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Sleeping on a plane

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Does pic related really work to knock you out during a long flight?

I usually get drunk on long flights but it doesn’t seem to make a difference; I still can’t fall asleep, even in business class.
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Give me your Sweden experiences. Best cities? Countryside? Easy girls or difficult?
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South Korea

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You hear all about how South Korea is replacing Japan as the major exporter of East Asian culture to the West, but how come nobody ever talks about going there?
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Tips on visiting Poland? Info for those on a budget highly valued.
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South East Asia - non-coomer edition

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Any anons traveled to South East Asia for non coomer related activities?
Basically want to book 1-3 month stay somewhere warm for summer and near sea side. Work remotely so want easy access to sea, lots of water activities and nature. Great expat community would be great too (no backpackers).
Share you experience and suggestions, anons.
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I'm going to Krakow next January. I've heard it's miserable in the winter due to smog, but I'm meeting someone there that I'm really excited to see so I don't really care.
Do you have any tips or recommendations?
What are some good day trips besides Auschwitz?
I'll probably be staying in a hostel, or maybe an airbnb.
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Thoughts on traveling/expat'ing for the sake of learning languages?
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Traveling to Sicily for a week with bf in July. Plan is to stay in Catania and checking out some easy to reach places like Taormina, Siracusa and Noto by train. Would appreciate any tips you can give me.
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Do you like Taiwan?
Have you visited?
Do you think travel between China and Taiwan will ever restart?
Anything about Taiwan. go go go.
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2 week trip to Italy in September

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Which cities should I make a point to visit on a 2 week trip to Italy? Should I go work my up north to south or south to north? Would I be ok navigating the country without a car?
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