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Norwegian hiking

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Anyone travel along st olavsleden, or in Norway in general? I'm saving up money for when I finish Peace Corps. I've always wanted to go to Norway, and I'm thinking of hiking the Osterdalen path in particular. I know a little bit of Norwegian, and hopefully I'll be better by the time I get there.

Any tips or recommendations? Any way to not go broke with the insane prices of Norway?
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Airline hate thread

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So I typically book 2 major vacations a year from the US, one to Europe and One to Asia. Last year I booked 2 to Asia meaning I have not booked a flight to Europe since Spring 2017.

>booked tickets with European airline carrier
>base fare DOES NOT include a checked bag, or seat selection

When did this shit start on transcontinental flights? I know a "Basic Economy" had been used for some time on domestic US based flights, but I didnt think shitty sales tactics like that were used anywhere else, or on long haul flights.

>general airline hate
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I'm planning on visiting Seattle sometime in February for like three days. I have a plan for one of the nights but other than that I'm not sure what to do. Go hiking maybe but I'd be on my own.any advice? I really like the idea of Washington right now but I've never been
>Coastal state
>No income tax
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What country has the best passport? What has the worst (while still being relevant)?
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Hello trv, sorry if this appears as a bait thread I swear it isn't. I never post here and I assumed this would be the place for this, I'm just an idiot that can't make up his mind.

tl;dr me and my girlfriend want to travel internationally at least once before we are bogged down with kids, and I can't really decide where.

List of considered places, and my current thoughts on them (I'm well open to change my mind, please enlighten me if I'm wrong)

Cost is an issue obviously, I'm not dirt poor but I'm not living in a damn mansion, id like to keep the trip total under 6-10k if possible.
I don't mind sleeping in a small room or whatever, but I avoid hostels or anything without a private room like the plague, If I was by myself I'd be ok with it, but with my girl? 100% no.

>Germany / Austria
The landscape is beautiful looking, and castles are fucking neat.
Merkel and everything that goes along with her

The villages, everything about the place just looks like id be a nice visit
my fucking girlfriend wants to bring her fucking mom if we go to Ireland, so it better be a breathtaking place to outweigh that

>Northern Scotland
The cliffs and such look utterly fantastic
From what I understand can be fairly expensive.
I honestly don't know, nothing sticks out as worth the money

Borderline alien culture, that fact is very neat to me and itll feel like a completely foreign place, a feeling I doubt id get in Europe.
fucking weeb shit.

By no means am I limited to above, those are just my current thoughts on places.

Help a retard from the middle of no where that just wants to see cool shit once or twice.
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I need help
I went on a summer trip to Greece in 2010 with a group from my high school. We stayed in like seven or eight places in two weeks.
There was one city/town we stayed in that was a small city built on a bay. The building were built around a Central Park/courtyard area that was basically on the water. This was not an island and it was not up in the northern coastal areas of Greece. This is basically all I remember. My memories are extremely fragmented.
Does anyone have any guesses as to where I could have been?
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Is 20000€ enough to travel the world for a whole year?
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How is Tunisia? Is it cheap? Any recommendations food or tourism wise? It seems pretty stable aside from that hotel attack a bit back.
How are the women? Are they up for hookups?
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Time to Relax

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Alright /trv/ its time to relax, unwind, and kick it for a few. No rush, no stress, no hard work. Just being.

where are you going?
what are you doing?
what are some of your most relaxed travel memories?

for me:
reading on a 4th floor patio on a quiet street in Vondelbuurt Amsterdam. smoking hash cigarettes and sipping on espresso.


sitting in a beach chair, eating a turkey sandwich, drinking modellos on bahia de la chiva in Puerto Rico. its in a wild life reserve and for some reason my wife and I were the only people on the beach for most of the day.
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im a white american living in south korea and am thinking hard about going to Russia for summer vacation because the summers here get up to 125 degrees. what are Moscow and ST. Petersburg like? will I get my ass kicked? are the women there easy? im into sightseeing and history so impressive museums, statues, ect are a must. Should I go there?
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