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Best shoes for walk

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Best shoes for walk for sightseeing. I was thinking in buy some Air Max 97 but I want to read some recommendations.
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Do we Have any Richards out there on /Trv/

any crazy life changing stories
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Alright /trv/ I'm starting a long term plan to travel the world. First gotta save, of course.

I have three questions

1. Where do you recommend I go?

2. Will I live with this description of me?

3. How much does it cost?

(What's in red is what I am too fearful to go to right away at least (never been out of the continental US, never seen any of the coasts, only been to the ocean once))

for the second question, I'm white, 5'7", have a pretty boy face. so I feel like i'm more likely to be assaulted then other men but idk.

This is a trip I'm planning for a year of world travel. If I can get some volunteer work out of the way during it that would be a mega plus. I know you can go on however much money you want but I want to be able to get out of a crappy situation. I was aiming at like $16000
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Afghanistan General

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Can we have a serious discussion about Afghanistan?

Has anyone here been there? What's it like? Is it as bad as >governments want us to believe? I was thinking about that Benis, Iran to Bagina, India meme journey and it got me thinking about how cool that trip would actually be. I'm a UK citizen but also half Indian so my skin colour allows me to get away with being from anywhere around the Mediterranean, Middle East or Central Asia regions so I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.

According to the British Foreign Office travel advice on Afghanistan (which is a meme, but also a good way of comparing places), most of it is given a red classification but there's a fairly sizeable strip through the centre with a yellow classification. What are /trv/'s experiences in Afghanistan, anything to keep in mind or general advice for going there?
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Hi, I am going to Dubai soon,

Wanted to ask, what are places or things that are must do?

Is it better to exchange currecny there or here in the UK?

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Y'all thing Moseby ever threw these niggas in the brig? Cruise ships all have a brig, by the way, and if you don't believe me you can wiki it.
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Stories of /trv/

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Hey anons! Let’s get a thread going of your best stories of your worst/best moments abroad!

Let’s hear about:
>the time anon fell in love
>the time something unexpected happened
>the time you got piss drunk/high and did something crazy
>the time you got fuckin lost
>the time you experienced foreign luxury or ghettos

Let’s make a fucking novel!
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I spent 2 weeks here in September. I fell in love. I've been depressed ever since I got back home. How does one move here?
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Hawaii for 15 days

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Hi, I'm going to Hawaii for next June, to visit Ohau, Maui and Big Island (5 days each).
So I wanted to have some information, mainly about housing and its prices.
Thank you.
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Canada General

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Hello all. I had a couple of questions myself, but didn't want a whole thread dedicated to it, so feel free to post your Canadian inquiries here.

I'm going to Ottawa and Montreal next veteran's day weekend. I've been to both back in August and enjoyed them both, however, we only spent half a day in Montreal and pretty much just saw Old Montreal from walking around. Is there anything recommended to do in downtown or other parts? Any good food places to check out? (my friend is obsessed with macaroons). Would appreciate any input.
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