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How touristic is Norway?

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I studied hotel management in Spain and I was thinking about moving to an Scandinavian country but I'm not sure about how touristic they are
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Has anyone been to North Korea secretly? Like crossing the border from China/Russia and hung out with the locals and shieet
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Well /trv? Are the experts right?
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Using VPNs to get a cheaper flight

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I'm planning a trip to Europe with my family and I want to figure out how to get a cheaper flight using a VPN. I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for servers/VPNs (preferably free) when it comes to this.
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Do you think Thai/Asian people in general are getting sick of Eurostan tourists?
There are more cases of them being murdered / beaten / told to fuck off nowadays, especially as they're really cheap and can't spend a lot of money
When I visited it seemed like every old frail Europoor was walking around with an uncomfortable looking 13 year old girl
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Spain general

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I am going to spain soon and I don't understand this tapas stuff. So if I order a drink I am entitled for free food?
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Flying on a 737 MAX soon, how fucked am I?
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What is the best city in America to travel to after a break up? As a single young man I want to indulge in hedonism a bit. Is miami good for that?
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I want to work and live in Japan, and I already know I cannot go via JET Programme... because i am mexican and I only speak spanish and english

I have a perfect TOEFL (english certification) score, and a PhD in Sociology... Where can I check the lists of available jobs for people with my profile?
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War memorials?

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What are the most interesting war memorials to visit? The funniest I've been to are all the civil war memorials at the Texas Capital. It's interesting to hear history from the loser
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