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Are smart phones secure enough for overseas travel?

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I’ll be traveling overseas soon, and am wondering if a smart phone would be secure enough (instead of hauling around a laptop) for things like booking a hostel, etc. and maybe doing some minimal online banking. Granted, I would be taking all of the normal precautions such as using a VPN app, password manager, long password on my phone, etc.

My gut tells me that the inherent/default security of a smart phone would be a lot less than a laptop.
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What are Prague do's and don'ts? Going there with three of my friends this October. The most important question is though: Where are the escorts? Best whores in Prague?
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Let's get real, why are there people who think they have to go Sweden or Finland to experience lakes and woods while Brandenburg (Germany) looks the same, is more comfy, cheaper and can be combined with visiting Berlin, the Spreewald or Poland?
These people do this solely because they are faggots, right?

This question is especially relevant regarding German people and others who live closer to Berlin than to Sweden. I started to think this is yet another instance of German self-hate in action.
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Living in Saudi

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I'm off to live in Ras Tanura in Saudi, working through a contractor for Aramco as an ITC Teacher. I did 2 years in Kuwait, which was no big deal, so I should be able to get by alright here.

Still, I'm wondering if there are any tips people can give me. Has anyone lived here? What's worth seeing while I have the opportunity? Any advice? I have to find my own accommodation, so does anyone know about the process?
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>when you return home to your shitty life after exploring the world
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Hi /trv/,
I'll visit Amsterdam for a weekend with a few friends at the end of August.
What are the nicest places to visit, which are overrated?
Preferably it should all stay relatively cheap.
Thanks in advance.
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Why didn't you warm me that this is a complete shithole? No one speaks English, German, Dutch, French for that matter. I don't know any more languages but they only know Hungarian. How nice in a Tourist city. So far the food I've ordered has always been cold and just plain disgusting. The Zoo was nice. Besides that I haven't found any fun or interesting things to do here. Stay away, everyone! This isn't even bait but 1) a honest warning 2) hoping for an anon to help me out since I'll be here until Saturday.
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French anon in Africa. where art thou?

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Someone forgot to bump the topic so I'm creating a new thread. This the 3rd or 4th one now I think.
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3 friends going to Thailand

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Two of my friends and I are going to Thailand in May

>2 weeks
>Staying at various AirBnbs
>no prostitutes
>Wanting to bring around $500 - $600 each

The list of things we want to currently do are

>Visit Pak Chong (Bruce Lee fan)
>Visit Khao Sok national park
>Spend some time on the coast near Khao Sok (maybe spend a few days going to islands)

We plan on renting a car to get around.

As three guys who just want to visit a country before during our summer break and who do not care for getting drunk or prosititutes, what would any of you suggest?

I would love to visit temples, but from what I've read a lot are in central Thailand which is the opposite direction we'll be going (minus Pak Chong).

I'm the only one who has travel experience as well (Japan).
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