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I'm considering moving to Gili Islands near Bali and spending the rest of my life in that Eternal Paradise doing yoga, snorkeling, cooking, and chilling on the beach. Does anybody know the area and has any tips?
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Which jobs are best for travel?

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Where does one search for a job that involves travel?
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I’m 21 and want to eventually travel to Thailand. I’ve been reading up on visas and passports and such but I’m still confused. How long can I stay in Thailand and what would I need to go their? I’m pretty broke and I eventually want to escape to Thailand and live a very cheap budget life style. Currently on east coast of USA
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I'm taking a trip to China, and I've been reading all these stories about people getting all of their phone data downloaded by customs or boarder agents, having your phone remotely and permanently disabled by police for using the internet "wrongly", just constantly being at risk having your shit hacked, or flat out having your phone stolen...

Now I'm really worried and not sure if I should even bring my phone with me... Is any of this stuff true?
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I'm going to go to Prague for a couple of weeks. Anything I should know?
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>be black
>really want to visit Asia
>scared as I've heard numerous stories of blacks being harassed by the locals
wat do, are there any asian countries that don't hate nogs like me?
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Hong Kong to China

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Me and a Chinese friend came up with a spontaneous plan to visit China together during summer break. She has a visa, I don't. I was thinking that I would fly into Hong Kong first and get a visa for mainland China there because it seems like the easiest option atm (and I do want to visit HK). Then I would fly to Chongqing and meet up with her there. However, I'm a bit worried that my visa application might be rejected for some reason (no reason, just if the worst case scenario happens). I don't wanna book an expensive flight home from mainland China and hotels/hostels unless I know for certain that I'll actually be allowed in the country.

So is getting a visa to mainland China locally in Hong Kong a straightforward, safe, reliable method? What is the best method, using a Visa agency or going to the consulate or something else? What do I need to bring when applying for the Visa, aside from my passport? Do they want passport photocopies, receipts for hotel stays, my flight home, things like that?

Thanks in advance!
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Navy Travel

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There was a thread a few weeks ago but it does and I didn’t get the chance to lurk in it. Is it worth it?
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Post your current view

Here is mine
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