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The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, comprising more than 7,000 islands.

What do, where go?
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I think most people can agree that the worst part of travelling is having to deal with the overpopulation bullshit.

Can you reccomend any cities worth visiting that aren't over crowded?
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Vancouverite here.
So I'm probably going to be moving to Lewiston ID to get work experience (company I'm interviewing with is seriously considering me).
I will have no friends/family anywhere nearby there and will probably need to spend anywhere from 6 months to a year there before I can move back home.

What can I do out there so I don't die of boredom/homesickness?
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Catacombs of Paris advice thread

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Bonjour /trv/

I'm visiting Paris for a few days and want to get inside the quarries / catacombs of Paris and go urban exploring. Does anyone have any recommendations? Has anyone ever done this before?

The catacombs / quarries of Paris are a massive underground tunnel network that is partially unexplored and is host to occasional parties / speakeasies. Of course visiting and exploring any part of the catacombs is illegal unless if you are with a tour group that tours only a tiny section. Can /trv/ recommend me a place / forum / whatever where I can speak with cataphiles who might be persuaded to take on a foreign tourist? I speak French if that helps.

General catacombs discussion thread
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Marseille weed scene

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What's the weed scene like in Marseille? Usual information on webehigh is vague and I don't know how up to date it is. Where's the best places to go in the city to find some hash? It's my first time in Marseille so would rather stay central and avoid the banlieues if possible.
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Anything cool to see in this part of Russia?
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Hidden Raves in Berlin

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Hi, I'm visiting Berlin on the 22th this month. I'm especially looking for an underground wave/techno scene (Specific places).

Any recommendations/adresses?

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I've received an exciting opportunity and will be moving to Rome from Sydney in November for work. I'll be living in Pigneto. Can anyone school me on Rome, I've never been, things to do as someone who has the time and funds to do it properly and over a longer period of time?
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/trv/ Bio

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>average length of vacation
>how do you manage time off to travel with your employer?

Self Employed
2 weeks
I am lucky enough to have a family member who can step in and fill my void while I am on vacation.
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South Korea

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These are pictures from South Korean trip last July. I spent about a month in the country. My itinerary includes:

Ask me if you have any question
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