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I'm a lifelong New Yorker who hates my city with a blazing passion. Ask away
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I'm American and im interested in visiting the salt lake stadium in Kolkata and the city itself. A few things in wondering: which team would you recommend I watch? Do they like Americans? How is Kolkata as a city? And how are the girls?
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hello , i am starting a new travel blog

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.. i would like to know what i should think about .. what can improve or how i can get people visiting it ..
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Anyone here been to Kaunas? What did you think about it?

I'm thinking of going with a group of friends for an extended weekend due to cheap flight tickets.

Is it worth it?
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>go on holiday and stay with family
>have to deal with their kids constantly hitting you and asking to play
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Sup /trv/, pic unrelated.

What's that drug tourism hotspot in Southeast Asia that has the "happy pizza" and river tubing and stuff? Vang Vieng or Siem Reap or something like that? Is it still active, or have the authorities cracked down on it? About five or so years ago I remember seeing a lot of posts about it here, including photos of restaurant menus for "happy pizza" with shrooms all over it.
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Going to visit Oslo in few weeks.

Got any hints on some places to visit? Maybe good restaurants or some cultural places?
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Bicycle travel

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I'm bored and i have a lot of free time (possibly for the last time in my life), so i'm slowly generating increasingly stupid ideas. My current idea is to ride on bicycle something over 1000km from near sea side of Poland to Hungary, and then back.

How close to masochism do you think this idea is, considering that my greatest biking achivement so far was riding ~20km per day to college and back? Will i suffer from bad weather? Or from any possible effects of biking all day (except obvious, exhaustion)? My current physical abilities are probably hitting the rock bottom right now, but i hope i'll get better with every day of biking. If i'll need time to rest, i'll just stop for a day somewhere, fortunately i don't have to keep tight schedule.

Also, i intend to spend most of my nights in a tent, with couple of exceptional hostel stays for proper shower and good bed. Do you think this kind of savant poorfag travel is a bad idea? I'd stay somewhere near ponds if possible, wash myself after day of cycling in those ponds with soap. Is it absolutely necessary to have those pro biking clothes, or do i have a chance to keep my skin on my legs even in a pair of shorts?

Not to mention that my bike is far from good. I actually have a petrol engine slapped on it right now, and the bike wasn't really lightweight to begin with, so i'm sure it weights over 20kg (10kg engine + 10kg bike). With bags, tent, food, clothes, hanfdul of tools and other necessities it will probably weight stupidly much.

I don't want to remove engine though, i love idea of connecting it back and still making kilometers while resting, and people who see it always react somehow to it which kinda makes me happy. That being said, most of travelling would be done on pedals, with engine being more of an emergency booster/exhaustion reliever.

tl;dr i want to bike a lot and i don't bike much, my bike is also heavy, will i die or hate myself for doing it?
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Best/Worst places you've visited

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For me:
Best: Dublin
Worst: Maracaibo
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Russian Visas???

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This whole process is overly complicated. Can any of you Anons help?

>American citizen
>living in the UK with a PO Box and not an actual address
>unsure of what exactly I need to get a Russian visa, there's too much conflicting info

From what I gather, I need
-Travel insurance (can I get this from USAA, or do they want me to use some Russian provider?)
-Letter of Invitation (have it, with booking info)
-Visa Application

I then call the embassy, bring this to them, and they approve it, all me up, and I get a sticker in my passport. Is this right?
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