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/trv/ anon in China

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Hello everyone. I'm an anon who sometimes posts on here. I'm currently in China after three years and want to give some people advice on information
>All of 4chan is banned
Ironically not from by China but by 4chan itself. The entire country is IP blocked. You can go to the smallest village to the biggest city and experience the same thing. No idea why this is. Anybody posting with a Chinese flag in other boards either has a 4chan pass or has a 4chan pass and a vpn (more likely this). Anyone claiming to be in China is like a larp.
>Free VPNs are harder to get
Don't come here with a phone pre-installed with free VPN's installed abroad. Over 9/10 of them won't work and the one that does work will be fucking garbage. You have to pay. A lot of VPNs will lie to you that they work in China. They dont.
>People are still very friendly
Saying this cause I saw some anons (likely larps) saying that Chinese are mean to foreigners now. Haven't experienced such a thing. Everyone has been nice to me.
>Everything requires a fucking phone number
Booking a hotel? Phone number. Want to use 99% of Chinese apps? Phone number. How do you get this phone number? You have to go to some very specific phone shop downtown that allows foreigners to get SIM cards
>Inflation isn't so bad here
Like everywhere things have gotten more expensive but its not as bad as other countries I've visited.
>Its English unfriendly as fuck
I speak Chinese but I cannot in any shape or form understand how a non-Chinese speaker will be able to navigate this place alone. All the Chinese apps don't have an English version. Translators are garbage at translating food items (or just any Chinese really) and Google translate doesn't work here.

Any other questions let me know. Its kinda hard to post on 4chan but I'll try my best
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Should I go home?

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I'm American and I've been in Thailand for almost a year. I have a pretty serious girlfriend now who I live with (no she's not a hooker, bar girl, ladyboy, stripper, masseuse, karaoke hostess etc). For some reason I feel guilty staying here while all my friends and family are back in the states. Everything in Bangkok is so easy. The weather is nice (I don't like cold weather), its super cheap, its easy to get laid, it's fun, people are chill... meanwhile where I'm from (California) is infested with niggers, insanely over priced, cold as fuck in the winter (norcal), depressing and also way harder to get laid plus I'd be living with my parents cause its all I can afford. Why do I feel so weird considering that I might never go back home? What's wrong with me? Why do I feel guilty about staying here?
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Planning my first solo trip to Thailand for 2 weeks, I'm in search of a backpack or luggage, What do you guys recommend, backpack or luggage? I've googled around and people seem to be recommending pic related, the Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack.
I have no experience yet so probably will make the wrong decision. Pros and cons?
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Birthright Israel Larp

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Does anyone here have experience with birthright israel?
<10 day, all expenses paid trip to Israel funded by the Israeli government
<They put you in 4 star hotels and show you around israel, all for free
<Goal is to basically brainwash you into being extremely pro israel but that’s for /pol/.

Only requirement is you need to be Jewish. They leave “Jewish” up to your interpretation. Would it be worth it for me to larp as a Jew to get a free trip?
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>Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
The host is a bit of an insufferable cunt, but this show is pretty kino, anons. Downloaded all seasons and enjoying it a lot.
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Public transport in the western Balkans

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I have a plane ticket to Podgorica, a plane ticket from Belgrade and two weeks to get between the two.

At first I considered getting a bicycle, but I want to know if public transport is a viable option.

I have used domestic buses within Albania before, but if anyone has any tips on how they work in Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia it would be much appreciated. Also, how are international bus rides handled?
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Living in Lost Angeles its actually good

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...If you have money.

I rented a huge apartment with my family near the beach in Santa Monica and the weather is perfect, the food is good and the beaches are insanely good, is not as crowded as I thought it would be, maybe because its not summer yet

However, I went to downtown los Angeles and it was really bad. My take is center, center lost angeles not very good, northwest and southeast really cool.
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Wheres the best burger in Tokyo?
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What do you do for work? What jobs are there that both pay you enough and give you enough flexibility and time off to travel?
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