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Quick one /trv/

I'm in Belgrade and I'm wondering which airport is best for long distance flights east


unrelated picture is unrelated
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I came to Budapest with plans to stay for 3 months and make weekend trips to other places (I'm living the nomad meme life). However, I don't like this city as much as I thought I would, and so I want to settle in another place. Which European cities / countries can you recommend that have interesting things to see on a daily basis and aren't too expensive? (I'm renting out airbnbs on a weekly basis).

pic related: the nasty bathroom of a famous bar in the downtown
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French Pilgrimage this Summer

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Hi /trv/.

Since getting a full time job that pays pretty well for myself, and having the entire summer off, I wanted to do something with my saved money and go to France this coming summer.

I'm Catholic, and want to see as many of the shrines, cathedrals, and holy sites the First Daughter of the Church has to offer. From Mont St Michel down to Lourdes. Only thing is I want to do it backpacking.

I realize France isn't exactly super /out/ but I want to keep the using of mass transit to a minimum and walk most of the ways. Partly to prolong my experience and urge to engage in Slow Travel, but also to lend more authenticity to the pilgrimage. Walking long distances gives you plenty of time to pray and read scripture.

Thing is I'm very much an noob when it comes to /out/ and /trv/ stuff. I'm not a slob, but I'm definitely gonna take between now and then to condition myself for walking long distances. What I really want to know is what kinda supplies you'll think I need when making a pilgrimage in France?

Help me, /trv /, you are my only hope.
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Oman General

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Anyone been to Oman? What's it like?

Also, Oman general.
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Hey guys, Italianfag here. I traveled to Prague two times in the past two Yeats, i fell in love with the city. At the point I have dreams (at least 3 times per week) of returning there...any Czechfag bro here that can give me some advices in case i want to find a home/settle down in Prague in the future?
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Send me mail ! or put me on random mailing lists!
A. Corbin. / Evol Rabbit
Po.Box 1344
Klamath Falls Oregon
*don't forget a self addressed stamped envelope with mailings!
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New Orleans Vacation; Ghetto Evasion

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Sup /trv/
Gf and I are going to Nawleans for our anniversary in December.
We're looking at lodging and we're wondering which neighborhoods are the shittiest so we can avoid them.
Also if any of you have recommendations on what to check out we would greatly appreciate it.
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Trip to Germany + Others

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I am planning a trip to Germany, and due to the open borders, I also wanna visit other places around (like Czechia, Austria Belgium or the Netherlands).

I wanna stay travel for 10 to 12 days.
Right now, I'm thinking of a lot of cities. Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna and München, plus the Nueschwantein Castle are all must-go's (as far as I know). I also don't wanna miss any nice, cozy, rural areas.

But there are a LOT of nice places to visit! and I wanna visit like 12 or 13 cities.
Where should I go /pol/? Any other extra advice?
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Going on a trip across the states, any places on this route that you'd recommend? Tips, and places to avoid for a Mexican would be appreciated too, dont want to get lynched on the 8th day.

Trip will be 15-20 days long
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I'll be in Iceland towards the end of November, what is there to see and how much time will I have to check it out before dark?

Curious about how I can move from one destination to the next, are there buses, is it possible to take an Uber/Lyft from to another city?

Also what should I bring clothing wise? I may buy a new coat as all of the goose down has come out of my old one over the years.
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