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I am taking a short trip to Cartagena, Colombia. I need help with:

-Easily finding cocaine
-Easily finding hookers

Any tips?
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Has anyone done the Natchez Trace Parkway drive? I live in Birmingham so my plan is to drive to Nashville on a Thursday night, start on the trace Friday morning, end up in Natchez by Saturday afternoon, and leave back for Birmingham on Sunday. Any recommended areas to stop for the night along the way? Do I actually need this much time to do it or can I do it in a day?
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Non-shitty tech cities in the US?

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I'm coming back from a long RTW trip, and I have to decide where I'm going to live now, but all of my choices seem to suck horribly.

I'm a software engineer at a pretty high level (I was at one of Google/Microsoft/Facebook/etc and am being recruited by all of those now) so I'm limited to the big tech cities if I want to make reasonable money. I can live in other cities but it would mean accepting 1/3-1/2 the pay.

So basically, I'm limited to: San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, and possibly Austin.

Right now the dating scene is probably the most important thing to me, and that's awful in all of the rest so I'm leaning towards NYC, despite the problems there.

Am I missing something? Where would you go in terms of tech cities in the US?
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I will go to poland in 2 weeks. Will stay at katowice for 3 days, and have other 2 free, will maybe visit Auswich. Any recommendations for must see places around or cities? Also will appreciate tips for how to behave in there like social unnacepted actions or something like that
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Songkran/Speak Easy/Prescription Drug Thread!

I was following a Songkran thread here a few weeks ago but it disappeared, figured I would resurrect now that we are closer to the festival.

I would love to hear some experiences about various locations for Songkran. I will be in Thailand for the entire festival, but my location is completely undecided. I know Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the two largest locations, but I'm curious how they differ. I would also love to here some experiences in other areas like the islands or Phuket. Any experiences at S20 festival in Bangkok?

Any random tips would be appreciated as well. I will be bringing nothing but water proof electronics so no issues there, but other than that I'd love to hear things I may not be considering.

Do people generally stop throwing water at night? Wondering if I'll be able to enjoy bars without being soaked.

I've heard there are some great Speak Easy's in Bangkok. Any suggestions on which are worth visiting? Would also take advice for other locations like Chiang Mai, I'll be visiting various areas of Thailand.

As a side note, I am looking for adderall (or some variant) while I'm there to keep me alive. Also looking for xanax as I'm a very bad flyer but have struggled getting a prescription here. Anyone have any experience getting these? I know they are legal there, however I don't know if it's as easy as walking in and asking at any pharmacy. Any best practices?

Thanks for any advice, happy to clarify anything if needed!
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Violating European comfort zone

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I want to go to NYC.

But I'm scared. I literally know no one there, if anything bad happens to me there will be no one to take care, since I know no one there. I also have no idea what to expect when it comes to crime rate.

Any steps I should take to be less afraid?
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I need your help /trv/

I have six weeks in the period between August and October

Where should I travel to in Central America? I want to see one or two countries max.

I am fluent in Spanish and don't want to see many US tourists
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London General

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I'm travelling to London on the 17th. I'll be staying for 2 weeks. Any suggestions on what I should do?
also, London gen thread.
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ask a guy who ate a big mac in 4 different countries anything
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