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>work came out today allowing our entire department working remote for the rest of the year minimum
>Seattle to Seoul flights cheap
>South Korea also cheap for living and getting around
>90 day visa free for US citizens
>decent enough train system that is open
Looking at the available countries out there seems like it would be fairly easy to get and live in for a bit. Only ever been to Seoul a long time ago so doubt anything I have in mind is not relevant. Thinking doing 1 month in Seoul and burn the quarantine there, then 1.5mo around the country and islands. I don't exactly care about hookers/sexpatting, just looking to be outside the country for a bit. I get it's about 1k to quarantine, but not a huge issue given how cheap the rest of the country seems.

Anyone been there recently specifically from the US? Mostly looking into what the vibe is around the bigger cities to the south and maybe some of the mountain areas.
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Best city to monger and party for a week?

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Burger here, trying to maximize my wagie 10 day vacation per year. I am a first time solo traveler and I am debating between Columbia (Cartegena, Medellin), Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza, islands), Thailand, Germany (Berlin), Poland (Krakow), or Mexico (TJ, Cabo, Playa del Carmen) as my choice of travel. Ideally I want some place with cheap and great cooming and the ability to pay someone to stay the night. I would also like good nightlife and anywhere I can maximize my WGF of blue eyes. I want to plan this sometime in March or February and realize that Thailand will probably not reopen by this point. Will any of the other options offer me the level of that experience for cheap or am I better off waiting? Also am not even sure if Thailand is the best option but it is constantly shilled here as a coomer's paradise so it seems like the logical choice. However, Mexico and Columbia seem really promising and I have a decent amount of Spanish I can use. Are the girls in these countries easy to score without having to monger as well? I put Germany on here for their FKK's which I have always wanted to go to as well as the crazy nightlife they seem to have, as well as the other Eastern Euro choices I put. Spain I put for similar reasons as Columbia and Mexico but they also seem to have decent mongering and activities to do. I want to leave the sex prison of the USA, living at home is doing me no favors and unless you are in a big city living on your own or have girls you fucked with from high school it is impossible to score in my suburban shithole. Plus these AMP's and strip clubs will charge you out the ass for mediocre cooming. Help a burger out please.
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Three months in London

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I am moving to London for three months to see if I like it or if it's as much of a shit hole as I remember.

I would like an area where:
> I will not get diversified with a machete
> Whites are not a minority

I know this is hard for London but where would you suggest? Price is no object, I can spend up to a few £1000 per month on rent. Somewhere fairly central (Zone 1 or 2).
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Which nation would be the easiest for an American to just start over in and stay out the reach of the law(child support not murder). Willing to learn any Romance language and must have comparable Standard of living to US
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Exchange trips in Poland

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So I’ve been wanting to apply for an exchange trip to Poland or maybe Ukraine for a year. I’m majoring in political science either to go to law school or to eventually become a diplomat, if that matters.

Any insight or advice is appreciated
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Nomad Capitalist

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What does /trv/ think of Andrew Henderson from Nomad Capitalist. He helps 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs travel the world to live and work where they're treated best.

For real though I know it would be stupid to actually pay this guy for anything, but is the advice in his videos and articles reasonable?
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Any recomendation on Krakow Poland in here for 3 days with work my budget about 1000$ and I know absolutely nothing about the place
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With the US opening up to EU tourists I was thinking of finally fulfilling my naive, romanticised imagination of classic americana. The most obvious destination would be Texas. Or is Texas in reality a huge meme? Maybe I should rather try to go to Montana and Wyoming?

As a child born in the Soviet Union and absorbing massive amounts of American media during the 90s it's rather normal to be fascinated by American culture. I already have been to NYC many times and once to SF. I am not really interested in LA and Chicago seems a bit dangerous at the moment. So I've chosen my next "theme" of the trip to be more rural and outdoorsy.

Any suggestions regarding my trip for next year? In search for true americana. Thanks in advance!

PS: Obviously I am going to buy a cowboy hat and rent a pickup truck.
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Best city in Canada for fun nightlife?
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What's the best casino for someone who's never been to Vegas before? Preferably one of the ones with a specific theme ala Luxor or Caesar's Palace

And of course one that isn't too expensive, but what's considered the overall best casino in Vegas?
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