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Hey /trv/ I could use your help. This is my first time posting on this board so sorry if I sound like a newfag.
I've living in the US my whole life, never visited another country (have gone to widely differing regions of mine, however) and I've been thinking about visiting other countries to see how feasible it is to maybe live in one for a few years.
My sights are set on Hungary right now. It seems like a pretty underrated European country, and I've met plenty of Hungarian people in my travels.
Does anyone have any knowledge or advice to offer? Any HungaryBros who could help me?
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Scammers in Yurop

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Is it safe to punch a scammer in the face and get away with it? What rights do they’ve in a country like France?

Nothing is more infuriating than seeing fellow tourists get assaulted by them.
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Best places to go to in Spain for a first-timer?

24 years old if that makes a difference
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What's an affordable U.S. city to live in that's still big and has lots to do? Basically, not New York, San Fransisco or L.A.
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Best hatchet

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Hey /trv/ I just wanna know what kind of brand hatchet I should get because I plan on going on a 3 week camping trip. I need something with a durable handle/blade, able to take good bites out of a fairly thin tree, and able cut through logs when I am making a campfire. Can y'all help me out please?
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Parents are planning a family trip to D.C.
How big of a mistake are they making?
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Summer jobs in Rome?

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So there is a chance that from june throughout july I can stay in Rome. Someone I know is moving there for the period so I can actually crash there for that time.

The thing is, I want to find some work. I have little experience as a waiter and even though I am not a native english speaker, I feel confident and at ease with it. Italian is barely there right now but there are still 2 and a half months to go and I will be learning it during that time to at least get it on a spoken level (have some people to practice with)

Any advice on finding a paid summer job in Rome? Tour guides? Restaurant jobs? Or should I learn how to dance like a monkey to feed off of tourists?

First time doing something like this and not finding anything too reliable right now.
Any other advice on Rome is also welcome.

Thank you in advance, fellow travelers!
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Flying to Australia for the first time in two years. A leg of the trip is in Sydney; a city I've never been (t. Queenslander). Which towns/suburbs should I look to be staying at? Is Bondi all it's cracked up to be?
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Montreal - Spring Break

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I'm going to Montreal one week from now for the first few days of my spring break and was wondering how the nightlife is. Also, is there anything we should know that is specific to Montreal? (That we can't google?)
Do you have advice on particular hostels or pub crawls (I only saw one pub crawl).

Thank you in advance.
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