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I was thinking about doing a 1-2 weeks holiday for this august, but I still don't know where to go.
I just saw that the flights from my city to Bulgaria are extremely cheap during that month, I really don't know that much about the country or if there's something particular to visit, but I think I can give it a try, the place looks nice, the main cities seems to have a decent nightlife and cool ruins/museums to visit, so why not.
I would be alone (in fact this would be my first experience as a solo traveller, wish me luck), any bulgarian that can help me a bit about this country, or that has recently travelled there?
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How long would it take to backpack this route?
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I desperately need to get to Shenzhen from Nice by car, is this even possible for someone with a US passport?
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Who here has had traveler's diarrhea and how did you adjust? Im in Mexico right now and had it on and off for the past week. I'm not even eating street food - what gives?
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>Fuck off, we're full

I see this attitude on here a lot. So I wonder: what are some places that *want* newcomers?
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Travel Alert -- News General

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Let's try this -- this is a thread for news links, alerts and information that might be of interest /trv/lers. Stuff that doesn't really call for its own thread, but that is worth sharing for those interested.

Young Pioneers No Longer Accepting American Citizens for NK Tours.
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EU zone borders

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I'm curious to know if there are any hard borders in the EU zone? How likely am I to be stopped driving a foreign plated car?
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Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I want to see those 3 during 1 trip. What should I see and what should I avoid? Any tips are welcome.
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Check out my upcoming road trip and tell me about the interesting highlights you know of along the way.

8,500 miles if you factor in the flight to Alaska.

Trip starts June 17th. IG: mattmy_ if you're interested in following it.
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How much would it cost to live in Thailand, say Pattaya, for one year?