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What is it like to live in France?
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>come home from backpacking trip
>put backpack in corner
>life is now on standby mode until next trip
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China General

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I'm heading to China to complete an intensive short term study in Shanghai in January. If I have classes M-Th will I have enough time to see Shanghai over the 4 weeks?
I've then got an extra 3 weeks for travelling. Anywhere you'd recommend? So far I'm thinking Beijing, Xi'an and Harbin. I'd like to see rural China too, any recommendations of where to go?

China general also
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How much have you come across anti-tourist sentiments while traveling?

This summer I was in a few cities which might get a few too many tourists (Barcelona and Lisbon) in particular. I never got anything personally, but I did notice anti-tourist graffiti (especially in Barcelona).

How much is tourism a legit problem and how much of this is just leftist angst?
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What should I expect, also would you live in any of these cities?
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lonely planet

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anyone have any files or links or suggestions on where to look for old lonely plant guides, circa the 90s?

old shit.

looking for se asia, and africa
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Im going to thailand soon
is travel insurance worth it?
my medial insurance only covers "emergencys" and im in the us.
how do i go about buying it?
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Gold Rush

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Where is the current 'gold rush'. I'm not talking about mining bit coin, more like trading rubber in the Congo. It seems the easy laowai jobs are gone...where is the best place for a white man to profit from whiteness in 2017?
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How hard is it to actually get hired down there? What if you want to stay a full year? Anyone with experience?
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Africa General

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So I've been to 6 out of 7 continents, and I figure I might as well hit my last one (Africa). Anyone traveled Africa have suggestions?

I usually travel cheap with no itinerary and just go where I want based on whim. I realize this might not be an option in most places in Africa, so where can you travel like that?

Right now I'm thinking:
-Tanzania (Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria)
- Namibia (Skeleton Coast, Etosha, Kalahari)
- Morocco (Marakesh, Essoira, Casablanca)
- South Africa (Cage diving in Cape Town, and... I don't know some kind of touristy safari?)

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