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STD scare in thailand

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Finally went to Thailand and made use of their services, here's my journey:

>be me
>been wanting to go to whore mecca for years
>plan trip/but tickets
>fly over
>get hotel and immediately go to hotspots
>get girl
>get bbbj
>immediately feel ashamed of myself while doing so
>see pimple on her chin
>convinced that I'll end up having herpes
>too anxious to even do anything
>booked to leave early tomorrow, what a waste

I'm retarded, but I've been feeling nauseated over how I felt during it, and if I got an STD. I feel dumb af.
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What's Miami like, /trv/? Sunny paradise? Trashy shithole? I've never been but always been curious.
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What's the best 'big' (300,000 and over) American city to live in?
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My dream trip

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How much time should I allow? What are the biggest health concerns? How should I prepare? I've already started learning Bambara.
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What's the cheapest and safest place I can go to for a drug holiday?
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Lebanon travel tips

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Has anyone here ever traveled over to Lebanon before? I'm planning to fly out there with my family on the 29th of December to spend the rest of the new year visiting some of my friends. Are there any great tour sites or even places to shop for that's worth checking out on? Also how are the crime rates usually dealt with and the culture's attraction like?
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Being an ESL teacher is the most pointless job in the fucking world. I currently teach about 10 classes of about 70 kids each, and literally not one speaks a word even though they've supposedly had English for over 9 years at this point. I have no TA, local teacher etc helping me (even though it's in the contract) and I make shit. Granted I teach in a pretty notoriously disorganized country (Vietnam) , but am wondering if it's actually better in other places in Asia or this is pretty much the MO.
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What is the best country you have ever visited?
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Somoa/American Samoa

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Going to be in both Pago Pago and Apia next week. Has anybody been to either?

I like eating local food, and I don't know if either of these places eat coconut crab, but if they do I'm down.
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Japan in Winter 季節冬

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Hey /trv/ going to Japan in winter and have half my travel itinerary setup but looking for recommendations

second time in japan but this time I wont be in one spot
plans are start in
Tokyo -> osaka -> kyoto -> kinosaki onsen -> Tokyo

but im trying to fill in things for osaka and kyoto never been to either but I assume dotonbori is a must in osaka and for dinner im thinking of hitting up hyogo for a kobe beef kaiseki and in Kyoto obviously temples but which ones im not really sure

also looking for other places to possibly go to in Japan during winter or even nice restaurants anyone here might recommend
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