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Travel greentext stories about

what was your favorite travel country ?
where you want to live in ?
and why ?
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I lurking on my cellphone, so I will create this thread first and write later.

Text below.
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What's living out of your car while traveling like
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Plane Ticket

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Hello, I am trying to book a plane ticket from Sydney, AU to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 8/6/17 to 9/10/17 using paypal I have been searching all over the web and have only stumbled upon Jetstar that accepts but I get denied for some reason. I am not trying to use my card just some funds in my account that I have left over. Any advice?
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>tfw come back home to shitty job and depressed family
>realize i cant meet and fuck girls here like i could travelling

fuck. what do i do
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Do people go there because they are genuinely interested in the culture, or is it just for beaches/partying/prostitution?
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Sailing from Easter Island

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Not sure if anyone remembers the post I made here a year and a half ago about going to the canary islands to find a boat that will take me to south america.

So I did actually find a boat, only, it was much much bigger than I expected. Hanging out at the gran canaria marina almost everyday, you hear all kinds of stuff and one guy told me about the repositioning cruises that leave europe for the summer season in south america. This happens every november. So when october passed by and I still couldnt find passage, I decided fuck it, imma take the cruise option instead.

While less adventurous, it turned out to be an amazing experience and came out much cheaper and faster than volunteering on a yacht - something around 400 euros for 11 days at sea, if i remember correctly. no regrets, and met cool people on board (digital nomads, hippies, freaks, latino jugglers trying to get home, etc.)

I know its an incredibly late update but i wanted to share information for any of those who wants to undertake the same journey. you might get luckier with the yachts in those islands as i have absolutely zero experience sailing. however, this is not stopping me from looking for another boat all over again, this time from easter island.

im currently in chile and will be flying out next month to easter island. from what i understand, right now is the season for sailing the south pacific because of the easterly winds and it is just before storm season. the plan is the same - hang out at the marina of hanga roa (i read theres none though?? didnt really understand when i searched and read about how its difficult to park boats there).

does anyone here know more information about what its like in hanga roa, how easy it might be to talk to sailors, and if there would be a lot of them hanging out there on the month of May? Im a bit nervous as the island is super remote so i might have to shell out a couple thousand dollars just to fly onwards to tahiti if i dont find a boat.

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Poorfag going on a roadtrip to a 3 day music festival in Columbus, Ohio. The venue has parking for $20 but no overnight parking, so i would have to leave and come back every day of the event and pay... and i dont want to do that. Where could i park my car and leave it for long periods of time? I dont mind walking to the event but i dont want to get towed. The Stadium is in the middle of a residential area, could i get away with parking on the street in front of a house without getting towed? There is also a lowes near it but i suspect that they are aware of people trying to park for free during the festival so i dont think thats an option. Any professionals on /trv/ that can help me out?