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I know I sound paranoid but I wanted to ask anyway. Does the USA have spies in Cuba looking for US citizens who are violating the embargo?
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Three days ago I booked an Airbnb for the second time ever.
Is it normal that the hosts haven't sent me any message ?

They're a superhost, and it's for June anyways so I'm not too concerned.
But I just saw a thread on the Airbnb forum saying that some hosts hated instant book and couldn't opt out.
I'm not familiar with Airbnb at all, did I cause some butthurt by booking somebody's flat for two weeks without a word (I did write a message during the booking's last step though) ?
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What should one do in Taiwan?
>Dos and don'ts
>Can I drive a scooter without an international driver's licence?
>How are the women?
>Which food dishes are not to be missed?
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Philippines General

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Discuss experiences, give advice.

No fucking politics or economics you faggots
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Korea, Taiwan or other for over 4 weeks?

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Hi anons

I've spent a lot of time in Asia, and I will be returning in Feb/March. I have 4 weeks to go wherever I want. I've decided to spend at least 1 week in Taiwan (Taipei) and I'm starting to think about Korea (Seoul) for 3 weeks.

I want to be able to live a lifestyle. I've spent 3 weeks in Korea already, so I'm not really interested in sightseeing. I'm interested in making friends and pursuing hobbies in one location.

Where would you suggest I spend the most time?
What would you suggest I do there?

Other details:
>I've spent about 4 weeks in Japan total, but Korean culture suits me more
>I can speak very basic Korean (and read/write) and Chinese
>I will most likely live in Singapore after my trip
>Budget isn't too much of a concern, but better value for money is a consideration
>yes, I will date local girls
>hobbies I want to pursue: photoshop, Latin dance, Muay Thai/martial arts, languages (Mandarin in particular)
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What are some good destinations for a friendless loner?

Only taken one trip alone and it was to Japan. It was fun at times but I also hated life at other times.
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Trying to relocate for work and Indiana sounds interesting. Anyone native to the area willing to give some pros/cons to it? Looking for extremely rural and peaceful areas within driving distance to maybe Fort Wayne area?
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Las Vegas General /vegas/

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Lately there's been a lot of shitty Vegas threads. I've created one thread to rule them all. Please direct all other Vegas posts to this thread.

ITT we discuss the best hotels to stay at, and the best things to do in Vegas.
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Why is it suddenly normie to go travelling to south east asia?

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Did you guys think you were special for going to wash an elephant in thailand or "rough it" for 6 months through vietnam cambodia and thailand?
Let me guess it all "opened your mind" and "widened your perspective too" as you posted thousands of picture son Instagram doing the same temples and treks as everyone else while bragging about how frugal you were living
The adventure involves never learning the language at all, or going through genuine daily life, just a faux version, all while pretending you did just because you "roughed it".

Very enlightened. Just like everyone else who did it.

Can't wait to do it myself, but i'll be staying in luxury the whole time and making no delusions about not experiencing real shit, just enjoying the very touristy highlights while chlling in luxury. I wont be "roughing it" and deluding myself about having any kind of different experience for it.
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Norwegian hiking

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Anyone travel along st olavsleden, or in Norway in general? I'm saving up money for when I finish Peace Corps. I've always wanted to go to Norway, and I'm thinking of hiking the Osterdalen path in particular. I know a little bit of Norwegian, and hopefully I'll be better by the time I get there.

Any tips or recommendations? Any way to not go broke with the insane prices of Norway?
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