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ITT: the worst airlines
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Visiting Western Companies Abroad

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I’m in Asia and I’m wondering if I’d be allowed access to visit a Western company’s office in an Asian city as a civilian. E.g. visiting Google’s office in Seoul or Tokyo.

Or would I get barred access by nips and gooks and need a key card?
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Brazil General

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Thread dedicated to sharing touristic information about Brazil, in case you're planning to come here.

>Is Neighborhood/City X dangerous?
>Is place X worth the visit?
>What is the best place to celebrate Carnaval?

Also, add:
>your favorite bars in city X
>the cheapest/best shopping malls in city X
>touristic information
>favorite city/place
>best beach

Some touristic information I can give:

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
>A calm beach to go is Ipanema, but I personally prefer Copacabana because the waves are a bit higher.
>If you're planning to take young children, you should go to Ipanema.
>Leblon is a very expensive neighborhood
>Mariott is a good hotel, but this was the only hotel I ever stayed in Rio and it is quite expensive.
>Don't go to favelas.

São Paolo, SP, Brazil:
>A good place to eat and walk is at Vila Madalena neighborhood, because in constrat with most of the city, it's very plain so it's good to walk.
>Best place to stay would probably be an AirBnB, we don't have many hotels here.
>Paulista Av., our main, is very busy but it's closed at Sundays.
>Unless you're visiting a friend, don't go to North nor South Zones, it's pretty easy to identify an international tourist and criminals would think you're an easy target.

Iguazu Falls:
>best place to stay would be an inn or "Pousada"
>There's a small waterpark near the Falls, idk where exactly, but look it up
>Best place to admirate the view is from the Brazilian side, because the Argentinan side is more beautiful
>You can go on a boat with other tourists and a professional to go near the falls.

That's preety much it. I have also visited Bahia, Gramado, Maringa, Vitoria, and Maranhao. Please add your experiences.
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/trv/ related books
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Planning a short trip to Andalusia, flying into Seville, going to Granada, and leaving from Alicante. I'm going to practice my Spanish and explore part of the country I know next to nothing about.

Can anybody share recommendations, insights, places one might like to stop in between the cities?

I'm into history (particularly religious history), literature, and hiking (Sierra Nevada tips?). I'm definitely seeing Alhambra, Sacromonte, and some of the cathedrals. I like interesting cafes and bars more than clubs and partying.

Planning to spend the most time in Granada and the least in Alicante as this seems to be how the spread of points of interest lies.

Any stories or tips are appreciated. Bonus points for a good book set in / about the area.
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Hey guise, gaijin with student visa living in Japan here.

Recently my language school changed their policies and now they want the payment of the next 6 months of tuition instead of the usual 3 and I don't have the money. I have to pay about 340,000y by the end of february/march.

I know that I have a limit of 28 hours to work per week and I know that they check on the bank account, but do they really deport people because they work 30 or 35 hours instead of 28?

Some people work more but receive the payment on cash which is for the best but my current two employers (Waseda U and McD) don't do that.

What are some other ways to get money here? Clinic Trials doesn't work because I need to spend like a week there and I can't miss school or they will not renew my visa.

I don't wanna go back to Peru lads.
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Hey, /trv/. Burger here. I want a non-burger girl, but still white. Where to find wife?
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question to people who have been in poland
what was your biggest suprise regarding poland?
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Best places around Krabi?

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So at the start of next month I'm gonna be spending 6 days on Railay beach in Krabi, as part of a winter trip. (I'm from Ukraine, any escape from our winter is worth it.) I don't like hyper-developed tourist centrals, so Railay wasn't my first choice. But I successfully lobbied our group to spend a week in Northern Thailand's highlands, and my travel mates were all "OMG WE HAVE TO SEE PHUKET OR KRABI", so here we are.

So, my question is: what are the best and most /trv/-worthy places around Krabi, within a day trip's distance? Which boat tours would you recommend? Any places not swarmed by people and littered with trash? Again, I know it's a touristic area and that every place worth seeing in Thailand is on the tourist track a long time now. Still, which places are relatively speaking the nicest?
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Going to Sweden

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I’m travelling to Sweden for the first time this summer, what should I expect? I live in Canada
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