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Las Vegas is the best city in the US

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World class food
World class entertainment
Mountains, dunes, lakes
Decent crime rate compared to other cities
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> greatest traveler in pre-modern history
> starts pilgrimage to mecca, ends up fucking around abroad for 24 years cooming
> 10 wives and hundreds of concubines on four continents
> visits europe, asia, africa, middle east
> writes 1000 page travel memoir about which places have the best food and hottest chicks

how do I become modern day Ibn Battuta, /trv/?
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Tripadvisor Top 3 Attractions in the U.S

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Do you agree with these? can any Ameris vouch for these?
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Which one would you rather visit

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>check bangkok-sathorn
>5 star hotels with roof top pools are 15 usd/night due to covid
>go to my bookings
>upcoming bookings
>paris, 60 euro/night for shitty budget hotel in african area, already paid
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Indonesia/Jakarta General

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Any anons experience jakarta? Is it better than Thailand? I don’t know why but I’m pulled towards jakarta lately. Thinking about heading out there soon for as long as I can manage 6 months ish. Any advice? Can we chat more about why jakarta is better than Thailand? If it is. What’s to do?
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shitty airport experiences

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>just arrived in tunesia for transit
>got to get to my gate and let my boarding pass be printed
>enter a tiny room, 5 meter x 15meter or so
>door i came through is a one- way door
>infront of the only exit theres a backage scanner
>on the left 2 airport workers
>on the right 2 cops
>around the left corner like 2 dozen people sitting looking tired and wasted as fuck
>security 1 listens to me, takes my passport tells me to sit down
>thinking aight all good, im white, european, all good
>my flight to nice already boarding
>sit next to some guy
>he starts talking to me
>says hes italian, that they wont let him enter
>that hes waiting for 4 fucking hours already
>that they got his passport but are just ignoring him
>he tells me many there have those issues
>starting to worry about my flight
>that these workers there are assholes not doing their job
>didnt sleep all night b4 as i left at 6am with neet sleeping rhytm so thats not helping either
>to to the security guy again ask them whatsup
>dude has no cue wtf i want from him lol
>start explaining again that i need my ticket, that my plane is boarding
>he tells me to sit down again
>i dont
>keep standing there
>he just sits there staring into his phone
>i ask him again
>he fucking says he doesnt know what i want
>starting to sweat a bit, theyre fucking with us wtf
>starting to bother him nonstop now
>he calls someone mentions allemagne something
>finally he prints my boarding pass
>thinking i made it so i walk out
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>mfw I got my vaccinations
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North/South Carolina

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Thinking about taking a solo road trip to the Carolinas in November or December, stay there for a week. Any recommendations for places to go? Just want to chill. Maybe play some golf. The only place I’ve spent any time in either one was Charleston. I don’t need to go to any meme places for Insta likes.
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Would you get married in another country?
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