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21 year old apprentice bricklayer from the UK here. Sick of my boring depressing life and living in this grey miserable hellhole. Looking to leave everything behind and run away to a new country. I have hardly any money, enough for a plane ticket but I have nothing holding me back. Has anyone here actually done this and just left with very little planning and is anyone here thinking of doing this and maybe interested in joining my plan?

Pic related is my housemate
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i'm going to orange county, ca for three weeks to visit my parents. grew up here so i've done and seen everything a million times.

i have no friends here now and am now wondering what to do to pass the time. any suggestions? haven't been back in about 4 years so anything new that's popped up within that time sounds good. i'll have a car but i don't want to spend a lot of money so a trip to yosemite or utah is out of the question.
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Monterey Bay

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What to do here? I know about the aquarium.
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I have a cross country trip in the USA. Should I take a train or plane? Which is actually safer?
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sup /trv/ never posted here before

going to be visiting LA for about a week this August

anyone who lives there or has experience in the area recommend any dive bars, hole in the wall type places? these are the places I am most comfortable in and would like to experience whatever small piece I can in my short stay

I never really trust blogs, newspapers lists for these types of things because they all ultimately end up seeming kinda bourgie and suburban. the city I live in has some great dives, character infested places, but they never seem to make the lists
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Looking for a nice quiet, non-crowded beach on the Jersey Shore with enough stuff to do besides the beach itself. Also some place where these kinds of people don't hang out

Tried going to Long Branch last year but there was nothing to do besides the beach (which was crowded) and a small shopping area filled with overpriced crap.
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About moving to Czech Republic

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I've been offered a job in Prague, salary of 37500 CZK before taxes, is that enough to live well? I would like to rent a small studio if possible, but don't mind sharing an appartment, and I don't smoke or have expensive hobbies.

Also, any trustworthy pages or agencies for renting? I'm not renting without seeing the place first, but I'd like to have some appointments when I arrive. Plus, don't want to be charged the "foreigner" fee.

Finally, any tips? Taxes, doctors, bureaucracy, areas to avoid...? I've been there before as a tourist and loved the city, looking forward to experience what is it like living there.
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Kyoto, Japan

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Odd question, but I'm going on a trip to Western Europe next month and everything is fine but my friend who I'm going with says I shouldn't use the backpack I am planning to use because it's look too "militarized" and will get us caught up in airport security and draw attention to us in general.

Is there any truth to this? It's literally just pic related
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Not sure where to post this but...

How do you decide where to move?

I currently live in Orange County, California, USA. I am homeless as of today, have a little bit of savings but lost my job and my apartment within the past month.. and do not have any idea where to go. I'm a freethinker, love being outside, making art/painting, hiking etc.. I cannot really afford to do that here. Rent is crazy high and jobs pay too low.

I have an idea of where I would like to live but cannot decide to save my life, I fear moving elsewhere and regretting it.
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