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Flight with AirChina

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I have a big problem .

traveling with AirChina this weekend from copenhagen to japan.
But their limit on carry on is 5kg, one bag.

My laptop plus charger alone weighs in at around 5kg. Then i need my powerbanks also on the flight.

My question to you is, what is it that they measure. If lets say, i have the powerbanks in my jacket, does that count as carry on weight?

BIG thanks!
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Ask questions that dont deserve their own thread

Any recommendations for shite to check out in Hannover. Is the nightlife any good ?
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Business class addiction?

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Who else is addicted to flying business class? Full flat bed and sipping champagne.

Booked 14 hour flights with turkish airlines business in september. My longest flights (of 300+ total) so far.

I only book business class special offers however. This shit is just too expensive otherwise.
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Is a 46 minute layover at LAX to Australia too short?
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Upcoming travel

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Where are you going next?
Why did you choose that particular country/region?
How are you preparing?
What are you most looking forward to seeing?
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Norway General

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Hello all.
I am planning a trip through the fine nation of Norway in April.
I will land in Bergen and stay with friends for a few days before taking the train to Oslo to stay with family for weekend.
I will then fly up to Kirkenes for a few days staying with more family.
I like the outdoors and plan to pack gear including a bivvy bag to hopefully spend some nights under the stars.
I like culture too. Any suggestions for museums in Bergen/Oslo?
Any foods I should try? Or any other general tips from locals?
Cheers ladies and gents
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Violating European comfort zone

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I want to go to NYC.

But I'm scared. I literally know no one there, if anything bad happens to me there will be no one to take care, since I know no one there. I also have no idea what to expect when it comes to crime rate.

Any steps I should take to be less afraid?
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Hello, /trv/

I'm a 24 year old single male and I'll be going on vacation to New York City for about a week next month.

I'm getting an airbnb in the University Heights section, on West 183rd street, is this a good area?

I have a general idea of what I want to do (go to meseums, parks, eat, experience nightlife, etc.), but I would like some recommendations as well as miscellaneous pointers.

Any restaurants or bars in particular that you really like? This is a bit of a long shit, but it would be awesome if I could get laid. I'm not counting on it, of course.
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I just got accepted to a college program that will allow me to study in my choice of Bath, England or Thessaloniki, Greece. Both seem like great offers, but I've never been to either place. What do?
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Hey guys,
I want to experience living in another country for a while, and just have some time to get up to shenanigans and grow as a person. Plus I've been in school my entire life, and always living with somebody, and I'd like to experience just not having commitments for a while when I finish up with uni. I was thinking maybe 3 months, since it's short enough for me to be able to fund it without working during that time, but long enough to actually do some stuff. Has anybody tried this before? How was it? Where did you go, and do you regret it?

>Pic semi related; how I feel in my current country sometimes, knowing that if I don't take a break after uni and before full time work, it'll just get harder