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The bf's family and I are going to Ireland in November for a week. Besides the weather being ~50 Fahrenheit, increased chance for rain, and knowing that liquor stores close around 10, anything I should keep in mind? Also, any suggestions on where to go/what to see? I don't want to stay only in Dublin, I'd like to see some of the natural beauty and history of the place.
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Miles & More

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How exactly does it work? I bought tickets to East Asia (from Europe), can I do anything with those miles? I think I would have to register it into one of those many programs. And then?
Are those miles even considered much, when is it worth any?
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Study shows 65% of airplane crashes are due to customers not using Airplane mode

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So i read here
that a majority of airplane crashes are due to customers not using airplane mode. How long will it be until something is done. Terrorists could sneak Bluetooth enabled phones onto planes, as a fellow traveler this is really scary.
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Hi, /trv/. Im going to China to study for 6 weeks this summer. Im leaving in a month for Nanchang. I realy have no idea what to expect of anything, i just figured this is a chance to good to pass on. Do you have any general tips on how to make the most of the trip? Anything i should think of?
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Clubbing in Berlin

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I'm going to Berlin tomorrow for a couple days and the plan is to go clubbing as much as possible. I'm from America and have been clubbing in the states enough times to know how it works but is it significantly different in Berlin? I don't speak any German, but I don't know how common it is for Germans to speak English.
I'm also really interested in going to a sex club while I'm there, but I don't have anything to wear and again, worried about the language barrier.

In general, advice for a foreigner clubbing in Berlin?
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Hello people

Post all your tips about Vietnam here.

We will be traveling around Vietnam for two weeks in the middle of june. How is the weather around this time?

Planning on stopping in on:

Ho Chi Minh
Ha-Long Bay (maybe skip)
Hoi An
Ending everything on Phu Quoc

Sounds decent?
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What happened to the French Anon who was doing Africa on a motorcycle? Last I heard he was in Bamako. Anyone know what happened to him?
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Medium, Long-Term Rental in the /EU/

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Does anyone have any good tips for finding a medium to long term rental in the European Union?

I'm only really familiar with Spotahome, which seems fairly above board but is limited in the number of cities it's servicing at present. I know Airbnb also, but feel this is basically a rip-off as they start with these nightly prices that are frankly unaffordable.

Are local brokers relatively reliable and quick? Would it be possible for one to settle in a hostel and from there find a rental?
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Anyone here get dual citizenship with Italy (as an American)? I recently found out that I qualify but I see there are a lot of both benefits (Euro passport!) and drawbacks (Italy goes to war and holds a draft...). anyone have experience with this?
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SEA general (south east asia)

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old one 404'd

Currently in Thailand, bored as fuck
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