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A month in Italy

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I'll be dropping in Rome at the end of May and would like to take my time seeing smaller villagers, the islands and the rich and varied history, whether through art, architecture or food.

For those Anons who have visited, could you suggest some great towns/areas to visit, recommended reading while travelling, very unique places, etc.
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TEFL teaching: where too next?

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Evening all, I've just finished a years teaching in China and am interested in doing the same in another country.

Any suggestiions or recommendations?

Also TEFL stories thread I guess
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Losers and creepy expats living in Japan

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A lot of expats in Japan seem to have no talent or real qualities… Guys like Tkyosam or Ryan Boundless

How can they afford living and staying in this country for years? Are English teachers considered gods there?

Does it give unlimited visa even if you are really low skilled and offer close to nothing?
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>tell my coworkers im going to thailand...

They think i’m going for sex...
I just want to go see scenery and eat food. Why is this so hard to believe?
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Planning a short trip to Andalusia, flying into Seville, going to Granada, and leaving from Alicante. I'm going to practice my Spanish and explore part of the country I know next to nothing about.

Can anybody share recommendations, insights, places one might like to stop in between the cities?

I'm into history (particularly religious history), literature, and hiking (Sierra Nevada tips?). I'm definitely seeing Alhambra, Sacromonte, and some of the cathedrals. I like interesting cafes and bars more than clubs and partying.

Planning to spend the most time in Granada and the least in Alicante as this seems to be how the spread of points of interest lies.

Any stories or tips are appreciated. Bonus points for a good book set in / about the area.
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Japanese in Hawaii

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Why is Hawaii so popular for Japanese people? I was under the impression that Japanese people don't travel and would rather stay in their comfort zone.
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Is it true that surgeons in Thailand are really the best at constructing man-made vaginas and if so, how did they come to be this way? What made their surgeons go, "I want to turn dicks inside out for a living?" Also, for someone who hopes to visit this country someday in the future for such a procedure, what is there to do and what should you expect?
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Why do Americans not appreciate European culture. I woke up around 930 and went to the bar across the street asked for football and they told me it was playing and I had to explain to the lad that I meant real football. He finally put on a game but on a TV hard to see and one out of the 10 here.... Fucking ahit man what is wrong with you sorry lot
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Hey /trv/,

Ausfag here. I've got three weeks to kill in North America in mid-May to mid-June. I know absolutely nothing and would love some insights on what to see and what to do!

I love nature and the outdoors, so maybe some suggestions to do with that would be great. I've got Lake Tahoe on my list - it looks beautiful. Would love to do some fishing, swimming, hiking and check it all out!

I'm also big on food and would love to try different types.

Otherwise, I'd be keen on seeing some sports, but I know that the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc aren't in season then - will there still be college games I could go and watch? I'd also be keen on border hopping to Mexico for a weekend or something - any recommendations on somewhere to go where my head won't get chopped off and skull fucked by some cartel fags?

The only other thing I can think of is I'd like to visit a friend near Vancouver and a friend who moves between Texas/Mississippi - so any suggestions of things around there would be great because it ties in with the only loose plans I have.

tl;dr: clueless ausfag needs advice on North American trip!
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Dear /trv/,

I'm leaving for Bali in 3 days, so I guess it's high time to start planning some activites to do while there. Of course I know about the main touristy places, I also have a travel book, so what I would like to ask you is showing me some more "underground" stuff. Nice places you found, great restaurants you've been to, hidden gems, whatever, I'm interested in anything. Please share your experiences with me!

your main nigga from Hungary

ps.: I also made the same thread about Singapore.
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