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Whatever happened to the french/belgium anons travelling through africa on their motorcycles together? Is there still a thread active? are they even alive?
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begpacker hate thread

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Press "E" to euthanise this parasitic breed of traveller.
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I'll be visiting Milan for a few days, is there anything interesting to go and see?
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I want to visit France.

I've been to Paris a few times and to the cote d azur as well, but I didn't like it that much.
The touristy stuff was nice, but Paris especially was very dirty in the non-touristy places.

So I wanna visit some country side, non-city places in France.
I heard Normandie and Bretagne are alright, has anyone of you been there?

What other places in France can you recommend?

I'm planning to do a day trip or maybe a few days.
I live in Switzerland so it's all pretty close to me.
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I am going to Santiago de Chile from July 14th to 21st. I am wondering if this is too much for the city. Are there any sidetrips you guys reccomend? do they tend to be expensive? Thanks in advance.
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/trv/, do you think I could get away with traveling with nothing but a backpack for 2 months in Sweden? June-July

I'm trying to pack as light as possible because I'll be moving around a lot.
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Those anybody had bad experiences with the custom agents at airports that would like to share?

Like for example I was talking with a black French and told me at the airport in Athens he got pulled out of the queue and got question just because the of his skin. He lost his flight and feared getting dumped in a cell.
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Indonesia for a few days

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>Fly into Jakarta - stay for one day
>Train to Yogyakarta - stay ~3 days

I have a few more days spare, where else in Java is worth going?
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Surely you don’t fly on poverty tier ‘budget’ airlines do you?
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