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WWOOF Thread

Okay let me try this, if you dunno what WWOOFing is its working on organic farms whilst shacking up in provided accommodation

Im a student from UK in my last year before i become a fully qualified carpenter, im looking to get away to norway to get for a month.

Share your experiences, questions and advice
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Hey /trv/, I wanted to ask your advice on a move I plan to make in the near-ish future. I have been highly considering moving to Cambodia (Phnom Penh) for at least a year (save money teaching English with my wife), until I can afford someplace else + have Tefl experience. Besides Cambodia being poor and dirty is there any reason why this would be a bad idea? Wanting to go to China after. Will have just over 10k after tickets.
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Clubbing in Berlin

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I'm going to Berlin tomorrow for a couple days and the plan is to go clubbing as much as possible. I'm from America and have been clubbing in the states enough times to know how it works but is it significantly different in Berlin? I don't speak any German, but I don't know how common it is for Germans to speak English.
I'm also really interested in going to a sex club while I'm there, but I don't have anything to wear and again, worried about the language barrier.

In general, advice for a foreigner clubbing in Berlin?
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Has your nationality or race ever actually worked against you while traveling? I've been thinking about it recently and I have never experienced any harm due to being a white American yet people keep telling me that certain countries "hate Americans."

Pic is Russia, a country a lot of people have told me not to go to because they dislike Americans.
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what city has the convenience and offerings of nyc but the weather of southern california?
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anyone travelling now? or away from home as a solo traveller?

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How's your trip going so far? where are you and where are you going?
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Rough "first" night

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Barcelona. No, I don't want a warm beer, and no, I don't want a hooker to blow me. Fuck off.
It's my first trip and I tried going out at night by myself. I'm now fully convinced I'm socially retarded. I thought an easy warm up before the club would be to go up to a group of (seemingly strangers) playing volleyball and ask if I could join. One guy sitting on the side told me to ask the others and when I did they just ignored me. Am I a creep? I thought this would be a normal thing to do? They all seemed like a mismatched group of people. Then I got so flustered I just walked away since they clearly ignored me. I was afraid the same thing would happen at a club so I just skipped it and went back to sleep.
In a few days I start staying in hostels. Will this make it better? Please help with your words I feel like shit and it's only the second day of 21 days.

pic is in Barca but unrelated
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Why are trains in Europe so expesive? CHEAP TRAINS ANYONE?

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So /trv/ I've recently moved abroad from Spain to Belgium, I need to go to Spain during some days for taking some stuff. I thought maybe the trains would be a better option than planes, specially than low cost carriers since It's not only the plane ticket but the displacement to the airport (let's say 10€ in each trip) and the bags.
but for my surprise, Trains (and buses also) are very expensive for what I've been able to find - 300€ r/t for trains 120€ r/t for buses -
I know know there are cheap trains out there, people gets nice seats for the same price or less than a low cost carrier ticket.. anyone knows how to do it?
I'd consider getting one of those 25% cards for frequents travellers, but at those prices it doesn't seem really worth
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Travel in the Middle East

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I've always wanted to visit this region, but it seems so dangerous. My impression is basically:

Too dangerous

Relatively safe, but culturally quite westernized

Am I right or wrong? Any recommendations?
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Sick before travel

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I need words of encouragement.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow and my flight is tomorrow evening. However, many of my co-workers have been sick the past week and it looks like I caught it. I just threw up several times and feel like a mess.

Anyone here ever travel alone while sick? I don't want to cancel my trip, I'd be very embarrassed if I did that. Any advice for me
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