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Hey anons, lifelong solo-traveler here. My friends are not interested in travel unless it’s for live music or sports, and my family refuses to leave the US (mom went to Paris once but rarely left the hotel). Normally this is not a problem for me obviously but next July/August I plan to visit Australia an unlike the places I typically go to prices and exchange rates will not be in my favor. Although you can always join organized tours these can be expensive because companies set them up and their employees still need to be paid. I’m thinking a road trip would be the best route for me, and the best way to do that would be to split the cost of renting a van and drive to campsites, splitting the cost of gas and alternating who pays for campsites, and maybe the occasional hostel.
Hopefull this thread stays up for a while, I’d like to enlist others to join me if they are: frugal, nature loving, laid back, apolitical, and not racist. Basically fellowpoorfags that just need to get out once and a while; doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran traveler or if this is your first time so long as you can commit.
I might make a related discord, fake email or something but I’d rather the bulk of brainstorming take place here. AMA
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I'm finishing my master's in engineering and I'm looking for a job that involves travel to Japan. Who should I apply to? Kind of a long shot but I figured this would be a good place to try.
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Is China still in dire need of native English teachers?

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I've got a working holiday visa but not confident I'll find work in Japan, if not it's a trip to China. I'd be getting the same pay as I get at home, but everything would be cheaper.
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Travel Inspiration Pics Thread

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Hey /trv/,

I'm sitting here with a busted shoulder and can't travel for the rest of the year. Many of the guys I travel with are off on a journey tomorrow, but I've had to drop out. Bummed as fuck.

I need distraction and inspiration for the future -- please post inspiring pics from your travels.

Posting a few to start us off.
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Legit Ramen

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I traveled to Japan earlier this year and after a couple days in tokyo I wandered into a ramen shop located in the same complex as my hostel. I was amazed, after sipping my first spoonful of broth, at just how comforting a soup could be. Those flavors, that atmosphere, and the beer to wash it down. There was no moment before then that I felt a greater sense of serenity. It was warmer than a fireplace on a cool winter night, and more peaceful than a fall stream. Just the noises of running water and swinging doors and tired, worn out businessmen sitting down to find respite in an endless, dreadful rat race. Noodles slurped down, pint glasses hitting wooden tables. Chairs being pushed out, adjusted, back in. Cool warm air rushing out, cool air drifting in with each new customer. The silence of ramen shops is often misunderstood by outsiders as a symptom of Japanese loneliness and isolation, but it is merely a sign of respect, allowing other patrons to sit in their own little world of nirvana. Its been a month, anons, and I crave that feeling again, more than anything else I want to be in that ramen shop. Is there anything in the united states that even compares?
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Have you ever thought that you might die on one of your travels? What did you feel when you knew it wasn't the end?
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How much money do I need to backpack around Southeast Asia for 6 months? I want to do this right when I finish college, I've never travelled before, and it is my desire to see the world. I will be very sad if this is not possible or does not happen.
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"Reward if Found" in other languages

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I'm planning a good bout of jetsetting for next year, and want to tag my camera and memory card case with a multilingual "Reward if found" message and my e-mail.
So far I've gathered
>Recompensa por el regreso
>Prix assuré à qui la retrouve
>Finderlohn für Rückkehr
>Ανταμοιβή για επιστροφή
>Haгpaдa зa вoзвpaщeниe
Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these, please.
How would you say it in your own language?
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Looks like I'm going to Thailand for the Christmas/new years!

Going to stay just under 2 weeks in Pattaya.

How do I stay alive?