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Where is the best time to get a work permanently in sweden ?
Summer or winter ?
Any suggestion?
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The Keys?

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Gal pal wants to go to the Keys in Florida for our anniversary this year. Planning on spending six or so days there. We want this to happen in December so we're trying to plan it now while there's still wiggle room.
Where in the Keys would be best for us to stay that would have the most amount of stuff to do? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
Pic related it's the Keys.
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how much would a round the world backpacking trip cost? Im talking sleeping in cheap hostels/stealth camping (where safe), simple diet, staying out of tourist traps and no partying. I'm assuming most of the cost would go to transportation.

I hiked the pct on less than 3 grand so I'm experienced with barebones living and was actually quite comfortable.

pic not related, just a coo infograph.
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How do I find host families to stay with in Mongolia?

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Going off previous thread.
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What's up /trv/?

In a month I will be travelling to Singapore for 9 nights with my partner. Neither of us have ever been but it's been a very long time coming, so I want to make sure we utilise our time there. I have done considerable research over the last few months but don't pretend to be an expert on the place.

At the moment our certain activities include:
>Universal Studios
>Marina Bay Sands observation deck
>Singapore Flyer
>Art and Science Museum
>River cruise
>Orchard Road shopping
>A fuckload of walking
>Buddha tooth temple
>Little India/Chinatown/Arabtown
>Checking out Hawker centre food

This seems like a nice enough use of 9 days as we don't want our pace to be so flat out that we can't enjoy ourselves. But is there anything essential we are overlooking?

How practical is a day trip across the Malaysia or Indonesia borders? My gf has been talking about wanting to go to Legoland in Malaysia if we get a chance.

What experiences has /trv/ had in Singapore? Did you like it? Share ITT

Thanks in advance /trv/.
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Going to Amsterdam this friday, does anybody know where to score mdma/coke and what would be the best places to party under the influence of those? Thanks
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Australia tour

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Hallo, My gf and Me are going on a Journey through australia (about 6-8 months). We wanted to Start in Darwin, buy a car there and make our way through the country.
What do you think of Darwin? Good or Not too good Start for Backpacker. We are 22/20 and Start in october/November
Pic unrelated sorry
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Cheap as fuck places to stay a month and have some fun

Hey /trv/ I'm looking for a place where I can rent a room for a month in September and live there for a month without giving shit about anything. Basically drinking, partying, doing some crazy stuff, having fun, eating out everyday etc
I work almost everyday 2 jobs so in September I wanna have some fun and chill in a beautiful place, would be nice if there was a beach.

Because I live in a shithole for this purpose I'll have around 1000$ (not including flight tickets). I thought about Asia, especially Thailand but I'm wondering if there is something better, maybe cheaper. I heard stories about Malaysia and all these islands, maybe somebody knows some place for me.

Thanks for the advice
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So how will traveling in 100 years look like /trv/? We will be able to travel to the moon? Or the bottom of the Mariana trench?

Provided the next 80 years see a continuous peace in the Western world and no major crisis
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Have you got experience traveling with a big group of friends?
So far I have been travelling alone or with 1 or 2 friends, but now I'm planning to go to Japan with 10 friends.
Any recommendation or experience you would like to share?
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