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Cheap cities

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I make around $1000 a month online. I live in an extremely expensive city where this is not enough at all (doesn't even cover rent). To make more I would have to get a wageslave job which I'd rather not. My job is simple and quick and I don't want to work more.

What city can I move to where the cost of living is very cheap, internet speed is fast, and the lifestyle isn't a complete third-world culture shock? Somewhere where my monthly $1k would cover
>healthy food and gym

Also where it's safe and I won't be trafficked, I'm a tiny girl lel.

Any advice welcome, thanks everyone.
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European cheap flights starter pack

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Hey, /trv/.

What kinds of bags should I buy to start flying around in cheap travel lines? What dimensions do you use and what do you fit inside those? So far I have checked Wizzair and Ryanair requirements and it seems that Wizz allows currently to travel with the smallest bags - 42 X 32 X 25 cm. Can you fit anything inside such a tiny bag? Or is traveling through Wizzair without paying additional luggage cost beyond consideration?

tl;dr What bags do you use to travel around Europe in planes?
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When brits come to america , women are all over them because they love the accent.
To them even the chaviest accent sounds posh.
What countries love american accents?
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A friend and I are going to take a small 15-day trip to the central/eastern European part of Europe.

We're thinking we'd like to visit these:
Start trip in Poland
End trip in Italy.

As we don't really have any idea if there's anything to do, I'd take any suggestions with open arms.

Dazzle me, and just write if you have questions. We're both from Denmark, and we're going to use an interrail ticket which allows us to travel in most of Europe with train.
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Good/Bad Airlines

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What Airlines do you like, what Airlines do you hate /trv/?

Just had two boring as fuck 12 hour flights with China Eastern. Packed my phone with music and movies for the trip only to find out on the plane that they have a new policy of not allowing any cellphone usage, even in flight mode. Guess it's because of Samsung? What Airlines do you usually avoid and which Airlines do you prefer flying with?
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USA Roadtrip

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Hi /trv/ I'm about to set out on a huge USA road trip, covering 12-15 thousand miles over 3 months. To those of you who have done the "Great American Road Trip" could you please advise me on any interesting places/food/historical sites off the beaten path?

Of course I'll hit the bucket list spots like the Grand Canyon and the PCH, but give me your hidden gems. I'm especially interested in significant historical sites and great regional cuisine, like Chesapeake Bay crabs and various regional BBQ styles.
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Fotos de Gente

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Hola, tengo una duda.
Como puedo saber quienes son?
Tengo fotos suyas en mi casa hace tiempo, por imprimir un rollo de imagenes que creía que eran mías, pero resultaron ser de otra persona.
En una de esas son imagenes unicas y las tengo yo, me gustaría devolverselas de algun modo.
Si me pueden ayudar, seria perfecto.
Hi, I have a doubt.
How do I know who they are?
I have had photos of him in my house for some time, for printing a roll of images that I thought were mine, but they turned out to be someone else's.
In one of these are unique images and I have them, I would like to return somehow.
Thank you:)
If you can help me, it would be perfect.
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Where are the best places to go for a holiday for weed? Is Amsterdam the only option?

It sounds as though more and more coffeeshops are closing, but the government won't give out licenses.

Is it still the best place to go?
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Need ideas for a Video I'm making. Entertaining Documentary Style.

What do you like to see in a video that may or may not be related to Tourism.
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