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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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I’m in Thailand and going to KL for a visa run.

If Thailand is known for cheap whores, spicy food with rice, ladyboys, old sex tourists, tuk tuks, beaches, temples, Muay Thai and steroids you can buy at any pharmacy...what is Kuala Lumpur known for? I’ll have four days there, anything special to do or buy or eat that I can’t get in Thailand?
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Uh oh, looks like doomsisters will win in the end.
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Have (you) ever been to Amsterdam? If so what was your experience like, if not, do you want to travel there?
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Visiting Brussels

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I’m visiting Belgium for the first time and I will spend at least a day Brussels. I have some ideas about the stuff I want to see, but I would welcome any recommendations.
I’d also like to know which areas to avoid, since I know that there are several bad areas.
inb4 avoid the entire city
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Will Japan ever stop wearing masks?

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Pretty much every western country has dropped mask mandates, meanwhile Japanese people are still wearing them even when they're walking alone outside
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Hi i'm Rick Steves...

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Back with more of the best of 4chan.
And this time we're going to be exploring /trv/; better known as the Travel board.
A place so slow, you could keep a thread up for weeks!
Thanks for joining us.
*intro plays*
/trv/. A board chock full of non-travellers and travel denizens. First established in 2008, /trv/ has enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence as one of the slow boards. That was, until 2016 when many tourists from other boards, most notably /pol/ began flooding in. This issue was made worse in 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and many people were unable to travel, leaving the board to the dogs...
Our first stop on the journey is the pinned post welcoming newcomers to the board. Unchanged for over 500 days and full of dead links, it's truly a historic relic.
After that we'll wind our way to a sex tourism thread. Make sure you keep your pants on! We'll see what true wannabe travellers look like.
Next stop a /pol/ thread. Keep your eyes peeled for the tell-tale signs. Even the jannies can't tell!
And finally we'll finish our trip on a legitimate travel thread to remind us what was lost. There, an Anon is posting his most recent trip to Turkey whilst getting wojak and coomer replies.
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I'm going to be in Tokyo for 2 weeks, let's share our best information about the city

>JAV whores

What to do? I have 25k saved up so I'm ok with splurging on once in a life time stuff, probably won't be going back to Japan anytime soon so I want to see the best of the city
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Tiny Island Countries

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(disregarding any travel restrictions)

Particularly: Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia areas
Not in the sense of "real travelerz" but more of a "wheeled suitcase on a sandy beach".
I'm looking at Bora Bora, French Polynesia and Vanuatu.
Vanuatu seems to have a lot more variety not to mention the absurd price tag of Bora Bora.

Anyone here ever been? Stories? Tips?
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Semi retirement

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So I'm 33 and have saved 800,000 and I am local trucker.

I don't want to live in USA or any western country where starting a family means having a loaded gun to your head through divorce.

I thinking of working over the road in USA from March to november when the weather is good and living in a 2nd / 3rd world country from November to March.

What country has hot women, decent weather (not freezing or hurricanes) and will let me live like a king for 4000 a month and a cheap nice house for 250,000 with good property rights during American winter?

Was thinking Dominican republic, Colombia, Brazil, phillipines (SEA sounds bad this time of the year), Turkey, Italy, Macedonia
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Food travel

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Does Louisville, KY or Columbus, OH have a better food scene? Does Columbus feel much blacker than Louisville?
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