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Need some visa advice.
So I'll be studying Russian in Russia for almost 3 months from December to mid February. I have the option of studying in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, or over in Estonia in Tallinn. The question lies in how I could leave and re enter Russia during my time there. My girlfriend lives in Finland so I would probably visit a few times and vice versa. Is it possible to get a multiple re-entry visa for such a short amount of time? I can't really find an answer somewhere else. I could always just go to Estonia but I feel like I would learn more actually in Russia.
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Scandanavia in Winter

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Hey /trv/.

I'm planning on traveling alone to scandanavia. Tickets are dirt cheap on winter. However I'm worried about the weather.

Which month is the best to enjoy winter?

November, December or January?
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Is the "Spanish is easy to learn" meme true?
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Anyone ever been to a Nudist beach?
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When travelling to visit a country, would you have to abide by their sex laws? Or only abide by the sex laws from your country of origin. For example, In Canada legal sex age is 16 and in the States, for the most part, is 18. Would you have issues crossing the U.S border with a person who is 16 years old while you are 21+?
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I'm visiting a friend that's working in Las Vegas in a couple of days and we're set on going to a breakfast buffet at least once during the trip to gorge ourselves on waffles and mimosas. Only question is, which one is best? We aren't looking for anything too fancy or out of the ordinary, and I'm sure most are relatively similar, but I thought I'd ask for suggestions anyway

Thanks in advance /trv/
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Super Light Travelling

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Traveling to Dubrovnik, Croatia for one week. Want to take one average sized small hand luggage bag to fit everything I need for the holiday.

Currently this is what's going in my bag:
>Swim Shorts
>Ordinary Sports Shorts
>3 t-shirts
>4 underpants
>5 socks
>Flip Flops
>Light Anorak or Small Umbrell
>Maybe a pair of jeans
>A jumper
>Maybe some washing up tablets
>Ordinary trainers which I will be wearing

Thoughts on how I could improve the super light traveling what should stay or go or what might be worth adding?
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I'm booking plane tickets and found out I could select these for special assistance:

>Blind with guide dog
>Deaf with hearing dog
>Wheelchair - cannot ascend/descend stairs
>Wheelchair - can walk and ascend/descend stairs
>Wheelchair - immobile

As a non-disabeled person, are there any benefits in picking one of these? If I say I have a seeing eye dog will I get more leg room?
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hello /trv/

i'm going to be moving across the country from east tennessee to bellingham, washington for college. literally have never been farther west than chicago before and have no idea what to expect.

any advice? what do i need to know about living in the pnw? how's the culture shock? in what ways is life different? how do i adjust?
any help is appreciated, thx