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Have you ever had things stolen from your hotel room, /trv/?

I'm having an argument with a friend over whether taking your passport and money out every day is a bigger risk than leaving it locked in the suitcase, etc. I'm of the opinion that pickpockets are a bigger risk than light-fingered hotel staff.
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Seoul, South Korea

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Hey guys, going to Seoul this summer. First time out of Europe and besides, haven't travelled in a few years. I'm conscious of how certain mannerisms and taboo's that I am used to being the norm won't be received so well over there and I'm trying to prepare a little bit so I don't do stupid shit while I'm there.

Can anyone fill me in on some DON'T's of South Korea? I'm already aware that UK/Irish tourists are generally not liked abroad, but I'd like to avoid making the usual mistakes myself
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Places with colonial vibe

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I miss the imperial british Hong Kong, which now almost turned into GenericChineseCity by Maoist goverment.
So where among tropical/southern countries i can find megapolis or a whole country with atmosphere like if British Empire still exist?
Maybe Ceylon(Sri-Lanka) ?
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Hostels for eurotrip

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Hey /trv/

I'm doing a 3.5 month excursion from Barcelona to Moscow, and I need places to stay. If you have any recommendations on good hostels for the following cities, I'd be delighted.


My goal is to average €30, but that is dlexible. Breakfast isnt important, but +1 to places next to subway stations, I thrive on public transportation when travelling. Thanks!
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Is it safe to go to Mexico?

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I always wanted to go to Mexico city, is it safe for a gringo? Have any other anons been there?
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Im planing to go to Thailand for two weeks. No gf, just few friends. plan is visit bankok, phuket, few days in jungle and chill on beach. I heard storys about midget fighting pubs, cheap prostitutes and so on.
Any tips for me? green text is very welcome
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Hello /trv/. I have a very specific question to ask that my Google-fu has failed to answer.

I'm visiting my sister in Japan and will be departing from San Fransisco, and she really loves sourdough bread. I want to bring her a fresh, authentic loaf of San Fransisco sourdough to surprise her.

There are some shops inside the airport that do sell sourdough, but can I take it on the plane with me to gift it to her when I land in Japan?

BTW, thanks for the sticky all about Japan. It's making planning this trip a whole lot easier.
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I'm going to visit Frankfurt for the first time this weekend with my gf, any recommendation on places to visit/eat/traditional food/shop?
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Philippines General

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Come to discuss your trip plans, transportation, and girls. Stay to complain about infrastructure problems. Just please don't turn this into another debate about sex tourism, thanks.
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I have a question for you guys. Not sure if it's the right board but I think a few of you here might have experience.

I'm about to get dual-citizenship. I was wondering if as a dual citizen I will be able to take the citizen lane when entering the country.

For example USA-Canada. Will I be able to skip the immigration line and get in the shorter one entering say USA without an exit stamp?
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