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North/South Carolina

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Thinking about taking a solo road trip to the Carolinas in November or December, stay there for a week. Any recommendations for places to go? Just want to chill. Maybe play some golf. The only place I’ve spent any time in either one was Charleston. I don’t need to go to any meme places for Insta likes.
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Would you get married in another country?
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New Mexico Travel

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Going to New Mexico for a few days next week. I’m gonna be in Albuquerque. Anything I should know/do while I’m there?
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Any experiences with

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Portland, Maine and Charleston, SC? I like the small to medium sized cities, the crime seems low in both, and both have good food scenes according to critics. How does the food compare between these, crime, outdoors, stuff to do?
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Tipping in albania

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What's the deal am I supposed to tip in albanian restaurants? Every time I do it kind of creates a scene. I don't mind tipping because it's only like 50 cents or $1 but I just want to get the fuck out of there and not have some albo chase me down shoving junk metal at me.
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I am getting the vaccine

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At this point i cant go fucking anywhere without having to take 20 pcr tests. I dont care if the vaccine makes my face droop or if it expands my balls i cant take waiting 2 weeks to be told if i can go somewhere or not because i may have a coughing fit
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Things to see in Oxford

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I am currently in Oxford. What are some good activities to see and do here? A lot of the colleges are closed to the public. Also, is it just me, or does the city seem a little rough in the evenings? I have seen four homeless people so far and I constantly hear sirens from ambulances or police.
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is seattle a good place to get laid in? trying to lose my virginity
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is Serbia a safe place to travel to? or will i get mugged as soon as i leave the airport.
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Fugg it, I’m going to the Philippines to become a pimp. Is $25,000 enough to start a pimping biz.