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you have been in Dubai? Do you like this city?
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Visiting Italy's boot in February for 5 days.

Going to rent a car in Bari and drive through Alberobello, Matera, Castelmezzano, Amalfi coast to Vesuvio and Pompeii and then back to Bari.

Any suggestions for interesting places on this route?
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Life Changing Trip

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How has regular traveling changed you? Terence McKenna said that frequent world travel changes your perception similar to that of a mild psychedelic high. Do you think there's any validity to that?
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Africa General

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Has anyone here been to Africa? What were your experiences?

Anybody planning an African trip?
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NYC /trv/ advice

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Lifelong New Yorker AMA
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Sydney General

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Going to Sydney for new years. Any tips and suggestions? Nightlife, food, sceneries and even culture shocks are all welcome
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can we get a fuzokujo thread going? General info etc recommendations about health delivery/soapland/pink salons.
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Utah is too cold and since I'm sleeping in my car I want to drive south somewhere warm during winter break since I just finished fall semester.
I've never really been into gambling and partying, but does anyone have anything they enjoyed there? What are you recommendations for what's good you found? Food and whatever activities are there besides gambling?

Also researching safe places to sleep in my car. Anybody know some other than the usual truck stops, Walmarts, church parking lots?
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Thinking about visiting Prague. What are some cool things to see there. The Charles Bridge and tower look cool. What else is worth visiting there?
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Berlin or Amsterdam?

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I'm gonna arrive in Dortmund at February 8th and I'm leaving on February 11th from Dortmund. I was planning to go Berlin but then I thought maybe Amsterdam will be better, what you think?

going solo
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