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UK to French Foreign Legion

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Without turning this into a personal blog, I want to know how to get to France from the UK.
I have less than £40 to my name so I can't get a passport and apparently since the UK isn't apart of the Schengen zone I can't just waltz into France.
Any advice?
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anyone airbnb

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anyone familiar?

guest stories,
host stories,
superstitions lets hear
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Isle of Skye

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Anyone been to the Isle of Skye? What's it like? When is the best time to go?
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Which is cheaper & less of a hassle?

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So headed to S.E.A. in Jan. My plans include Vietnam. I know as an American I need a visa.
And to help my wallet and my sanity:
>Is it easier to obtain it while I'm in Bangkok or Cambodia (Phenm Pehn, or sihanoukville)?
>Or, try to get it here in the US?
(BTW the e-visa I've tried to get the passport photo right but the loading time to test the photo out loads continuously).
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Namibia thread

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I can't find a thread about this country anywhere, how come? According to many well traveled people it is the most beautiful country on earth.

Anyhow, im going to Namibia in two months time and im sure that /trv/ can help me out and provide some information about this country.
I will be travelling through western South Africa before Namibia and i was wondering if overland travelling between the two countries is a thing? Are there legit buses or do i need a car? I dont want to fly.
Is there anything in Windhoek? Are there any other cities worth visiting for the city itself?
Is your own car essential to get around in Namibia?
Which sites are a must see? Like, there seems to be alot in Namibia but there must be some sites i absolutely CAN NOT miss?
What are the prices like?
Is Namibia better than South Africa for watching animals?

And any other information than the answer to these questions will also be useful.
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Seeing as how many of you guys wish to come to my country (or are already here), I've decided to answer your questions about Mexico as long as this thread is up. Don't hesitate to ask about:

>cost of living
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I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I'm going to Disney World in one month and it's my first time so I was wondering what would be the best attractions/activities or places to visit.
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How does /trv/ like to kill time on long flights?
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What's the absolute cheapest way to get to Europe? I've stayed there for a couple of months before, and I would like to go again to stay with my girlfriend for about three months, but is paying 1000+ really the cheapest way for a round trip? I'm open to any ideas. I'm a burger, in case that matters.
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