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Somoa/American Samoa

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Going to be in both Pago Pago and Apia next week. Has anybody been to either?

I like eating local food, and I don't know if either of these places eat coconut crab, but if they do I'm down.
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Japan in Winter 季節冬

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Hey /trv/ going to Japan in winter and have half my travel itinerary setup but looking for recommendations

second time in japan but this time I wont be in one spot
plans are start in
Tokyo -> osaka -> kyoto -> kinosaki onsen -> Tokyo

but im trying to fill in things for osaka and kyoto never been to either but I assume dotonbori is a must in osaka and for dinner im thinking of hitting up hyogo for a kobe beef kaiseki and in Kyoto obviously temples but which ones im not really sure

also looking for other places to possibly go to in Japan during winter or even nice restaurants anyone here might recommend
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What to do in Mexico thread'

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Anyone ever been into Mexico? I'm planning on traveling there on the 23 of November, but I'm not quite sure about what there are to do. Please feel free to give me informations on about:
>Best tourist destinations
>Law enforcement services
>Education & more
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Are Japanese the Finnish people of Asia?

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So I'm a Finn mysef but I've lived in other countries for 10+ years. I've lived in Japan for 2 yrs now.

Out of all the places I've traveled to / lived in, only the Japanese are even remotely as socially autistic as the finns. I would even say that compred to finland, japan has a larger general proportion of turbo autists, while that seems more limited in scope in finland

Prove me wrong /trv/
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Paris - what's worth doing, what to avoid, general recommendations ,etc.

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I'm planning on spending the majority of one day in the Louvre, another day I'm going to walk past the Eiffel tower (afaik a tourist trap, still want to see it). Apart from that I don't have any major plans. Just want to experience the city, visit a few used book shops, eat good food.

Any recommendations for a ~4 day solo trip this winter?
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Seattle in the Spring

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Looking to take a train ride to Seattle at the end of March/early April. Never been there before so i ask what the weather will be like then, and if there's enough for a single guy to do there if i;m not tryng to be a hipster. Will I need to rent a car to see the mountains or can i do everything in the city on foot? Probably will be there 4-5 days
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Prague & Bavaria

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So me and the gf have about 10 days for vacation this spring, and we want to check out somewhere in Central Europe. We're thinking of separating the time between Prague and Bavaria

I have a few questions on both.

First, is that time frame doable for both regions? I was figuring about 3-4 days in Prague, with the rest in Bavaria. I was thinking of taking either a train or a bus from Prague to Munich and then using Munich as a home base.

Prague seems like a meme to me. Is flying into there a nightmare? What's there to do that isn't filled with con artists and pickpockets? Is it a particularly gf friendly destination or is it as scummy as I've read on here?

Is it better to rent a car in Germany or will public transport suffice if I want to get around, especially for those smaller alpine towns? What are must experiences in that part of Germany? Also, is Munich worth spending time in or would it be better to go to a smaller town like Nuremberg or Bamberg?
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Anyone here ever been to Pakistan?

What was it like?
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is it true that it is unsafe to walk in brussels with laptop because it can be stealed with higher possibility than in elsewhere? inb4 it depends on district
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/cg/ China General

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China General

This general is for the discussion of:

>Travelling in China
>Working in China
>Living in China

And all other Chinkshit.

Old thread is long gone.
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