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I'll be staying at Germany for one month in May. It's my first time in Europe (I'm form Mexico) and don't know what to expect. What places can you guys recommend?

interested in:

but also in tech and anything involving developer/programming events.
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What does /trv/ wear at the beach?
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Living overseas

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Hey gents,
Simple question.

Which country is currently the best to go full expat in and why?

I’m looking at a monthly income of 3-4k usd a month.
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Me and my partner are thinking of planning a trip to either Mexico or Hawai’i to see some sea turtles, maybe a volcano/pyramids,ect

What are some great areas in these countries? What should we see and pass on?

Bonus points for any infirmation on tourism in Vietnam if the beach idea falls through
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Adult summer camp

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Any anons done this? Is it really fun with hot girls and a shit ton of alcohol?
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Gonna fake my own death and start anew

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First let me say, this is NOT a joke, I've been thinking about this for years
Now, my credit debt is hitting the sky, I have no friends here and the only girl who loved me is gone

So I'm gonna fake my own death and start a new life

My only question is: Where?
What's a good place that someone can just show up and settle down in?

Was thinking somewhere in Asia, somewhere cheap
I'll save up enough for a plane ticket and a few months of living
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Thinking about traveling (possibly moving) to Oregon. Have spent some time reading about it and it seems that everyone there: hates outsiders, is homeless, uneducated, pays too much for housing, girls are manlier than the men, and just everyone has a general disdain for everyone and everything. Again, most of the stuff I read pertained almost exclusively to the Portland area, so any Oregonians want to weigh in on this?
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Thoughts on Generator Hostel?
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Do most people here travel alone

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Seems scary and lonely.
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