what's worth doing, what to avoid, general recommendations ,etc.

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I'm planning on spending the majority of one day in the Louvre, another day I'm going to walk past the Eiffel tower (afaik a tourist trap, still want to see it). Apart from that I don't have any major plans. Just want to experience the city, visit a few used book shops, eat good food.

Any recommendations for a ~4 day solo trip this winter?
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St. Augustine, New Orleans, or Boston

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Which one would you pick between those 3, for sightseeing and such?
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I’m an American currently in Japan who has a layover one the flight home in Toronto. The layover is 15 hours and our airline got us a hotel to stay at that’s connected to the airport. I’m pretty sure that we don’t get our checked bags for that night, but I’m concerned mainly about customs and immigration. I guess that I’ll have to go into Canadian immigration to stay in Toronto for the night?
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Hey guise.
Going to Thailand in a few days. Coming from a cold and dark country.
Is there a certain place in Bangkok where we could leave our winter clothes for two weeks with a low cost?
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