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Belgium - Is it safe?

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>inb4 fuck off to /pol

How safe is Brussels basically?

Has the plague of migrants with bracelets and all sorts of scams spread there as well?
Would you say it's prevalent?

Paris and Milan were pretty fucking bad regarding that aspect, how do they compare?

Honest answers plz
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Hi guys, I need some help. If somebody know something about Latin would you be able to translate this phrase for me?
"Take the choice that you will regret the less"
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Is it worth it to live there for the zero sales tax? I've been contemplating moving out of state (WIfag) and the east coast kind of appeals to me. How's the weather? New England isn't too far away, either, another area I was looking into. Just want to make sure there's no Baltimore-type squalor bullshit going on.
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Heading to London for a week, any tips or recommendations?
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Where to go on first trip to Europe?

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I've only ever traveled to Denver, CO and Puebla, Mexico. Both were really nice and beautiful but now I want take a trip to Europe. I live in Houston and want to see another way of life besides the hustle and bustle of a major city.

I'm an entrepreneur with no degree and making super good $$$ but this shit can get boring and stressful as fuck (however certain days and moments I feel like I'm on top of the world).

When I was in Mexico I felt so at peace, their lifestyle was super chill and stress free. And more loving than the US culture I've experienced.

Important note: I'm cheap as fuck because I was raised lower middle class and had to bust my ass to get where I'm at. So is there anywhere I can go in Europe that is cheap like Mexico and stress free/comfy af?
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Photos you Took

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The more the better! I've seen some cool ones on here. I'll dump a couple from the trips saved on my phone
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What can I do in the Philippines (Luzon) that do not involve drinking, drugs, prostitutes, or gambling? I want a wholesome experience. Any advice in general for visiting?
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italy or uk?

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which one should i choose?
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Going to Budapest for 3 days with 3 friends.

Cool places to visit?
Specially looking for authentic bars/restaurants and avoiding touristy stuff.

Quiet places, parks and nightlife.
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